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Testing the Waters! FMP - Come Make My Day Prologue

Just thought that I might test the waters and see how many people wants to have this volume translated. This does not necessarily means that I would translate the next novel full time. I guess I'm going to give this a few weeks and see what happens. Well, here it is then:


From the small window in the ceiling, the morning sun shines.
An old car in the corner of the repair shop, the girl is facing 3 notebook PC.
With various extensive numerical values appearing in the bulky screen. Reading them at the same time, busily scrolling would require three screens. getting irritated by switching the screens. If she would make an easy going manner, she would not know how many more days it would take to start the work.
Inside the repair shop, a miserable unit--- the body frame of an Arm Slave, is being tuned hanging isolated.
No arms or legs. Not even an armor. With the miniscule excuse of a head, if there were no sensors the machine gun would not be loaded, being drilled in the dark hole. Originally it was installed with a low temperature nuclear battery called Palladium Reactor, now it is hollow.
The screen continues to spit out information.
the girl greedily absorbs the information, tapping on the keyboard at the same time. Using a progamming language called BAda, pounding in the necessary instructions.
Nimbly, precisely.
If you would understand the user, compared to the traditional language this is a highly efficient high level language. In this case, 100 lines of commands only needs several lines.
Pounding on the keys, She was talking to some guy.
Good Afternoon. You seem to be dead already.
You've already felt complete defeat. Everything ends, the lights off, thinking that you have been released from the battle. No, not thinking. Right now you are the same as the dirt. As dirt you don't think of anything. As dirt you don't feel sadness.
However, that moment of darkness will end.
Everyone thinks that you are in ruins. But I don't think so.
The interface that you were called was destroyed, but right now, I am reconstructing that.
You heart still remains.
As you run on the infinite circuit of the quantum beat, with those reassuring vestige, I can feel it somewhere---
The angle of the sunlight in the ceiling windows have changed.

There is not enough oxygen going to the brain. She takes a deep breath, unfastening her curdled shoulder.
the brain does not have enough sugar. She bites the chocolate on the desk, drinking up the cold milk coffee.
And then pounds on the keys.
One line, and another line getting close to "Him"
the morning sun changes to the setting sun, she understands that her work is nearing completion. An woman pending on a reading material in the corner of the repair shop, shortly informs her.
"Electricity please"
the woman closes the book, a unit installed in the side of the incomplete Arm slave---is connected to an electronic machine the size of a refrigerator, hangs a large lever hanging in the corner of the wall. the lights in the factory flickers, supplying electricity to that unit.
"Are you finished already?"
The slim woman with black hair said.
"Right now it's in the middle of testing. It will take a little more time"
"Is that so. If there is something you want just say it"
the test would take half a day.
the girl adjusts the program, measuring the units response, and then makes more adjustments. Getting tired, her silent companions bite into a club sandwich, after taking a nap resumes work.
the morning sun in the ceiling windows changes again into the setting sun, she said.
"It's done"
the last push--- hitting the enter key.
there was a flickering in the screen when the unit connects, alphabets started to appear in the window.

The girl did not touch the keyboard. It was the output from the unit from this Notebook PC.
< to abandon unit and escape immediately.>
----escape. Immediately. Repeat...recommend to abandon unit and escape immediately.
<thanks,sergeant.good luck.>
(Thanks sergeant. Good luck.
Only the engine and cooling system reveberates in this repair shop, enumerating the unrelated danger. Most probably just before this unit lost its functions, it tried to display this information.
The girl waited a moment. "He" already recognizes accidents, it starts to sort itself in its current status.
<...Where do we come from?...what are we?...where are we going?>
What a strange question.
----where do we come from, what are we...where are we going. Is this intricate information depending on something? Or was he dreaming?
the Connection of the Notebook PC starts to transmit the protocol. the connection is already complete, before he was awake all test were performed.

there was a display in another window, a pseudo "Mental state" was displayed in a colorful 3 dimensional graph.
the red region in the graph turned yellow, the violent undulation of mountains and valley, becoming the flat shape of a basin. coming from the mental state of a battle, it moved to a warning state of looking for the enemy. Even more, a tough warning.
It was not because that he thinks he is in the hands of the enemy.

She joined the fingers of both her hands, lightly, typed a salutation.
<hello, AL. I've been looking for you.>
---Hello Al. I've been looking for you.
this guaranteed the silence of the Artificial Intelligence. There were no more signals transmitted.
Clever guy. He won't talk so easily like that.
We are allies, this is a safe place, it was difficult to work on this. but an hour of patience continued, and then the artificial intelligence showed some reaction.
2 words of blunt reply.
<report situations.>
----report situations.
Behind the girl, the black haired woman watching over the shoulders let out a conservative smile.
"What's the matter?"
"It's the splitting image of its master"

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