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March 23rd, 2009

Here is the finished Chapter 5 for Come Make my Day.  Which only leaves the Epilogue for the volume, which I'm actually already done.  Will post it in a few days along with the other images for the volume.

Chapter 5: Sword of Flame

  That <Codarl's> pilot are harboring a discontent at having no enemy present.  These troops whose leader goes by the name [Mr. Au], he is a member of that.
  In the briefing before the operation, they heard that the mansion has at least 3 types of similar <Codarl>----Lambda driver equipped AS as a defense, and was explained that they may have a situation that they would exchange hostilities with a Developed AS <Erigol> which has exceeding capabilities.
  Aside from the equipment of the <Codarl>, their attack target are similar to their own <Amalgam> group of organization.
  Their allies so to speak, so there is no need to go easy on them.  It would be good to break the security of the acquired mission.  Even if it were to be called [cannibalism], the reward and safety of being a mercenary, if they can have the liberty to pillage, they would like that scenario.  The problem of taking medicine prior to the operation, they already stopped thinking about it.  And then, because of the overwhelming performance of their <Codarl>, they felt unsatisfactory on the recent one sided battle.
  However, if you open the lid there are no resistance that appears like any sort of resistance.
  The enemy unit anticipating the hostilities appeared somewhere, a set of difficult opponents---- the appearance of the <Erigol> type unit can be seen for a short amount of time, and immediately retreated.
  How boring, there's nobody to kill.
  Their spirit whose agitation and concentration being heightened at the same time, can feel a kind of hunger.
  At that time, a single unidentified helicopter flew around.  The helicopter tried to attack to scatter the infantry, arriving at the target position rather quickly, the allied giant AS <Behemoth> shot them down.
  Their hunger swelled up more.
  How boring.  Give some more prey.  Give something to kill.  Desperately running, prepare an opponent that can resist.  Swinging a steel and polymer limbs, a helpless enemy that gallantly fires a powerless 40mm barrel.....!
  The sound of alarm.
  The units sensor captured a single AS on the edge of the mansion.  It was thrown off from the shot down helicopter.
  Night Vision mode.
  It's silhouette can be distinct to be a 3rd generation AS that is close to the M9.  It was nothing.  It's just an M9. It's no match for this <Codarl>.
  Infra-red mode.
  The heat signature of the kneeling unit, does not correspond to that of the M9.  And then, the assumed output of the rising generator of the unit is----
  Estimated, 4800 Kilowatt.
  Two times the standard level of a 3rd generation AS. This is no longer the level of a ground weapon.  By far it is an output of a large scale fighter or battleship....!
  In the direction of the smouldering rain, the appearance of the white unit is slowly shown.  Various parts of the unit appear gloomy, feverish, and shines red like burning.  The surrounding atmosphere gets distorted by the heat, it's boiling appearance trembling and dances in the middle of the flame.
  There were orders from the command unit.
  "All units.  Attack the landed enemy AS in the heliport.  Use whatever means necessary.  Attack that enemy AS at once....!"
  Before they could answer "Roger", the enemy AS stirred.
  Glancing at them, with it's kneeling posture it sunks its light body, saving its energy.  With only mere movements, all the allied AS sensed something will be starting.
"....I repeat.  Immediately attack that enemy AS...."
  Bursting open like a burning flame, the enemy AS leaps.
  With the first leap, Sousuke's consciousness disappeared with uncertainty.
  With tremendous G there was a feeling that all his blood were pumped into his feet.  Field of vision narrowing, becoming totally dark.  Enduring the pain, he grips the stick.
  His consciouness barely connected, he turned to glance at the G meter and altimeter above the screen.  The instant gravity acceleration is no less than 30G.  This is almost similar to the circumstances of an aircraft.  The body can endure the instant G, but it would not be easy.  His current height is 80 meter.  The heliport which was there just a few seconds ago was now under his eyes.
  What is this AS.
  What kind of power is this.
  He did not have the time to say those words.  He Draws quickly to the ground.  In a landing posture waving his limbs.  Landing on the outskirts of the mansion.  The pavement that was destroyed by the impact scatters in the surrounding like a land mine exploding.
  "What is this, this is....!?"
  Sousuke said breathlessly enduring the impact of the landing.
<Training Message.  Please define the subject of "This">
  Al said with an inorganic voice.
"This unit's Jumping ability and the established----"
<Kidding.  Quite a thing is it not?>
  Sousuke smacks his lips.  Al put aside his non versatile common AI.
<Forgive me.  Actually there as been no satisfactory test run and operation>
"What was that?"
<With a restricting environment, this unit was constructed in secrecy.  I also requested operational test for ground maneuvering, but Mr. Hunter rejected with "we don't have the place or time for that">
"Hunter.  Gavin Hunter?"
That man who was the Hong Kong branch head of <Mythril's> information deapartment put up with this unit, this is the first time that Sousuke knew about this.  Since that female agent----Wraith had brought this unit, it seems that the construction of this ARX-8 <Laevatein> involves <Mythril's> information department.
  The sound of alarm.
  The enemy AS, <Codarl> hurriedly gets closer.  It's weapon is the standard 35mm Rifle.
  Sousuke prudently operates the unit.
  The <Laevatein> lightly steps to the left, evading the enemy attack.  The incoming shells splits in the pavement, pulverizing the nearby storehouse.
"Well, you can use that of course!?"
<The Lambda Driver?>
<who knows....>
  Sousuke's movement that has an exhausted feeling and losing his own balance, the <Laevatein> shows an appearance of frank stupidity.  The enemy attacks.  He continues to make evasive maneuvers.
"What do you mean [who knows]!?"
<No. At any rate there is nothing that can be used.  I can not irresponsibly affirm---->
  The enemy shell grazed at the femure.  The shoulders were also superficially shot.  Klunk, a fierce impact attacked.
<Warning Approaching!>
  The enemy unit takes out its monomolecular cutter, and immediately draws near. There was no time to react.  If only he can select a weapon----
  Sousuke smacks his lips and called out.
"I don't care, try it!"
<By all means>
  Immediately, two gravitational field stopped the opponents charge.  Atmosphere distorning, shrieking, the white smoke and fragment of the rubbles mixed up in a swirl.  The projected hand of the <Laevatein> stopped the monomolecular cutter of the <Codarl>.
  With only that he clearly understood.  The gravitational field created by the enemy, he can feel his own power pushing them back.  No, he can still go further.  He can counter attack.  With this overwhelming power----
  The <Laevatein> seized the monomolecular cutter like a piece of wood, pulling it from the enemy unit with a jerk.  The units gets close to each other eye to eye----sensor to sensor.  The enemy unit's head moved, and can see a faint fear.
  He moved its right hand.  Pulling on the manipulator control wheel and made a fist, taking hold of the large hips, and punched through the enemy's abdomen.  An indifferent spark.  The <Laevatein> broke through the gravitational field of the <Codarl>, and tore up the abdomen armor.  Grasping the internal generator pulling it out.  A number of cables extend like entrails.  Gripping the nuclear fusion battery with sparks flying, he kicks the unit in the abdomen.  The <Codarl> that losts its power blew up into two equal parts.
  The fragments of the Titanium allow, the jet of water from the shock absorber, the burning flames, dances fiercely in front of the <Laevatein's> eyes.
  One unit destroyed.
  This destructive power with only its bare hands.
<Success.  Managed to do something unexpected.>
"But with such a cold sweat....!"
<Starting enforced refrigirant>
  The <Laevatein's> head sharply opened, from inside a volume of hair gushed out.  It is similar to the ponytail unit of the <Codarl>, but it's expansion is like "extending", it is a vigor like a large volume of boiling water gushing out from the water tap.
  The medley of rising atmospheric current swings from the "hair", particles of the dimly white light scatters.  The <Laevatein>, in a kneeling posture searches for a new prey.
  Reaction from the optical sensor.  Finally the 2 unit of <Codarl> draws close.
"What about weapons?"
<There are all sorts.  How about this for a start>
  Indication from the equipped control panel.
  The unit's simple diagram, on both its knee were blue flickering.  The letters [GRAW-4/MMC].  Two pieces of large monomolecular cutter.  This was a developed model from the [GRAW-2] that the M9 uses.

  The two knee armor of the <Laevatein> that looks largely unbalanced, stowed the folded monomolecular cutter.  Both knee armor opens, sparks scattering from the two monomolecular cutter.  The <Laevatein> gripping the handle, reassuringly pulling it out, with its left and right stance like a giant eagle spreading its wings.  With only that movement there was a squall in the ground surface, the whirling mud painting a sensation of whirlwind.  The monomolecular cutter [GRAW-4] instantly opened from the storage, the sword blade making a short howl.
<M3 approaching.  10 o'clock, distance 1>
  That <Codarl>----classified as M3 has a large monomolecular cutter on both hands, coming close with a skillfull battle maneuver.  The other unit M2 draws near from the blind spot at the right hand.  Coming at the same time----
<I will take on M2>
<Continue with the battle>
  There is no more room for conversation after that.
  Approximately in front is a unit with two sword.  Sousuke manipulates the unit, striking the enemy <Codarl> right in the front.  The gravitational field generated by the Lambda Driver clashes, the Plasma form of the atmosphere let out a shine.
  The other <Codarl>----M2 draws close from behind.  Both of <Laevetain's> arms are already plugged up, but from under both sides, the point where the weapons rack of the M9 series quickly expanded, from inside small manipulators appeared.
(Hidden arms....!?)
  Moving the entended limbs of the pilot in the current AS, in theory it cannot be done.  But this arm, it was like another pilot was controlling it showing a clever movement.  The pair of [hidden arms] grabs the hand grenade from the hips hard point, throwing them in succession to the <Codarl> drawing close from behind.
  Explosion.  The posture of the enemy from behind that was suddenly struck was pulled down, delaying the attack timing.  At that moment Sousuke's skillfully manipulated his original arms, handling the slash from the enemy up front, dropping its posture  and made a light foot sweep.
  No, it was not only a foot sweep.
  With the superfluous power of the <Laevatein>, it was a vigorous explosion that broke off the leg of the enemy unit.


  that <Codarl> made a half revolution with its abdomen as a center, its head rubbing on the ground sparks scattering, stopping nearby beating on a number of cars.
  He turns around with a light leap.  Towards the other unit which was ran incessantly with explosions from the hand grenade, pressing on a straight line.  In desperation the enemy unit fires.  Sousuke glares at the muzzle.  With just only that, the shells snap before his eyes.
  A flash on the right.  And continued to the left.
  Cutting the <Codarl> with an X mark.  The torn to pieces arm spinning and rotating, falling down to the ground.
  2 units destroyed.
  The remaining unit who was foot swept, was unsteady and raising its body in the corner of his field of vision.  Does he still intend to fight.  No, he intends to run----
<Please allow me>
  At the same time of Al's voice, the [hidden arm] on the left side pulled out an anti tank dagger from the elbow, letting it loose towards the front of his chest.  Having full knowledge of Sousuke's movement habits, it has a superb timing.
  Sousuke moved his unit snorting his nose, grasping the anti tank dagger in midair by the side, with a sharp motion throws it at the last <Codarl>.  The enemy unit's Lambda Driver's gravitational field stopped the single attack----but lost to the push of the opposing gravitational field.
  The anti tank dagger made a direct hit in the torso.  After the echoes of the crushing noise of metal, together with a flash the <Codarl> was smashed.
  3 units destroyed.
  Turning in its landing, it stood up.  Following the movement of the <Laevatein>, the radiation cord at the back of its head proceeded to make an arc, scattering the spray of light.
"What was that, these arms"
<Support arms.  Attack support, magazine change, please make use of these detailed functions.  I will be the one controlling them.>
"Four arms huh.  How disgusting...."
<I like it.  In this circumstance, please neglect as much as you like>
  The remaining main forces of the enemy are the 3 units of <Behemoth>.  The incredibly giant AS.  One of the unit, the <Behemoth> closer near the coast, was gazing at the <Laevatein>.

  By karma, the transport helicopter that Lemon and the others were one was unusually tough.  For more than 30 years, because its design was repeatedly forged and modified with actual combat, it's not easily damaged and destroyed.
"I told you didn't I!? We won't die that easily!"

  Hiding in the shadows of the damaged unit, Old man Courtney called out in a loud voice.
"Eeh, Geez!"
  Without losing to the surrounding gunfire and explosive sounds, Lemon returned the shouting.
"We're surrounded by the enemy like this, I don't see the significance as to why we're being killed bit by bit!"
  Lemon's lamentation were extreme.  After the emergency landing there were no casualties, even those who rode in their helicopter there were no fatalities.  Turning sideways in the garden, the crushed helicopter exposing the body were surrounded by enemy soldiers.  From the shadows of the unit, there were the gallant return fire from Lemon and the others, not finding the chance to escape, their ammunitions are slowly being reduced.
"No- Remember Kesan Base!  Shoot, shoot!  Wa----hahahaha!"
  An eccentricly high Courtney shooting a submachine gun.
"Kesan huh.  That was a terrible battle"
  Offended with carbine gun in stance, Old man Seals muttered,
"Hey, I've been accompanying you because you said something about [transporting safely] but---- why are we in a large rural area in Mexico, and being opened into a desperate shoot out?"
  The Oriental woman whose identity is unknown is firing a sub machine gun with one hand.  Although she is called "Wraith", nobody really knows who she is, and to whose side she is affiliated with.
  The contact with Wraith, was immediately followed after Sousuke witnessed the attack of the US military.  Standing by in the extremeties of the deserted village, she was riding on a large trailer in a remote wasteland.  In front of Lemon and the others with vigilant guns, that woman----Wraith got out unarmed, and called out with the headlight behind her.  "Is Sagara Sousuke there!? I have something to give him!".
  It would be a strange request for a trap, and it seems that she knows a great deal about Sousuke.  Lemon and the others peeping in the container without completely understanding, the AS in the cargo----was a third generation AS which they have never seen before.
  Believe or not believe it's up to your own accord.
  If you are going then take this unit.
  Wraith informed Lemon and the others.  They asked her why she knows of this standby point, she answered "I didn't know.  [Al] said it was here."
  Without any much more consent, there is no reason to refuse.  Lemon and the others loaded the new AS in the Helicopter, accompanying Wraith, and then flew towards the mansion----
"I didn't know that there were that many dreadful enemy.  We'll die.  We will definitely die."

  Hiding in the shadows of the duralumin Lemon yelped on the night sky.
"You don't know that, young one!"
  Courtney said.
"Just watch.  That Sagara, he already defeated three units."

"Ah, it's true."
  There was a big explosion in the corner of the orchard a few hundred meters from their crash point.  The enemy AS which was attacked by that red AS <Laevatein> was crushed by an anti tank dagger.
"I don't know if it's some sort of lamb, but I haven't seen such violent power from a unit before.  But is has a good rhythm in movement.  Is it really his first time getting on that unit?  It looks like a favorite unit that he was accustomed to."
"I guess it's like that.  For Sagara, that unit is like an old wife"
  Wraith said cowering from the splashes of bullet from nearby.
"But, how will he fare with <Behemoth> as an opponent...."
  Glancing at the Super Giant AS <Behemoth> that is repeatedly scattering shots at the coast.  The <Behemoth> shakes violently in its giant size, started aiming at the <Laevatein> in the ground.  At the same time both shoulders, both arms, and all the fire power equipped in its head were fired.  Various sizes of machine guns, Rocket missile, anti tank missile, covered the Silhouette of the white AS.
"Oh no"
  With the barrage at that distance, there is no time to make evasive maneuvers.  Moving bit by bit the <Laevatein> lost its balance from the blast and shots, and can be seen toppling on its knees.  The <Behemoth> charged in with its giant size with unimaginable speed, taking one big step forward, trampling down on the <Laevatein> with its right foot.
  Thundering roar.  large amount of sand whirling up.
  It was like a child facing a tidal wave.  The <Laevatein> was by all means trampled by the <Behemoth>.
  Lemon let out a despairing noise, Courtney also concealed his brows and catch his breath.  However, Wraith was different.  She opened her slit eyes without a cloud of anxiousness, with an excited tone of voice leaking from her throat.
"No.  Look carefully...."
  From the other side of the foot of <Behemoth> which trampled on the ground, light particles are revealed.  Like the roaring sound of the radiation system echoing, with the surrounding atmosphere flickering like a blaze.
"Ross & Humbleton, PRX-3000.  An experimental super high output generator.  Power exceeding that of a ground weapons level, if it were to increase the power of the Lambda Driver----"
  The body of the <Behemoth> leans.  Right foot about to swing, the form of the <Laevatein> hidden in the other side of the foot slowly appears.
  The <Laevatein> was not smashed.  Stopping the foot of the <Behemoth> with both arms, red light particles are surging throughout its whole body, slowly lifting the giant enemy.

  The unit howls and sound of alarm.  The generator's output is being pushed to the [MAX].  The cooling system is also functioning in its highest level.  The electricity running through the electromagnetic muscles are sparking, the whole body is surging like lightning.  Both stamped feet slowly sinking in the ground, all of the frame is screaming.
<The current estimated load, is roughly 1500 tons>
  Al informed with his usual voice.
<Although it is not yet referenced, this is approximately 30 times the standard load of a main tank.  In other words the load limit on top of the design has already been exceeded.  Sergeant,  you have to escape at once>
"Shut, up....!"
  Sousuke groans enduring the pain.  With the influence of the Lambda Driver, the feirce weight is giving feedback to his nervous system.
"If that's possible, I would have done so a long time ago...."
  Bearing the pressure with desperation, Sousuke draws a short breath, putting all his strength into his lower abdomen.
  The gravitational field that the <Laevatein> has tucked in shine red hot.  In an instant, creating an explosive strength, pushing the trampling foot of the <Behemoth> with all his strenght.  Impact.  The giants right ankle were crumpled and crushed.  The <Behemoth's> balance pulled down, overturned upwards.
"Let's finish it!"
  Pulling out the monomolecular cutter housed on both knees, the <Laevatein> leaps.  Aiming at the <Behemoth's> head, he draws a short parabola in the air, thrusting violently the monomolecular cutter gripped in both hands into the nape of the neck.
  Tearing the armor that broke through the gravitational field,  encroaching the interiors with the sword blade.
  Then 2 strikes, 3 strikes.
  Sparks and oil scattering like waterfall.  The head cockpit torn and detached, the <Behemoth> lost power.
  The fourth unit destroyed.
  Al informed.  The remaining 2 units of <Behemoth> can be seen from the coast.  One unit is several hundred meters away.  the other unit is a few kilometers.
  The nearer <Behemoth> fires.  The <Laevatein's> body flutters, hiding in the shadows of the armor of the enemy unit it just defeated.  30mm shells and Plastic explosives hit his surroundings, violent flame and detonation appears.
"I don't want what just happened....!  Are there any other weapons"

<Leave it to me.  Here it is.>
  Indication in the control panel.  The symbol of the artillery mounted in the back flickers.
"Demolition Gun.  165mm....!?"
  It was natural for Sousuke's voice to be excited.  For the size of 165mm shell, it is unthinkable that this would be an AS'  weapon.  A standard AS used rifle is 40mm.  Sousuke's favorite [Boxer] shot canon is 57mm.  Kruz's largest Sniper smooth-bore gun used in sniping is 76mm.  And then the comparatively destructive artillery used by tank is 120mm.  It is a weapon that is fired from a level of a tank exceeding 50 tons.  What more, for a 10 ton AS.
"Is it not an artillery used by engineers?"
The [Demolition Gun] was originally used to remove unwanted buildings and structures by crushing them, but having this unit equipping it, it was purely used for combat.
<This firearm is for combat.  The explosion and recoil is extraordinary please be careful.  It cannot be fired without the Lambda Driver.>
  The arm established in the hardpoint in the back moves, short barrel large caliber Demolition Gun turns from under the right shoulder, moving into firing position.  Even with the size being reflected in the screen, it can be percieved as being extraordinary.
  However, can this Big Lug----
"Can it fire....??
  Operating the arm, Sousuke mutters while testing the condition of the Demolition gun.
<Unknown.  No test shot has been made>
"But, nothing can be done but to do it"
<That is correct>
  The <Laevatein> with demolition gun in stance, leans on the wreckage of the <Behemoth>, jumping towards where the enemy landed.
  Immediately the enemy <Behemoth> fires.  A number of flashes making the eyes dizzy.  The Lambda Driver repels the unavoidable enemy shells.
(Not that simple....!)
  Landing.  Immediately jumps.  Spinning in midair.  Anti AS missile are drawing near.  The gattling gun in the head fires at  full auto.  Ambush attack.  Shakes all the limbs.  With the power of the Lambda Driver converts to a sharp parabola.  Evading the enemy barrage.  The distance from the enemy, approximately 200 meters.

(If it can be taken in close proximity....)
  He Leaps a third time in the short rail.  The violent impact and the distant G.  The enemy unit's feet pushes out, passing through the lenght of its legs.  The battle at dawn, he shoots through the slit in the rear looking up----
"Not yet....!"
  The <Laevatein> made a forward somersault, kicking the sand on the coast making a perpendicular splash.  In the twinkling of the eye re-aimed overhead of the <Behemoth>, making a revolution midair.  Flying in the vicinity at the back of the head of the giant AS.
  The enemy's Lambda Driver howls, the <Laevatein> rushing on the gathered focal point of the gravitational field.  Normally the shockwave would blow you off in pieces.  However----

  Concentrate.  The gravitational field of the <Laevatein> stops the enemy's gravitational field, eluding like the wind.  The Demolition Gun in one hand, the muzzle breaks through the back of the enemy's head, pulling the trigger with full spirit.
  Flash and impact explodes before their eyes.  The high explosive broke through the armor of the enemy and penetrated deep, and explodes in the center.  The 165mm cannon created an absurd recoil, the unit floats away a few meters.
  Balance destroyed, the <Laevatein> tumbles down on the back of the <Behemoth>.
  Only the information of Al can be heard.  The limbs of the unit shakes quickly, lands on the sandy beach in a standing position.
"How was it....!?"
<Like I said, success>
  Rising from the <Behemoth> are large quantity of black smoke spewing out from the upper part of the body, slowly falling forward.  Losing the automatic operation capability of the Lambda Driver's gravitational field, the enemy unit falls to pieces.  The collapsing unit swirls in an infinite number on the sandy beach, with a roar of a death agony tearing up the heavens.
  5 units destroyed.
"What a recoil"
  Sousuke muttered while reloading the Demolition Gun.
<It is beyond expectations.  That kind of attack method was not expected.>
"You should already know that I am rough.  How many years have we been partners?"
<Around 1 year 2 months.  Not really that long.>
"Now that you mention it, your right."
  Letting out a snort, Sousuke glances at the last remaining <Behemoth>.
  Right now, the <Laevatein> is kneeling at the coast in front of the mansion.  the last enemy unit is roughly 3 kilometers beyond the sea, and seems like it lost interesting in entering into hostilities.  Attempting an intimidating shot, and retreating at high speed.
<M6 is retreating.  It seems he is withdrawing from the battlefield.  Shall we make pursuit?>
"Let's try if we can, it's no good at this distance right"
  This Demolition Gun is similar to the [boxer] that has a short gun barrel.  Effective in battle if it is only a few meters, with that kind of distance there is no accuracy when aiming at the enemy.
<No, it is possible>
"What do you mean"
<Operating spare arm D>
  The control panel blinks.  The last equipment mounted on the back----an attachment like gun barrel was taken in front of the unit, and connected into the Demolition Gun.  Gear sound and Lock sound.  The Demolition Gun being large it is rather short in size, equipping the gun barrel changes it into a long artillery reminiscent of a tank cannon.
<Switching to [Gunhowzer mode] complete.  If it is a high angle ballistic then the maximum range is 20 kilometers.
  A Long barreled Howitzer in an Arm Slave?  It is utterly an amazement on common sense, this is what Sousuke thought.
  To begin with this unit defies all common sense.  As long as he has the functionality of the Lambda Driver, he can neglect the recoil and penetrating power.  This level of battle, the armor piercing power of the weapon is no big deal.  Then, even this ridiculously giant artillery, wouldn't it be an ideal weapon for the <Laevatein>?
"Fine.  Let's try it."
  Sousuke muttered half hearted.
<I thought you would say that>
"Shut up"
  Leaning the unit on its knees, it switched the master mode to precise firing.  Sensor magnification to the maximum.  Changing on its heel, the rear form of the <Behemoth> withdrawing at full speed, jolts in the image of the night vision mode.

  There were display of various kinds of data.
  Atmospheric temperature, humidity, wind speed, gun barrel temperature, and others as well.  his sniping ability is ordinary at most, and impossible to imitate Kruz's miracles.  Al doesn't even have data regarding sniping, he only only rely on his intuition now.
  In the middle of the screen, the Target symbol and reticle being the main points.  A beep and a small alarm echoes.
<A solid lock.  Shall we fire>
"Not yet"
  He muttered, controlling the arm in the smallest ratio.  Just a little more.  That's right, just a little more....
  There was a terrible recoil like the one before.  There was a great fireball that even exceeds his height, the sand in front splashes from the explosion.  Even if he steadily braced himself his posture is still pulled down, the <Laevatein> fell flat on its buttocks.  The impact of the 500 pound bomb immediately explodes in front of him.
  Even then the Lambda Driver of the <Laevatein> is still functional.
  The bomb that was spit out of the muzzle carries the will of Sousuke, running past perfectly in the expected path, hitting the center of the back of the head of the retreating <Behemoth>.
  In the magnified field of vision, the head of the giant AS was blown off, fierce flame scattering.
  A little slower, follows the sound of explosion.
  Together with the muffled echoes, the last <Behemoth> slowly collapsed, sinking in into the sea in front.
  The 6th unit destroyed.
  After letting out a sigh, Sousuke asked Al.
<Yes, Sergeant>
"How many minutes?"
<5 minutes 52 seconds>
  An awkward silence.  After waiting a while Al moderately said.

<Although being stubborn, with that much opponent 3 minutes is expectedly unreasonable>
"Shut up.  The 4 minute 12 seconds you said was also impossible"
<For a human you certainly remember clearly.  Are you a type who holds grudges?>
"Exactly, where did you learn to use those kind of language!?"
<Unfortunately I was abandoned by my pilot for a number of months.  I had the abundant opportunity to inspect broadcast and internet.
<If you wish, I can talk with a non-dignified way of speaking.  What do you think of the likes of those low incomed Southern Americans?>

"Stop it"
  Really, rationalizing.  The gloominess in his chatter is like always.  After Sousuke let out a sigh, he said like complaining.
"But, well....it's good that you're alright"
  That was Sousuke's true feelings.
  Although it is a bit strange, for him this combat support AI, he holds a sensation like it is a comrade in arms.  Something different and strange about Al from the standard equipped AI of the M9 was already felt after the battle in Hong Kong, right now after the reunion that feeling was intensified.
  Althought Sousuke's intention did not fully understand it that much, Al answered.
<Yes, Sergeant.  I too.  I am saying that as my true feelings.>
  Being a machine, it has "true feelings"
  But, Why is it.  There was no ill mood.
  Sousuke standing up in the unit, watched out for the surrounding enemy, changing the sensor to active mode.  How are Kruz and the others doing?  And also he has to rescue Lemon and the others.  With the remaining infantry, controling them with this <Laevatein> is simple.
  About pursuing after Kaname, it must already be impossible...


Well, again I have to split the chapter in 2 since according to LJ, the post is too large.  Please read Chapter 5a which is posted before this entry.  Or click on the links to the left.

Chapter 5b

  In the cabin of the Helicopter that continues to fly away, Kaname was prudently inquiring that opportunity.
  Leonard's private army, the men in combat uniform, was already  completely loosen up.  The people seeing the situation of Leonard who lost to a heavy injury, and those who are looking out with caution in the window.  The dirt from the spurt of blood, the haggard-like Kaname was sitting in one corner, nobody was minding her.
  The man beside her leaning forward from the seat, was talking about something inside the cabin.  Although she doesn't really understand Spanish much, she seems to have heard the condition of Leonard.
  It has to be now.
  At the moment of that thought, a variety of conflicts was running through her.
  Will that recklessness be sufficient?  Will everything move as she expected?  Even though that Kalinin was in this unit?  And then about him----the poor Leonard right now, who was suffering like that because of her....?
  She shook her neck bit by bit.
  Didn't she already feel like that before?  The trivial sympathy becoming fatal, she would understand it herself right now....!
  Closing her tensed eyes, she let out a deep breath.
  Fastening up her lips, and then opened her eyes.
  From the hips of the soldier that stood up from the seat, there was an automatic pistol placed in the holster.
  Alright, let's do it----
  Kaname extended her hand towards the pistol, quickly extracting it, rushing from behind the soldier.  In an instant, the man reacted slowly to her extended hand, but Kaname barely got away at a fingertip, and pointed the muzzle to the opponent.
"Don't move!  I'll shoot!?"
  It's been a long time since she let out that loud voice.  Pointing at the gather men in position, she finally shouted.
"Get the pilot immediately!  Get this helicopter back!"
"I understand.  Wait"
  One of the soldier, and muttered something towards the head rest.
  Not before long, the one who came was not the pilot but Andrei Kalinin.  The pistol taken from one of his subordinate, even though he is looking at Kaname with the muzzle pointed at his chest, there was no sign of surprise.
"It seems that you're fine.  I thought you'd still be in shock after shooting him"

  Kalinin said.
"Miss Chidori.  Take your finger off the trigger, and give that gun back slowly.  And then let this be over."
"don't order me.  I'll shoot."
"Don't do something unreasonable."
  Kalinin said calmly.
"For people who has no intention to pull the trigger, they can't hold a gun.  It's a waste of time, and unexpected trouble may occur.  I thought you knew about that well enough already."
"Intention to pull the trigger, huh"
  She firmly endured and made a deep breath.  Without tears.  Without losing.  Without anything, exceeding everything making light of this old veteran.  putting the tight strength inside, and immediately gazed at the opponents.
"Then are you going to shoot him?  To Sousuke"
  With the relationship of Sousuke and Kalinin, there is a lot that she does not know.  Even with the conversation of the two, there is nothing much to look at.
  However, kaname knew.
  When Sousuke says something about "Lt. Commander", with that calm tone of voice, with that resolute trust.  "Mao", "Kruz", "Captain".  And then "Your Excellency Class President".  Similar to saying those----no, there was a stronger sense of security that fully reverberates.
  That Kalinin turning to be the enemy of Sousuke, will he be able to remain calm?  Will he be able to affirm to shoot?  In this manner, can he preach to me with a face like that?
"I will Shoot"
  Kalinin said without any reason.  That unconcerned reply, or rather a sense of subtle emphasis.
"Actually I already ordered that before.  For only that reason, I have one.  You who have a resigned resolution would not understand...."
"Your lying"
"If you want to think that, then think that.  But if you continue in that foolish manner, I will let you feel the extremeties of that."
"The compensation, is the life of the man who is in front of your gun.  If you plan to shoot then shoot."
  Kalinin's words tightens into the heart of Kaname one by one.
  Really an amateur girl who had no training, managed to snatch the gun by a fluke, and thrust it in front of one of the passenger of the helicopter.  And then with an excited voice, demands to "get this helicopter back".  In front of this truth, how would the mercenaries in the cabin react, Kaname thought.
  There was no fear in their facial expression.  With no vulgar, sneering face visible.  Not even anger, and irritation can't even be seen.  Only expressionless looking at her.  If it was before then it would be like a dispatched place from her imagination, right now she can vaguely guess what they were thinking.
  Probably, they were already thinking like this.  Is this gun loaded.  To leave it this way, what is the bullet point.  They were not worried about their comrade having his gun stupidly snatched away.  If ever that Kaname fired, the bullet would pierce through his body.  The pierced bullet point would be a stray bullet, and might have the possibility of damaging the important equipment of the helicopter.
  That is why, there is no meaning in taking a hostage.  Their interest is not in their life.
"that's right.  Then how about this."
  Kaname took the muzzle out of the man's way, and immediately aimed it in the cabin's ceiling.

  Immediately the mercenaries became stiff.  Right above this cabin is the engine's reserved system and hydraulics system, and also the main rotors drive system is situated.  Being a military helicopter, the cabin's interior is mostly not bullet proof.  Even if it were a pistol's bullet, if it were shot a number of times serious failure and fire would occur.
"How about this?  It would be fine to shoot like this"
"I see.  Thrust towards something painful."
  Kalinin with a serious face, made a small groan.  for a teacher with abundant experience, he has a face like hearing a unique answer from a student.

"But the altitude right now is 300 feet.  Speed is 120 miles per hour.  If there were serious damage recieved, the Auto Rotation will have difficulty in making an emergency landing.  First there is no mistake, that we would all crash to our death.  If we were fortunate that the emergency landing were to be a success, and then be fortunate that you would be the only one uninjured, by chance that we managed to get seriously injured, on top of that the possibility of you getting away is zero."
  It is as what he said.  Right now Kaname fully understands that.  In this altitude and speed, there is no position energy and motion energy in the revolving wings.  Not having a seat belt herself, she would be thrown out of the unit in the moment of impact.
"if this is fine with you, then shoot."
  Those are not abusive words being hurled toward her.  Nor words that bore on her heart.  Nevertheless it was an indescribable feeling of defeat knocking her down.  Andre Kalinin, is not a skillful person who could manipulate someone using words.  He only speaks the truth.  A solemn truth.  And right now the truth that he is speaking of----even if a single pistol has been snatched, Kaname is really powerless.

  For all the cleverness and bluff that managed to get her out of a pinch, was her modest idea and daringness.  And with such----the conduct of a 17 year old girls mischief, was not an opponent you can easily pass by.  For this hero with a long military service.
  Why is this man right here in the side of the enemy?  Why didn't he say "Sorry for making you worry.  I will take you to Sagara"?  At least even if only she knows, a small wink would be alright.  Why is it with those severely sad eyes, only looks at her?
"You are serious right?"
  Kaname said.  Why is it extremely sad, that her eyes become bloodshot.
"Then tell me.  Won't I ever meet him again?"
"That's right. You won't meet again."
  Kalinin said.  She had heard such hopeless prediction.  How much longer will she struggle by herself, crying out with a strong desire, no longer able to meet him.
  At least, nobody will be hurt.  It is in accordance to what Leonard has gambled upon.  She wish herself for Sousuke, for freedom, how someone to surely die.  This is the circumstance in this helicopter, strongly fronting the dilema that can't be helped.
"It's enough already.  Return the gun."
  Kaname finally, aimed the muzzle at her own temple.  The touch of the rough and dull metal.  Having the impulse to pull the trigger.
  That's right, she want's to pull it.  That would be better.  Just about everything, its too much.  Giving force to pull the index finger, and everything will disappear.  Insecurity and agony, and the ill feeling of sin of shooting Leonard, this defeated feeling and desperation.
  The bottom of her heart is screaming out "Absolutely not.  It's still too early", she uses her superhuman concentration to ignore this.  You can't have hope.  You cannot believe in hope right now.  You cannot see it.  Being devoted to despair, and not a performance, wishing for death from the bottom of your heart.   
  She has to think like that.

  Pulling the trigger would be that simple, without thinking of anything, prostrating----
  Kalinin restrained.
  This was the first time that he raised an impatient tone by a portion, with a serious anxiety in his facial expression.  A gloomy smell of death rises from Kaname, he can sensitively smell it.  It is because he has seen countless people die, he is capable of feeling this.

"Stop it.  We will do what we can"
  He believed it.
"Return the helicopter"


  With her eyes absentminded and unfocused.  Kaname said with a dead voice.
"That is....difficult at the current situation.  Leonard needs medical treatment.  If we return then he will be in danger.  That is why you need to be calm, get the muzzle off your head.  And then aim it towards me."
  There were many words coming out.  It is the first time he flat-out tried negotiation, discussing.  Here comes the initiative.
"Then, let me say goodbye"
"Wireless radio.  I want to say goodbye to him....and then I will give up...."

  The incessant rain that falls in the vicinity finally stopped, and silence control the mansion after the battle.  It was like power of the <Laevatein> wiped away the rain clouds.
  After exterminating all enemy AS, Sousuke cleaned up the remaining enemy forces.
  First he has to rescue Lemon and the others who were in a siege, and chase away the surrounding enemy.  There was really no enemy who would resist the <Laevatein> which defeated the <Behemoth>.
  Lemon and the elders, for the mean time are safe.  With the fruits of victory headed for the <Laevatein>, shaking their hands optimistically.  Among them is the woman from the information department----Wraith is also associated with them.
  Soon after Kruz, Mao and Clouseau's 3 units of M9 came around, cleaning up the remaining enemy and controlling the surrendered enemy.  One look from Kruz and the others on the <Laevatein>, they understood that this was derived from the <Arbalest>.  They were surprised by the wonderful battle of Sousuke and the <Laevatein>, and postponing the "detail after the withdrawal".
  However, at that chance Kruz complained.
"At that time, if that guy were in Melidia...."
"? What about it?"
"Kruz. Stop it"
  Mao interrupted across the wireless radio.
"There's a lot of things happened, sergeant.  Well, we'll talk about it later."
  Clouseau informed them.
"Anyway that unit----is that the <Laevatein>?  As much as possible don't let the prisoner of war see it.  Disappear with the ECS."
  Clouseau's indication is right.  That combat power has been seen with the hearts content, that is why at this short distance there is no sense in letting them see it.  The disposition of the small unit, they have to avoid that analogy of its performance.
"Roger. ....Al, activate ECS.  Invisible mode."
  Al said.
<It is impossible.  At any rate this unit is not equipped with an ECS.>

"What was that?  What do you mean"
<What I mean, I will say this.  With extraordinary output for an extraordinary condenser.  An overbearing design of a drive system, a large capacity for a cooling system.  And then the Lambda Driver.  There was no allowance for uneccessary machine parts.>
<Informing you of additional reference, this unit not only lacks an ECS, it also does not have an ECCS.  Radar is at a minimum, Laser Infra Red jamming equipment are also not present, we are extremely vulnerable on missile attacks.>
"Wait a minute.  Then isn't it just like a <Savage>?"
<No, it is more than a <Savage>, it is more like an M6,>
"What is this"
  He noticed that the electrical screen display have suddenly become blank, Sousuke was utterly amazed.  The optical sensor are the latest model similar to that of the M9, but the other machine parts are not.  This crude electronic equipment, how did it managed to survive the modern battle?
<Nonetheless, it is fortunate for the union with Lt. Clouseau.  With their cooperation and the datalink function, the weakness were incrementally improved.  Let us drop the mood and do our best, Sergeant>
"...there is still an [unecessary machine parts]"
<What would that be?>
"You.  I would rather dismantle you and throw you away as trash, in exchange for an attachment of an ECS"
<Nonsense.  If I were to be removed, this unit would be a dead weight that is like a [defective M9]>
"Those impudent talks again.  In the first place you----"
<A new wireless signal has been intercepted>
  Al informed interrupting Sousuke's jeers.
<129.22 Mhz.  AM wave of the VHS band.  An uncoded open line, it has been calling you for a while>

<Affirmative.  Shall I connect it to circuit 8?>
"Aah. connect it."
<Roger. Complete.>
  Feeling something stiring in his chest, Sousuke leaned his ears towards the voice in the digital wireless radio.
  It was a woman's voice.
  He knew it well, a really nostalgic voice was calling his name.

"...Sousuke.  Can you hear me....?"
  The owner of the voice is Kaname.
  His heart is palpitating violently, with sweat spurting out from his back.  Just listening to her voice once again, Sousuke's heart feels like it was being tightly grabbed.
  There is no mistake that is it Kaname, that fragile, frail, and fickle.  It was not the Kaname that he knew.  No----it was the last girl who was at that school's quadrangle.
  Randomly replying, she was calling out.
"If you don't hear this....then, can the person hearing this wireless radio tell him.  I repeat.  .....Sagara Sousuke.  Can you hear me?  Right now I am----"
  Before thinking his fingers moved.  Connecting the prescribed circuit, he pushed the communication switch, he called her name.
  the far away silence and noise.  Leaving behind a small period of time, she answered in Japanese.
"Sousuke?  Are you listening?"
"Aah, I'm listening.  It's me.  Where are you now?  I'm going to pick you up.  Tell me your location.  No, more than that are you injured?  Are you alright?"

"Un... I'm fine"
"I understand.  Then tell me your current location.  I'm going to pick you up right now.  Don't worry, the enemy has been taken care off.  Al is---- no, there is also a new unit.  I don't think I will lose anymore.  Besides, Mao and Kruz are here.  You no longer have to worry.  I will definitely----"
"Sousuke.  Calm down"
  Kaname's voice was persistently indifferent.  But he did not mind that, and continued to talked on the head set.
"No, I'm calm.  There are many things that I want to talk to you about.  Different things.  Things that I don't fully understand.  Having hesitated a number of times.  But I'm here.  But not able to reach you.  That's why, Chidori.  Stop talking about this and that, tell me where you are.  If you don't know your current location, then tell me the surrounding terrain.  If there are enemy around----"
"Sousuke. Stop."
  Kaname's voice interrupted.
"Why?  If you don't know your current location, then I can't pick you up."
"It's not that...."
  How difficult, the shallow voice echoing in the ears.
"Stop... coming after me already"
"What was that?  I don't understand."
"Don't come after me.  Right now, I'm with Kalinin-san inside the helicopter.  With Leonard too.  I, think I might have killed him.  Poor Leonard.....  And then I thought a number of times to get away, I understood that it is useless afterall. Those people, absolutely won't let me.  Resist only if opposed, somebody might get hurt.  That's why, I'm sorry.  Really don't come after me.  About me, I'm really happy that you managed to come this far.  But, I guess..."
"Chidori?  What are you talking about?"
  A long silence.  A defeaning noise.
  He does not understnad what she was talking about.  why is she saying "don't come after me", he could not understand.
  It's a lie.  He really understood.
  With the face of Nami's death in his mind.  Of course, Kaname does not know about her.  It was the symbol of the death of Nami and the others.  In the journey of Sousuke chasing after Kaname, the number of deaths has increased.  Be it an enemy or an outsider.  At least that kind of simplicity, kaname already understood.  At the time of goodbye at the school's courtyard, it was eventually the problem.
  Don't come after me.
  Having her said that, it was already understood.  Struggling by himself, she would suffer.  Sousuke only averted his eyes on that truth.

"That's why.... Sousuke.....forget about me"
  His eyes were total black.  Like a feeling of being thrown out into space.  A subtle floating sensation, which spreads out like darkness.
"Wait, Chidori. I...."
"Enough and understand already.  We are, already...."
 Not knowing what else to do, Sousuke tightens his grip on the stick sweating, listening to Kaname grumbling and muttering over the wireless radio.  That's right----like being delirious with a fever.
"I don't want that afterall"
  She said.
"I absolutely don't want that"
  The strenght in her voice secluded.
"Sousuke.  Are you still listening?"
"I'm ordering you as the former student body vice president. alright?"
  A sound with a sip on her nose.  she was crying.
"Come and save me.  I don't mind no matter how much is sacrificed.  No matter how many died----hundreds, ten thousands,  a hundred million died I don't mind.  That's why, come and pick me up!  Everything that you have---- that uselessness, mobilize that lack of common sense and annoying technical skill of a soldier, take down no matter what kind of opponent, and embrace me!!  You can do this right!?  Well!?"
"Aah. I can"
  The inside of his chest a fierce heat can be felt, Sousuke strongly replied.  That's right.  What is he hesitating for?  A hundred thousand people dying.  There are many difficulties.  If only to take hold of her, exactly, what is he afraid of?
"I will definitely go.  Wait for me"
  Kaname said with a short voice.
"Sousuke.... I like you very much"
"Me too.  I love you."
  Having these words coming out naturally, he himself was also surprised.
"I'm happy.... then, let's meet properly next time, I will definitely give you a kiss.  With all my strenght.  No matter what the place.  Alright?  It's a promise okay?"
"Aah, it's a promise."
  The noise is getting terrible.  The helicopter is getting out of communications range.  There is no longer any means of pursuing Kaname.
  Right now.
"No matter how many year, or hundred of years I will wait...."
"Don't worry, I will definitely catch you."
"Un.  Also, search for the refrigirator inside the mansion.  There's a Hard Disk----"
  What Kaname was saying was no longer comprehensible.  The terrible noise interrupts like a storm, and the circuit line fell silent.

  The wireless radio was cut, kaname taking off the headset, removing her index finger from pistol in her hand.
"It's done"


Returning the pistol to one of the mercenary.  Kalinin who was the only one who understood Japanese, after listening to her communication, made a rigid close of his brow.
"That was a surprise, as may be said."
  kalinin said.
"I thought that you were really in despair.  Seriously thinking about pulling the trigger in your temple."
"I was serious"
  Kaname said with a haggard face.
  If she allowed herself to be chased after, it would be seen through in kalinin's observation.  It was not an act or being serious, it was a psychological warfare inside her.
"Right now, I don't plan of letting you do what as you please.  Getting away from this place.  And then, I really did want to say goodbye to him.  But----"

  She hanged her head in shame.
"That's right. I changed my mind.  that's all"
  Saying harsh words to Sousuke herself, Kaname understood. Nothing can be done, saying "what can be done".  From now on he will be drawn to danger.  And there might be many victims.  That irresponsibility an arrogance, she surely understands.
  Even then she wants to meet him.
  These feelings do not lie.  Only these, it can't be helped.

"So you have resigned yourself."
  Staring at her, Kalinin said mixed with a sigh.
"He is no longer hesitating.  Even if I were to stand in front of him, he won't hesitate and pull the trigger.  You gave him such an unbelievable power.  ....that's why I didn't want you to use the wireless radio.  Giving in to your look of death, it is my defeat."
"How sportsmanlike"
"But about the hard disk that you entrusted to them, I must hear what this is all about."
"Even if I tell you it will be useless"
  Kaname sounded straining her nose.
"Aside from me and Tessa, it is a subject that no one else would understand."

  The M9 landing on the storage deck of the <Tuaha de Daanan>, Kruz made a sour comment in front of Sousuke.
"[Sousuke I like you very much.]. [Me to, I love you]....as it came.  You really did it, practically.  Why don't you die already, die with all your strenght"

"Not seeing each other for half a year, it was sudden..."
  Sousuke muttered with a disheartened face.  The conversation with Kaname at that time, he forgot that they were on an open channel.  At the moment that the Peib Mare transport helicopter was being transported to <De Daanan> which has been a long time, his conversation with Kaname, Mao and Kruz has been locked up in ridiculing him.
  Lemon being the face of the DGSE, Old man Courtney and Old man Seals, and also Wraith accompanied <De Daanan>.
  Lemon also seems to have heard the wireless radio.  Wanting to meet him after the operation, he peeps into the eyes of Sousuke with a face of wanting to say something, a single word, and muttered "with your consent".  Although he doesn't understand Japanese, he managed to roughly guess the flow.
"I'm sorry, Lemon...."
"No.  Anyway, can you introduce me to your superiors.  We've managed to make it this far, we wanted to make certain if the remnants of <Mythril> are enemies or allies."
  Lemon and the others who remained in the corner of the storage deck, were restricted to move.  Though imperfect this is the interiors of the Super latest weapon - submarine.  Although foreign intelligence members are freely walking about, the crew of the <De Daanan> were not strict.
"Aah.  I think she's busy in the bridge, but I think she'll come immediately."
  He hasn't met with Tessa yet.  On the two days of noise in Guam, he'd spend it with the old soldiers.
  He turn his head from the voice behind, there stands Tessa.  She must have left the bridge to Mardukas.  She came to this place faster than he thought.

"It's been a long time"
  She gave a gentle smile.  She was originally slim, but now she looks skinny.  Although the he hasn't heard the details yet, it must have been difficult for her after Melidia island suffered a general attack, exactly what happened then.
"....yes.  Captain also, it's good that you're safe"
"Eeh.  A lot of things happened....but, we are alright now.  It is also good that Sagara-san is safe."
  Quite a calm attitude.  It was not because she was indifferent, even thinking of a flood of emotions at the same time, there was no clinginess in her voice.  Only the pleasure of one of her many subordinates returning.  That's it, that's the only attitude.  Is she restraining her emotions in front of everyone, or is that how she really feels.  Sousuke was not clear with this.
"Well.... do you want to reinstate yourself?"
"About that....eeh, that is my intention but, there is still a lot to sort.  Please let me think for a while."
"I understand.  Let us discuss that again."
  Tessa did not show any appearance of disappointment.
"And then, there are these people who cooperated with me.  Mitchel Lemon from the French Intelligence department, and the Border Admiral who were you friend----"
  A shout echoed from the storage deck, the two old men rushed towards Tessa.  Being a little agile, the guards of Tessa was a little delayed in restraining them.
"C..Courtney-san and Seals-san?"
  Tessa who has become stiff from their appearance like a grizzly in the forest, inquired Sousuke with her eyes.
"Why, why are these people here?"
  the two person standing there with the "We wanted to see you" and "why are you here" or "were you going after me", the soldiers were desperately pinning them down.
"No, well....they managed to have good connections...."
"I already know that.  But why did you bring them along?"
"It would be heartless to leave them right"
"You're right but...."
  Completely rethinking, Sousuke continued to introduce Lemon.
"Anyway, this is Lemon.  An agent of DGSE and has useful information.  He also is smart, and the benefactor of my life, he can be trusted. ....Lemon.  This is my----"
  He returned to look at Lemon.  He stood there like an idiot, with his mouth half open, looking at Tessa with his temperature rising.
"Lemon.  She is my superior----"
"Eh? What?"
"I told you I would introduce you didn't I"
"Eh, but.  But.  Really?  this girl, you're introducing me to her?"
  Kruz, Mao and Clouseau who saw the appearance from behind, whispered "He's fallen for her" and "how easy to understand" and "another has joined the fan club".
  Then, the ship's phone called for Tessa.  It was an announcement from Mardukas.  After a few response, Tessa informed all who are present.
"Well then.  Althought I can't give you greetings, the ship will be in silent cruise and retreat to safe seas.  For the time being, please be quiet.  <Tuaha de Daanan> welcomes everyone"
  Then the AS being carried out of the storage of the Paib Mare----the <Laevatein> spoke on its external speakers.
<Speaking of welcoming, does it include me?  Miss Testarossa>
"Of course, Al.  It's also good that you are safe"
<Thank you, captain.>