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Full Metal Panic: Approaching Nick of Time Chapter 3b

Also, obviously LJ really won't allow me to post the whole chapter into one single post so I've stop trying.  This is the second half.  To read the start of this chapter go here:

Chapter 2b

  Kaname was looking at Lemon in the cabin of the transport helicopter, suddenly there was a sound of explosion from far away.  She looks outside from the portside window.  The attack helicopter that was circling the ruins just now was scattered to pieces.
"Explosion....? Ah...!"
  The unit shakes, she was thrown out of the bed.  She somehow clung on the seat with all her might.  Lemon's body was fixed in the stretcher and seems to be alright.

  They were not crashing.  Warning from the [enemy] attack, the helicopter made a nose dive.  The ruins that looks small below gradually draws close.
[Snipe from enemy AS!  We're going to use the North side of the plant and a shield and hide!]

  The helicopters pilot shouted from the in-flight communications.
[Don't.  Don't go near the plant.  Get to a higher altitude]
  Leonard told the pilot from the cargo room.  It was a calm voice.
[but, we will get hit like this!  One unit is already down!  From that distance---- he's an unbelievably skillful guy!]
[Go up a higher altitude.  If you do so you will surely be safe] Leonard asserted.
[Why are you so definite!?  I can't, I'm hiding!]
  The helicopter turns.  Soon the giant pylons of the plant is within reach.  Hiding from the enemy's line of sight.
"Fasten your belt, Kaname-san"
  A bedridden Lemon with a pale face said.
[I telling this for your sake.  If you go down from a high altitude it would in turn be dangerous---]
  Impact and strange noises.  Flash from outside the window.  The unit jerked to a slope, the warped parts echoed a terrible sound in the inside of the unit.
  What is happening, she does not clearly know.  Did the enemy beyond the building shield shoot?  Was this noise the sound of the drive shaft's tail Rotor being heavily damage?
  The pilot scream from the in-flight communications.
[but, we will get hit like this!  One unit is already down!  From that distance----]
  She doesn't know the meaning of this.  The same words before were repeated.  The unit randomly shakes, skidding in the skies of the plant.  At high speed then downward.
  The pilot and sub-pilot shouts.
[What's happening, suddenly at this altitude----]
[I can't, I'm hiding!.... no, what was that?  why is the damage]
[Pull the stick, you idiot!]
[Help.  I don't understand.  I should have sustained a serious injury]
[What are you talking about!?]
[Why are we still flying.  We should have already crashed.]
  The voice of fear.  The unit shakes.  The plant draws close.  Like an elliptically intertwined iron plant.  Floating in the middle of darkness is a ghastly form, steadily becoming bigger.
  What did the rotor came in contact with.
  The metal overhead tears apart, the atmosphere messily torn up.  Like the screams of a ghost.  Terrible impact swoops many times bit by bit.  The illumination in the cabin created by the sparks disappeared.  Total darkness.  Body drifting, pushing on the seat, and drifting again.  The headset plucked off from the head.  The scream of Lemon's pain.
  The helicopter was swallowed up by the structures of the plant, steadily falling downward.  That at least they somehow knew.  How far are they doing to drop?  Inside this ruins, there might be no bottom---- this was what Kaname thought.

[----s is Urzu 6! Engaging enemy AS----]
  Kurz was reporting the situation through the wireless radio, having time to listen to the subject, is something Sousuke certainly doesn't have.  They were still in the middle of climbing the pit, when suddenly a giant helicopter was fallen over their heads.
  The helicopter emitting small sparks, furthermore in the mouth of the pit---- falling slowly from huge stairwell.  The unit is entangled with the warped pipes and steel frame of the plant.
  The pipe is close to the rope, in a state that hangs the helicopter.  Losing to the weight of the helicopter, it was falling apart piece by piece.
  It will fall into this pit---- 10 seconds or 20 seconds.  There is no time to hesitate.
"We getting down, Grab on!"
  Informing Tessa, Sousuke fixed the reserved rope on the nearby metal frame with the carabiner, and kicked the wall.
  It's no longer possible to ascend and get away.  Using the rope he tries to drop down to the bottom of the pit, since there is no other place to find shelter in this pit.
  2 floors in one kick.  Then another kick.  He wanted to descend faster, but with the weight of 2 people it would be overdoing it.
  Roaring sound overhead.  The helicopter hits the opening of the pit.  barely hanging on, it will sink down here next.
  The fragments of the unit and the plant were raining in pieces, grazing Sousuke's side.  A black shadow in the night vision scope.  A pillow size metal fragment was drawing close.  Bracing both legs on the surface wall, he faced up covering Tessa in his back.  The metal fragment hits his left arm covering the head.
  Staggering from catching the fragment, he forcibly pulled back and descended.  Kicking the wall 2 to 3 times.  Tessa was shrieking in every way.
  Not yet on the ground.  Looking down it is still 3 floors.  Coming near to a rounded floor.
  Finally the helicopter fell.  There were countless sparks scattering in the whole of the pit.  This pit is like a large gun barrel.  The wreckage of that helicopter was like an elliptical shell being pushed out of the gun barrel.
  Another kick.  Suddenly they lost the support of the rope in midair.  The metal frame that the rope was attached to broke off.
  With Tessa being carried in the back, Sousuke falls from the height of the floor.  He somehow turned his body.  In a manner to avoid crushing Tessa, half of his right hits the floor.  The air leaked out of his lungs, and his head dizzy.  He ignores the pain.  Removing the rope he raised his body.  The helicopter is drawing nearer.  He no longer has time to look up.  Carrying Tessa in his back, he ran off into a passage that entered his field of vision.  The helicopter draws close.  Just a little more.  Another 4 steps----3 steps----
  Completely jumping forward.  The metal sound and squall beats into his ears.
  Turning his head, just behind him, the wreckage of the helicopter plugged the entrance of the passage.
  Thee somehow survived.
  But it is still early to feel relieved.  Sousuke immediately stood up from lying face down, continuing to walking forward the dark passage.  There is a smell of jet fuel. If the helicopter explodes in a confined space like this, the two of them would be barbecued.  They should get away as far as possible.
  There was no reply.  It seems she has fainted.  In the mean time there is still the sensation of breathing.  Her body which was supposed to be fixated by the rope to his body, was slowly slipping off his back.  Although he wants to support her, he could not do so with his numb left arm that was hit with a metal fragment moments ago.  Without strength she tumbled down, lying down on the ground.
  At that time there was a big jolt in the passage.  The ground slanting, the floor in front of them fell down.  It was a deep hole.
  The underground facility is still further down.  With the shock from the crash, did it make the surrounding structures brittle?  Extending his hand on Tessa who collapsed on the floor, the ground of the passage suddenly fall to pieces.
  Grabbing something at once, his injured left hand failed to do so.  Being swallowed by the rusted iron panel, he fell into the dark hole.

  The crash was finally over.  And she is still alive.
  In the middle of the darkness, Kaname let out a groan.
  The seatbelt eating into the pain of her shoulder and lower back.  The seat that she was strapped into, was dangling off the floor.
  The irritating smell of jet fuel reaches her nose.  Right now the turbo shaft engine is still making a thundering sound.  She has to get out of this place fast.
"Somebody?  Are you alive!?"
  From the side Lemon's voice can be heard.  Kaname removed the seatbelt, carefully avoiding from falling down from the vertical floor, she gropes around looking for the body of Lemon.  Simply grabbing something, he let out a strange shriek.

"Ah, sorry.  ....Hyah!?"
  When she understood what she was gripping, she let out a strange shriek, rubbing the palm of her hands in her clothes.
"That was such an awful reaction..."
"Anyway, we have to get out of here."
  Kaname loosened the belt that was holding Lemon's body on the stretcher.
"I agree, but I don't know if I can walk."
"Walk!  You don't want to die right!?"
  Loosening the restraining belt, she supported Lemon.  The wound hurts, but he bear the pain and groaned.  Relying only on memory they search the side of the seats, there was an emergency pocket light.  Lighting it.  The situation of the surrounding was reflected into their eyes.  It seems that they fell down in a nose dive.  Stopping short in the cabins prototype, the control room ahead was smashed.
"The hatch...."
"Over there.  Can you go?"
"Let's try"
  They saw the hatch beside the barrier wall that separate the cabin and control room.  Distorted from the impact of the crash and was out of place.  Using the 90 degree seat as a scaffold, Kaname alighted to the side of the hatch.  Lemon taking care of his injured leg, somehow managed to continue after.
  Alighting first, Kaname kicked the hatch.  The door only creaked, and did not open.  Another try with all of her might.  Even though her knees were hurt and numb from the kicking, it will not open.
"Kaname-san, it's useless.  Let's find another way out."
  Ignoring the advice of Lemon, she removed the fire extinguisher that she noticed from the barrier wall.  Surprised at its weight, she brandished it and hit the hatch.  Still not open.  But she felt a reaction.  Well, one more time!
"It's useless.  Another place would...."
  Thinking of the faces of the people she hates, she beat on the wall.  Letting it have it, there was a sound of metal bending, the hatch vigorously opened on the other side, a crack that would allow one person to pass.
"Alright, let's get out of here!"
"I'm astonished"
  They can see the outside from the exit.  The irritating odour of the fuel hurts the eyes.  It would not be strange if an explosion occurred.  There was a concrete wall in front of them.  The illumination of the light the ground below is around 2 meters.  They can somehow descend.
"Well lets go"
  When Lemon said this, there was a faint groan from behind.  Looking from the opposite side of the hatch---- there was a man collapsed in the corner of the cabin.  One of the soldiers that was looking out for Kaname.  Although he is injured, he is still alive.
"Let's go, Kaname-san"
"They're the enemy! Come on!"
"I can't after all.  Go down first"
  Pushing Lemon outside the helicopter, Kaname hurriedly rushed over to the man.
"Can you move?  Let's get out of here!"
  The man looks half conscious, and could not reply.  His leg seems to be fractured, it would be impossible to stand up.
"This may hurt but please bear it!"
  Kaname grabbed the nape of the man's neck with both hands, and started to forcibly pull him into the hatch.
  He was outrageously heavy.  Gathering all the strength from her body, she walked back with a waddle.  Immediately raising the breath, and pull irregardless.
  The man grasping for air in pain was moved to the exit.  Pushing him out from the crack in the hatch.
  Lemon already down in the ground beckons.  The upper body of the man casually jumped out of the unit, with his lower body hanging up----
  The man fell and dragged Lemon into the ground.  Then Kaname went out of the unit, using the protrusion of the unit as a scaffold.
"Let's go!"
  Together with Lemon who was dragging his leg supported the man's shoulder, progressing from the unit and the crack in the wall.  They can see a large tunnel opened up from the wall.  It's a size that a truck can go through.
"What's this tunnel?"
"in any case this way!"
  Diving into the tunnel staggering.  Because of the crashes impact, everything was collapsing.
  A panel was hanging from the ceiling, particularly with a creaking sound.  After Kaname and the others proceeded about 10 odd meters in the tunnel, there was flames from behind them.
"My leg is hurt....I can't walk anymore"
"You can't!  Do your best!"
  There was conflagration coming from the wreckage of the helicopter.
  There was an old worn out truck in one corner of the tunnel.  The rusted tires disappeared from the corrosion.  With the last ounce of Kaname's strength, she pulled Lemon and the man, running for cover in that truck.
  If we came this far, will we be alright for the mean time?  Following this thought, there was an explosion.
  The heat wave and shockwave reached this distance, the flooding fragments jumping about inside the tunnel.  The aluminum alloy turning to a sharp knife pierces the wreckage of the truck, the heat of surrounding atmosphere scorching Kaname and the others like a sauna.
  Kaname squats, holding her breath.  There was an alarm in her heart, and she can feel the sweat in her back.
  It was probably around 10 seconds that she stared blankly.
  Timidly opening the eyes.  Respiration like gasping.  There must no be enough oxygen?
  It is hard to breath.  But at first it was only a few moments.  There seems to be fresh air flowing from somewhere.  So as not to inhale the smoke, she crawled up and down.
"Mr. Lemon, are you alright?"
  Lemon answered with a weak voice.
"But, how do you say this.... I think I know why Sousuke fell for you"
"? Why?"
"An impressive strength.  I'm impressed.... haha"
  With regards to consciousness, Kaname now recalls her own behaviour.  She doesn't remember dong something that strange----
"....speaking of which, it's been a long time, something like this"
"This kind of Action.  It was very inconvenient when I was with him"
  Spitting on the ground, she stood up herself.

  Leonard's <Belial> suspends in mid air, simply observing the escaping helicopter descend into the underground of the plant.
  He could prevent the crash.  He could immediately pull up the descending helicopter.  And then, tear up the cabin and only grab Chidori Kaname .
  However, he did not execute all of it.
  He observed the wreckage of the helicopter which fell to the bottom the large elevator shaft with a high resolution infra red sensor, looking at the girl and the French man getting out of the hatch, escaping inside into the underground facility.  Such a touching matter, lending her shoulders to a wounded soldier which she has no sense of duty to save.
  Later the helicopter exploded, firstly she was alright.  Leonard has also confirmed that.  That's right---- she has to be alright.
[The sniping M9 seems to have withdrawn]
  The improved <Codarl> type AS <Erigol> descended, Wilhelm Casper reported after engaging the enemy.
[I searched for traces of his Transport <Paib Mare> but, they also got away.  I'll stand guard]

[Roger.  We are currently landing the infantry.  We will secure the town.]
  Kalinin replied.
"Then I'll leave that to you gentlemen.  I will go down"
[To the underground facility?  Alone?]
"Aah.  I'm going to explore.  Chidori Kaname and the French man escaped and got away underground."
[We will be sending soldiers from here, will that be alright]
"As you wish"
  Replying simply he cut off the communication.
  Leonard's unit ascended, comparing the collected data and the actual landscape, scrutinizing the relations of the underground facility in his head.  And then he descended, entering the large elevator shaft in the central plant.
  In the bottom of the giant pit, the helicopter is still burning.  Burning like a furnace of death.
  The <Belial> approaches the wreckage in flames, the flames and smoke avoiding the unit.  And then draws nearer.  With an unseen force the atmosphere was pushed back, crushing the burning wreckage, the conflagration twinkling like a mirror.  Heat, smoke, flame, and the pieces of metal---- all of it opens up from the path of Leonard.
  The legs of the <Belial> touches the bottom of the shaft.  it was a silent landing.
"Well then...."
  Kneeling the unit, he opened the cockpit hatch.

  Staying in a distance barely in range to Tessa and Sousuke's mobile radio---- standing by roughly around 10 kilometer east of the mountain ranges, Kurz and the crew of the <Paib Mare> were discussing things.  After finishing the camouflage, and scattering disposable vibration sensors, the threat of the red AS is currently not urgent.
"....well, how about contact with Sousuke?"
  Getting off from the dust stained M9, Kurz walked to the <Paib Mare> that is parked in the middle of the woods, listening to the pilot coming out from the rear hatch.  Gebo 4's pilot, is an Italian called Salvio.
"We can't.  We don't know if they're alright or not.  We can't call them on the frequency, even if it's an encrypted communication the enemy would perceive our location"
"How about the <De Danaan?"
"Even if we explain the situation, they are in the other side of the world.  They won't be able to send reinforcements immediately, Mao and Clouseau have their hands full and can't leave."

"Dammit, this is the worst"
"Anyway we can still get away, it's still not the worst"
  Another pilot of the unit Gebo 6, an American Second Lieutenant Fisher bumped in, and handed a bottle of Mineral water to Kurz.  Casually receiving it, took of his headset and poured the water on his head.  Even though they are in an unpleasantly cold climate, it can't be helped as his face is hot.
"The enemy doesn't know that we are leaving the two of them behind.  At any rate, with such messy ruins like that, if Sousuke managed to hide, I don't think they would be easily found.  The captain also said the they would [need a few hours to finish].  If they are also safe, we can wait here for the whole night right?"
"It's impossible"
  Kurz denied, and drank the remaining water in the bottle.  Even though Salvio and Fisher were Second Lieutenant, they did not mind the conscious attitude particularly in rank difference from Kurz who was a Master Sergeant.  On top of their age not being far apart, and having a relationship for nearly 2 years being together in drop operations, and above all for the current <Mythril>, rank are only for conveniences.  In a difficult situation like this, Salvio respects more the judgment of Kurz who was accustomed to actual combat.
"....Puha.  The enemy had already noticed that Tessa and Sousuke were dropped off into the ruins.  Because that was a stormy town, there are still bound to be traces of footstep to take notice.  A single soldier with good training, a slow moving woman, it could be read that they have entered the plant."
"They understood that much"
"The enemy is the Lieutenant Commander?"
  Even now for the people of <De Danaan>, they still call Kalinin [Lieutenant Commander].  it is not that they yearn for any lingering attachment, they just couldn't change the habit.
"Also.... aside from the Lieutenant commander, that guy is among the enemy"
"That guy?  Who would that be?"
"My teacher"
  Kurz said annoyingly.
"Do you know the name Wilhelm Casper?"
"Aah...I think I somehow heard it.  I've read his name countless of times in a special magazine..... He was a German."
"That's right.  His family were Snipers for generations.  His Grandfather killed a lot of alliance soldier in the second world war, he was an incredible Knights Cross guy.  His father was said to be feared in Indochina and Africa.  But that Wilhelm---- he killed over 100 people in the Russian Civil war, Lebanon and Tajikistan.  A former East German soldier, he became a mercenary after the unification."
"Is he a master"
"Not that kind of Level.  He's a [Devil]. you know of the world records in actual combat snipe?  It's 2500 meters.  It was succeeded by a sergeant in the American Marines.  The target was a commissioned officer of the Iraqi Army.  Using a 50 calibre (12.7mm) penetrating rifle and the latest Ballistic Predicting equipment, in a relatively calm conditions"
"The Olympics world is really astonishing"
"I'm not saying that this is a bad skill, or this was due to the equipments, and it hit after a number of shot.  On the other hand the record of Casper is 1520 meters.  It's short by 1000 meters from the [world record].  However, his weapon is a 308 calibre (7.6mm) wooden rifle.  At night, raining, with a condition of the wind speed blowing 15 meters directly horizontal.  And it was only one shot."
"Um.... is that really hard?"
"It was quite far.  Compared to a 50 calibre shell, the 308 calibre is quite light, and the energy is smaller.  In addition it was a bad weather.  The parabola of the ballistics was complex.  It was a risky hole in one in the middle of the storm.  For a person in the same profession they would laugh and not believe it."
  With a dark voice Kurz said.
"But I saw it.  At that time, I was beside him as a supporter"

  In the back of his mind the scene of that night was revived.
  It was a desolate street.  The conflagration neglected at every place, the night sky was stained with colour of blood red.  Damp and humid rain.  Roadside trees swaying by the wind.  From far away echoes the roars of cannon from the Israel Army.
  A room in a partially destroyed western style house.  From the wide hole in the wall, he was aiming at the target.
  1520 meters.
  From a western house erected in a hill with a good view, to  the target is visiting a local hotel---- that was the distance from the entrance.
  The target was a manager of a military organization.  The meeting will soon be over and come out of the hotel.  The delay for him to disappear into the bullet proof limousine waiting in front, was merely 5 seconds.
  1520 meters.
  Being a marksman as an occupation, this condition and this distance would be an extremity in space.  It was a world that has nothing to do with him.  An area where no hands can reach.
  How stupid.  He can't shoot it.  That was what Kurz thought.  Jeering him with odious words, and kept saying to return to camp and have a drink.
  He did not reply.  The words of Kurz, really did not enter his ears.
  Lying down in the floor wet by the rain in a sheltered altitude, it was like his body was welded to his gun, the scope connected to his right eye.  A very quite breathing.  The Mediterranean sea this close, the night is getting colder and humidity higher.  In the witness of his breath, there only remained an awful impression.
  There was movement inside the lobby.  Sensing that the target is coming out, Kurz informed him.
  The stag is coming.
  In his unit, that is what they always call the target.  Although he heard, he did not answer.  If he answered his chin would move.  If his chin moved, his accuracy will be out of order.
  The door of the hotel opened.  The roadside trees were swaying.  The bodyguards were coming out.  Of course they did not take notice of this location.  Straightening the thin collar, the [Stag] showed his appearance.  An unshaven man over 50.
  The target walked towards the waiting car.
  It should not have hit---- At that time, Kurz thought.
  He shoots.
  The instant that he pulled the trigger, it was hard to express words.  It was no exaggeration, the space around him distorted, a discernment like it was being drawn to the limit.  At least that was how Kurz felt.  The utmost limits of concentration, and then the utmost limits of that a while ago, summoning something that cannot be seen.
  That is what they call a [ghost coming].
  By no means was it an entreaty to a deity.  All the devices---- eyes, brains, finger, trigger, firing pin, cartridge, barrel, rifling, muzzle, and then the bullet, conforming to the laws of physics.  There was no room for intervention from God of Ghosts.
  From thousands of bullets that was shot, in each records, learning, mixing one's own gunpowder, manufacturing a cartridge, cutting off warheads, all kinds of weather condition and distance, in every angle, failure, failure, and layers of failure, calculations, starting over, calculating.  That was the  technical skill that was grasped from its end.
  Whether mysterious or not, he really has no faith.  Everything was mechanically moved, the bullet flew on the calculated position.

  However, at that time something certainly came.
  There's nothing to be said but a [ghost coming], something.
  At the moment the ghost came.  An indication of something descending, next the tip of the weapon made dazzling radiance, and then a gunshot reached his ears.
  Its 1520 meters.  He has not heard of it ever succeeding.
  But it hit---- he felt the ghost, Kurz gradually thought.
  The bullet that flew in the middle of the rain and wind, of course could not be seen.  But 2 seconds are the shot, the head of the target can be seen spraying blood.  The blood dances in the middle of the rain.
  The surprised bodyguards shouted at something.  The body of the headless target was pushed to the seat by two person, running away from that place.
(Let's go)
  He strikes at the shoulders of a dumbfounded Kurz.  Not showing any signs of being satisfied of his accomplishment or a boastful behaviours of his skills.  Both of them went of our the western house and withdrawn, while walking in the rain, Kurz excitedly praised his skills.

(Don't think you can imitate this, boy)
  Wilhelm Casper said standing to a halt and turning his head.  With sympathizing eyes.
(You can't do it)
  In fact, from then on, Kurz was not able to imitate it at least even once.
  One week after that, a decisive incident occurred.  Kurz with a young emotions, left Casper's unit.

"It was 4 years ago in Lebanon"
  He did not tell the details to the pilots.  For a number of seconds, Kurz remembered secretly the events at that time.
"I can't do a shot like that.  Whether is was experience of sense---- that's not the dimension.  But something more definite, something he has that I don't."
"Is it will, resolution, or something like that?"
  Salvio asked.
"I wonder.  I really don't understand.  ....well, if it's character then I have it.  At any rate the first time that I touched a rifle, was about five or six years ago."
"That's a first I've heard of"
"It's not like I was hiding it.  In the first year I got mixed as a volunteer soldier in the middle east, from there I was picked up by that guys---- Casper unit.  That's what I remember"
"Hee.  What kind of unit is it?"
"It has no name.  Just [Casper's unit].  Fighting all over the world it was a group of sharpshooter, well..... you might say it was the modern version of [Baily's South African Sharpshooter]"
"What's that.  Baileys....?"
"It's from the past, a mercenary unit.  But never mind that.  The problem is---- I probably can't win against him."
  Of course speaking in terms of tactics, it was not a simple competition of target practice.
  If the aiming distance is shorter than the enemy by 100 meters, it would be simple to move 100 meters forward.  Others like Camouflage, diversionary tactics, deception, pincer movement, and combining other methods, the chance of surely defeating the enemy would come out.  That is tactics.  To include all of it, he was saying that Kurz could not win against Casper.
"But, we will be leaving Tessa and Sousuke behind.  We can't just abandon them."
"That's right...."
  Kurz made a sigh, and remained in thought.  When his comrades are in anxiety, he makes an unpleasant sigh.
"Well, one way or another.  Anyway, we wait for a chance."
"Chance, what kind"
"We pick up the two's communication, we can still escape.  Making diversionary tactics we support them in full force."
  Standing up, he returned backed to his own M9.
  Something clinging on the back of his cockpit hatch, opening a small shock proof firearms container, he takes out a rigorously wrapped rifle inside.  Getting back to the ground, he opened the package, the rifle displays a sullen scenery.
  After the prelude in AS battle, he thought that there might come a time that it would be its turn.
  A bolt action rifle that lets out a gloomy brilliance.
  Ancient and simple, but that is why it is a beautiful work of art.  The wooden part made of brown walnut lumber, the bulky gun barrel in dark blue, then the white granular pattern emerges from the myriad of Teflon treatment.  The installed 36 fold scope on its top part, its length like it was another gun, thick.
  This weapon was manufactured 50 years ago in the plant of Winchester, it prides itself having an unattainable precision compared to the latest sniping weapons.  The possessors of this so far, there is no mistake that they have poured their affection in its elaborate maintenance.  It can be said as an excellent gun that is the [rifle among rifles], it has been 5 years since he grasped this gun as a greenhorn, something that has been passed.  This kind of gun is suitable for that man.
  1520 meters.
  If it's this weapon then that may be realized.

  The man that Kaname saved through her bravery, was still bearing serious injury.
"Fracture in the right arm, lacerations in the right flank.  And there seems to be a hit on the back of the head---- but we still don't know how serious this is."
  Lemon said roughly inspecting the injuries.  That casualty was a dark man in his 30's, not really large built but have a tightened muscles.  If he were to be fine, Kaname and Lemon would surely be captured.
"Can he be saved?"
"I wonder about that.  If we can properly treat him immediately,  he can somehow manage....  Unfortunately we have not first-aid set.  It is certain that we cannot move him."
"Is that so..."
  The man in a faint appearance groaned.  He seems to be conscious for the time being.
"Hang on.  What's your name?"
"Mr. Brown.  The helicopter went down and there was an explosion, but we managed to save you.  Unfortunately, I think the others have died.  We want to treat you, but we don't have the tools or medicine here.  Do you understand this much?"

  The man groaned weakly, moving his lips with an [I understand].
"I think your friend will be coming here soon.  They know where we are right?  That's why, we're sorry, but we have to leave you behind and run away."
  He was helpless from being injured.  The man sluggishly put up his left hand, and grabbed her arm.  When she was unable to grant the wish of the man, Kaname somehow felt guilty.  Even though this was a subordinate of the enemy.
  Gently grabbing the hand of the man, she wiped a handkerchief in the man's face.

"I'm sorry.  Here, put this on.  it will keep you warm.  Do your best."
  Taking off the red Down Jacket, Kaname put it on top of the man.
"Lemon-san, can you walk?  I'll lend you my shoulder"
"Aah, I'll somehow do my best.....ouch"
"Let's go"
  Leaving the injured man behind, the two of them walked out of the place staggering.
  Proceeding to the passage, it was a dead end.  The collapsed ceiling that was deteriorated over the years, was blocking the passage.  After retracing their steps, they headed towards another passage through a branch.
"Are you cold?"
"I'm alright.  How about you, lending you jacket to a guy like him"
"Are you saying that I'm a hypocrite?"
  Being offended, Lemon denied in haste.
"That's not it.  It's just.... you really don't understand.  Since you are clever, you should have already noticed it.  You did something dangerous"
"What do you mean?"
"That Brown guy, leaving him alive in an open place, it's telling his friends that we're alive and running away.  If that is so even if we ran away we can't get away.  We could have let them think that we were burned together with the other crew"
  Kaname unexpectedly stopped.
"'s nothing.  anyway, let's hurry"
"....could it be, that you didn't notice?  Doing that without thinking?"

  It hit the spot.  Kaname really didn't think that far.  Before thinking that sort of thing already came up.
"Is that so.  You didn't think about it"
"'re mistaken!  I thought of it carefully, but it guess I really can't abandon him!"
"Hm.... Well, that's how it is"
"What's that?  In the first place if you were aware of it, why didn't you say something!?"
"See, I thought so"
  Lemon laughed.  While being embarrassed, Kaname sensed another emotion.  Being a <Whispered> intelligence will abruptly surface, increasing the different knowledge, becoming a remarkably intelligent person----
  Uo, amazing.  I was greatly stupefied.
  But what is this, this feeling of relief.
  I am me.  Also does blunder.  Saving people.  Still haven't changed----

  But those feelings, where did Lemon's next words go.
"It's not that.  It's just....You really don't understand.  Since you are clever, you should have already noticed it.  You did something dangerous....huh?  No, being a"
"What are you talking about?"
  In a stand still, Lemon pushed his brows with his fingers made a short groan.  The awful mood seemed to had gotten worse.
  Even Kaname was seized with a strange sensation.  Lemon being confused like this, how many times did he see.  No, isn't this the first time?  Aah, this is----
"Deja vu"
  She muttered.  It was not another first.  Experiencing this a number of times.  Also a deja vu is a phenomenon is also present for an ordinary person.  Although she was used to it, since coming to this ruins the frequency of deja vu seems to be very high.  More accurately the frequency is uncountable, this ruins is strange after all.
  Exactly what is in this ruins?
  It might be something related to the [Omni sphere].  No, there seems to be no mistake.  This deja vu phenomenon is the strengthened effect of the Omni sphere.  In ordinary living the [reverberation] is harmless, even an ordinary person like Lemon can feel it.  Even the pilot of that helicopter, just before crash landing he said something weird.  That too.
  Is there another [Whispered] nearby?  Aside from Leonard and herself.  Leonard was inside the cargo----riding the AS <Belial> when the helicopter crashed.  He shouldn't be dead on the crash, and is somewhere inside this ruins.
  The [Whispered] from somewhere, was using a an amplification device similar to the TAROS, this [Reverberation] or some sort of [electromagnetic disturbance] effect must be created by this.  No----
(That's not it)
  Something more dangerous.  Here.
  The Deja vu have a different sensation.  Every time a crisis happens, there was a feeling of someone else in her head whispering.
  Lemon's voice brought her back.
"....ah, sorry.  Anyway are you alright?"
  Noticing, the man they saved from the helicopter was lying in front of them.  Kaname and the others were on the back of the truck's wreckage that they took shelter on.  Looking at his injuries Lemon said.
"Fracture in the right arm, lacerations in the right flank.  And there seems to be a hit on the back of the head---- but we still don't know how serious this is."
"Can he be save?"
  Aah, enough---- expelling such memories from the corner of the consciousness, she asked Lemon.
"I wonder about that.  If we can properly treat him immediately----"
  Listening to his explanation, she explained this to Brown, wiping his face, covering him with the down jacket, lending her hands to Lemon and leaving that place.  Her indiscretion being pointed out by Lemon, she seriously denied it, he smiled.
"What is it?"
"The deja vu will come a number of times, so please hold on to your thoughts.  Probably, the cause is somewhere in this facility"
"...Aah. I understand"
  Lemon said showing his head.
"You seem to have good understanding.  Don't you want to hear [why?]?"
"Following the purpose as to why this ruins were created, so I know a little.  Anyhow me and Wraith investigated it"
  Moving together with Wraith and being capture by Leonard, it was mentioned when they were inside the plane.  Wraith escaped, after that he didn't know what came next.  But he did not tell her what they were investigating in Moscow.  It was because there was an observer.
"About this facility?"
"It was a request from the young woman Testarossa.  she has already conjectured the existence of such secret city, but she does not know the location.  This was constructed during the 70's, an absolutely secret research facility.  Making suspicious experiments from Telepathy or Future prediction.  when we got the results from our investigation in Moscow, the exaggeratedly excellent scientist named Professor Valov created this, in addition this research facility was seriously a national project."
"Professor Valov...."
"I was half convinced, but I gradually believed.  At any rate <Amalgam> seriously captured and interrogated me, and came to this secret city.  And then---- practically, as you've said being attacked with a strange deja vu.  Of course we didn't know for how much.  But this seems to be a bad place."
"Even the crash just now, I don't think the cause was from the attack from someone.  The pilot must have been confused."
"Aah.  Even then, someone attacked.... they even tried to kill us"
  Kaname remembered the subject of communication.  [Sniped].  [Unbelievable skill].  And then enemy that goes against <Amalgam>.
  Could it be, the one who attacked was Kurz Weber.

  It seems that he didn't know that Kaname was riding that helicopter.  If Kurz and the others are close by, there are prospects of escape from here.

  Not only that.  It may be possible, that Sousuke is somewhere----
"Anyway let's find the exit"
"This research facility is interesting but.... we don't have the luxury for it"
"That's how it is"
  The two of them proceeded the dark passage.  To the right.  To the left.  When they reach a fork they proceeded with suitable intuition.  It was a dead end ahead, it seems a shut iron door stopped them.  It was like a maze.  There was no sketch of the inside of the facility, the corroded plate which was abandoned for many years fell to the floor.  The indication in the area whether [507] or [395] have indiscernible numerical figure.  They are in a state not knowing how many floors they are  underground.
"I give up.  We're completely lost"
  Lemon said with a collapsed ceiling leaning on the wall plugging the passage.  Not being able to go out the exit, the injury in his leg is starting to hurt.  The face the surfaced in the light of the pocket light were paler than before.
"That's not so.  For the time being, why don't we go back to where we came from"
"You remember?"
"Somehow.  The map was sketched into my head.  Why don't we go that way."
  Before, this kind of feat would be impossible, Kaname thought.
  It was 5 minutes, wandering about the maze, Lemon noticed an accident.  Grabbing the arm of Kaname leaning on her shoulder, they immediately stopped.
"What's the matter?"
"Quiet.  Someone's coming.  Turn of the light"
  Informing with a concealed voice, he took out a pistol from the back of his waist. He wanted to say [When did this thing get here?], but nothing came out of his mouth.  Probably, they must have taken it from Mr. Brown when they saw him.
  She turned off the switch of the pocket light as he said.  Lemon stretched his hand, taking the pocket lamp from her.  With a fallen locker nearby, the two of them hid behind it, and surely they can hear footsteps from faraway.
  The opponent was alone.
  Just before the passage before Kaname, from the T crossroad on the corner of the warped passage, someone is slowly getting near.  There seems to be no light.  Is he wearing night vision apparatus?
  Concealing their breath, that someone is coming out from the corner standing.  In the total darkness the form cannot be seen, but they would know by sound.
  Lemon turned on the pocket light and illuminated it towards the opponent, with pistol aimed saying.
"Don't move!"
  The opponent looked startled, with the night vision goggle on the hands were covering the head.

  It was a short built girl. Short pants and flight jacket.  White slender legs and imbalanced, with a large trekking boots.  And a carefully braided ash blond hair.


  Taking of the night vision goggle, she narrowed her eyes on the radiant pocket lamp, which was inquiring towards her.
"Tessa...? Is that you Tessa!?"
"That voice.... Kaname-san?"
"Un.  But why are you in a place----"
  Before finishing her words, Tessa jumped to hug her.  Ignoring the existence of a surprised Lemon.
"Thank goodness.... I was so's really Kaname-san"
"Th...that's right!  Aah...Tessa, don't cry.  Hush hush"
"I'm sorry.  But I'm glad that you're alright.  Really thank goodness...."
"Un.  Tessa also looks fine.  It's really been a long time"
  Burying her face in her chest, Tessa cried for a while.  Kaname was also happy, but she was taken aback with her suddenly showing herself in a place like this, being completely confused with deep emotions.

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