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Full Metal Panic: Approaching Nick of Time Chapter 1b

As usual, LJ prohibits me from posting this as a single post.  Anyway, this is the second part of chapter 1, to read the first installment of chapter one, please read the post just below this one, or just click on the left portion of the page summary.

Chapter 1b

  A scream finally came out, kaname jumped out of the bed.
  This is the camp in Sri Lanka.  A corner of a crude room.  Sunlight shining from the window.
  Breathing was wild.  Head heavy.  Damp with sweat, even her underwear was wet.
  The only door in the room opened, Sabine Refiona entered.  Black tank top and olive pants.  Not even sweating in this heat.
"It seems that you're awake.  You seem to be having nightmares."
"Water...can I have some"
"Later for that.  Let me check you're temperature."
"My throat is thirsty."
  Sabine took out the digital thermometer, inserting it in Kaname's ear.  The electronic sound that she remembered."
"Hey.  Water..."
"It's down huh"
  The thermometers liquid crustal panel.  Value of [37.30].  Exactly like the dream.  A chill ran down her spine.
"Do you know the place Lodz?"
  Sabine poured water in the dirty cup.  Her hands stopped for a second.
"A long time ago, a place where I lived"
"Is that so"
"Where did you...."
"I don't know"
  Forcibly taking the cup, She drank the water.

  Together with the roar of the C-130 transport planes Turbo Prop, landing in Rekun island.
  In the continuous 1 kilometer of flat sandy beaches, there was an iron plate paved as a runway.  The distance of the runway is not enough, and would need to borrow the power of a disposable rocket booster during takeoff.
  Sousuke who has been working since the arrival at early dawn, has taken a long due break at the early afternoon.
  This Rekun island, is a lonely island in the corner of the caribbean sea.
  This is the accumulation point of the goods necessary for the Atlantic Ocean activity of the Assault Landing Submarine <Tuatha de Danaan>, assigned as a temporary base so to speak.  Of course there is no dock that can stow the giant submarine, the <De Danaan> is on standby 2 kilometers away from the beach, fully opening the flight deck to receive large quantities of supplies from the transport helicopter.
  It has been a year since Sousuke fished at a coast.
  The previous fishing, was a short time at Melidia island with Chidori Kaname.  Merely 30 minutes---- even then it was a wonderful 30 minutes.  Not having her here, Sousuke tries not to think of this as much as possible.  He will only exhaust himself in moping.
  A reel attached to a big rod was thrust into the ground, since there is no fish around, he slowly reads Jun yearbook under the blue sky.
  The fishing rod was borrowed from the supply unit's Private Falkowski.  Anyway in less than an hour they have to start the support of escaping this island, even then to be able to enjoy this luxury, with the roaring sound of the transport in the rear passing the temporary runway, it is insignificant.
"Well, it's not like the beach in Guam"
  Melissa said on the far side of Sousuke.
"In the end we could only sunbath, isn't it such a progress?"
  She was on top of the paved beach cost, just lying around in a bathing suit.  Beside her was Technical Officer Nora Leming, and then on the opposite is Tessa's secretary Jacqueline Viran, Communications officer Sachi Shinohara all in the same appearance bleaching their young and vivacious body in the sunlight.  Every one of them were in a blue and grey camouflage bikini.  The 4 of them did not stir, with their bare skin shining from the ample sunblock applied, the beads of sweat flowing from the smooth curves.
  They escaped Melidia island with mostly of what they were wearing, there was no opportunity for them to obtain swimwear, using the free time inside the ship, it seems like it was made from the remaining urban camouflage.

  Thinking that the [time to wear] them might come, they managed to put it together during their day to day life previously unseen.
<Tuatha de Danaan> fleet's female officers----especially young female officer's numbers are limited.  It seemed that these girls that lived to have a mysterious solidarity without regards to rank, were strenghtened especially during the escape from Melidia.  Most probably from the death in action of a female pilot----Eva Santos.
"That's right.  It's been a long time."
  Said Leming with the bikini clinging to her abundant bust.
"Hey, isn't it good that we made this?"
  Viran said, Putting the straw of the sports string in her red lips.
"A...a more docile design would be nicer right.  Ahaha...."

  Shinohara said with an unsteady insincere smile.
  Shinohara is a Japanese similar to Sousuke.  Usually she is a girl who wears plain make-up with black rimmed glasses, now she is in a fashion style like that of Mao's.  It was heard that she spent a number of years in the air force after getting out of college before entering <Mythirl>, although already in her late twenties, from what can be seen it would not be mysterious if she would appear to be in a similar age as Sousuke.  On top of retaining her childish appearance, she has the lowest rank of Sergeant among them, morever having a conservative character, Shinohara was put in a position as a younger sister of Mao and the others.  Particularly when Tessa is not around.  In reality, she probably is the most senior among them.
  Looking at the appearance of Shinahara, Mao and the others laughed.
"What are you talking about.  This is a rare chance"
"Won't you regret dying without taking a tan?"
"Do fun things at a fun time....fufufu.  Look, those guys are looking"
"Those looks are difficult!"
  The soldiers who are beginning to send off supply goods to the transport, were blowing a whistle from far away.
(Though you willfully turned into that appearance.  Why do you need to sunbath beside me?)
  Sousuke thought secretly, and let out a small sigh.
  No, he could roughly guess the reason.  There are 3 spacious sandy beaches to relax in this coast, all of them were occupied by male colleagues.  Those who sunbath and enjoy eating, those who preserve their skill by firing practice, all these and that.
  Sousuke took off from the soldiers, to enjoy fishing alone in the sandy soil (that's right, he recently understood the luxury of beng alone), and then Mao and the others intruded.  Glancing anyhow, it is certainly troublesome to have a crowd of men calling out.
  What they said was, [have a good look, you should be thankful]
and [you already have a girl so don't mind].
  In South Mexico, it is because of the conversation with Chidori Kaname after the battle in Nickelo, for the female members in Sousuke's fleet, he has a more familiar existence than before.  Far from that, without minding Sousuke they talk about concerns of love (apparently).
  For example, for a long time----
"Well, how are you doing with Bruzer recently?"
"It's getting good.  He's nice"
"Hee. He has an appearance of being violent"
"He's not like that!  No, not really like that.  But well, he's, a maintenance soldier... fufufu"
"In other words he's handy with his fingers!?  Nora-san!"
"Well I must admit?  Though we don't have considerable time.  Hey, about that, having excuses concerning THAT"
" that so"
"Then what about Weber-kun?  They say his sniping fingers are soft.  Like a musical instrument"
"Aah, although he's a bad guitarist-"
"That's urban legend"
"Stop with the dirty joke.  Since Sousuke is around.  Well, what's that, are you asking me about Kurz?"
"Yeah.  You don't"
"Of course not!?  Stop that, that idiot"
"Ah, is that so..."
"Oh my, how unexpected"
"Wait!  Wait, are there rumors spreading!?"
"no, I just thought it's like that"
"Me too.  don't you look suitable with a good-looking guy"
"kidding kidding, sorry sorry.  it's nothing as expected."
"Really stop it-"
"Sorry. Ahahaha"
"The truth, which one is like a brother.  Or it's that afterall..."

"Eh, then it's Lt. Commander?"
"I don't understand, which Lt. Commander?"
"Stupid.  Ben of course. Its Ben."
"No, about Ben-. Direct supervisor for the time being.  Right now it's a little...."
"Well, he's not the handy type"
"Then you mean, that's not the entirety of it"
"Is that so"
"Ah-. But the Lt. Commander is nice.  With an incredible stoic.  Like a Samurai"
"Hohou.  Sachi is into something like that"
"Want me to arrange it for you?"
"Eeh~!'s alright-!  But what now...I'm bothered"
"Be clear about it, that's why Japanese are..."
"But, but"
----something like that.
  Whoever they were talking about, this circumstance does not matter to Sousuke.  It's not like he would talk to anybody about the subject of these conversation, in the first place he doesn't comprehend even 10 percent of it.  However, this is what Sousuke understood.
  Somehow, they seem to think of him like an image of a racoon ornament looking over.
  Before he would not think of anything, but having this vacantness, Sousuke could vaguely understand.
  That suitable time----
  Correcting the position of her sunglass, Mao said.
"By the way where's Emilia and Yeta?"
"Looks like they're still working and can't get off.  It's probably useless.  What a pity"
  Leming said.  In Sousuke's memory, Emilia was the communications officer announced as an essential member, Yeta was an engineer of the engineering.  Although they wanted to participate in the sunbathing, they were busy with the bringing in of supplies and could not slip away.
"Then it's impossible for her afterall"
"The Captain"
"Aah, Tessa"
  Mao muttered, keeping a little silent.
"....She has so many consultations.  As expected she can't get away.
"Well, that's right...."
"We did managed to make her share of swimsuit"
"If its chance, then there would be another one"
  With the talk about Tessa coming out, their cheerful mood was hidden.  they must be worried about her hard work.
"Will she be alright?"
  Shinhoara said.
"Hn-.  She said it herself"
"Isn't she getting skinny?"
  Leming said.
"That's right. do you say it..."
  Mao hesitated to say, and shrug her shoulders.
"Nothing.  It's alright.  That girl is only tired"
  Leming and the others did not notice, but Sousuke could guess the change of tone in Mao's voice.  The way Mao is talking right now, is the voice of a commander during battle.  During a time she says in front of her subordinates [don't worry, allied support will be coming shortly], that voice.  Mao who is intimately close to Tessa, she must have felt some problems wrapping her up.  Putting airs to the surrounding people.
  After the battle in Mexico, there was not even opportunity even once to have a slow talk with her.  In front of Mardukas and a number of commissioned officers, Mao and Kurz, Clouseau and the others, on the battle at Tokyo and everyday at Namsak----And then the talks about their reunion.
  In personal relationship, looking from Sousuke at her weakness face to face, he could easily guess the great responsibility Tessa is carrying.  Driving the devastated state of <Mythril>, and on top of the remaining survivors of the fleet, she plans to re-organize these.
  In the past, when Sousuke was assigned in the <Tuatha de Danaan> fleet, it was unspeakable when Tessa has not yet gained the trust of her subordinates.  From then on 2 years after.  Right now for for the organization, she is an existance that cannot be lost.  Not only in military terms, but also for the mental fulcrum. 
  She is a genius, also have charisma.  And doing splendid as a leader.  The many officers does not look at her as a [special person], and did not imagine so.
  However, Teletha Tesstarossa is not a super human.
  At most a 17 years old girl that depends on her wits, for the organization is it not natural for it to be dead?  The people that knows her well----a few subordinates that have seen her smile and cry, those were not openly spoken.  Why, because that it what she herself wish.
  That was the time when the base's siren sounded.
  On a constructed tent in the center of the accumulated goods a few hundred meters away----from the speakers of the temporary headquarters, the piercing sound of alarm echoes in one side of the beach.
  Short 2 times, long once.
  This is the signal for [Urgent, prepare for evacuation].  The ships and aircrafts----although not knowing the details, a hostile unit is approaching this Rekun island.  It must be some signs sensed by the Paib Mare transport Helicopter and Super Barrier patrolling the surrounding air space.  Essential members are to stop operation and board the <Tuatha de Danaan>.  The ship would make emergency submersion.  Aircrafts should take off.  And then dispose by blowing up and incinerate any remaining unloaded cargo.  It's regrettable to dispose of supplies, but any remaining investigatable supplies will allow the enemy to guess what supplies are available and what supplies are not available to <De Danaan>.
  The soldiers that can be seen far away----those relaxing on the beach and those those practice firing all the time, started withdrawal preparations in haste.
"A-ah.  That was a short break"
"Merely a 30 minute vacation.  i wonder when the next one will be"
  Mao and the others revealing their complaints, on top of their swimsuit they put on parker and T-shirts, food and drinks were quickly cleaned up.
  Sousuke also put away his fishing tools.  urgently turning the reel, with unknown seaweeds caught in his needle.

"Depth 650.  Speed 25 knots.  No ships in pursuit in 20 miles circumference."
  Vice Captain Richard Mardukas informed Tessa.
  She turned to the infromation on the main screen, and reconfirmed what the Vice Captain had reported.  No matter how many reports were received from the Deck Officer, they knew that there is no problem with the ships condition and let out a sigh.
"Alert level to yellow 3.  Cancel Noise regulation."
"Aye Ma'am.  Alert level to yellow 3.  Noise Regulation cancelled."
  Mardukas repeated, informing the instructions to the deck officers.
  Sensing the approach of the enemy, they left Rekun island to disappear into the deep sea, and has already been 5 hours.  In the storage deck right now, the essential surface members who are cathing their breath, were starting about in the sorting of the supplies.
"It was a general assumption of the area was it not"
  Mardukas said.
"That's right.  But it was early."
  Having the base at Rekun island being discovered at anytime, they already knew from the start that it would be attacked.  Goods that remained in the base, the important ones were already loaded into <De Daanan>.  At the present time----if they were to ignore the crew's weariness----it is possible for them to cruise without resupplying for 4 months at most.  As long as they can navigate underwater, right now the <De Daanan> is still the worlds strongest ship.  Where ever they are, where ever they are going, and where they will be appearing----nobody knows except those who are on this bridge.
  Having said that, it was unnatural for the enemy to sense Rekun island and dispatch military force so quickly.  The figures cannot be expressed, the subtle enemy's quickness.  That is what Tessa felt.
"Is the reason for it due to the enemy's desperation?"
"Yes.  Even the time during at Sahara Desert, we just made it barely right?"
"That is right.  Then that means----"
  Mardukas did not say anything further, Tessa knew what he was thinking.
  The organizational composition of <Amalgam> must have some disaster occuring.
  Thinking from different sides, there is no plausible reason except for that.  The movements of <Amalgam> is much more efficient and active than before.
  Looking at the standpoint from Tessa and the others it is relentless circumstance, but this is not entirely a bad thing.  This is proof that the decision making organization of <Amalgam>  has changed.  An organization that is slow in making policies, are moving with quick attacks.  Would this not mean that <Amalgam> has degraded into a pyramid shaped organizational structure?
  Although they do not know where that summit is, or up to what degree.
  You might say, that giant with an extremely tough defense, lives with the first chance.
  With that chance, they still don't know where it's weak point is.  Is that their Achilles Heel, their forehead, or their heart.  Is there a silver bullet that can damage them.  They also still don't know that.
  It is a difficult battle as usual.  But Tessa can feel the stubborness in the enemy's movement.  That is the fishing line extended to the surface water, to a degree of which moves slightly----
"It's a good sign"
  Tessa on top of the captain's seat, straightened her white knees.
  The enemy has the same link rising up.  Although they do not hope for the equivalent military power, at least they would want to be able to punch them at the bridge of the nose.
  If they can do that, they would be able to move to the next stage.
"Godart-san, please take over the navigation.  Mardukas-san come with me"
"Yes, Captain"
  Leaving the ship in the command of the deck officers, Tessa stood up from the captain's seat.  They are thinking over of what should be done from now on, and what should be prepared from now on, going out of the bridge, the communications officer stopped her.
"Captain, please wait"
"What is it?"
"A Telegram.  From Mr. Lemon of the DGSE (French Foreign Information Department)"
  It was a communications report barely intercepted from the unmanned miniature submarine [Turtle] that caught the coded message, indicated in the console monitor.  The communications officer shifted her body, taking it to Tessa.
  The contents of the telegram is short.
  <Yamsak 11 confirmed>
  <60°8'10.66"N 153°54'20.60E / File ed1258-09-02>
  There are results.  Generally the expected subjects.  The contact came in faster than expected.
  Mitchel Lemon is already in Moscow.  To be able to investigate it no matter what, he risked danger and made an infiltration.  Right now they must be preparing for immediate withdrawal.  Tomorrow they will escape to West Europe via Hungary.
"Good.  Erase it"
  After confirming the erasure, Tessa left the bridge.

  It has been eight months since the attack on Melidia.  Even for Tessa and the others, they are arranging preparations.
  The former essential members of the Melidia island are reconstructing the supply route of the materials, source of funds and the information network.  Hunter, Wraith and the people of the information department are moving everywhere to gather information.  Like Estis and the others they are proceeding in the regimentation of their colleagues, continuing to expand their military force in steep pitch.
  The Top Class management----They still don't know the whereabout of Admiral Border head of the Operations Department, General Amit head of the Intelligence Department, Professor Painross head of Research Department, or Lord Mallory.  They may be dead somewhere or they may be hiding somewhere.
  With the words of Hunter, just before the attack, General Amit  transfered majority of the functione of the Intelligence Department to somewhere, and it seems to still be continuing to gather information from underwater.  Contact cannot be established, and it is not clear wether they are still allies of <Mythril>.  Hunter who was forbidden by the General to move, opposed this policy and lent their hand to Tessa on their own.  It is the same for Wraith.
  She and Hunter were scattered to different places and got contact with the people of the research department, even constructed that <Laevatein>.  Proceeding in constructing it in secrecy at the same time, Tessa also heard that it was abandoned because of various problems.  Ordinarilly giving up in the completion of said unit, they secretly misappropriated the recovery of <Arbalest's> core unit.  With the collaboration of one of the recovered [Whispered] Miller, configuring the core unit, the AI Al himself completed the unit.

  A unit equipped with a strong Lambda Driver, was contructed using makeshift misappropriated goods, experimental goods, the <Laevatein's> aimed design at first was not all-purpose.  A long time ago, when the prototype of the first stealth combat unit [Have Blue] was produced, it was anecdoted that the engineers at Lockheed mostly used existing parts.  In connection to this [Historical fact], Sachs and the maintenance team nicknamed the thing about <Laevatein> [Have Red].
  The other equipments were completed, but these were not estimated by Tessa and the others.  Even the Supplies and Living allowances of the military personnel, the on hand equipment and dummy enterprises, they are preparing to cut throught the decentralized assets.
  Working for the reorganization of <Mythril> having more than 2000 people, but limited throught the damage brought about by <Amalgam>.
  The <Tuatha de Danaan> being the mobile headquarters integrating all of it.  Substantially the supreme commander would be the Captain Tessa.
  Among the subordinates, she does not show her worried face.  No matter how much what her age can't do, there is an anxiety of pushing such a responsibility on her.
  However, there is no other than Tessa who had accurately lead them this far.  Mardukas is a capable commissioned officer, he even has enough knowledge to do some of the average work of Tessa, but he doesn't have what is called [Charisma].  The surrounding people fully knows that he has a strict role in sermoning.  And aside from Mardukas, someone who can lead <Mythril>, is considerably not present.
  Tessa frequently feels if Kalinin were here.
  Although he is an adjutant, the responsibility of the subordinates and himself are reduced.
  Andrei Kalinin.
  Him siding with <Amalgam>, Tessa received a great shock.  A mercenary afterall, would follow the strong side and a better compensation----comprehending this interpretation, the existence of Kalinin inside the fleet is too great.  Being taciturn, although having a front of rarely thinking of others, there is faith in that fundamental behaviour, as everyone feels he has the pride of a warrior.
  Then, why with the enemy?
  <De Danaan> who was in a standstill from having insufficnet supplies after the escape from Melidia Island, being able to obtain supplies for the meantime, was thought of no other than Kalinin.  Then, his decision to side with the enemy was after the attack on Melidia Island.  Becoming a prisoner of war made him change his mind?  Thinking of it now, during the battle that time he has an unusually hesitant attitude.  Like he knows what will be happening----Possibly, already heard of it----and then, was vaguely disturbed.
  Could it be brainwashing?  He may have some important emcumbrances being held hostage.  What about the possibility of being affiliated with <Amalgam> prior to joining <Mythril>?  Is there a much more complex reason?
  But there is one thing that is clear, a terrifying opponent has joined <Amalgam>, that's what it means.
  No, that may not be so.
  If Kalinin is an ally, then the one in <Amalgam> is his brother. if that is the case, then he has some knowledge.  Could it be, Kalinin is cooperating with his brother----
  With Sachs' voice, Tessa returned to herself.
"That is all, but is this alright"
  The 10 subordinates assembled in the situation room was looking at Tessa with dubious face.  They are currently in the middle of a regular meeting, the maintenance head Ed [Bruzer] Sachs was giving an outline of the progress situation of the supplies.
  Tessa tilted her head without incident.
"Eeh. What about the others?"
"The M9's are about to go bad.  The Falke and E series, all three units.  Spare parts are easy to trace so we can't obtain them.  In addition for not less than half a year, they would be need to be overhauled.  Actually all three of them needs to be inspected at a special plant, making use of every trick, it has a considerable clutter here and there."
  Right now, in the possesion of Tessa and the others is one unit of black <Falke> type and two units of E series, and then the <Laevatein>.  The <Laevatein> is comparatively new to the line of battle, the deterioration of the parts are still light, the remaining three units are subject to rigorous operation and are worn out.
"How long can they operate?"
"They are limited to 3 more times in battle.  After that any things can happen.  During battle the Palladium Reactor might stop, or the frame would suddenly [fracture], or the joints would lock and tumble down....take your pick.  If we salvage one unit for parts, at the present condition they might...."
"Wait.  With that, then our numbers will diminish"
  Mao said.
"Even now ordinarily we make use of 6 units in battle, with 3 units plus 1 we're already somehow breaking apart.  If we lose one more unit, we can't carry out the operations."
"But if this goes on the 3 units will fail"
"That would be alright"
  Tessa said.
"Before they break to pieces after 3 more battles, I think we can manage to provide parts.  Please hold out for the time being."
  Actually the goal of the provisional parts for the M9 were not present, but Tessa said it with confidence.  If the countermeasures fail, it would be a waste of time for everyone. Estis or Hunter might have good news, if not the fighting power of the <De Danaan> would drastically decline.
  But, at any rate----
(This should already be concluded after 3 battles...)
  There would probably no chance of having the 3 units of M9 sortie for the 4th or 5th time.  If this battle were to be prolonged, it would be their loss.
"Then what about the next operation?"
  Kurz said.
"Our allies have started to gather.  And we managed to get supplies for the mean time, and even the information network has been reconstructed.  However the whereabouts of Leonard is still unknown.  Either he's still alive or not.  To smash <Amalgam>, we need his information right?"
"There is no information concerning the life or death of Leonard.  But, I think that he is still alive."
  Being the twin sister, she was talking about being a [Whispered].  Although it's not a logical talk, there was no one who would reject the opinion.  Being a fleet with abandunt experience, they regard this kind of intuition.
"Well, originally Kaname said [he might be dead].  It would be better to think of him alive."
"Even then, we still don't know his whereabouts"
  Kurz said.
"Our information is still insubstantial.  It would be difficult to come up with an efficient attack right now."
"that's right.  Speaking about the previous virus problem, Daana and Al is still discussing it, and still could not come up with a conclusion."
"That's the first I've heard of.  Can they do debates?"
  Sachs said.
"Although this is only during free hours.  But its useless.  Al's questions are too difficult that Daana could not keep up."
"In terms of Daana, isn't it a strong AI?"
"That is so"
"In addition Al is absurdly weak in chess.  Playing it with Mao's AI----Friday, he lost 9 out of 10 times."
  That was the first time Tessa had heard of it.  But having heard that, Tessa shook her shoulders strangely.  There are different comprehension.
"Is that so.  Al is an amazing AI"
"Why.  Isn't he weak?"
"It's because he is not using equal consideration methods in the match.  He wins at the same method we do.  But still throwing away one win."
"Same method...?"
  Sachs knit his brows, and then the silent Mardukas opened his mouth.
"It's instinct.  A Chess Player or a Mathematician, or a reliable tactitian, face the difficult problems first, making the final image come to mind first.  Using only logical explanation.  Like [seeing the future], preceding a vision of [wanting to win this way].  In terms of simple games the Neumman type computer's method has more advantage, but it is different when dealing with the complex reality"
"Concerning the definition of intelligence, let us discuss this in the future at a free time.  However, that would be all."
  Tessa said purposely closing the file case loudly on top of her knees.
"There is a subtle change in <Amalgam>.  Their decision-making is fast, and showing a resolute movement.  At the same time of being in confusion, I think our guerilla warfare would be efficient."
"Were they scorched?  that's good news"
"Eeh.  however, we may not be the cause of this"
"What do you mean?"
"It's Leonard.  Otherwise, Kalinin-san would.... What if he would to grasp the leadership standpoint inside the organization?  For us, no matter how many times we crush the position of <Amalgam>, we were not able to find any traces of internal conflict.  Then, the cause of the internal conflict, would the reason be power struggle?  There is a need for us to think about this."

"There seems to be some kind of secret"
  Clouseau rarely complaining said.
"Concerning this, catching this with the help of Lemon-san and the others, I am going to investigate this the day after tomorrow"
  At Tessa's words, Mardukas' brow knitted.
"Investigate?  You?"
"Yes.  Without me the investigation would be in a difficult location.  Danger is also expected, please have a number of men accompany me.  it a far location."
"Where is it?"
"Far East.  In the ruin inside the territory of Russia."
  Right now <De Danaan> is in the Atlantic Ocean.  If they take along the AS as guards, with will be a suitably long trip.  It's impossible for the whole fleet.  Having to do their best with 2 units.
"That's right....guards would be Weber-san and Sagara-san.  At that time, Clouseau-san will take care of information gathering concerning the matter in Ukraine and make arrangements.  Melissa will go to South America with Mr. Courtney and exterminate the enemy position.  They are a troublesome seniors, but please give your cooperation."
"Yeah yeah"
  Mao threw a reply.
"Answer properly"
"Yes, Commander"
"Fine.  That would be all, regards.  Please be careful and don't make any mistakes.  Well then, dismiss."

  The next day after Tessa and the others had the meeting----Melissa Mao woke up, and noticed that she perpatrated a most serious mistake.
  Compared to this mistake, accidental firing on allies, stepping on infantry, or talking of high classified information on open channel are not that serious.
  This place is a private room for commissioned officers.  With the increase of paperwork, and substantially becoming the commander, Mao alone has exclussive possesion of this small private room.  For people who lives on a submarine, this is a great luxury.
  In that small private room, in that small bed----
  Slept a naked Kurz beside her.
  With a carefree face, he slept with a good sensation.
  With a sigh and moaning voice, letting out a long and weak voice, she ached on top of the bed.
  Reconfriming.  It is, of course, she isn't wearing a single underwear.
  It was also not from the vigour of being drunk, she fully remembered what happened last night. 


Just, the moment she woke up she thought of [it would be good if it were a dream].
  That's right, she remembered.
  Late at night, after putting in order the documents for the supplies in this room, Kurz came to get a signature for another document.  Kurz wanted to have a look over with his trouble in the inexperienced member of the PRT.  With the flow of the conversation, it turned into a long chitchat.
  Then, taking out something to drink, Perrier were brought out from the refrigirator, her hands slipped was thrown to the bed.
  Thinking that this is bad.
  The Perrier wet the bed, that shouldn't have happened.
  After taking care of the drinks, they then drank gingerale, talking about getting tired of the current livelihood, somehow, wanting to have fun in a romantic resort.  In reaction to the word romance, Kurz massaged her shoulders like sexual harrassment.
Saying [Then sis.  Would you like to enjoy an abundant romance with me?  Here here].
  As usual he was knocked off his feet, in the narrow quarters, the bed wet----that's right, this is where the previous perrier would come in----she slipped.  Kurz took out his hand to support, but both of them ultimately fell to the bed.
  When they fell down, it seemed like she hit her head on the wall, getting a little dizzy.  For about 2 to 3 seconds.  Then, after opening her eyes there was a face full of worry in her field of vision.  With a serious voice said [Sorry.  Are you alright?].
  with that, she very much wanted to weep.
  No, actually, not really weep, but she felt like weeping.

  what have I been doing inside this submarine, what is this guy worried about me, those were what she felt.
  After Melidia island was done for, it must have always been coming and is now overflowing.  Having this feeling of loneliness, having this feeling of a man with a worried face in front of her eyes.  He stared blankly, looking on for a number of seconds----
  That's right.  This is where they kissed.
  Already, what is this.  There is no other way.  Too pathetic.  It would be okay to lose a qualification of an officer.  An awkward situation and embarassing, she possibly can't say this to Nora and the others.
  But if they were to know about this, their eyes would shine with great interest, and would definitely ask questions.  [Well, how was it?] and the likes.
  No, well----
  That's, Good Gracious----
  What now.  It's great.  Didn't think that it was this compatible.
  She forgot herself too much.  Because of that the joints throught her body ached.  In this quarters, the soundproofing may be high, but will it be alright.
  ....ruminating the memory of last night, Mao turned red and blue, and Kurz beside her maoned and woke up.  Now she knows that this is absurd, unintentionally hiding her chest with the sheets.
  Kurz look at her.  Was absentminded for a while, and then he was also the same, cowering in the place holding his head.
".....ah!. this is bad...."
  It was a shock with a deep sigh.  In additon, feeling the shock he was shocked himself.
"Wh...what's with that attitude"
  Thereupon Kurz covered his face with a gap on his fingers, or rather inquiring, and quickly placed a complacent smile.
"Kidding.  I just wanted to have a look"
  After saying that he turned his hands towards Mao's shoulders, placing his mouth on her cheeks.  with the empty hand, turning gently the nape of her neck and collarbone.
"Haa?  Wai...stop...idiot...!"
"No no, this kind of foreplay is important."
"Hey you!"
"You were cute, Melissa"
"Hn...I said don't....already...enough!"
  Learning from the failure last night, she fixed her body firmly on the furnitures, on top of that Kurz was kicked out of the bed.
"Uo.  ...What are you doing!?"
"you're getting too cocky.  Don't look at me like that"
  Rolling the sheets, she hit Kurz with the pillow.
"Haa?  What's that?  Last night you were----"
"Last night was last night, now is now.  Just because we did it once doesn't mean we're lovers"
"It's not once, it was three times!"
"Don't enumarate it. Well, that's not what I mean.  And don't cal me Melissa."

"But you said to call you that"
"I didn't!"
"You did.  And you said it with an incredibly cute voice."
  Mao threw the mug cup at his face, and he fell down face up.
"...Ah-. this is troublesome.  what's gotten into me.  My heart went weak when I didn't know."
"Hn-.  Surely that was a whack of faint-hearted"
  After saying that Kurz laughed.
"You... have noticed it?"
"That's cruel.  I'm not that skillful."
"But somehow, last night you were kinder than necessary from the start"
"usually I'm just worried.  I too didn't think something like this would"
  Kurz with a serious face comtemplated a little.
"Hmm.  I guess there might be some secret intention"
  Mao snatched the pillow from him, and hit him on the side with full force.  With one whole force without apology, hits with the pillow a number of times.
"Stop it, hey. Ahaha.  I'm ticklish."
"What's with that composure?  I'm kinda super pissed!?"
"Alright alright.  Fine fine."
  Trampling and kicking, strangling his neck, Kurz cheerfully laughed.  As expected stopping with the tiresome violence, grasped for breath on top of the bed, he looked at her profile with a meekly face.
"But it seems to be fine"
"You're refreshed right?  You have that face."
  It is as Kurz said.  Until yesterday, the heavy feeling has disappeared.  A feeling that even sunbathing at the beach could not shake off----another gloomy person, with drowned eyes, the compeling feeling of looking over the shoulders have vanished like the mist.  With only one night the feelings were refreshed.  She was shocked at her own simplicity.
  No.  It's already like that to begin with.  Eating delicious food, spending a hot passionate night.  The problems with most of the people, has been resolved.
  This would also be good for Tessa.
  she casually thought....if that girl had someone like that.  The best one would be Sousuke, but he already has his sight on Kaname.  His wholeheartedness was essentially, a nice variety, looking at him from a distance there was a unpleasant feeling.  That would be difficult, it would be best not to think of it too heavily.
  When she noticed Kurz with a face of expecting something, she bluntly said.
"Well, I may be refreshed.  The exit is over there."
"Uwah, how cruel!  No matter how much, that's too cold."
"That's why I told you not to get cocky right?  Because I have a position.  Just forget it.  If you tell anybody I'm going to kill you"
  This time Kurz for real, made a deep sigh and dropped his shoulders.
"What's with this-.  I really lost confidence.... Oh well...."
"What's with that"
"No.  Un....your attitude just now.  Doesn't that mean anyone will do as long as you demand it?  I was genuinely happy but...well, I understand"
  He stood up without strenght, sluggishly putting on his pants.
"'s, it's not like anyone can do..."
"Is that so.... but, actually you didn't enjoy it then?"
"I never said that right?"
  Kurz stealing a glance.
"Then it was good?"
"Well....that's.... that's not it! I was worried, b...b..becoming like this, what will happen if everyone finds out-"
  grabbing the edge of the sheet with the fingertips hesitantly, Kurz bended, giving a surprise kiss.  it was a long kiss.  A simple connection of lips.  Why does it have a richly sweet flavor.
"You really are cute, really"
"Geez.... Do you understand what I'm saying?"
"It's alright.  I have no intention of telling anybody.  don't worry about it"
"Absolutely?  It's really troublesome"
  Kurz accidentally glanced at the clock in the desk.
"Duty shift is at 8 right.  We still have an hour"
"...what are you talking about?"
"one more"
"You don't want?"
  She thought for a little, and silently whispered in his ears.
"Only once okay?"
  Eventually they did it two times.
  Barely made it on duty hour.
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