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Full Metal Panic: Approaching Nick of Time Chapter 4b

Continuation of Chapter 4 from here

Chapter 4b

  The frequency of the deja vu is evidently high.
  Kaname also felt that she has walked this long and narrow passage a number of times, and felt that the small abusive language of Lemon and the cough of Tessa were heard a number of time.  Having too much deja vu seems to be laborious, clearly gathering your will in front to preserve the true nature.  But even then, the indescribable fatigue were accumulating throughout the nerves of the whole body.
"My head seems to feel funny"
  Lemon muttered.  Those words were heard countless of times.

"I'm sure it's just ahead.  But I feel that the door gets farther and farther away.  I somehow understand what a mountain climber feels...."
"Don't worry.  We'll get there"
  There was fatigue oozing out of Tessa's words.
"Just ahead, is the center of the research facility.  The device that Professor Valof and the research team created, would be sleeping there unharmed."
"The effect would be coming from the device right?"
"Yes.  But strictly speaking, it is not the fault of the current device.  Since there is no electricity it's not functioning."
"Being the effect of a device that stopped, I really don't understand..."
"It's a little hard to explain---- the effects of that device, would be coming from the past. 18 years ago, the psychic wave of it's full operation are being transmitted to this period"
"The past? Psychic wave?"
"It's the [Omni Sphere] that I've explained a while ago.  This center is ground zero.  Everything started from here."
  Gradually---- really gradually, the three of them managed to reach the center.  Getting pass a number of massive doors.  They were lucky these were not locked, and the weight of it was opened by both Tessa and Kaname.
  In there was a extensive hall like space.  Many times wider than a school gymnasium.  In the inner walls were drum type units, countless of them sticking closely to each other.  One by one they are the size of a truck's tire.
  And then in the center of the vast hall, was a large dome type structure.  It looks like a globular gas tank in Japan, and the larger half cut.  In it's outside surface, similar to the inner wall of the hall are hundreds of drum type units clinging.
"What is this place....?"
  Lemon said with uneasiness.
  Looking alert, an ordinary human would not know what kind of facility this was.  Speaking only of its atmosphere, it looks like a photo of a neutrino observation facility.  Constructed deep underground, strange and exaggerated---- it is an experimental device for a simple purpose.  If this was thought with an enormous budget and resource with the required resources, it would become a large-scale device like this---- being said as an arrogant space.  Even being organized as it is, this device has an abnormal eccentric feel to it.
  As a scientific apparatus, it would rather be like a heretic temple ruined in ancient times.
  Due to the deterioration, the inside of the drum was lost from the inner wall and rolled to Kaname and the others.  Probably, this drum is an amplification device.  The insides were enclosed special electrical circuit that substitutes human intellect.
  No, during those period such scale of circuits can't be built.  Unless----
"Kaname-san.  Are you uneasy about the contents of this drum?"
"Un, could it be...."
"I don't think it's the brains of humans as expected."
  Tessa said with a voice without vigor.
"Probably, they used brains of other high class mammals.  Professor Valof's team seems to be researching the brains of Dolphins, the atrocity of the victims were probably them."
"How cruel...."
  Talking about one or two heads would already be sickening, but this facility has thousand of them in the same drum.  Kaname tried to refrain from vomiting.
  They already understood.  This ruins is the product of evil and madness.

  If not so, even if the victims were not humans, such cruelty should not exists.
"This is TAROS?"
"Yes.  This device was created by Professor Valof, the worlds first TAROS.  Although he called it [Mental communication device].  The current TAROS loaded into <Laevatein> and <De Daanan>, using the latest technology in large scale logic element---- using Al and Daana as an amplifying device, making it possible to transmit and respond to the Omni Sphere."
"However, the period that created this device should not be possible.  That is why the amplification of a living brain...."
"That's right.  To keep the large resources of brain organization from dying, in order to control the chemical of such activity various kinds of diverse drugs were refined in this Yamsk 11 Plant.  To keep the secret the production facility were collected within the town.  The former town that this was, many excellent specialist were gathered from the Eastern countries.  Majority of these scientists did not know the whole aspect of the experiment.  Having to investigate this far, took me quite some time.  Risking Lemon-san to danger, the different piece were put into place."
"Tessa you've gone to that much hardship.... no matter how many secret towns there are, aren't there any people that knows remained?"
"None of them remained.  Because the people of the town, those who remained either died or are crippled.  And in merely one night"
"....what exactly happened?"
"During the full operational test an accident occurred.  TAROS went berserk, radiating an extremely strong psychic wave.  The people within the 30 kilometer radius of this center, received a serious mental contamination.... later it would be shown on the ruins outside.  People who lost their sanity killed, and continued to commit suicide.  There are also many people in distant places who were killed by the shock."
  Although Kaname had not seen the streets, but she could imagine what had happened.  There is no mistake that it developed into a scene of Hell.
"A telepathic version of the Chernobyl huh"
  A silent and listening Lemon muttered.
"That's right.  There are a variety of psychic wave that radiates through the Omni sphere.  One that weakens by distance and time is the [Iota wave].  What contaminated the residents of Yamsk 11 was this Iota wave, the effects are comparatively confined in an area.  And then the other is the [Tau wave].  This has no relation to distance and time, and a psychic wave with a property that can be transmitted by a distance with getting weak.  This has no influence for an ordinary person, except for an instant degree of deja vu.  However, the effects of this Tau wave are wide.  I think that it has been transmitted to all over the world."
"But, nobody noticed...."
"Yes.  It cannot be observed physically, and there are no persons who received the effects.  However, there are exceptions.  During the berserk of TAROS---- this is just an assumption---- roughly 18 years ago, December 24, 1981, 11:50 Greenwich Mean time continuing for about 3 minutes.  In this moment the effects were received by the people who are exceptions.  Do you know what kind of people these are?"
"Well..... I guess it's us"
  Lemon's head turned to one side, Kaname made a deep sigh.
  This might be the biggest sigh for humans.  Listening that much, she finally understood.
  My secret.  Our secret.
"The newborn baby.  The moment they woke up"
"That's right, it's us."
  Still remembering it now.  During primary school there were research subject like [let's inspect the incident on the day you were born].  At that time it was shown to the birth mother.  December 24, Tokyo time is 20:50.  Greenwich Mean Time would be 1:50.
  You should have birthed me 1 minute earlier.....
"As to why would the Tau wave effect the newborn baby on the moment of their birth....we still don't fully know that.  In the explanation of a Physiologist Alice Miller, the moment a newborn baby is born there are special activity in the basal ganglia and Occipital lobe.  However, at present there are no medical verification.  There are no consent from mothers"
"Well that's right....  there are no mothers that would agree to having electrodes stick into the brain of a child just before birth."
"With the creation of more advance apparatus, I think there is a way to investigate this....  to be delivered into a special Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Apparatus.  If ever in the future, that Kaname-san chances to give birth to a baby would you let me conduct an experiment"
"Wha..what are you saying.  Why don't you do it yourself!?"
"But, I will probably be alone for the rest of life...."
"What's with that bitter face"
"Nothing.  But, that's right....  If Kaname-san would lend Sagara-san to me sometimes, I'll do the experiment myself"
"You say that easily...."
"You don't want to?"
"Of course!? Well, in the first place, he and I are not really..."
"I'm joking.  Don't be seriously troubled by it"
"....hey you"
  Kaname shook her shoulders, Lemon timidly raised a voice from the side.
"Um. Right now, we were talking about something very serious but...."
"Ah, that's right"
"sorry, we got carried away"
  Kaname and the others were near the giant dome in the center of the hall.  Tessa seeming to look for the passage inside, walked along the outer circumference of the dome.
"Well then.... Children who were imprinted by the Tau wave the moment of their birth.  They were the [Whispered].  Nonetheless, we did not receive the vast knowledge from that short instant.  Connecting to the Omni Sphere, I think we gained the ability to receive another psychic wave from some future."
"Some future?"
"Yes.  The Omni Sphere retrogrades information through time.  We did not receive information on technology not yet known from birth, but [receive] information through psychic wave from the future.  The imprinting during birth, would be to have the minimum required ability for that reception."

"In other words, it's like an access code or a protocol.... With that, when the child grows up the intelligence rises, by some kind of chance, would receive the suspicious electromagnetic waves"
"That's how it is.  ....children born in the said 3 minutes, what was recorded all over the world was 174 person.  With the healthcare system of underdeveloped countries, there are children with no accurate birth records, and is actually much more numerous.  A rough estimate would multiplied by that---- around more than 350 people.  However, the confirmed Whispered at the present are only a handful, less than 10."
"Why is that?"
"The age where the Whispered ability awakens might be dependent on each individual differences.  And aside from the time of birth, there is a possibility of other conditions to become a Whispered.  The [qualities] are different though.  There are many individual differences when humans are born, and it would not be mysterious for those born not affected by the Tau wave.  Currently those [complication ratio] is less than 3%, and would not be considered as unnatural figures.  At any event---- we are currently the communication terminal that receives the output of technology information from the future."
"It is an unbelievable story"
  Lemon muttered.  His face being pale, was not only because of his injuries.
"Technology information sent from the future.  Then that means, technology and weapons came from that information."
"That's right.  The AS was the start of [Technology that shouldn't exists (Black Technology)]
  There was no inflection in the words of Tessa.  In the wide darkness with nobody but the three of them, her voice resounded with a vacant tone.
"I think that the effects of the Black Technology most probably have started around the mid 80's.  The same children as us Whispered, there were records that these abilities have started to display at around age 3.  My father, while still alive was investigating this."
"80's?  Then, the world right now...."
"Yes.  The world has been affected by the Black Technology for 15 years, it would not be difficult to imagine.  The explosive advancement of elliptical computer technology.  The innovative invention in the field of energy.  The dramatic change in radar technology...."
  Originally, the development of these enterprises were not yet developed.  Enterprises that should have collapsed have not collapsed.  Military operation that was supposedly a failure succeeded.  International economy receiving a different effect.  There might be a change in the result of a large country's election, originally it may have a different administration, or it may have a different policy.
  A collapsed country, might not have collapsed.
  A country preserving its unity might have split up.
  And then, it is possible---- The American-Russian cold war might have ended.

"For arguments sake the [Original History]---- if there is a history that have no Black Technology present---- something that is mostly on conjecture---- I think the science technology would still be unchanged from the start of the 80's.  With computer voice recognition in a suspicious level, the existence of Palladium Reactor, the materialization of a bipedal robot technology, and that sort."
"Then were talking about Technology?"
"Yes.  Those brought about the effects in Political economics and military affairs.... complex conjectures are impossible.  The whole surface might gone into nuclear warfare, or the reverse the cold war might have ended.  In any case, it is a different world that we know of.  A group of people that would know this truth, would call this situation a [Time Hazard].  It's just, that in the first place an [Original History], it is unknown if it exists or not.  If the appearance of Whispered and interference of the Omni Sphere are inevitable, this might be a natural occurrence."
"Its something of a large scale that I can't imagine.... just now how many times a deja vu came, my head is really become strange"
"Please steady your head, Lemon-san.  Where we are right now, is the center of where the Time Hazard occurred.  We cannot predict what effects it would have on the mind."
"The center....  But isn't it strange?  The world rotates, revolving.  Moving in the center of the solar system and the Milky way.  If it were in the strict coordinates, the [here] 18 years ago would be somewhere beyond space right?"
"No.  The Omni Sphere exists in the mind of the area it was first activated, and have absolutely no relation to the physical world's coordinates.  It is not something similar to the Ether Space of the past.  That is why the livelihood domain of human---- in other words on the surface world, [existing here] could not be explained.  The Omni Sphere adheres to the Earth and moves together with it, and the coordinates system on the earth makes Yamsk 11 ground zero, there are other faulty expressions but.... it would be better to think that situation like that."
"It's difficult.... Even so, this ruins have been uninhabited for a long time.  If there are no people, the Omni Sphere wouldn't exist right?"
"It's not because there are no people that it doesn't exist.  I think the expression [it has no meaning] is more correct.  Besides, this place is different.  The effects of the incident 18 years ago, still remains to the present day---- no, it reaches here."
  They found the entrance to the dome.  Similar to the height of Tessa, a narrow hatch.
"Aah..... I really don't understand.  Kaname-san, how about you?"
  Kaname who has been silent for a while, felt her head heavy.  it was the because of the said deja vu.  step by step, she felt painful advancing forward.  Like walking in a heavy viscous liquid with resistance and discomfort.  Then there are order of precedence.
"I... understand"
  She understood.
  This was not a simple uninhabited ruins.  What wait waiting ahead.
"Aah..... I really don't understand.  Kaname-san, how about you?"
  Lemon said.
"Lemon-san. You're repeating yourself."
"Aah..... I really don't understand.  Kaname-san, how about you?"
"Kaname-san, how about you?"
"How about you?..... about you? you? you? ou? u, u, uwawaauwaua......uwaaaaaaaa!!"
  It was a scream with a frozen spine.  Lemon's mind being plucked from his body, like receiving an electromagnetic shock averting his spine, his whole body shakes violently.
  Looking down upon Kaname who was only shivering, Tessa thrust him away will full power.  Lemon staggered, and falling to his backside a few meters away from the dome.  Even then his struggle did not stop.
"Let's pull him back!  Help me!"
"Eh? Ah, un"
  Lemon who continued to scream despite falling, both Kaname and Tessa pulled him out into the exterior hall.  Finally his derangement have stopped, he lied down on the place with a sobbing voice.
"What was that?  What exactly is this...."
"I don't know.  But, probably----"
  Tearing off from her shoulder, Tessa muttered.
"The Iota waves that was emitted from the center of the facility, is stronger than expected.  With a strong feed back from the Omni sphere, Lemon-san fell into panic.  It's because he is a normal human."
"Right.  When I first felt electromagnetic wave in North Korea, it was this kind of feeling.  It because we have grown accustomed to it, those unskilful might be shocked to death...."

"This was beyond supposition.  At this rate, we can't bring him inside."
  There was no reason to recklessly bring him in.  Rather if this is favorable to Tessa, she doesn't have the appearance of being glad.
"But the Iota wave, there must be something inside?"
"That's right.  However, but more than my hypothesis, the distant strength is----"
  Tessa lie faced down, and cough in nausea.

"Tessa, are you alright?"
"Yes.  Why don't you wait with Lemon-san.  There is no need for you to recklessly accompany me.  Here with him----"
  When she was saying this, Kaname firmly gripped her hand.
"Alright. Let's go."
  Holding the hand of Kaname, Tessa once again started walking towards TAROS---- the center of the dome.

"Stopping History.  What's that"
  Sousuke asked, Leonard muttered something in the middle of the deep darkness.  [Machenshaft Als Herrschaft Des~].  He did not hear the last part.  It's most likely German, the meaning he doesn't understand.
"I wonder if that's Heidegger.  [A construction that controls the creation and the created].  Or possibly Self Cause (Causa Sui).  It's only by association.  The connection between cause and effect, is to go because of going.  Well, it’s about philosophy.  Anyway setting free the principle of causality, we have lived thus far in this different world.  If Fate and Destiny are indeed become free---- what would man wish for at that time?  I am progressing for that preparation."
  Principle of causality?  Fate?
  Sousuke doesn't entirely understand the meaning of this.
"You heard about the Omni Sphere from my sister right?"
"A little"
"Even TAROS?"
"Once.  A device that accesses the Omni Sphere, and the ability to operate the Lambda Driver."
"The Lambda Driver was just an extra.  It was for convenience"
"It seems so"
"In this ruins is where the worlds first TAROS was created, and a berserk incident occurred.  As a result, children who were to arrive on the same time became the [Whispered].  ....the real importance the Omni Sphere holds, was the transmission of a variety of electromagnetic wave from that area, not being restricted from time and space.  A whispered, are persons capable of transmitting information from the past or future.  With its effect, made this world different from the [original world].  Another history, another time axis, another world.  Originally AS should not exist, even <Mythril> shouldn't.  <Amalgam> also would be a different organization"
"That's absurd.  Such a thing----"
"It's up to you to believe it or not.  But this is the truth---- how do you think you should treat this world?"
"I don't have to treat anything.  I should just leave it alone"
  Wherever the world may be, for Sousuke such things have no interest to him.
  History changed?  Then what about it.  Even if it were the truth, the truth surrounding him will not change.
  There are enemies, there are allies.
  There are battle tactics, there are mission objectives.
  Actions that should be done, looking at information that needs to be known, something that should be heard.
"Would it be alright continuing like this?"
  Leonard laughed.
"Of course not.  Those that should exist are gone, those that doesn't exist are here.  People who should have lived are dead, those who should have died are still alive.  This world has gone mad.  We have to correct it.  A man who has the power to do so"
"The one who's mad is you.  I don't know what kind of methods you have to reform the world but----"
"It's not world reformation"
  His fed up scornful voice echoing in the darkness.
"It's not worthless politics.  Inclining the Earth's axis, think about the occurrences of natural disasters.  If there is a way to return things, it would be ordinary to think about returning it right?  Returning the world to what it was originally.  What is mad about that?"
"I'm not a great genius like you.  Even if you say the world is mad, no feelings would grow.  I really don't understand, but what you say about [returning the world], would be to deny the environment that we have lived in right?  Even for enemies and allies.  That is what I do not like."
"Then listen to this, do you have comrade in arms that have died?  Relatives or friends, surrounding comrades that you have lost?"
"Of course"
  The comrade in arms in Afghanistan.  And the mercenaries he met after.  There are many of them.  Those who were with him in the operation of <Mythirl>.  Matt Shade of the intelligence department.  Urzu 1 Gale Mcallen.  PRT's Rian Shaopin.  Gebo 9's pilot Eva Santos and her crew.  Colleagues who died in the battle at Melidia island that he heard of---- Castello.  Speck.  Several officers of the West Pacific Fleet.
  And then---- Nami.
  No matter how many of them there are, there at least a few people who died because he doesn't have enough strength.  Especially Nami of Namsak, just the fleeting memory of her name sends pain down his heart.  Nami.  Sorry.  If I were only a second faster in saving you----
"You have right.  You have many deaths.  Don't you regret them?"
"....I have no obligation to answer"
"No, you regret them.  But, [originally], majority of them should still be alive.  The [Black Technology] that the Whispered brought about changed warfare, surely the fate of those surrounding people were obviously affected.  The lives that they should have, are you going to deny them this.  Saying coldly [leave them alone] and abandoning them.  Who would be the one who's mad?"
"I'm not abandoning them....!"
  Understanding the expectations of his opponent, even so Sousuke raised his voice.
"Can you say that to them?  [It was unfortunate that you died, give up.  There is a way to save you, but I don't want to try it]?"
"What you're saying is nonsense.  You can't save those who have died.  Time axis of the past of the future, they won't be resurrected by such theories."
"Hmm.  You don't seem to be saying that with a rock head.  Why do you think so?"

"Because I'm a killer"
  Sousuke gazing at Leonard said this.
"Before, it is as you said before Chidori.  I killed more than 100 people.  I don't know the accurate number.  And there is no need to know.  There were a number of people riding in the truck which I blew up in the gorge of Afghanistan, but I did not count.  Generally speaking, I stole the lives of countless of men.  That is why I understand.  I feel I know it."
"Hmm.  In other words?"
"Human's death are absolute.  They won't come back again.  If you can somehow bring them back as a puppet, then they would be another person."
"Why is it?  If the body, mind and environment are the same, then they would be the same person right"
"Your mistaken.  Death itself is a part of humans.  A personality until the last moment.  That is why is seriously fighting with full devotion.  This is the only unchanging absolute rule.  Even for that Gauron, abide by this.  That person is the garbage of humans, but simultaneously know the fleeting moment of life.  The difference between him and me, are what is being enjoyed and what is not being enjoyed."
"Very interesting view"
  Leonard said laboriously taking up the concrete lump.
"Gaurun huh.  This talk---- about made time and destiny, he also mentioned this.  He didn't doubt.  But he didn't concern himself.  He said something similar to yours.  Even though you were fated enemies, having the same opinion.  Isn't it cynicism"
"It's not cynicism or what.  It was a warriors unwritten law."
"Gauron is a warrior?"
"At least.  But you're different."
  He has no intention of disdain.  Sousuke only spoke what he felt.  [You're different].  But his words stimulated something inside of Leonard.
"I see.  Then---- you have to hear this, would Kaname dying be the same thing?"
  Sousuke did not say anything.  He didn't understand it himself.
"You don't know right"
  In Leonard's voice, there was no pride resounding in it.
"If I were in your standpoint, well, I couldn't accept that.  A rule or an unwritten law, because this is a world that has no need of such procedure.  Aren't you people perceiving things in simplicity?  Good or evil, Likes and dislikes, Enemies and friends---- you don't believe in dualism right"
"What are you trying to say"
"I don't know.  Unexpectedly, I think there might be no need for us to fight."
  An unexpected words.
  No need to fight---- Why did he say such words?  You appeared to us as enemies from the start.  Standing as an obstruction to our mission, many friend died, and then taking Kaname away.  There was no thought of reconciliation.
"I understand.  It's not that I'm talking about peace.  No matter how I say it, the answer would be NO right? If these were known long ago conciliation work would not be"
"Of course"
"You're stubbornness, are no different from the fundamentalism of terrorist.  However Mr. Kalinin was wrong.  He was hesitant at first."
"....the Lt. Commander?"
"The first time I made contact with his was last Christmas.  Even after listening to the current mad world, he did not immediately believe.  However, he seemed think long and hard.  During the great assault last January."
"You're nonsense would not make him double cross."
"I'll reveal some proof to you.  Using an ordinarily unforeseeable natural phenomenon, <Amalgam> gave <Mythirl> a great blow, so to say"
"Natural phenomenon?"
"The Solar Wind.  With the influence of a large scale solar activity, it is know that most communications would be down.  I foresaw it using TAROS.  It is impossible to predict the surface climate and society, but it was not difficult to predict solar activity.  The activity of humans living in a small planet, there is nothing that could affect the sun.  knowing the exact second.  I used that.  If not, <Amalgam> would not be able to strike a great blow to <Mythril> in such a short time."
  During the aforementioned great offensive, he heard that Kalinin's state was strange.
  That was because of Leonard's prediction.  Using the absolutely unpredictable solar activity <Amalgam> devised an attack.  There is no more [proof] than this.  TAROS and Omni Sphere, history's accident that made a communication method to cross time.  All of it are true.
"Then he agreed.  With a means to correct the mistake, I have that power.  The allies that he followed, is accurately no <Amalgam>, but me"
  For Andrei Kalinin, isn't he the personification of that [Warrior's unwritten law].  Beside the possibility of [correcting the mad world], it's unthinkable that he would ride along that plan.  For him to accept failure, defeat and every kind of blow, on top of these he would construct the [next mission].
  If not.  If he were not so, us who have been fighting under him, for what purpose were we fighting for exhausting all power.
"Andrei Kalinin is a realistic man.  I also understand if you do not accept this.  That is why no explanation was made."
"The Captain---- Tessa knew this"
"She should know.  On top of that she did not explain anything, and obstructs my objective.  Why is that?  Do you know?"
"There are people in <Mythril> who approves, as you want to say"
"That is correct.  That is why Teletha did not explain everything.  Letting bygones be bygones, and thinking of letting history continue.  Facing forward is splendid, but it was a reason of self intoxication.  There is also the revenge towards <Amalgam>.  Going against controlling the world.  But that girls first motive, was to go against me.  Denying me of what I should be doing, thinking of showing her own power."
"She is not that kind of selfish person"
"I don't care about her true intentions.  But it is as what I've said, having pretext of [wrong] principle.  In short, a child.  Because she's smarter than ordinary people, all the more she will manage it.  There is a theory attached inside of her."
  Extracting the steel pipe buried in the rubbles, there was a sound of the surrounding concrete breaking.  There was a hole no larger than an arm, from there blew a cold wind.
  Just a little more.
  If they remove the surrounding rubble, they could go through the opposite passage.
"<Amalgam> right now, is radically headed to deterioration."
  Removing the rubble, Leonard surprisingly said that.
"Although no one notices it.  What I am going to do---- the plan to fully stop the history of the mad world, needs a considerable calculation and resources.  The democratic system is inconvenient.  That is why, I'm going to break the lever"
"Break the lever?"
"The introduction of dictatorship.  Destroying the equilibrium of the management's power, spreading distrust and fears.  Then a person will appear to execute the brilliant activity, using the carrot and stick in the dark forming alliances using influences.  It is simply a troublesome work, but will take form in half a year.  Due to the activities of Mr. Kalinin."

"In other words, you will be the dictator"
"We still haven't arrived at that stage.  Mostly grasping the background of the important leaders, finish off their communications network like a virus.  The communications network is not the internet.  It's a little more primitive coded system so nobody noticed.  <Amalgam> also have made use of this for tens of years quietly increasing it."
  Although he doesn't have any intention of giving away the coded system, these words of Leonard are already important information.  Also easily speaking about the actual circumstance of his own organization.
"Why do you tell me this?"
"I thought it might be a good idea to tell you.  You guys are desperately fighting, someday <Amalgam> will decline.  No---- that representation is amusing.  Before that, this world will be corrected from the mistaken form."
  Coming this far, Sousuke can't possibly think of what this man is boasting about.  If Leonard were mad, the conversation would be over.  But in the unfortunate matter, that is not the reality.  Kalinin has sided with him, <Amalgam> certain has shown some strange movement, and then the unnatural question about this world---- coincides with what Tessa said.
  It's not a lie, and it is not madness.
  Then, what kind of method would that [plan] be executed?
"Chidori being necessary, was it for that plan's purpose"
"That is exactly it.  Right now, a new TAROS is being constructed in another place.  This TAROS so far, has a structure that has no problems in scale.  It's power is to interfere with the past, an ordinary Whispered can't be used as a catalyst.  A much more larger power for imprinting, most probably there is only one suitable person.  Searching so long for that suitable person, I finally found it.  The psychic wave that was emitted from the incident in this <Yamsk 11>---- the first until the last information of the Tau wave, it would be her who will receive its vastness.  Sending the technological information from the future to the Whispered, it is not from someone unknown.  It is her.  She will be from now on, would be that."
"Her [abnormal luck], is because she was living in a [singular point].  She would be capable of that.  Influencing fate.  That is why she is not a [Whispered].  Rather what she should be called, Chidori Kaname is a [Whispering].  That's right, the one who would send the Black Technology to make the world in disorder, would be her"
"She is an honest person"
  Sousuke was emphasizing in an irritating tone.
"No matter what kind of theory, she would not have a behaviour of gladly sending killing technology. ....I'm not sure about the context, at any rate she is not kind of person."
"That is a mystery"
  Leonard laugh saying that.
"Being strong that far, why would a righteous girl interfere with the past?  The past that she cannot accept, what would that be?  Was is something that happened long ago?  Or would it be happening to her?  And then, why would she be sending the black technology?  No, will she send it?  Even then, in the first place who was the one who invented the information that she has?  Where is it?  Is there another [Whispered] from the future?  Or there isn't?  If you want to know that then you have to leave it to [chance].  What do you think?"
  There was a mixed self derision in his inquiring words, echoing from somewhere desolate.  The devil descending in front of your eyes, laughing at the works of god that has surpassed his own understanding---- drifting about in such eeriness.
"What I know...."
  His head seems to be funny.  Leonard’s words, his tense and context were in disorder.
  But he understands one thing, Chidori Kaname---- that innocent girl---- it has nothing to do with he own will, with someone elses reasoning, would become a sacrifice in a grand and arrogant plan, that is only it.
"Ultimately, what would you do yourself?  What is your objective in fighting us?  Retribution against <Amalgam>, or the opposition of world domination, stop with that empty slogan.  It possible I want to hear a much simple intention."
"Take back Chidori, returning to the usual life.  That's all"
"That's not so"
"No, it's impossible.  Even if I give up, she will be targeted by someone else eventually.  Such humans, and ordinary person should be existing in an organization.  Even <Mythril> is suspicious.  If the generation changes someday longer for her powers would start.  it is because its an organization.  This is absolutely."

"But if we were to correct the mad history, she will take a life as an ordinary human.  No one would target her.  Having a calm life, fall in love, give birth, grow old.  What you would wish for.  This is the only solution."
  Speaking of the theory thus far, that should be.
  In the corner of his confused mind, something is telling him that [what this man is saying is correct].  But leaving out the most important thing.  In regards to that solution, why does he have this feeling of rejection?
  No, he knows.
  If that were to be, he would no longer be in her life.  In Leonard's words---- [fall in love], [give birth], [grow old]---- one by one those words were tightening his heart.
  He is not there.
  No even be able to protect her from afar.
"Then.... it would be meaningless"
"What a troublesome dilemma.  I'm even bothered by it.  It's good that you're bothered"
  Leonard took an armful of concrete and let it fall on to the lower floor.  Sousuke also in the same manner throws the rubble.  In a matter of few minutes, both of them immersed themselves without saying anything.  Finally the two of them uprooted the steel frame, with the momentum they clear the stairs and a large amount of rubble fell in.
  The flatness and the hanging dust and smoke clears, and a large hole passable by one person was finished.
"Oh well, we're saved"
  Leonard muttered, and dived wilfully to the hole.  Although his back was defenceless, he didn't have the mood to attack.  Sousuke later followed, the two of them safely on top of the floor---- coming out into a stairs and a T junction on a narrow passage.
  The truce ended here.
  The two mutual enemies took a few distance from each other, confronting each other in the darkness.
"Well then, shall we return to killing each other?"
  There is no worry catching fire here.  Guns and explosives can be used.

  To take him down it should be now.
  If it were a showdown in AS, even with the <Laevatein> he doesn't know if he would win.  But if it's flesh and blood there are prospects of victory.  If he does not defeat him now, this man would definitely become a great threat.
"Alright.  By all means."
  In the side with a dim light where dusts were fluttering, Leonard Testarossa was laughing.
  It was not a pretentious smile.
  As he is right now, he was glaring at somewhere.  Immediately gazing at him, he was expecting conflict.  There was not even a particle of tenacity to the present world, it was the laugh of a religious fanatic.
  Sousuke suddenly, was caught wondering if he could win against this opponent.
  By no means was it fear.  Only, the killing intent towards the enemy that was inside of him previously, was no longer there.  This was the result of listening to the words of Leonard, it produced a hesitation inside of him.
  If ever---- if ever there is a possibility to implement Leonard's plan, wouldn't it be the best course to let Kaname return to a peaceful world?  To kill or wound this man, would it end that path?
  I don't care what happens to me.  Chidori.  Why are you not here.
  At the end of the short hesitation, Sousuke said.
"Right now.... let's stop"
"Fine.  Then for our mutual frustration, why don't we let those feeling out some other day"
  Turning on his back, Leonard left Sousuke.  A defenceless back.  There is still time for a surprise attack.  This is probably the last opening.
  But Sousuke couldn't move.
  Leonard's form disappeared into the darkness.  He can no longer be aimed at.
"let me tell you this last.  Even if I turn the whole world against me, I will accomplish my objective."
  His voice echoing in the passage.
"You can do nothing and become a spectator.  But the next time you show yourself in front of me, there will be no mercy.  I will kill you with all my might"
  Sousuke could not answer back.
  Standing still and dejected, not knowing where his enemy went, the sound of the footsteps disappeared to far away.
  Change the world?
  Becoming calm alone, he suddenly did not believe.  Currently half believing half doubting, this must be the proof of his own characters preservation.
  However, there is still one important task remaining.
  If she were somewhere in this ruins, he has to find her first before the enemy does.

  Kaname and Tessa went through the hatch of the dome, proceeding in the narrow passage.
  Lemon was lest behind outside of the dome.  He was with them entering it, or so they thought.
  Deja vu.  Deja vu.  Deja vu.  The endless repetition of their thoughts.
  Drawing close to the center, there was a feeling of pressure and fatigue in the form.
  Even though it was almost 5 meters away.  Why was that goal---- the small room inside the dome this far?  No matter how much advances was made the end will not come.  Even thought the summit can be seen, the summit can't seem to be reached, it was that desperate feeling when climbing a mountain.  These are shared by the two.
  Hand in hand, hearts connected.
  I'm scared.  Do your best.  Just a little more.
  It's hard.  Painful.  Don't give up.
  But, what now?
  It was not distinct as to who was reprimanding and who was complaining.  Threading on a few meters for an eternity of travel, the two girls reached the center of the dome.
"This is...."
  The deepest part of oldest TAROS, was a corpse with a large amount of electrodes surrounding it.
  In a container like a large bath tub, a number of cable and pipes were connected.  In the center of the container, a corpse like a mannequin was stationed upright.
  A girl---- a young one at that.
  It was not decayed, a skeleton, or like a mummy.  It is closest to a wax figure.
  It has a material feel like a cloudy ice.  the corpse has preserved its glossy luster.  A rich breast and slim waist line was perfectly remained.  It has a feel to it like it was a varnish on the dead---- like something coming out of a fantasy, a smooth curve.
  The corpse is close to a [sculpture].
  The face still can't be seen.  Surrounding the head of the [sculpture] was countless electrodes, and extremely large helmet like shape.  The head of the deceased, is accurately placed in the center of the dome.  It must be for the accuracy of the experiment.
[Who is that?]
  Kaname and Tessa opening their mouths at the same time, asking  question and answering at the same time.
[The subject 18 years ago.  Although I do not know who it is]
[Then, why is the remains in this state?]
[No.  The remains perished long ago.  What is in here, is the remains of her existence.  With long months and years, her mind manifested itself in the physical world through his form, the Omni Sphere.]

  It was an icicle like cave.  The power that remains in this space, those molecules are one by one being constructed.
  This is the remains of time.
  This crystal---- her remains is the [Whisperer].  There is nothing here but the power it holds, someday---- that's right, in an unknown future she will be revived.  Controlling me right now with greater power.  No eternity.  10 years?  100 years?  Unknown.  An unknown number of time.
[Make preparations----]
  From the bag in her hands, she took out the plastic explosives.  Plugging it into the electronic detonator, placing it in the foot of the sculpture.  Stretching the cord from the reel, connecting it to the firing mechanism.
[Blow it up?]
[Yes.  I'm going to destroy this place]
  That was her objective.  This sculpture that is emitting psychic wave---- This Crystal formed catalyst.  Making the Tau waves reaching from another period convert and transmit a high energy Iota waves.  Its effect was Mitchell Lemon losing his sanity.  If this were to be destroyed then <Yamsk 11> would be released from its curse.  There is no prevention from having the same crystal from being brought up, but it has to be destroyed every time.
  That itself is a large contradiction, is it not a wasted effort?
The appearance of the [Whisperer] can't be stopped.  it's eternity.  Then----

  There was a voice.
  You fully understand don't you, my daughter.  You’ve finally come.
  It was a familiar voice.  From long ago.
  That's right.  I have been waiting for you to come.  Even now, I have been calling you many times.  And every time you resist, your ears rejecting my voice.
  But this has been decided.  You are here.  You can no longer refuse me.
  Receive it.  My power.  Accept it.  My soul.
  If a God exists, then we are that existence.  You are the entirety of the three Moirae.  Clotho, Lachesis, Atropos.
  There is no longer need to fear.
  Reach out your hand.  Open your heart.
  With great joy, hold on to your heart the infinite joy.
  That's right.  We are always like that.  Hesitation is a waste of time.
  Tessa called.  Facing pressure.  In a voice without fear or despair.
  When she noticed Kaname was standing in front of the created [sculpture] in the center of TAROS, brushing the now her exposed face.
[We're going to destroy that.  Please stand back!]
  Gripping the detonator of the explosives, Tessa warned her.
  Kaname mumbled as if in a fever.  The reverberation inside her cranium sometime ago somehow, has distinctly vanished.  Those deja vu no longer came.  The field of vision becoming clear.  Like the refreshing feeling of having your nose unclogged.
[The need to destroy it, is no longer]
  Separating from the sculpture, she walks to the side of Tessa.  What would she do, she does not know.  Pulling on the chest of a perplexed Tessa, she snatched the detonator.  the surprised girl stretched and pushed, throwing the detonator.
"what are you----"
  Quickly snatching the gun hanging in Tessa's belt, she slapped he cheeks.  Grabbing on the her collar while staggering, she pulled with all her strength.
"Let's go, Tessa.  There's nothing we need here"
  The Whisperer behind Kaname, the sculpture building up a sound and broke up in pieces.

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