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March 30th, 2009

Finally here is the last part of CMMD, the epilogue.  Since there are images that have text on them, I' m just going to post the text and the link to the image.  Please read the end of the epilogue to see some notes regarding the next volume. 


  Gavin Hunter who has regained consciousness on the medical room inside the hospital, immediately noticed a girl sitting beside him.
  With a short hair wearing a baseball cap low on her eyes, a rough character with jeans and trainer.  Age is around 16~17 years old.
"Miller huh...."
  Her smile was unfriendly, at most her lips were not stiff.
"Don't push yourself"
  She gently said.
"Just a while ago, there was a communication from Wraith.  That kid was safely delivered into his hands.  And displayed power which are beyond expectations."
"Is that so...."
  Nothing but a coarse voice came out.  Lightly getting up, he looks around the medical room.  Immediately near is the electro-cardiogram monitor, playing a systematic electronic sound.


"....that's good.  I didn't think that we would actually complete it.  We made it.  Thank you.  it was because of you."
"No.  It's a debt to that person----Sagara-san for helping me.  if he didn't arrive, I still might be somewhere in Siberia in a state of trance."
"Well, that's true"
"But, I only helped.  In the end it was because that kid----Al himself.  he designed his own body, an ordinary AI would not be capable of that.  That person called Bunny sure is incredible."
"I see. The [strongest AS] huh"
  Hunter muttered, looking absent minded at the ceiling.
  Even if it is false, to raise a personality and instinct for an artificial intelligence, it won't fail in its own bodily function.  By only connecting into a network, its creativity, and its compatibility will not be given birth.  Standing on the ground, feeling the heat and wind, exposing itself to the utmost limits in combat is important.  That is why that AS----is the most advance artificial human body, would it not be necessary to put in something.
  Hearing of it this far, the [experimental] ARX-5 is not only an AS.  The ARX series thus far, was manufactured in the research room, assembled with special materials.  And then they have not heard of a [super natural phenomenon] occurring while measuring with a high precision measurement device.
  Dramatic variation was shown starting from the ARX-6.  The first pseudo [human body]---- loaded into a remodeled M6, that system functioned squarely.
  Then towards 7.  Next towards 8.  With fierce vigor the completion advances.
  That strange gravitational field generation ability, that itself is already important for the military, thinking of the geneology of this ARX series, is there a connecting element here?
  That's right.  The late Whispered Bunny Morauta, did he notice anything?
"I don't know about that"
  Having asked this question at another whispered in front of his eye, Miller's dark face nodded.
"Being able to help build the ARX-8, I gradually understood.  Could it be that, what Bunny was aiming for was...."
  She cut her words.  Hunter waited patiently for a reply, but she did not say anything after that.
  Having arranged for the rehabilitation, he took notice of the burden on her mind, he changed the topic.
"It seems that you were attending on me"
"Eeh. It's because I was worried."
"I'm alright, Miller.  Why don't you go to a safer place."

"Yes.  If just for a little while, I will do it"
  She lightly stroke Hunter's worn out face, and made a small smile.

Extra pages of the volume:

text 1: Normal mode.  Having similar design to ARX-7, it has a sharp and massive evolution with it's [fiery] image in it's entire body.  The folded state of the monomolecular cutter is stored in it's knee block, prepared device for it's use.
text 2: <Laevatein> Mecha diagram

Folded state of the monomolecular cutter.  Design considered for melee.

text 2: Variable sensor.  Collected in the head block for anti infantry weapons, having a much more Spartan Image than the Arbalest.

*Total Height : 8.7m
*Tatal Weight : 10.3t
*Generation : Palladium Reactor / Ross & Humbleton PRX3000
*Maximum Combat operating hours : 30 hours
*Maximum Propulsion Speed : Unknown
*Maximum Jump Altitude : Unknown
*Fixed Armament :
  GAU-19/S 12.7mm Gattling Gun X2
  XM18 Wire Gun X2
*Original Carried Weapon :
  Seward Arsenal 165mm Multi-purpose Demotion Howitzer
  Geotron Electronic GRAW-4 Monomolecular cutter
  Royal Ordnance M1108 Anti Tank Dagger
  Alliant Tech Systems M1097 AS use Hand Grenade
  Oto Melara [Boxer-2] 76mm Shot Cannon

text: Full Equipment State. There are parts equipped in the shoulder, but currently details are unknown.  Perhaps it has a special ability....

text 1: 165mm DEMOLITION GUN
A short barreled Demolition Gun.  A special size for an AS to handle.

An optional gun barrel attachment.  Long range, high altitude "Gun Howzer" Mode

text 3: M1097 AS-GRENADE
A highly trusted standard level AS Hand Grenade

text 4: M1108 ANTI-TANK-DAGGER
A highly trusted standard level Anti Tank Dagger

Chapter 1
It is unimaginable to have an appearance of ordinary intelligence, an absentminded Tessa, in that body of hers, what exactly is happening?

Chapter 2
Tessa looking up with fearsome eyes.  Behind her, draws Clouseau and M9 displaying the wellness of the <De Daanan squadron>

Chapter 3
The injured body being wrapped in bandage, the eyes of Sousuke being full of fighting spirit, Codename Urz 7 - has come back!!

Chapter 5
Drawing the impression of Sousuke and Kaname moving, their feelings though apart are surprising.  Even in suffering, even in not finding the exit, they run!!

Chapter 6
Male characters with coolness.  Different in Race, Nationality and Age, the fighting men are drawn together, undying old soldier, the fight continues.

Chapter 7
Sousuke inside the cockpit of the M6.  Expressing the tension before landing.  Heading to where Kaname was taken, Mission Start!!

Chapter 8
Kurz, Sousuke and Mao.  The comrades finally meet.  Trio revives!!  The cruel counterattack begins-

Chapter 9
The pistol that Kaname took hold of, points it immediately at Leonard.  Will she pull the trigger?  A breath taking scene

Chapter 10
Finally the new AS appears.  ARX-8 <Laevatein> and Sousuke, cutting down the strong enemy, to save kaname!!

Chapter 11
Sousuke and Kaname - clumsily confessing their feelings, will their hands be able to touch again?

Notes to Approaching Nick of Time:

At first I had decided not to translated NOT seeing that HunterSeeker from Animesuki had already graciously provided the detailed summary (which is almost like a complete translation), which the links can be found on the following:

Prologue and Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 4 continued
Chapter 5
Chapter 5 continued and Epilogue

However, since HunterSeeker also suggested that I continue with NOT, I will do so just for the sake of completion and continuity.  Not to mention that I only recently acquired NOT.  However, I don't think I would be able to finish NOT that quickly seeing how I still have other matters to attend to.  In any case, if you really want to know what happens in NOT, the links above are provided for your convenience.  Also don't forget to thank HunterSeeker for the great service he's been doing for the community.