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Full Metal Panic: Burning One Man Force Chapter 3C

This is where Ravyn left off.  Since I've been helping her translate, I guess I might as well continue where she left off.  If only she gave me more material instead of snippets, I would have done this sooner instead of later. Of course this is a rough translation and needs to be edited for grammar and spelling.  Well, here it is:

Like a hungry hunting dog, ordered by it's master to [go at it]
the M9's with it's Mono molecular cutter, spinning in it's hand coming from the scabbard on its hip.
It plays like a drama, but the third generation AS is not so.  The enemy continues to move with the rifle at the hard point of it's back aiming the muzzle towards here.
Sousuke's Savage with rifle on hand heads towards the enemy unit, shaking the unit towards the left side.  There is no surviving path aside from the left.  He knows it very well.

Both of them moving and firing.
The two blaze and thundering roar tears the stillness of the ruins at night.
The M9 leaps in the night sky easily, evading the shot of Sousuke.
---no, in terms of accuracy, making evasive action just before the discharge.  Even if it is the M9, it can't move faster than a bullet.  Of course this is true to the Savage too.  Even making evasive actions first, the movement of the old unit, in proportion to the M9 is heavily dull.
the shell grazing the right shoulder armor.
That was dangerous.  If it were a few milliseconds late, it would have impacted on the cockpit situated on the chest.  One way or another in order to surpass the first bullet of the enemy, the <Savage> first have to make a leaping action, in the movement of falling to the left.
The AS wiggling vertically, different from an ordinary vehicle, already placed an energy in a standing position.

Jumping recklessly, entrusting the unit to gravity, the <Savage> was more agile than the original specs.
and then maneuvering to the left side.
Looking from the enemy standpoint, the enemy would be moving to the right.  The M9 with the rifle maintained in the right hand with both hands in firing position, in order to set the <Savage> in its sight, both arms are needed to move in order to see the right side of the body from it's own unit.
The machine called AS, hands inside--- the movement can be compared to the centerline of the body, on the other hand--- the movement from the centerline to the exterior is a little weak point (usually it's not a much of a problem, as a small strong point has a weak point).
This is the AS' model following the human body.
Even though the AS and Humans chest is elasticly a superb machine, it is not symmetrical like the revolving turrets of the tanks control.  It's construction, the behavior outside of its body, is somehow slightly slower, possibly inaccurate.  Especially holding a heavy rifle, the [extreme weight] is bigger, that is the most striking difference.
Actually a human holding a 3kg barbel or a plastic bottle filled with water, waving the arms sharply left and right, compared to that person empty handed,
the arms would not be able to stop suddenly.  This is the same for an AS.
Even if it is the newest M9, having the left and right arms that of a [human], the fundamentals of engineering and construction it cannot run away from the problem.  In other words, the chosen movement of Sousuke's <Savage>, is an [unpleasant movement] for the M9.  After all, he's been piloting it harshly.  Pestering the enemy pilot, Sousuke is thoroughly knowledgeable.
And then after the landing, come what may.
He's running in front with a low profile. Thinking of the terrain and obstacles, and then the positional relation, he moves to take up a good firing position.
also looking out for being fired at.
Even if the M9 is more bulletproof than the <Savage>, it would not be difficult to have it's own riffle damage itself.  If it takes a 37mm shell, in the end even for an M9, at the very least it's drastic functions would deteriorate.  Similar to an armored vehicle, the thickness of the M9's armor varies---the rear armor is weaker than the front armor after all.
That is why, the enemy keeps on moving to cover his back.  Well, even if he manages to get that situation, it was not by choice.

Sousuke controlling his limbs skillfully, makes a clean turn, plunging the unit from the walls of the ruin in the left side.  Lowering his position like that, running around the obstacles.

To the enemy this is an annoying unit again.
Continuing like that, it is obvious to aim for the <savage>, with a solid left  obliquely exposing the rear armor.
Splashing the dry mud, the M9 landing on the ground, suspending in the direction it initially ran.  changing it's posture to a light step, trying to judge the next moment it moves---
Letting the unit loose, Sousuke positions the gun barrel from the crevice of the crumbling ruins, firing three shots. Using the Master Arm of the cockpit, manual firing.  The firing control system of this unit is nothing to be counted on.
the three discharge from the 37mm shells, 2 meters from the left and rear of the enemy M9, hits the wall of the ruins.  Splinter from the projectiles scattering, dust flying around, firing sound echoing in the surrounding mountains.
(Aiming is tough after all)
Smacking his lips. If the hit was successful he would be satisfied, that's the level of his shooting.  Continuing to give him pressure, inviting the enemy pilot to present an opportunity.
The M9 returned fire.  Mixing a random maneuver in the intervals of the succession of shots, taking a good position. 
the <Savage> hid inside the stone wall, the rifle of the strong AS is the same as a veneer plank.  countless crushed stones smashing in the surrounding, striking violently in the armor of the <Savage>.
the sound of Alarm.
A number of warning device flickering.
firstly, the cooling unit is not functioning.  the power of the left arm and transmission system has an indication of [oil pressure declining]. there is no fire in the power system.  Somehow, he knows that it is not a fatal injury.
Letting go of the stick, Manually performing the Damage Control from the switch panel.  Engine Management.  Controlling hydrolics.  picking the smell of diesel.  There is no fire.   There is no failure in the gauge.
The fingers were mostly reflexive, moving automatically to strike the switch.  If it was the M9 the AI would work in an instant.  Ingrained in the long experience of piloting, was accurate and quick in operation.
Sousuke carrying the damage control with one hand, fires a feint to take evasive actions getting away from the successive attacks of the enemy.  it cannot be imitated by ordinary soldiers.  If it were new recuits, they would stop and take out the users manual, trying this or that to regulate the system.
How do you move without hindrance?
it is indicated in the display that the units control system that the left arm's power will be inefficient in 120 seconds, but this calculation can't be trusted.  Sousuke knows it well.  With technical experts who have no knowledge of actual combat, the amazingly simple equation in the appropriate input in just a number.
His own experience and the units current status, taking into consideration the tactics that was chosen, Sousuke was roughly calculating.
the longest is 15 minutes.  the shortest is 8 minutes.
Until then, do not ask the impossible.
but until then, will he able to take advantage of the opportunity the M9 put out....?

"It's started"
Nami waiting in the outskirts of Munamera village murmured.  It is far from the battlefield from here but, the girl's <Savage> and Sousuke has entered into a battle, the roaring gunfire and flames illuminating the mountains.
the girl and her maintenance crew surrounding her, are still standing with the policemen and their Carbine gun at hand.
there were 5 of them. Even if the did a handstand, they still can't disobey.
Each of the maintenance crew were murmuring.
"it started, that means...we don't know about that"
"let's get closer and look"
"Idiot! You wanna get hit with stray bullets!?"
Even with the current situation they were still carefree, only the maintenance crew's leader Ash was grumbling with a worried face.
"---there's a bad premonition--- that's why I am against it---this mood is bad.   No matter how much the guarantee---"
"Ash, don't complain"
Nami speaking with an irritated voice.
"Well, but. I have a bad feeling, really----"
the sullen "policeman" with a rifle patrolling, they are murmuring.

"you know about Sousuke's skills right? He'll come back like nothing happened"
"Ah. No. that's not what I'm talking about"
One of the policeman, having the insignia of a sergeant pulled out a wireless radio, and started to exchange short messages.

(yes Chief)
(What about the girl?)
(We're dealing with her)
The sergeant after speaking the words, stared at Nami and Ash, continuing with a bitter face.
"It's like this. this feeling...."
"It's movement"
the police sergeant cutting of the wireless radio, interrupting their words with penalty.
"Woman. You come with me. the other get on that van"
"Eh? why...."
Rudely grabbing her arm, Nami was tugged into the nearby patrol car.  Ash and the maintenance members, were pushed by gunpoint to get on the black van.
"Don't worry! I'll contact you later---"
"Don't be slow"
Alone with the police sergeant, the Patrol car that Nami got on went away from there leaving a cloud of smoke.
The van that Ash and the others got on to was going on the opposite direction of Nami's patrol car.

The Chief and the others that watched the "game" on the "grandstand", the ruins that turned battlefield as 2 kilometers away in the mountain range.
A construct that is similar to a pill-box enclosed in a semi-basement, the wall in the front face has a thickness of a few meters of concrete and armor.  Even a  small window for watching a sports game, a massively towering bulletproof glass  is inlayed, by any chance a stray bullet flies to this place, gives the VIP a device of safety.
Differing from a real pill-box, compared to the rugged exterior wall the interior wall is extravagant.
the floor is carpeted.  the ceiling is composed of good illuminating materials. There are gladiators from roman times drawn on the wall with a picture realism.  the sofa is also a kind of high class, it looks like a first class lounge.
On the many establishment there was a large LCD, there were many projected angles on the battle between the <savage> and M9.
the man spying the battle in the small window with a binoculars shrugged his shoulders.
"---I though of it as a narrow business. and then this auspiciously appears"
"Mister Kurama, do you know the existence of the individual?"

the chief said comfortably sitting in the sofa, .
"That's not it.  Actually we've met nonchalantly only a few minutes ago.
The man called Kurama murmured apathetically.
a large built and generous, with short trimmed hair, with a small circular sunglass.  In front of live ammuniation it is like they have the appearance of watching a boring soccer match.
"A few minutes.  i thought that would be plenty of time.  for me, I often look at a boy soldier to fall"
"That kid is from <Mythril>, and also one of the elite team, in addition has argued with Gauron a number of times."

"Gauron? Who is that"
"You don't know"
"No. I don't know"
The chief mumbling a smile innocently, at a glance of Kurama's apathetic eyes, muttered a small Japanese.
"the country side is carefree huh---"
Kurama returned to watching the grandstand, observing the battle of the M9 and <Savage>.
From this "grandstand", you can clearly see the two units.  Sagara Sousuke's white <Savage> makes use of the terrain and obstacles, and looks like he is somehow exceeding the fierce attacks of the M9 with efficiency in distance.
If you look at proximity, it looks like he just keeps running away, immediately having a fate of being the prey but---
"He's good"
Kurama sigh with cynicism.
"With that kind of skill that white guy is riding, he won't manage"
"Haha. Even if its white, a <Savage> is a <Savage>
"it's not the white one--- no, good. But that M9.  Does he know that the operator is Sagara?"
"No. I didn't let him know."
"He might be killed"
After Kurama said that, the chief's nose rang with a pooh.
"Impossible.  It is not possible.  With and old model <savage>?  even if known about it, he won't take it easy on him."
"That's right"
Oh well.
Anyway for that M9 also, his big offensive comes from the spoils of war.  we cannot expose it to the world, those who saw is dealt with.  If by chance that it was damage, the data collection of the project has been accumulated.
Also the chief's confidence is understandable.  no matter how much he tries, there is no reason the <Savage> could win over the M9.  The results will come anyway.
How unfortunate, Sagara Sousuke. you came all the way here.  Well, it was a nice sensation.
then the telephone inside rang.  The chief with his extension in hand, with a short conversation in the local language, and immediately hang up.
"What's the matter"
"It's the dealing with that <Savage's> team"
The chief with violet lips, plastered a warped smile.
"Your going to deal with them accurately?"
"Yes. the maintenance members are headed to the neighborhood of the pig farm.  Only the owners daughter is... we'll be playing with her for a while. Ufufufu"
"either way it's a hobby you can be proud of"
"How unfortunate.  generally speaking of the guys dealing, it's good to boast about taking the daughter.  if it interests you I'll tell you a tale of bravery"
"no, I'll pass"
"As you wish.  First the ankle---"
"I said stop"
It's quiet but, obstructing with a heavy voice, the chief said nothing after that.
this sadistic pervert.  Aren't you appropriate in the pig farm.
throw away his belly.
Kurama took out a carrot stick cigarette case. started smoking, frustrated for the yearning of Tobacco.

they thought they were being sent back to Namsak, Ash and the maintenance crew with him were being brought to a farm in the outskirts of Munamera village. In less than 2 minutes, the car reached the neighborhood.
Getting off the van, they understood.  This is the pig farm.  Being brought to a place like this, Exactly what do they plan to do?
"Hey cop. this---"
"Walk.  towards there"
being poked again by the carbine gun.  Unable to resist, Ash and the others were taken into the storehouse.
the nose smelling fishy.
Solid feeds forming a pile, crude small cabin.  In the middle of the feeds is a big grinding machine.  Throwing solid feeds from above, at the bottom powders of feeds are being spit out, transported via belt conveyer to the adjacent pigsty. 
As expect of Ash and the others, they were able to guess what the policemen's intention.
Killing themselves, and using that grinder to clean up the mess.
"Form a line over there"
"You've gotta be kidding!?"
"I said form a line"
"Stop it! Hey, hey, no matter how much---"
the man hits Ash with the butt of the gun in the temple.
"don't make us work.  Even for me with this stinking place, I want to get out of here"
"You're serious!?"
Ash being dragged on his knees, the maintenance members were begging for their lives.
But the policeman with cold hearted eyes, looks down on them with a faint smile.
"It's a pity. Well, it's just your bad luck.  I'll let you at least pray.  Well, give up and form a line"
With that, the man were being put into the yard.
"There is no need for that"
A thin and tall white man.  With a little pretty Y-shirt and slacks. A guy in glasses who looks Intellectual but weak.
"...Master Lemon?"
It was Michel Lemon, a journalist who was supposed to be arrested in the detention cell.

He's changed from the usual cowardly way, Lemon was completely calm. this is the  first time they've seen Lemon with a composed atmosphere.
"wh...why are you here? You were supposed to be in Jail---"
"it's alright.  I lowered my body"
Lemon murmured with a smile.  The flabbergasted policemen turned and aimed their carbine gun at him.
"I don't know what happened but, don't be an idiot.  Why don't you become feeds for the pigs as well"
"I'm sorry"
Lemon did not budge at all, with one single word, muttered "Kill"
In the next moment----
the leader of the policeman was hit in the head with a rifle bullet. Scattering his brain and blood, the policeman died instantly.
At the same time coming from the window, men in black uniform flew in the feeds slop.  In a stance with their sub-machine gun attached with sub-laser.  Without giving the policemen time to react, there was a quick firing.
slightly 3 seconds passed.
Ash and the others timidly opened their eyes, looking around, not one remaining policemen without a shot in the head, breaking down in that place from a desperate situation.
the men in uniform, moving cautiously aimed their guns.
"Don't worry.  Don't worry"
Ash who reflexively cowered, Lemon walked over and tapped his shoulders.  Even the completely armed men, relaxed the tension immediately.  Seeming to have cursed, but non of them was fluent in French.
"That was dangerous, Musshu"
One of the man in a mask said.  Ash blankly said, "Master Lemon, exactly what is going on?"
"Apparently, this is so"
Lemon with a sigh, helped Ash up.
"Saying I was a journalist was a lie.  not knowing anything about AS, that's absolutely true.  These guys are my comrades.  Though I can't say the details. More ever----"
Walking over the mouth of the feeding slope, towering in the distant mountains, intermittent flashes of gunfire in the direction of the "Arena", Lemon muttered.
"Sousuke seems to be close to his goal.  Probably, the same as our goal.

Sound of explosion.  Gunfire.  Roar of the engine.
A flare cutting the darkness, the head of the <Savage> flew off.  the Shadow of the M9 dancing in midair, drawing near at full speed.
Sousuke made the unit strike back, aiming the rifle at the enemy.  but---
(Won't make it)
Decision in an instant.  Leaning full power to evade.  the M9 has excellent aim while in mid air. 
Can't win fair and square.
raining fire overhead. With skillfull steps the unit move to the front to the rear, to the left to the right, evading with difficulty the enemy's bullets.  Moving the <Savage> into it's mobility limit.
the M9 jumping overhead of the <Savage>, landing on the pavement.
without a moments delay Sousuke fires.
the M9 with it's light body bends to avoid the shot, opening various parts of the armor activating the ECS.  A feint bluish light surged, suddenly the form disappears in the dark night.
Will it finally end?
Sousuke smacking his lips.  To this <savage>, it is not equipped with an ECCS--- an anti ECS sensor.  There is a first generation optical infrared sensor and a meager radar, that radar is showing its age and won't budge.  In other words, there is no way to detect a transparent enemy.
Being here will be killed.
Sousuke made the unit jump back, taking refuge by backing up inside the towering shrine.  If he don't get away, he will be caught in the fire of the M9...
a flash.  An Impact.
The chest armor was shot.  It seems that the angle was shallow.  the chest armor with a sturdy mold, one way or another it rejected the enemy shell.  The damage was slight.  But the shock was transmitted to the cockpit, making the head dizzy.
That is why he cannot stop.  Stepping backwards like that, getting inside the temple guarding his back.
To enshrined the 10 odd meter height of the giant God Statue, the height of the relics ceiling is enough for an AS to get inside.  with many towering pillars, the moonlight shines from the hole in the ceiling.
Sousuke made his unit go into the deepest part of the temple, changing the magazine of the rifle. This is the last magazine.  the other weapons are the two sets of HEAT hammer equipped in the back.  The first damage made the hydrolics in the left arm decline to a dangerous level.  Will it hold for one more minute, that's how it is.
(...will I gamble?)
Sousuke decides immediately.  There can't be even one second of hesitation.
aiming at the left side entrance of the temple, fired the rifle.
five shots, six shots. the pillar smashed up.  furthermore, a number of stone pillars were shot and destroyed at the same manner.  Taking care in the reduction of the bullet count--- stopped with one shot remaining.
Inside the large place of worship, flat dust clouds about.  Even if the enemy uses its ECS, he would be able to grasp its position.
Only silence.
Immediately, the M9 rushed into the temple.  directly in front, like the speed of an arrow.  The ECS cancelled.  Judging that it would not be effective because of the dust.  A good pilot whole heartedly.
Firing the last shot. The M9 shakes to evade, with its own rifle aiming at the <Savage>.
Miss as expected.  Faster than the enemy, Sousuke pulled out the HEAT Hammer.
HEAT Hammer.  As the name denotes, with an explosive press that is used against a strong tank, it is a hammer type of melee weapon.  It is disposable as it is only used once.  Exploding when hitting the enemy, that energy would go through the armor, destroying the interior.
Sousuke using that HEAT Hammer, instead of the enemy hits the stone pillars immediately.
The stone pillars collapse instantly.  Destroying the multiple pillars, disrupting the balance that supports the ceilings of the temple, with one hit of the HEAT Hammer the limit is reached.
Such a thundering roar.  The ceiling, falling with the walls, pouring a hundred tons of rock down.
the two units in the place of worship, has no place to run to, is being crushed by the collapsing ceiling and wall.
Crushing with no interruption.  The appearance of the enemy unit in the monitor, with the dust and rubble disappears with a twinkling of the eye.  The unit shakes violently, all the warning device and display are flickering.  the machineries positioning device shakes bit by bit, informing Sousuke of his units upright position to falling down face flat.  Aside from that, the person who lies burried in the collapsed temple, is unknown.
The cave-in has ended.  the Echoing roar vanishing, the stillness of the night returns, with difficult movement the diesel engine continues to churn, only the creaking sound of the heavy frame and armor remains.
The unit was buried alive.  The field of vision in the monitor is totally black.  The freedom of the cool air can't be heard, the engine and hydrolic system's temperature is rising very fast.  There is no time to be slow.  Sousuke manually operates all the torque control of the joints,  lowering the reaction speed in return increasing the maximum strength.  Similar to the situation of changing gear in an automobile.
Shifting the limbs, slowly raising his position.
Being pressed with mountains of rubble weighing tons, Sousuke's <savage> managed to crawl out into the night sky. A crack here and there in the armor, broken construction materials are spilled all over, with a screen cloud of dust.
(Where's the enemy?)
A rough cleaning apparatus washing the dust clinging to the Optical sensor, Sousuke is searching for the enemy unit.  the M9 cannot be seen.  Must still be struggling under the rubble.  There is no doubt he will eventually crawl out, receiving suitable damage, moving like he had thought.
Just as planned.
The completely electronic M9, is not like the <Savage> which is powered by hydrolics.  Just like humans, contracting the muscles enable it to move the joints.  Because it has no hydrolics system, the M9 has a lightweight and high mobility operation, but on the other hand it has a weak side against outside the standard load.  To be able to move while having a tremendous weight being pushed--- that kind of situation is very rare--- The <savage> who uses the hydrolic drive, has more advantage against the M9.  No matter how high the engine output, the problem is the structure of the drive system of that output.
In addition, there is a difference in the construction of the fuselage.
Compared to the M9 that has a complicated joint construction, the <Savage> is straightforwardly simple.  The <Savage>'s body that has a strong stress point like that on oval egg, while the M9 has a flexible abdomen capable of bending in all directions.  with regards to enduring bullets, the M9 has the advantage in the difference of armor materials but, in terms of the solid construction of the units entire frame, the old model <Savage> has a winning point to the M9.
Sousuke and the enemy that was collapse upon by the temple, gambled on the toughness of the <Savage's> characteristics.
It is by no means a tough model.  But somehow, broken.  And thoroughly overdoing it.  Doing it's best up until the last.  That is the RK-91/92 series <Savage>'s strongest point.  Hot and humid, Sand and dust, Crude fuel and oil.  A haphazard load, and many small damage.  withstanding this and that on the battlefield, a tool of a pro that silently continues to battle----that is the true value of this best seller unit.
Sousuke who pieced together this unit from the AS control manual, it is not unreasonable for him to hate <Mithril's> <Arbalest>.  Being delighted with the incorporation of advance functions in the [test type], it is like a new recruit pretending to be a hero.
Sousuke checks his units condition.
The hydrolic system in the left part of his body is declining.  No matter how much he stands the engine temperature won't go down.  The pitch of the balancer is also strange.  There is a strange noise interferring from the hip joint to the frame. 
But Sousuke uttered his satisfaction.
"it's a good unit"
Finally the M9 stirs from the rubble, crawling in front of his eyes.
appearing to respond suitably.
Sousuke controls the <Savage>, seizing casually the M9's head, taking out his last HEAT Hammer, mercilessly on the enemy units abdomen---strikes the generator  part.

accurately destroying the power section, making sure that the M9 would not be able to function, Kurama sounded a small sigh.
Unsatisfied but gave his approval.
Indeed, an impressive guy.  Winning in that junk.
Having encountered many different AS pilot, he has never before seen someone win with that kind of unit, having thorough knowledge, going up against an overwhelmingly advantageous enemy.
In that calmness.  Highly calculating.
Among the field of weapons in history, Sagara Sousuke's piloting skills and actual battle experience is not the level of a half hearted regular army.  Originally, <amalgam> has need of such man---
(Well, inviting him is useless)
After SUNAN, he didn't think that he could make his opponent that made it this far obediently follow.  Even if using that girl that Mr. Silver as bait, the arrangement has no contract and loyalty.  Calling the opportunity to use that girl as a guarantee, Sagara Sousuke would mobilize as seen in the battle, he will definitely go against <Amalgam>
As a result, he has to be killed.
Kurama glanced by accident at the Chief's face.  He didn't expect that he would be able to defeat the M9.  unable to hide his confusion, he utters "absurd" and "what is that guy".
"Well, what are you going to do?"
At what Kurama said, the chief's eyes looked like he woke up from a dream.
"He is informed of the situation here.  He's coming full with enthusiasm to screw you"
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