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Full Metal Panic: Approaching Nick of Time Chapter 2a

Here is another installment of Approaching Nick of Time.  Again please be reminded that these are quick translations and I have not gone over them, so there are bound to be mistakes on grammar and spelling.

Chapter 2: On the way to a Journey

  An Electrical Engineer named [Mitchel Danpierre].  A married person having a 3 year service in Renault, was attending an International Automobile Trade fair in the expo center along Moscow River.  Being accompanied is his wife on their honeymoon, they were completely disillusioned by the manner of reception of the Russians.  Having trouble soothing the displeasure of his new wife, he was a man who thinks of quickly getting back to his home country and enjoy the gourmet and wine of Paris.
  Right now this is the social appearance of Lemon.
  Sitting in one corner of the terminal in Sheremetyevo Airport, Lemon was having an unlucky day and was pulling his hair.
"It's such an unlucky day"
  Sitting beside the bench was a woman who [appears to be his wife]----Wraith said.  Although it was an unsociable words, the expression and gesture are sweet, gentle.  Brushing gently the nape of Lemon, bringing her lips to the ears of Lemon.  If it was to be seen by the surrounding travelers, it would look like she was whispering words of love.
  She was a brunet in a one piece with a calm Paisley design, wearing elegantly a simple beige cardigan.  Nose high, sharp chin, and a deep grey eyes, no matter how you look she does not look like an oriental person.  It is because she spends about 10 or more minutes every morning for such disguise, if she were to be serious, she could become any person that no one would recognize.

  With the pleasant tone of Lemon's dear wife, this partner whispered.
"Well, this is an unlucky day.  I haven't slept in these 5 days.  I pretend to be a tourist by day, and at night I infiltrate the libraries of Moscow."

"The ones investigating the archives was me"
"I helped a little.  But the Russian language is outside of my specialty."

  They were [investigating] through the request of <Mythril's> Teletha Testarossa, investigating the Russian Archives and Science articles.  Roughly 18 years ago, traces of experiments inside the Russian territory.  In order to investigate documents not in electronic form, they had to travel to Moscow by foot.
"In the first place this is my first time in Moscow.  For you this is probably like your courtyard right?"
"I lived her for a period"
"Studying abroad?  Or Lumumba College"
"I have no obligation to answer"
"Ah, is that so"
  Wraith being a former agent of North Korea, Lemon had already vaguely observed.  It is already known that Lumumba College accepts students from thrid world communist countries.  Under the pretext of studying abroad, there are people who throw them to a [spy school] from another agency, this is well known to Lemon and the people of the intelligence network.
  This woman's real name, Lemon still does not know.  Even his [Lemon] is an alias, so he has no reason to complain----out of interest he asked her during the midst of the travel.  She says, [you have a Japanese friend, that is why I will not tell you].  He did not know the meaning of this so he asked a question, but somehow her face turned red face and was displeased.

  She was beautiful without makeup.  Has culture.  And compared to the intellectual spy Lemon, her has abilities are superior.  She might be a woman that he likes, but unfortunately in these 5 days of being a married couple, there was not even a single chance that they had a personal acquaintance.
  There was a happy result.  At the end of the troublesome 2 nights in the Science Academy, Wraith discovered a name of a place in an entry of the targeted document, and made known to the <Tuatha de Danaan> via satellite circuit.  What's left is for them to get away.
  There is still time for their boarding time.  Lemon stood up.

"Where are you going"
"I'm a little hungry.  I'm going to buy something.  You?"
"I don't need.  Do what"
  Wraith thought a little.
"How about some Chocolate please.  It would be good if it's Hersheys"
"What's that.  you're going to make bombs from chocolate?"
"No.  I want to eat some."
"Hohou.  A spy of <Mythril> that hushes when crying does have a cute taste."
"Shut up.  Just hurry"
  Gently whispering the curses, she gave him a kiss on his cheek.  They don't know how far they are going to play----no, all of it is just an act.  Lemon shrug his shoulders, and heads to a shop in the corner of the terminal.
  2 pirozhki and a volvic, and bought some suitable chocolate.  Unfortunately it's no Hersheys.  Paying with the left over rouble, the clerk with an accent of a middle age girl asked in english if [he has dollars].  In truth he has dollars but he said [no] and put out the rouble, with a conspicuous face.
  After the transaction and leaving the shop, a disaster occurred near the entrance of the terminal.  There are a number of people in suits, asking questions from the airport's official.  That manner, that arrogant attitude, a glint of the eye ready to shoot---- those are public safety officials.  Showing a picture to the officials and asking something.
  The official who saw the picture pointed to a corner of the lobby.  The direction of the bench where Lemon was sitting a while ago.
  This is bad.
  That is what was felt immediately.  As far as Lemon can recall, they don't remember committing any mistakes that would trace their lineage and merit the Russian authorities to pursue them.  Even now there is still no indication of that.  But observing that state, the one they were searching for is----
"It seems that they need something from us"
  Wraith muttered who was immediately standing behind him unnoticed.  Making a surprised sound she grabbed Lemon by the back of the neck, hiding behind the decorative plant just on the blind spot of the men at the entrance.  She noticed the existence of the public safety officials earlier than Lemon, and secretly moved to his location.
"That's how it is.  I don't know how they managed to sense us."
  In the first place the only ones who knew Lemon and her coming here would be Teletha Testarossa and Gavin Hunter.
"Well, what now?"
"That's right.... No matter how we go about, it seems it won't change the fact that we will receive severe treatment.  That----"
"We run as far as we can run"
  Gripping the hands of Lemon, she walked to a staff door in the corner of the terminal.
  The door was locked.  Hiding behind Lemon's body, Wraith picked the lock.  It was just a cylinder lock, and would only take her 5 seconds.  The guests and personnel did not notice.
"It's open"
"Good job"
  Wraith first slid in the door, after confirming that nobody in the terminal had notice them Lemon followed.
  They proceeded with a short walk on the Personnel passage.  Warp corners, going down stairs, hiding in the shadows of the maintenance tools, and avoiding the personnel. Not remembering the broad sketch, they would resign themselves to where they can escape from this terminal building.
"Do you have any knowledge?"
  Hiding in the small storage, Wraith whispered.
"About what"
"This situation.  There was someone who leaked about us.  It possibly can't be Hunter."
"I wonder about that.  I don't think that Testarossa girl would make a blunder like this."
  Before managing to speak Wraith grabbed his chest, and pointed a sharp object to his throat.  A hidden reinforced plastic knife.
"If that's the case, I can't think of a cause other than you"
"Hey hey....."
"Did you report to someone from DGSE?  No, for you to be attached to DGSE in the first place is doubtful.  In any case, I should kill you here and run away to safety."
"I see."
  Lemon failed in expressing his composed smile.  With the pain of a pointed object eating into his skin, it distorted his face.
"Then, I guess it's my end.  There is no way for me to prove my innocence.  There's no lawyer or jury.  And a decision of death penalty in one hearing, it's the same enforcement.  In the civilization of your native country, for someone like you who is recently married it must be a usual thing."
  Wraith's eyes expressed a silent anger.  However, right now Lemon is much angrier.
  You stupid woman.  Doubting your ally in a situation like this.  Before you threaten a person, you should cooperate and think of a way to escape.  Saying subsequently, having spent the few days together awake, it is completely, really, did not concern me at all.  She has no interest in this Handsome, Gentlemanly, intelligent and sexy me!
  This woman, could she be a lesbian?
"It seems that you're angry"
"Aah, I'm really angry.  You make it easy to perform a death penalty, let me tell you one thing.  I know your secret."
"What did you say?"
"Yesterday, just to kill time I searched the net for Korean female names.  Being blessed as a linguistic genius that I am, I noticed it within an hour.  Your real name.  Your family name is probably [Kim].  In kanji it can be inscribed as [Gold].  You're name [Yun] probably has the meaning of beauty right?  See I thought so.  It shows on your face.  It seems that it is inscribed as [ball] in Kanji.  [Yunhi] which is [ball] and [girl], that's your name right.  In other words, if you write your full name in Kanji, to a Japanese it would bring an inevitable laughter----"
{TL note: Lemon was implying that Wraith's name, when spoken in Japanese is "Kin Tama Hime", which means "Testicle Princess"}
"Stop it...."
"Well, kill me already.  Why don't you send me to hell like you said."
  Wraith applied force in her arms.  With her face flushed, the reason for it was not only anger.  She would want to stab the knife into his throat with vigor, but she remembered immediately, and made an unpleasant sigh.
"How stupid.  I quit."
"Then you should be like this from the start."
  With his disordered breast mended Lemon murmured a rough breath.  Wraith took out her small note book with drawing of a sketch of the airport and scrutinizing an escape plan.
"If you go underground, there would be a pipeline that gives provision to fuel and sewage.  If we go along that we can get out of the terminal building."
"What's splendid.  But is there no other way of saying it?"
"[Sorry] or [Pardon]"
"Shut up"
  Telling him bluntly, Wraith hurried first.  Running on the crude stairs used by personnel, they headed for the materials passage underground.  It was a damp and humid place.  Indications in the passage way and guide map were in Russian, which were difficult to read due to the long passage of years.
  Inside the slim passage, Wraith raced to the hatch.  The hatch was locked with a chain and padlock.  From the top floor, considerably far away are several footsteps.  With the voice of an officer shouting [hurry (Dawai), Hurry (dawai)].  These traces are the characteristics of men who received training.  with some wild breath---- those are probably police dogs.
  It's a matter of time before they found out this place.
"This is bad.  they brought dogs."
"I know.  ....It's open."
  The lock opened and chains untied, the two of them opened the heavy hatch.  for a woman to open this hatch alone would be impossible.
"See, you can't run away alone.  it's good that I'm alive right?"
"But it's finished.  I'm going to kill a sticky and persistent man."
"It's a joke.  Let's go."
  Wraith hastily went down the hatch.  Lemon follow after.  Cutting the silver paper from the chocolate that was bought in the shop before, she put it in between the closed hatch.
"What are you going?"
"Buying us some time"
  When the pursuer finds this hatch, they would notice that silver paper, and would be careful thinking that this is some kind of trap.
"We'll be caught up to if you're slow.  Hurry"
"I'm hurrying"
  It was gloomy in the underground passage, the different sizes of pipe and cable occupies majority of the space.  They must not have any good maintenance.  There are water leaking from the pipes forming a haze, the irritating odor of the jet fuel gets in their nose.
  3 minutes walk.  Without satisfactory field of vision, the back of Wraith was steadily going far off.  Guessing with the number of steps they have taken, they should have already moved 500 meters.  In their position, they have calculated that it's already outside the terminal building----
"Let's get outside"
  With one directional information of Wraith, they quickly went up the stairs nearby.  She did not break a sweat.  On the other hand for Lemon, he was already exhausted.  Just like jogging, he thought it would be easy to cross this distance, but because of extreme mental tension he was quickly out of breath.
  They went up a number of floors in a dancing path, unlocking the locked door at the end.  Coming out of the door, there was a small conk-
  It was a small room.  There was machines used for guidance and disaster prevention supplies everywhere, and a number of color cone.
  Getting out of the small room, in front of their eyes is the guidance path of the international flight.  Blue guidance lights blinking in the twilight, just 100 meters ahead, a giant passenger plane passed by with a tremendous roar.
  In the rear direction, there was a fence to outside the airport.
  Lemon who was overpowered by the intensity of the Jumbo plane, Wraith pulled his arm.
"What are you doing.  Hurry!"
  Walking out in haste, they can see the jumbo plane in the far away guidance path suddenly braking.  A quick stop ordered by the control tower.  And then from beyond, from the direction of the terminal building, a number of vehicles with turning lights can be seen.  They plan to chase over here.

  There were sniffed out afterall.  The stalling was considerably ineffective.
  They might be overdoing it already---- there is an exit, but there might be no significance anymore so they should stop.  Even with her running forward, she already knew about it.
  The fence they are heading towers 2 meters, it would be difficult to climb over.  Even if she were to step over his shoulder, she might not be able to get away.  Having this kind of appearance, he can't do what he wants to---- suddenly Wraith turned to a halt.
  Before he spoke he noticed.  Something was rising in the small bank in the fence in front of them.  Since it was dark the bank was hidden and cannot be seen, the shape of a single man appeared.
  Still young.  A juvenile.
  The silver hair lingering in the night wind, a red coat.  Heavy, Dark, blood like red.
  The light of the guidance bulb illuminates the profile of the youth.  With slim and well featured contours, slit eyes shines like they were wet.  In an instant, Lemon had mistaken him for a woman.
  It seems that Wraith recognize this opponent.  With a voice close to a shivering, she muttered intermittently.
  Why is it you.  Why in a place like this.  What is happening.
  Although this is what her heart is muttering, Lemon also understood just by picking up her hand.  The youth was Leonard Testarossa.  A leader of <Amalgam> whose alive or death is unknown, and the brother of Teletha Testarossa.
"it's been a long time.  Ms. Agent of <Mythril>."
  Leonard said.  On step, and another step appeared in front of them.  With graceful features, he expresses a smile that looks like eating a man.  No, this is a much more poisonous smile.  He can see through just about anything---- thrusting away everything in the world and looking on----
"I also came to Moscow for some minor business.  Being careful about that document.  it's because you were investigating something very interesting, and incidentally heard the details.  And then had the local public safety authorities look you up."

<Image = 128.jpg>

  It was not a leak.  They don't know how he knew, but the one who sniffed them out was this man.
  In his forehead was a large scar.
  Although it was elegantly under the curl of his forelock, the length of the wound stood out.  It was like a sealed third eye.
"Did you bring enough company"
"Un....I secretly brought them along, it was because you guys got away.  I estimated it, so I anticipated you here."
"Move away from there"
  Wraith said, Leonard only shook his shoulders and let out a single breath of [ha].
"What would you do if I don't move?  Will you come at me with that hidden knife of yours"
  Wraith suddenly couldn't move.  Probably because from experience, she knew she was no match for him.  She whispered to Lemon.

"What was that?"
"I'll make good your escape and let your comrades know."
  The car that already came out of the terminal building, immediately drew close.  They don't know whether they are KGB or not, but they were brimming with spirit coming over here to make arrests.

  They don't have a seconds delay.
"Wait, I can't possibly do that----"
"Do it"
  Saying it, Wraith charged forward.
  Not knowing whether this desperate strategy is popular.  In defiance of the barbed wire, it is unknown if a single person can climb over this high fence.  And then, running away with a woman as a shield, as expected it is unknown if this is allowable.
  But there was no time to hesitate.
  Lemon smacked his lips and thrusts forward, running towards the fence at full speed. On one hand, she took out the said knife, and drew it toward the enemy with a lethal thrust.
  By no means was her attack weak.  And of course it is neither magic nor sleight of hand.  Leonard's movement was quite small.  The knife's point was purposely strayed, in the next instant her body was vigorously rotated in the air.  With only one hand raising the wrist, held lying face down, Wraith raised a muffled voice.
"Don't mind me, go!"
  She called with Lemon continuing to run.  The fence was right in front of him.  Running upwards.  Suddenly the strength of his right leg fell out.  There was a scorching pain running up his thigh, with the sound of a gunshot resounding in the neighborhood at the same time.
  Leonard holding her down, with the empty left hand took out a pistol and shots.  Accurately aiming in the running leg of Lemon.
  Lemon fell down just like that, with his head colliding with the fence.   Recklessly grabbing the wire mesh, somehow standing, like his right foot was not moving.  He dropped like a log.
  Wraith let out an anguished voice with the joints of her arm twisted.
"You guys, even now seems to misunderstand something."
  Leonard said whispering in the ears of Wraith.
"You know about my sister right?  Surely her head is so-so, but her athletics are completely weak that she doesn't even know how to use a gun. Her image is"
"...let go...."
"You must think I'm also like that.  Then that would be unexpected.  ....really unexpected"
  Leonard putting weight on the upper part of the body, with a shivering sound reach Lemon's ears.  The joints of her shoulders were dislocated.
  The first time her girly like voice came out was caused by agony.  Wanting to put their fist into this man, their bodies would not listen.
"What an unexpected voice.  It's sexy"
  Saying that Leonard gently chewed on her ears, slowly licking her cheeks with his tongue.
  Then a dazzling brightness of the headlight.  Security cars arrived in the place, with the footsteps of public safety people with submachine gun in hand.
"What are you doing here"
  The officer shouted with an accented English.  Not at Lemon, but towards the direction of Leonard.  He replied to the officer in fluent Russian.
"As you can see.  I'm capturing them alive."
"I told you to leave everything here to me didn't I?  Stop doing as you wish, hand those two over.  You also throw away your weapons."
"Hmm.  Why is that?"
"You are a suspect of injury and unlawful trespass.  Come with us."
  Not knowing what the details are, it seems that their relationship with Leonard, was not in friendship.
"I see, a change of mind huh.  I could imagine who would suggest that."
“Restrain them!  kill them if they resists!"
  The officer order his subordinates in Russian.  The 10 close persons came out with weapons in hand.  No matter how many shots they take, in front of those number of muzzles resistance was not possible.  From the runway, 2 armored cars drew close.  But Leonard did not lose his presence of mind, shrug his shoulders and sigh.
  The distance of Leonard from the officer was about 10 meters. in the middle of it there was a distorted, large quantity of blue and white phosphorence scattering about.  The AS rendered invisible by the ECS, forced its way through them.
  It was a unit never before seen.
  Black armor.  Acute angle form.  A reassuring smart direction, a silhouette of a reverse triangle.  It resembled those type called <Codarl>, this AS has a slight variation.  It was not a simple weapon or industrial goods, but something more demonic.
" bastard....!  Where did you...."
  Wraith is beginning to let go, Leonard drew out his right hand quickly.  Similar to his movements, the black AS moved it right arm forward.
"Enough.  Disappear"
  Like a conductor of an orchestra, he elegantly swing the protruded right hand downward.  The black AS turned its right arm towards the men below it.  Sliding the lower arm, exposing the internal cannon----
  More than firing, it was close to an explosion.
  The car was also pulverized in a single blow of the high caliber cannon, just a few meters was the impact on the ground.  In one second close to 10 shots were fired.  The officers did not have time to scream, they were literally erased.

  The vehicles they were riding on was blown away, exploding, blazing.  The flying small fragments of the concrete landed on Lemon.  The echoing shots and explosion become strange in his ears.
  Like a voice laughing at someone from somewhere.
  The one laughing was Leonard.
  His silhouette which is illuminated by the flaming explosions, his big shoulders shaking, covering his face with a single hand.  Although it was being endured, it was a laughing voice of a person who is getting nauseated.  There was no particle of madness in the tone of voice.  Like a laughter on an unseen play during baseball or Soccer.  Just now, he murdered 10 men.
  The black AS turned its face, extending its hands to the ground.  Glancing at the shuddering Lemon, Leonard jumped to the chest of the unit with dexterity, and sinked into the cockpit at the hatch located in the back of the head.
  The two vehicles attacks.  The projecting cannons in the turrets were like unreliable peashooters.
  The AS fires.  The armored vehicles splits in half, sliding in the pavement engulfed in flames.  Continuing shot on the other vehicle.  Burns up in flames.

"What a mess...."
  He finally said.  Such a battle has unfolded in Moscow and even the airport, this is not the state of sanity.
  Wraith called.  Protecting her unmovable right arm, she somehow managed to get up.  The fence situated some distance away from them, has one side fallen.  The fragments of the vehicle that was blown off struck the fence and fell down.
  With her free left arm, she was beckoning.  Like saying [Now, let's get away using that hole].
  He looks down at his own right leg.  His pants soaked in blood and attached to his thigh.  His foot numb, his angle is in pain.  He was thankful that the nerves are still connected, but to run away would be impossible.  Maybe it is the fault of bleeding, but he could not keep his consciousness clear.
  Lemon shook his short neck, with just a gaze it told her [I can't. You get away].  For 1 to 2 seconds, there was a hesitation in her facial expression, but immediately re-thinked, making a slight nod she runs to the hole in the fence.
  Even thought there was pain each time she breaths, Wraith's movement was nimble.  Crossing the bank, passing the hole in the fence, her for disappeared in the middle of the darkness.
  Leonard's black AS ran into the AS of the security---- fighting with 2 units of a blue coated RK-92 <Savage>.  Bringing up the transparent gravitational field, repelled the attacks of the <Savage>.  It's that [Lambda Driver].  Previously, he knew that Sousuke's <Laevatein> made use of it in Mexico, this is the first time that he had seen it this close.
  Counter fire.  At once the 2 units were destroyed.
  The airport was a sea of fire.  The building and passenger plane that received the flowing bullets, the destroyed vehicles laying about were burning, the faltering sound of alarm resounds.
  The black AS turning its head, steps to the fainted Lemon, grabbing him violently.
[One person is not enough.  Where is she?]
  The voice of Leonard from the exterior speakers.  The head sensors scanning the circumference of the airport.  Even with hiding in the thicket, Wraith would be discovered with the infra-red sensor.
  However, it seems that there is no reaction.
[Oh well.  let's go]
  Grabbing Lemon with one arm, the AS started to ascend.
  Flying to the skies.  Like a Helicopter or something.  No jet engine nor lift fan.  Not even using the gravitational field that Lemon knew, the unit silently raised to an altitude of 100 meters, accelerating in high speed towards the west direction.
  The wind is cold, the wound is hot.
  He doesn't know how Wraith managed to elude Leonard's eyes.
  With a dislocated shoulder, she couldn't possible get away.  She might still be in the bank----
(Seems to be dead)
  In the corner of Lemon's dizzying consciousness, he thinks of the profile of the girl whom he would never meet again.


  The particular [investigation] that Tessa was talking about, Sousuke also accompanied.  The target place is the ruins Far East in the Russian Territory.
  No matter how many supply or inspection were inserted, the 2 units of <Paib Mare> transport Helicopter mostly flies continuously for 40 hours.
  It's 40 hours.
  A long travel was unavoidable.  Taking off from the <De Danaan> in the Atlantic Ocean, they would cross North America and cut across the Pacific Ocean via Alaska, flying to get to the Magadan at the far east, traveling semi-circle across the world.  If it were a winged transport would cut the travel distance by one third, but they have to travel by helicopter, in order to transfer the 2 units of AS for bodyguards---- the <Laevatein> and M9.
  The current <Mythril> has no convenience relay base or transport network.  In the past, in the transport of AS in this kind of long distance they would disassemble and load them in a transport, and then reassemble them in a nearby secret location, that's how they do it.
  Right now it is different.  They are in a state of maintaining the detailed supply route.
  Even then, from Sousuke's perspective, he thought that this long journey would be a good converter for Tessa.
  However even inside she would not stop working.  Staring at the screen of the notebook PC, reading something, driving into something, instructing the AI of <De Danaan> beyond, having a serious discussion over the satellite circuit.
  She doesn't seem to sleep.
  The worried crew of the helicopter suggested that she take a rest, Tessa meekly obeyed and was covered with a blanket in her seat.  But both her eyes were open reflecting in the windows, in the deep darkness outside, she was staring absentmindedly.
  What should be done, Sousuke really does not know.
  Talking a number of times.  If he were to be worried about her health, she would smile and reply with [I'm fine], if asked something about work, she would politely answer the details.  However, that's all.  She would shake of any other topic.  Gently looking this way, she would just say [is there anything else?] with an indirect expression.  And for Sousuke would say a gratitude of [....thanks].
  Furthermore, Sousuke have nothing to talk to her about.
  In the last supply point of the flight route, a cargo ship <Bernie Worell> was cruising along the Bering Sea in the Kamchatka Peninsula.

  In the outside it looks like a container ship registered with Liberia, but scattered here and there are the previous essential base members of Melidia island, obtaining with difficulty a disguised supply ship.  If the containers were withdrawn 5 large helicopters can land at the same time.
  The 2 units of <Paib Mare>  who flew all the way from the Atlantic ocean landed, the pilot saying [make inspections before refueling].  Since after this, there would be around 2000 kilometers of round trip of flight, invading Russian territory they have to always keep the ECS on.  It is also reasonable for the prudence of the pilots.
  It would take at least an hour for the checking of the helicopter, Sousuke decided to go outside and do light exercises.  If he were to cover the 3 sides of the 300 meter length container ship, it would be a little jogging.  Mostly, among the ships members that he passed by, mixed there was the faces he recognized as those from the time of Melidia Island, everytime he meets them he would stop and chat.
  Endlessly he stopped on the 2 sides, leaning on the rail near the pontoon bridge he stares at the sea.
  It was early morning now.  This area of ocean being rough, today’s waves are strangely calm.  The light of the rising sun in the east horizon lets out a dazzling shine on the reflecting waves.  The cold of the refreshing sea breeze was comforting.
"The checking would take some time"
  Kurz finally came and said.  He was riding on the other <Paib Mare>.  The M9 loaded over there was his unit.  This time only 2 units on a mission, Mao and Clouseau are in another place carrying out another mission.
"I don't know [some time].  How many minutes"
"Dunno?  Some time is some time.  Hey- nice view"
  Kurz let out an admiration of the scenery at the deck.  Looking at that profile, Sousuke remembered a physical discomfort.  Something, face being slick....strangely existing...

"What. Staring like that"
  Speaking of which, it was also unnatural during before the departure.  There are many things being discussed about the AS for Mao and Clouseau, but Mao and Kurz hasn't been speaking to each other.  Like an atmosphere of suddenly being distantly cold.
"Did you have a quarrel?"
"With who"
"With Mao"
  This is another strange reply.  Why would Kurz make his words short, looking afar, looking down, looking at the bridge behind him.
"Why do you think that?"
"You seem to have a different mood than usual"
  Clouseau particularly did not notice.  Even the others.  But Sousuke was sensitive in the slightest change of atmosphere between the two.
"Well, it's not strange that you've noticed...."
"So what happened?"
"N,No.  It's not like we quarreled.  What's with the worried face.  Stop it, it's really nothing"
"then its good"
  It's not that he assented, its the person himself who doesn't want to say it, Sousuke did not further went on with it.  However, Kurz changed his mind, since he was grumbling to himself, he somehow decided to himself.
"Un.  I guess, its not.  I'll only tell you"
  With an attending face, Kurz brought down a meek face.
"Hey Sousuke.  You're a genius at not being able to read the atmosphere."
"Is that so"
"That's right.  That is why, if ever, for whatever reason, there is a risk if this secret is leaked out.  I'm going to face that risk and speak my mind.  Why you say, because we are the strongest trio.  No, strongest would be too much, anyway a good trio.  That's why I can't hide anything from you.  First you have to understand this"
"I don't quite comprehend, but I understand."
"[I don't quite comprehend] is not necessary"
"I understand"
"Alright.  Don't tell this to anymore.  Absolutely"
"I understand"
  Moment by moment Sousuke nods.  It seems to be an important matter, and was becoming tense by hearing it.  Does Mao have some kind of sickness?
  Was her relative a mass murdered?  Did she witness an extremely rare UMA (Unidentified Mysterious Animal) during a mission?
"....well, actually..."
  he clears his throat with an ahem.  Kurz was moving his fingers restlessly.  It was such a great secret.  Sousuke was also tensed to his shoulders.
"that-, well.  Actually...."
Actually...the day before...that, I slept with Mao"
"Is that so. then?"
  Sousuke bends forward, with Kurz knitting his brow.
"Then..... that's it"
"Aren't you surprised?"
"About what?"
"No, I mean I slept with her.  That's what I'm talking about"
  This time Sousuke knit his brows.
"I really don't get it.  What about sleeping with her"
"Slept.  This is bad isn't it..."
"While on a mission, you mean both of you dozed off?"
"No, I'm not talking about that kind of sleep.  Ah-, that's right.... you don't understand.  You''re...."
  Kurz hanged his head down with both hands scratching his blond hair, grumbling about something.  Mixed with German, Japanese and English, what he was saying was not understandable.
"Whatever it is, explain it so I could understand easily."
  In Sousuke's manner of speaking, Kurz finally shouted in despair.
"it's SEX, SEX!"
  That voice echoes to the vicinity, then immediately the form of Tessa appeared coming out from the pontoon bridge nearby, mostly at the same time.
  Tessa stood still, frozen with her eyes round.  Kurz and Sousuke were also stiff.  Looks like she borrowed the shower onboard.  The loose field uniform as a bath towel hanging in her head.
  Kurz's eyes were swimming in the air, finding words.  As expected Sousuke who finally understood the meaning, was in confusion at the appearance of Tessa, not saying anything with cold sweat pouring out.

"A, um... I seem to be interrupting."
  Tessa was embarrassed and turned around.
"No, your mistaken, Tessa"
"That's right, Captain.  We were talking about how many pounds of explosives it would require to sink this ship----"
"You shut up"
"in other words we're talking about Semtex.  Plastic Explosives."
"That's right, Semtex, Semtex....that's what you heard right!"
  With the exchanges of Sousuke and Kurz behind her, Tessa hurriedly heads back and returns to the pontoon bridge.  Did it damage the mood or amazed, or was it both.  Anyhow it was an awkward instant.
  Kurz hanged heartbroken.
"Don't worry, Kurz.  She won't tell that to Mao."
"That's not the problem.  I'm just thinking of the severe punishment."
"It can't be help if you regret that past.  Let's go back to what we were talking about."
  Then with a tired appearance Kurz waved his hand.
"You understand now?  That kind of relationship"
"Is that so"
"'re not really surprised"
"No, I'm surprised"
  He observed the sullen face of Sousuke narrowly and rude.
"Doesn't look like so"
"when talking about these things, I don't know what kind of expression I should show."
"You're the same as usual...."
"A lot has happened with Kaname, I thought I have progressed a little."
  Remembering the face of Kaname, he suddenly felt a tightening in his chest.
  He was not able to gather any news relating to her.  He thought about leaving his friends, and try to search for her alone, but he doesn't know where to begin.  Right now he shouldn't think of unnecessary things, to fight <Amalgam> with his colleagues would be the best.  Kalinin is in the enemy right in front of them, also in that direction, there is no mistake that she is also there.
"This is really sudden"
"No problem.  Then, when will be the ceremony"
"The wedding ceremony.  Committing such adultery you should be able to take responsibility right.  Since Mao has a high salary, 100 heads of cheep might not be enough"
"You're thinking too much...."
"You're not going to get married?"
"Nope....I really don't know.  Well, I also don't seem to feel like playing around.  Also the day before we departed-, I was summoned after the briefing....."
  Sousuke also remembered that.  When the briefing was over and dismissed, Mao called Kurz with a cold voice.  Like [Your report still have imperfections] or [Are you still not yet finished with the ammunition expenditure], with a serious appearance starts a drawn out and complaining issue.  Sousuke and the others thought [he's going to get scolded again], not minding it and gets out of the room.
"....if there's no one around, she would say [be careful], wrapping her arms around my neck and kissing.  It was such a rush, then secretly at the storage next door we do it.  She says that we can't do it in a place like that, but there was great excitement in a situation like that"
  Sousuke mysteriously thought.  From before, why does he feel a killing intent for his partner....?  It was a feeling different from jealousy.  Whatever it is called, it is close to a feeling like when he is hungry, somebody was eating to their relish an extravagant cuisine.
  Aah.  This is what they call [irritated].
"But-, the words [I love you] were never said.  It was not said no matter what.  Do you know what this means?"
"It means that there is no love right"
"In the first place, I'm the wrong person to talk to."
"....Well, that's right.  But I don't have any other person to talk to.  And Mao said absolutely not to tell this to anyone."
"You told me"
"You're different.  Mao also acknowledges you"
"Why only me?"
"I told you before right?  We are partners.  Among the team----"
"there is nothing to hide"
"that's right"
  Kurz popped his back, grabbing the back of his head shaking left to right.  Without a strange or bad mood.
  Then, from beyond there was a sound of a Rotor.  Looking on, one unit of Helicopter was coming from the southeast skies.  It's an old UH-46.  The Tandem Rotor of the Transport Helicopter slowly descends, dropping the electric cables on the deck, landing beside the <Paib Mare>.
  Alighting together with the cargo from the container is someone recognizable.  A small wide man with glasses.  It's Gavin Hunter of the intelligence department.
  Hunter recognizing the appearance of Sousuke, shouted with a big voice that would not lose to the exploding sound of the Turbo Shaft Engine.
"Looks like we made it in time.  There are present for your from a pretty girl."
"The [Fairy's feather].  Its completed."

  The crew of the Helicopter all together, the unit that Hunter transported----the [Fairy's feather] was installed on the shoulder of the <Laevatein>, hurriedly connecting it.  Hunter, the one responsible for the manufacturing, were making technical exchanges with the sailors and crew, always coming and going between the deck and pontoon bridge.
  In that interval Hunter stand around and talked to Sousuke.  The topic of conversation not on the aforementioned unit, but about Kalinin.
"It is certain that he shot me."
  Revisiting his encounter, Hunter told the truth.
"I was near death.  But, I still don't know if he had intended to kill me"
"If he were serious he would have shot you in the head?"
"That's right.  But, it may be alright for him either way.  Either for me to live, or to die."
  He knows of the relationship between Sousuke and Kalinin.  Hunter changed the topic.
"Anyway, how is the <Laevatein>?"
"Not bad."
  Saying it, he added the memory of his reason for surviving.
"I thank you."
  Hunter laughed.
"It seems you remembered your courtesy, boy.  If you want gratitude, you should thank her."
  He pointed at the girl.  In the direction of the heliport, beside the electrical unit, she was talking with Tessa.  Somebody he had never seen before.  Wearing an orange work suit with an olive flight jacket on top, with a slightly reddish black hair flapping on the sea breeze.
"She's the noted doctor of Al.  Do you remember Matt Shade?"
  That man on April last year, before the acquaintance of Chidori Kaname, was the injured Intelligence department agent who was injured in Siberia.  Although he managed to take the girl out of the Research Facility of the KGB, he died right before Sousuke rushed to the scene on the M9.
"It's the girl at that time.  She has recovered."
  Sousuke lightly hit his chest, Hunter returned to his work.
(That time....?)
  He didn't recognize her immediately.  The girl in his memory was more worn out, and not able to talk to people like that.  With the influence of drugs, it was dubious situation that she was able to walk on her own strength.
  The girl was talking with Tessa.  Although it is like a casual conversation, there was something strange about those two.  There was no hesitation on both of them that a first meeting would have, also feels like that have known each other from the past, that kind of atmosphere, Sousuke has seen it before.
  He immediately known.  Like the atmosphere that of Kaname and Tessa.
  First Tessa noticed his direction, continuing on the girl turned her head.  Tessa made a small gesture of her hand beckoning, Sousuke made a small run towards the both of them.
"You called"
  He informed with a posture standing in attention, Tessa said [relax] with a bitter smile.  Sousuke taking a relaxed posture, introduced her.
"This is Ms. Kudan Miller.  Ms. Miller, this is I"
"I know"
  The girl who was introduced as Miller smiled.
"Mr. Sagara Sousuke.  I was told about you before.  Way before."
  Although the memory remains, the conversation that time feels like it was from a previous life.  It was only one and a half year ago, he has this strong feelings that there was a complete changed into another person.
  Not Miller.

  Leaving the awkward start of conversation between Sousuke and Miller, Tessa heads to the pontoon bridge, confirming a number of items with Hunter who was waiting.
"I heard from Miller.  The performance of the [Fairy's feather].  Thought there is no guarantee that all of it will work.

"It's the usual.  Also, there is no opportunity to use it this time."
"I don't know.  There is some bad news."
  With only those words and tone, she could guess what Hunter was trying to say.
"The explosion incident in the airport of Moscow?"
"Yes.  The presence of Mr. Lemon and Wraith was confirmed.  Although 30 hours have already passed, there were still no communication from them."
"Is that so..."
"The place that you will be going, there is a high sense of danger."
  It is understood that Hunter was implying to [suspend it].  But she has no intention of backing out.
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