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February 20th, 2009

Here's another installment of CMMD.  I think I have a new favorite character.  A one John George Courtney.  The way he uses the F-word is really funny.  I don't think I can stress enough that these are draft translations and needs to be edited for grammar and spelling. 
-edit: Damn LJ, won't let me post the whole thing.  It says post is too large, so I have no choice but to split this chapter into two.

Chapter 3:  Front Toward Enemy

  The muscles of the whole body is screaming.
  Painful.  Difficult.
  The foot is heavy.  Wanting to vomit.
  Chins rising.  The ribs painful with the violent breathing.  Throat thirsty.  Extremely thirsty.
  The wet atmosphere of the jungle clings surrounding the body.  Large amount of sweat gushing out, advancing step by step the jungle boots makes an unpleasant sound.  The belt of the knapsack eating into the shoulders, even being painful it can't be helped.  Halting, hands thrust into both knees, it's merely been 30 seconds since he last rested, so he thought.  At any rate there was no one watching.  There was no one to complain about slacking off.
  Sousuke enduring the pain, shakes his head bit by bit.  How pathetic.  With the steep mountain path, he only walked no more than 6 kilometers, and then dealing with this.
  One foot forward.  One foot forward.
  He stumbles on the root of a thick tree staggering.  Although he fell down in the previous cave, narrowly taking his balance stamping his feet.  Standing still like that, he firmly endures it and continues to move.  Don't think.  Run.
  The fierce ringing of the vague heartbeat, it's palpitation echoes in his ears from the nape of his neck.  Field of vision narrowing, consciousness becoming hazy.
  One foot forward.  One foot forward.
  What's the foundation of fighting?  What's the foundation of a soldier?  That's right, it's running.

  Run. Run. Run.
  Soldiers who do not run have no chance of winning.  In extreme cases, this has nothing to do with skill and equipment.  The Goddess of fighting only smiles upon those who can run longer than their enemy.  Understanding the merits of the battles extremity, it is simple, that is the only variation.  Staying alive this long was because of "Running".
  Needless thinking are slowly disappearing.
  Hesitation and doubt disappears.  Regrets from the past, and indecisiveness of the future also disappears.
  Forward.  Forward.  Forward.
  He is approaching the landmark which is a grotesque shrub.  It will be 10 kilometers in the map point.  The distance that was not reached yesterday, was already passed today.
  The whole body is in pain as usual.
  However, Tomorrow he would be running further.

"You still plan to move huh.  Good gracious, really...."
Lemon Mitchel said from the view behind Sousuke who was taking sufficient rest heading towards the Athletic Field, returning to camp the calisthenics started.
  This place is the northern part of the swampy area in Florida state, North America.
  It's around a few good 10 kilometers to the nearest Taylor town, this place is not in the hands of the most primitive age.  And those who come here are mostly hunters, academic researchers or those who are curious, which does not visit much in a span of a year.  There is only one land route.  The people coming to this remote place, must definitely go through Taylor town--- in other words those who are looking for Sousuke, the people in the city would immediately inform Lemon through wireless radio.
  In the attack at Havi Oa island, Lemon's own organization, the DGSE, was caught in the information net of <Amalgam> without any knowledge.  If not, the whereabouts of Sousuke would not have leaked.

<img src="img/19_137.jpg">

  He thought of going back to his home country in France, but thinking of the current situation it would be dangerous.  And then Sousuke himself, the superiors have decided to separate him from his former self.  Naturally, this would be severe questioning, or rather profiting from the collaboration with Sousuke.  That attack was obviously a hostile action from <Amalgam>.  His own country and organization thought about the possibility of conciliation with <Amalgam>, but Lemon did not think at the possibility of that.
  That is why he took only his trusted companions to bring Sousuke in a peculiar place.  Because his immediate superior Delecour died, Lemon was entrusted to have his own discretion, this decision would put him in a grave position in his own organization.  It was hidden at the discretion of the source of information because he did not think it is interesting to the highest level.  Suffice to say, Lemon and the others are running away together with Sousuke.

(Do you mind)
  That's what Lemon thought.
  Of course he moves for the national interest of his own country, and he stills intends to do so.  To hand Sousuke over to the hands of the enemy----to give in to the big headed in charge of information from the headquarters, wouldn't this be tied to like selling off your own country?  To that degree the organization called <Amalgam> is dangerous, that clout has a thick root, he has felt this in the incidents these past months.
  First Sousuke must recover.
  If he gets back his natural strength, he would become a soldier that would not need guarding.  This would let them move easily, building a relationship of joint struggle with Sousuke, they would be able to get near the center of the organization called <Amalgam>.  But also, it would take the threat of the enemy away from his native country.
  Before coming to this camp, Lemon had a talk with Sousuke about what he thinks, and asked for his cooperation.  Sousuke thought about it and nodded, (Okay.  However, would that be all?)
  He said.
Rational logic aside, Lemon have this feeling of going against <Amalgam> with prejudice.  It's the most extreme subject.  If it was a "Bureaucratic" agent, this important burden of a person would be pushed to someone in the headquarters, and transfer himself into another assignment.
  Lemon answered with an absentminded tone.
(Revenge---although it is a strange talk.  Well, I do have that mood.)
(Is that so.  I understand.)
  With only that Sousuke consented, and he didn't inquire about Lemon's motive a second time.  With information concerning <Mythril> and <Amalgam>, and also the circumstances as to why Sousuke is being targeted by the enemy, Sousuke promised to tell him this when he has recovered to a degree.
  The problem is how to hide from it.
  Lemon reached a number of people from his connections, either way in terms of safety there are only difficult places and environments.  It must be difficult, Sousuke himself proposed to Lemon.
(there is a person who can lend a hand)
he said.
  that person--- what John George Courtney offered, was this remote and uninhabited camp.
  Even now Sousuke was leaping and splashing silently in the field, rising and running down.  Besides Lemon who was observing silently, the middle aged person---Courtney came.  The wrinkles of his age are carved, spine properly extended, his movements are one by one reassuring.  With an appearance of a veteran, his sweat colored olive green fatigue was magnificently worn.
"He looks like doing it"
"Yeah.  There is a degree of recklessness."
  At Lemon's words, Courtney let out a hmph with the sound of his nose.
"However, his youth can overlook the recklessness.  Do you understand that?"
"Will to fight, or a purpose?"
"Much more simple.  Just Fucking Guts"
  Said the old man combing his abundant mustache with his fingertips.
"Guts, you say..."
"No.  Fucking Guts"
  Courtney corrected.
"Is that different?"
"Don't you understand? Then you are nothing more than a Fucking Idiot!  Well a Fucking French bastard being more sensible in Fucking English, there is still some promise!
  This retired Commander Courtney who successively putting out the inferior F word is an American who is over 60, and came back from Vietnam.  Preparing this land and camp, setting up the allies in Taylor town, all of it was due to his assistance.
  In the past, with the American Army and Navy being troubled with the guerilla attacks in Vietnam, this camp was established to train in jungle and wetlands combat.  A commissioned officer in the army nicknamed it "Charging Charlie", it was created to give personal experience of the Hell of Vietnam to young soldiers who have no knowledge of conventional warfare.  Courtney was one of the participants in the training curriculum.  The language at that camp was violent, waking up with bombs in the morning, with officers wearing the Vietcong uniform, with not enough time for sleep everyday creeping in the field.  The digression nevertheless, that certain Charlie was established into the "Delta Force" of the Army.
  And then, in the site of the camp with a history Sousuke continues his training rehabilitation.
  But Courtney and Sousuke only met once this year, they only have a relationship through the drinking party of his "superior".  And with only that kind of relationship, this old man prepared a thorough program which to the doubtful Lemon, inquired Courtney of his reasons.
  And then he said.
(It is because he was chosen by the cute daughter of my friend...)
  He muttered lonesomely.
  No matter what strange circumstances has occurred, Lemon no longer enquired even with the bothersome sullenness.
  With that reason, everything was prepared by that old man---
"But Mr. Courtney.  There is a suitable theory for the training."
  With the one word of Courtney in Sousuke's reckless "Guts", Lemon gave his opinion.
"He is obviously over working it.  His physiological movements are wrong.  There are not enough muscles attached.  Rather he lost weight, he would have already collapse when he reached his limits.  Didn't you also said this to Sousuke."

  And then Courtney reached into his breast pocket, taking out a Cigar, continuing with the match glued to the sleeve of his field uniform, with a magnificent way of doing it lighted the match.  Lighting the tip of the cigar in front of Lemon who was waiting for an answer, chewing his mouth a number of times, and smoothly blowing out a smoke.
"Um, are you listening?"
  With the pet expression of smoke blowing, the old soldier finally looked at him and said.
"Of course I'm listening.  Physiological movements huh?"
"Fine.  I will advise him."
  After saying that he took one step forward. In the crudely made field, the rising and falling log thrust into the ground which was dripped with sweat he raise his voice towards Sousuke.
  With a wild breathing, Sousuke answered.
"Your pace is falling!  Really, coming to a health resort searching for boys, you're showing a shameful ass like an unsatisfied young lady!  Could it be that you're seducing me with that Ass!?"
"No sir!"
"Actually you really don't have the will to do it right!?  You're only showing appearance of doing your best!"
"No sir!"
"Then put out more fighting spirit!  If your thinking of having your rotten dick penetrate the pussy of the girl you've fallen for----Move! Move! Move!"
"Yes Sir!"
  Raising his voice like most groans, Sousuke raises the log that has been whipping his whole body.
Retired Commander Courtney hurling jeers like "that's right, Suffer! Writhe!", Lemon protested with a fed up face.
"You're hitting him!? what about the physiological movement theory---"
"It's a Fucking theory!"
  The old soldier peeling his eyes, he growled with his voice like his hips leaving.  Unintentionally scowling at Lemon, he inhale his cigar once again, and blowing out a smoke that obscures his face, from there he "Kah-, Peh" and vomited a large chunk of phlegm on the ground.
"Discussion of guts is old?  Method of training Physiology?  Those things, are for shitty young ones.  Those are said by people who underestimated a man's life force."
"Being isolated in the middle of combat!"
  Courtney interrupted.
"There are only enemies in the surrounding!  If you get caught you lose your life!  Your stamina is already at its limit!  No water, food or ammunition!  What do you do!?"
"Well, what?  You guys abide by the theory of your doctors, in medical terms you can't fight anymore, do you give up and blow your head off?"
"Before that.  There is something amazing happening, it's always before that.  Our almighty God, has properly prepared for that.  God as we call it gave man a Super Fucking Charger"
  Courtney firmly made a fist from his grip, hitting Lemon in the chest looking around.
"Moving this, the coward become courageous, changing from useless to an elite troops.  Not to mention, a common soldier who is on the verge of dying in a short time finishing this----he would be able to do this"
  It's reckless, Lemon with his face knitting his brows.
  Moderate exercise and moderate rest.  And having a balanced diet.  To be able to create an ideal body, these cannot be missed were scientifically made clear.
"You don't trust me?"
"yeah, well"
"Then I'll give you proof.  Hey, you!  You shitty young guy!  Come here!"
  Courtney called at the soldier doing maintenance with smalls arms in the corner of the camp---the voice reaching the special forces member of Lemon's subordinate.  The soldier with a dubious face "me?" pointed to himself, and ran towards Lemon.  Courtney hit his back and pointed towards Sousuke, and said.
"Get him some fighting spirit.  Hit him 2 or 3 times, and pound him to the ground.  What, you don't have to be forgiving.  Go!"
  The large built and robust soldier inquired at Lemon's expression.  Lemon thought a little, and gave a short nod indicating "do as he says".
"then, I'll do as you say...."
  The soldier shrugged his shoulders, and headed toward the center of the field where Sousuke is running.  With fist tucked in he informed him with "don't think of this badly" which can be heard from here.
"Well, take a look.  Take a look at the counterattack that will open your eyes."
  Courtney with the cigar on mouth, folded his arms in confidence.
  The soldier casually hit Sousuke.
  Two hits.  Three hits.

  The extremely fatigue Sousuke was not able to give any kind of resistance, taking a shoulder throw and hitting the mud with his back.  The appearance of Sousuke unable to move facing upwards towards the inquiring soldier, he shouted at the apologetic Lemon.
"He fainted"
  The soldier nursed the confused Sousuke.  Lemon let out a sigh and looked at Courtney, who appeared as nothing had happened and blew out a smoke from his cigar.
"Well, this could also happen."
  The old soldier said shortly.
"Anyway, you can't pamper a man.  That is vital."
"Stained with mud, with the sweat flowing freely current combat is not taken that lightly."
"Of course"
  Courtney threw his cigar on the ground and extinguished the fire with the heel of this jungle boots.
"But young guy.  A man who isn't smeared with mud and Sweat, blood and tears, what would he be capable of then?"

  Sitting on the shadow of the deck chair in the terrace, the day ascending always give the scenery of the sea, this is the daily routine of Chidori Kaname.
  Even in days of rain, this is the same.
  Going out into the sea, it was only a few times in a year of her life, this is the first time that she experience of continuing to look at the same sea for a number of months.
  After being separated from Tokyo, she was taken from different places, the last place she was taken into, was this mansion in the beach.  She was in a situation where she can wander the premises unrestricted.  As what was told to her by Leonard, the person who brought her here, she can ask the people working in the mansion of whatever she wants.
(You think I would be happy being treated as a princess?)
  Kaname said, Leonard only shrugged his shoulders.
  When he arrived in the mansion that day, he left her and went away with a Helicopter.  Being the manager of <Amalgam>, there would be a lot of work to be done.  Only returning at least once a week, aside from that he is out to somewhere.
  Once stealing her lips, and clearly saying "I love you", Leonard didn't treat her as his own.  Not even embracing nor touching.
  Not even using that "resonance".
  He only makes her important by secluding her.  Like an important gem in a strong box.
  Kaname did not expect that.
  A young man who has an eccentric feelings of love, it was different from some feeling that you adhere to.  With just a "do that there" attitude.  She was not even thrown into a strange research laboratory.  Excluding the house arrest, Kaname is surely free.  And being treated like a VIP in an extravagant hotel.
  After a few weeks of living in the mansion, Leonard gave her a notebook PC that is fairly new and said.
(If you are bored, try to thinker with this.)
  The PC with its network functions disabled, the application of the design data and combat data of the super weapon is stored.  An exaggeratingly super important classified information.
  There were a number of varieties of <Codarl> type and <Behemoth> type AS with a Lambda Driver equipped.  Unfortunately there were no <Berial> which Leonard mounts.
  Among the combat data, it includes the battles with Sousuke's <Arbalest>.  There were many pilots for the <Codarl> type, but the one who could draw out the full power of the unit, is the terrorist who fought with Sousuke----Gauron.  Even without the function of the Lambda Driver, freely controlling the unit with perception and experience, the enemy unit----in other words thoroughly harassing the <Arbalest>.  The fierceness of the real power of Sousuke that is comparable to Gauron, Kaname thought about it again.
  There is also combat data of Mao and Kruz's unit the M9, but these are ordinary the M9 would be completely crushed with the passengers dying.  An ordinary AS fighting with an AS equipped with LD (Lambda Driver), it would be odd to receive that amount of damage.  Looking at the combat data, at Sousuke and the others stubbornness, its telling her of their shrewdness.
  If you look at it oppositely---in other words looking at the perspective of <Amalgam>---isn't this situation somewhat an irritation.
  With the hardware guaranteed to be far superior, these enemies would not yield.  Mobilizing with experience and skill, elasticity and unpolished intuition, in the end they continue to resist, finally having the opportunity to work on it, that unit was left with a fatal counterattack.  This might probably be the "Difference in skill".  Mao, Kruz and the others, ordinary youth being flawed with human weakness, at the same time they are like polished fighting machines.  This fact, appeared in numerical values on the screen.

  The meaning in what Leonard once said "<Mythril> was trying too hard", Kaname looking at that data vaguely guessed.
  <Amalgam> was felt as a threat to Sousuke and the others.
  Scanning roughly at the design data of the <Codarl> and <Behemoth>.  Kaname's intelligence right now, discovered easily the point of that problem.  The appearance of the original portion was derived from Leonard, many of the portions were seem to be handled by engineers. 
  The Lambda Driver equipped AS of <Amalgam>, prescribes medicine to the passenger to start up the equipment.  Creating a variety of "Static stimulation", producing a peculiar electrical pattern in the brain.  It is a shell of an interface which is called TAROS, the unit amplifying that "power".  It cannot be asserted with the design data alone, as the medicine that the pilots of <Amalgam> use were improved.  Close to one year ago where he met the young boy---like the unstable pilot of the <Behemoth> Takuma, combat data was not seen.  The pilot of the <Codarl> right now, might not receive the emotional obstacle like Takuma.
  The fundamental principle of the <Codarl's> Lambda Driver, it's most probably the same as the <Arbalest>, but Sousuke did not assimilate any medication.  In time Sousuke and the <Arbalest> exhibited a dramatic battle, a mental state which could not be reproduced by medicine prescription---it is probably brought forth by the forged living as a soldier with concentration and strong will, a variation of enhanced feeling is a plus.
  Although the <Arbalest> is unstable, it has an overwhelming strength in a complete situation.  The <Codarl> type exhibits a stable function, the specifications are also available with limited mass production.  But it can not exhibit the instant strength of the <Arbalest>.  To say the least, the <Codarl> is a unit for exterminating ordinary AS, the <Arbalest> was designed to fight with an AS equipped with an LD.  The difference was also clearly shown in the combat data.
  In a bizarre way of saying, the <Codarl> and <Behemoth> are units that have common exhibition.  But this common design is the shackles of this group of unit.  They did not put into calculation that the enemy would be using Lambda Drivers, for that function there are many portion sacrificed.  In addition the expansion of the protective wall is difficult, an enemy who is familiar with a Lambda Driver equipment---in other words Tessa and the others---being defeated by a common AS would not be impossible.
  Even with a supernatural energy field generating device it is not invincible.
  At Kaname's diagnosis, the "Battle ratio" of a Lambda Driver equipped AS and an ordinary 3rd generation AS, with the same skill in pilots would be assumed around 8 to 1.  If 8 of the M9 were drilled with the proper countermeasures, they could defeat a single unit of <Codarl>.  Of course the side of the M9 would pay a suitable sacrifice, actual tactics are much more complex and organic, if simplified that would be it.
  The tank and anti tank helicopter that is left in the current warfare, an extreme example would be 16 to 1.  Comparing this to the existence of the Lambda Driver boarded AS, this would not have a dramatic change in the concern of the people.  Although this might not be a big thing if looking at the history of science, on top of the military history the artillery and communication system, ICBM would have a greater incidence.
  The people who have notice it that much, was it expected in this world?  Most probably a handful of people---him, herself and Tessa, and a few more people who are the same as them.  People like Mao and the others who have experience it in actual combat, they might have already noticed this.
  Looking at the collected data in the Notebook PC, Kaname understood this much.

  Leonard made her understand this truth.  And then, on top of that asked her.
"Then how do you use this worthless equipment called Lambda Driver?  How would you repair this unit?"
  ---he said.
  In any case, Kaname increases the radiation cord from the head part to two, making 3 knots of ribbon to create a data transfer.
(You friend would be alright)
  It's about Tokiwa Kyouko.  Leonard after saying that he said "why don't you try redoing it", smiled and returned the data to her.
  After that, Kaname once in a while thought of a design plan and hands it to Leonard's subordinate.  With the design plan merely a sketch.  There is really no practical use, ironically just contents for Leonard.  Purposely mixing in the wrong numerical values, a mechanism with contradicting specs resulted.  It would be an ingenious trap that would be difficult for an ordinary engineer to notice.  With the discomfort of testing her skills, she also tried to test the observer.  Of course Leonard would have notice that intention, showing a mistaken passage, he shrugged his shoulders and left.
  How long will she be staying in this mansion.
  What do they want with Kaname.
  Leonard talks about a lot of things.  Not only the management of the organization, but she feels an impression that he is preparing for something very big.  Most probably, until that day comes she will have to be placed in this place.
  Losing the livelihood of Tokyo, Kaname who felt she has thrown away something, she has no more spirit to inquire about that.
  Whatever.  That was what she thought.
  Anger and laughter, she can no longer recall.  Only knowing of living in this mansion, becoming a middle aged woman, becoming an elderly woman, and dying someday.  She thought that it would be good.
  This place is in the subtropics.
  It's already been warm since February, with only the broadleaf tree remaining in sight.  There are no roads or houses seen in the premises, not even a ship going back and forth in the coast.  Nor an Aircraft.  The helicopter for people to visit this mansion, is the only thing that ever flies here.
  It was a quiet place.
  Like the silence of her heart right now, it is a hollow place.
  The sun sets like how it always leaves the terrace, walking in the west side of the wide garden, this has become a daily routine for Kaname.
  A garden that was well maintained.  At this season the deep red Jacaranda flowers were blooming, shining under the velvet sunset sky of dusk, leaving with an absentminded and gloomy color.  The gentle sea breeze coming from the sea, shaking the leaves of the garden, a number of whispers had reached her ears.
  Hearing that conversation, in that evening, backing into the corner of the garden, in a time for dozing off.
  One was a man, the other was a woman.
"...and then?  The escape from LA was really uncertain right?"

  She knows that voice well.  Leonard’s subordinate Lee Fowler.
  A handsome man with black hair that would leave a woman enthralled.  She didn't know what kind of past he had, but behind the gentleman like demeanor, is a capable soldier with a careful characteristic, a man who hides a discernment.  He is disciplined to have absolute loyalty to Leonard, and was very polite to Kaname.  He seems to be the right hand of Leonard who flies around the world, but at that day he is visiting this mansion.
"Yes.  How unfortunate."
  The voice of the woman who answered Fowler, was also known to Kaname.  Sabine Refonia.  It's Leonard's subordinates after all.
  The woman who essentially manages the people who work in this mansion, always wears a black suit and a black rimmed glasses.  Her appearance looks somewhat young.  Probably around her 20's.  Or possibly at an age that is no different from Kaname.
  Sabine was always in this mansion, there are many chances of meeting her.  She was also polite towards Kaname, always respectful no matter what time.
  However, she is not just a weak girl.  And does not only work as a steward, she also communicates and leads the different people outside of the organization.  At that young age.  On the opposite side of that Courteous conduct, a scent from somewhere---the one that has an occupation fighting, that silent tension can also be felt.

<img src="img/19_159.jpg">

  Even the people who works in the mansion, there are occasions that they show fear towards Sabine.
  If you look at it, these two confidant and subordinates of Leonard, what are they whispering about in the corner of this garden.  To have the feeling of falling asleep, she might have cut off her consciousness and have no presence.  Fowler and Sabine doesn't seem to notice her presence.
  LA----the retreat from Los Angeles, she really doesn't understand.
  She doesn't know who, but the two are talking about it.
"Did you tell Master Leonard about this?  With your judgment you've  dispatched an assassination team to Havi Oa island, that operation ended in failure, in addition you lost sight of that man."

"Of course.  I told him."
  Sabine answered with a very calm voice.
"About the secrecy, that person is predictable."
"What is he?"
"Nothing. That's rather a word of appreciation."
"What a lenient person."
"What do you mean?"
"I think, it was not a mystery to have angered Master Leonard.  Certainly the handling of that unit, was only an example of a pilot.  However, for arguments sake if the ARX system were to be rebuilt, the <Berial> would be unrivaled.  It is not a kind that should be feared."
"I don't think so."
  There was a hidden implication in the uncharacteristic words of Sabine.
"Even with his defeat?"
"No.  of course he is invincible.  In fact, I think my <Erigol> would be enough to deal with him."
"Then why did you try to assassinate him"
"I thought that it would not be necessary to have a fair fight.  It is best to pinch the troubling sprout early on."
  Fowler let out a small sigh.
"That would be the extreme right.  But you don't understand right?  You may have hurt the pride of that person."
"In other words about her?"
"that's right"
  Before she realized the words "Her" that Sabine said, Kaname would need a little more time.
"That is if it was unhappy.  Since Master Leonard no longer concerns himself with that man.  A paper napkin falling to the floor while eating, I will pick it up and throw it away---that is all."
"I see.  Thinking just like a lady."
"is that so."
"No, excuse me. .....at all events, there is no longer a need for assassination."
"As you say?"
"We caught the news of the ARX unit that disappeared in Tokyo.  It is not complete, but with the attack of 3 <Codarl M>, they were ordered to capture it.  We will see the skill of Mister K (Kalium).
"Would that not hurt the self-esteem of Master Leonard?"
  Fowler rang his nose.
"That's why it was to be "Captured".  We can do whatever we want after.  We can also have the permission."
"I understand."
"Anyway the remains of <Mythril>, we don't want to be sorry for the difficulty.  I think we should focus on this "plan".
"Of course."
"then, best regards."
  Fowler and Sabine parted in that place, heading into different directions.

  With that conversation, Kaname calmly listened.  She did not stir, not even any sense of tension, just like the sound of the wind.  If it were the energisch girl of long ago, throwing her breath from a strength somewhere, Fowler might have noticed her existence. 
  Havi Oa Island.
  Assassination Team.
  ARX System.
  Those words did not much move her heart much.  The problem is "That man"----about Sousuke.
  Since Fowler were no longer here, how long then were she here.  Kaname in the darkness under the shade of the tree, without speaking to anyone, muttered a soft whisper.
"That idiot...."
  He was alive.  And also, she does not know what definite thing he was doing, but he seems to be continuing to do something that <Amalgam> doesn't like.
  Probably, searching for her.
  To the quadrangle of that school, to bring her back there.
  Going that far to destroy her current lifestyle, unyielding, not even raising the white flag.  What do you think you're doing?
  That idiot.
  For me.  In a situation like that, me who had betrayed you.  In front of you who were on the verge of death, me who threw you away and went with another man.
  That idiot---
  There was no tears.  She was utterly amazed from the bottom of her heart.
  Not at him.  But at herself.
  What exactly is she doing?
  At this rate, inside this boring mansion, she will become an old lady, and thinking that it would be good to die like this.  Without anything.  Without hurting anyone.  What would be her atonement for that.  Kicking him with a meager sarcasm---that's all.
  That idiot----
  Leave me alone.  Forget about me.  Slowly, find another way of life.  Why do you have to trouble yourself for me?
  That idiot---
  Hurry up and come here.  Do it and come here.  Say to me the usual words.  With a blunt sullen face, say "No problem".
  You can't.  There are full of problems.
  In the darkness of the tree shade, it was best to space out.
  That idiot----
  She couldn't stand herself.  Cowardly.  Really cowardly.  Clinging on to the miserable feelings, she cowered there for a number of minutes.
  When she felt the chill of the night atmosphere, she finally stood up.  Walking out of the garden with her weak feet, heading to her own room in the mansion.  In the big bed, she thought that it would be comfortable to just sleep there.
  But before entering the mansion, beside the pool, in front of the south side, there was a 25 meter clean pool.  She has not even swam once.
  She stopped her foot, gazing at the pool for a while.  With the illumination leaking from the window of the mansion, the surface of the water shimmers, staring with her indifferent eyes.
  Shall we take a swim---
  She vaguely thought.  Rather to sink into the middle of the water, and she thought of disappearing like that.  No, if she were to jump into the pool, she won't be committing suicide.  Even then, without knowing the reason herself, she walked to the pool side.
  She took off her sandals with her heels, and entered the pool barefooted.
  A flavor not found these past few months, she felt the strange freshness of it.
  No one was looking in the surrounding area.
  Kaname sat on the pool with her clothes one, playing on the cold water with both of her foot for a while, then dipped her whole body.
  The one piece she was wearing was gently spread in the water, and then every time she moves her heavy body coils.  With gloominess, casting it off in the middle of the pool.  The body has somewhat become lighter.
  With only her underwear, she looked upwards and floated above the water, splashing in the silence.  Looking at the night sky.  Countless stars are twinkling in front of her eyes.  And then, she tried to truly swim.
  She slowly kicked her foot, raising her face and swimming forward.  She was progressing in the water.  No more bad mood, the cold temperature of the water was frivolous in her breath.

  Shall she swim faster.
  She came to a crawl.  With a strong thud of the leg, both hands mutually paddling the water.  Speeding up, the striking of the water echoes in the empty pool.
  Shall she swim faster?
  Why don't she try.
  She was faster as she thought.  With the strength of her arm and feet, her body continuously progressed.
  What's this.  Not bad.
  She finally put out her strength.  Nearing the end of the course. Touching the walls and making a quick turn.  And swam ahead of the 25 meters.

  Without any profound reason, she continued to swim.  Like an embroidery in the water, it was not a beautiful swimming style.  But more like swimming with ones might.  beating on the water, a violent kick in the air, swimming like a body violently twisting.  A rough breath came out all at once, she did not mind and continued to swim.
  And then forward.  And then forward.
  She made a number of round trips in the pool.  Why was she doing this, she herself does not know.
  At any rate she wants to swim.  Moving all her body, moving forward.
  Forward.  Forward.  Forward.
  Due to a number of months without exercise, she got tired immediately.  Hard.  Difficult to breath.  The muscles here and there are screaming.
  Even then she swam.
  Forward!  Forward!  Forward!
  Beating the water in the dim light, raising a small roar, she continued to swim.  Really not pretty, a movement like an octopus trying to drown something, raising her face from the surface water, and continued forward.
  Swim!  Swim!  Swim!
  The waters coldness must have gone somewhere.  Now it is hot.  If she strikes, the water drops would dance in the air.  She was somehow in a mood to smile.  The hardship of her whole body turned into a sensation.  Even though it was hard, her heart was released somewhere.
  Aah, that's right.
  Together with her nostalgic sensation, she thought about it.
  She thinks too much.
  Hesitation, and difficulty would not start anything.  No, there is no longer any need for that, but there is something much more important.
  Swimming, walking, moving forward.  She might be tired in half a day.
  Even then, Swimming like this is not bad.
  Forward more!  Forward more!
  Continuing to swim like that---she did not even know how many rounds she made--- If she keeps this up she might drown in her own feelings, and Kaname finally stopped.  At the time that she crawled up the pool side, there was a feeling that steam was rising from all over her body.
  Staggering while standing, there was someone at her back who called out a voice.
"This is rare"
  It was Sabina.  It was because of the loud swim, that it was bound to be noticed.
"Is that so?"
  Tearing off her shoulders with a breath, Kaname exchanged words with her.  It was good to feel her heartbeat beating in a vague noise.  The wetness of the shorts reaching up to her buttocks, she casually lift herself.  Without any behavior or enticing the opposite sex, Kaname did not mind.
"It feels good.  How about you?"
  Like challenging her, Kaname spoke with her eyes glaring, Sabina shrugged her shoulder a little.
"No.  But seeing you energetic would be good."
"I wonder.  This is still the worst."
  Sabina carefully looked at Kaname with a deep eye, and said.
"It seems that you've heard right?"
  with only that, she understood what was being talked about in the garden.  She didn't know where she knew, but Sabina noticed it.
  Kaname quickly responded.
"Yeah, I heard.  sorry."
"Then you knew?  I tried to kill your boy friend."
"Not particularly.  Isn't that alright?"
  Kaname rang with her nose.
"Or what I mean, he's not my boy friend in the first place.  But that guy, he won't be killed by the likes of you.  Isn't that just overly self consciousness?  We took your most important thing, sorry, AND I'm cool, right?"
  Sabine just stood there with her expressionless face.
"....It's about time for dinner.  Shall I accompany you to the dinning hall?"

"Since it's troublesome I'll pass."
  Kaname said carelessly.
"If you want to keep calling no matter what, then prepare Lake Fish made Koshihikari and some Nattou.  Aah, and then---I want to eat some Dried Round Herring.  Thanks."
  Sabina who wasn't quite familiar with Customary Japanese food, asked again for the name of the ingredients.
  Certainly there is a lot of problems.
  But she can't possibly continue on like this.
  That is why in the mean time, forward.  Forward.  forward.


Note: My apologies for a slight confusion, but since LJ won't let me post this chapter in one single post, I was left with no choice but to split it up into two parts.  If you want to read Chapter 3, please read the one below this post first (Chapter 3a). Again, apologies for the confusion.

Chapter 3b (continued from chapter 3a which is posted below)

When The former <Mythril> Information Department Hong Kong Branch head Gavin Hunter and the others were attacked, they were passing through the streets of Cantwell 60 kilometers moving on the road.  Working on the frame works of the "Unit" frantically they ran away from Anchorage, heading straight for the workshop which they have prepared beforehand and were attacked along the way.
  It was dawn with rain.  With Conifer around the area.
  Although it's already June, the mornings of Alaska were still unpleasantly cold.  There are two trailers holding the unit.  Hunter was on the passenger side of the leading car.  Unlike any other convoy on the night, it is a place where no cars are going back and forth.
  It was an ambush there.
  In the path of their way there was a bluish phospherence floating in the air, at once a giant appeared.  It's an Arm Slave.  In addition it was not that one unit alone.  There was also another behind Hunter and the others.  And then 300 meters from the left at a small hill is another unit.  As far as they can see, there were three units.  In the silhouette they can see the distinction of the diamond faced head.  Being astonished, the three units are all made up of <Codarl> type.  Since they only have one armored troop guarding resistance is futile.
  The <Codarl> in front opened his hands.  and said "Stop"
"Do as he says.  Stop."
  Hunter said towards the driver who looked blankly when the AS suddenly appeared.  The driver was employed locally and was an outsider, of course he would have no knowledge of what the contents are. 
  The two trailers stopped in the middle of the road, the external speakers of the <Codarl> said.
"Cut your engine and come out with both your hands up.  If you resist we will shoot."

  they obeyed.
  From the thicket on the left side of the road appear 5 to 6 men, grasping immediately on the neck of Hunter and the others, lining them up in a row beside the trailer.  Although wearing civilian clothes, there were suppressor in their submachine guns, their movement and cooperation were controlled.  If there had been any kind of resistance, the members are in a good firing position.  There is no mistake that they are professionals.
  The drivers were frightened.  Hunter pitied them for involving them.  But he anticipated this situation and employed outsiders.  He didn't want to expose his subordinates with high skills and experience in unnecessary dangers--- in other words, they stepped on a case where the employed drivers being killed would not make a large damage.
Then, why is he going along with them?

  There are a number of logical reasons.  He made calculations not to get himself killed, and to shift to escape if somehow captured, for arguments sake if he died there are no people who would be concerned.  His relationship with his loving wife in the Hong Kong period, became a catastrophe when <Mythril> collapse.
  Oh well.  Being a woman who had pride being a former model, up hers.  To be with a small fat person like him, she only wanted a Grand Cinq ring...that's what he thought.
  But what was the largest, and most dangerous risk he took was not to be in agreement with the enemy.
"Gavin Hunter right?"
  One of the attackers said without negligence of his gun. it was meaningless if he were to deny this, Hunter gave his affirmation.  But even then the enemy had made deep preparations.
"Say your mothers name and you birthday"
  So they were watching out for his substitute.  He had difficulty with his memory---and his mother had died 20 years earlier----then answered the question.
"Debbie. June 4"
"Alright. Show me the load.  Open it with the key you have."

  Whether this was a protest of something else, Hunter hesitated.  Wouldn't it be alright to irritate them for a bit?  No, that attitude would rather give suspicion to his enemies.  He rethinks, and calmly replied "I understand", raising both his hands and walked towards the rear of the trailer.  There were two armed men, following him from behind.
  No matter how he struggled, he could not resist here.  They are much more trained, men armed with automatic rifles, and 3 units of Lambda Driver equipped AS.  As long as Hunter knows, those who are much more stubbornly superior---the guys from the West Pacific Fleet, would not lose to these guys.

  Removing the lock on the rear doors, the boorish metal fittings were unfastened.  Opening the double doors, inside are a large quantity of cardboard boxes.
"It's smoked salmon."
  Hunter said.
"We got it cheap from a trader.  We plan on traveling along like this crossing Canada towards Utah---"
  Not listening to his words, the man violently pulled down the cardboard box.  The cardboard box falls to the ground, on the smashed box the smoke salmon were revealed in the vacuum pack.  Hunter who was looking on, is in a mood to drink some beer.
"Keep quiet and just watch."
  There are several cardboard boxes, inside them were a curved armor, a part of a large machine appeared.
  For people on the military field would understand immediately.  This is the head of a 3rd generation AS.
"Are these smoked salmon?"
The man snorted, and called on the digital communicator he had.
"This is Blue One.  We have discovered Tango One.  Blue One will proceed with Alpha protocol.  There is a control on Tango Four.  Request instructions----Blue One Roger"
  The man concluded with the communication and order the attackers to withdraw.
  At once, two Large helicopters equipped with ECS appeared, hovering in the skies about 10 meters, dropping a sturdy wire and hook.  The men on the ground quickly acted on both hands connecting wire to the trailer.
  And then another small helicopter flew over.  It's an old model Gazelle.  The small helicopter landed with rhythmical movement, around 30 meters away from the trailer.
  A large built man in civilian clothes got off from the small helicopter.
  Taking off the headset and leaving the seat, with energetic soldier like walking heads to this way.  Because of the shadow created by the trees, the face of the man was not clearly seen.  The gray coat fluttering in the wind.  His hair and beard were also gray.
  One of the attackers raced to this "Grey Man", bowing his head, reporting to him not losing to the roaring sound of the helicopter.  Most probably this man is the commander.
  Briefly instructing the subordinate, the gray man slowly walked near Hunter.  His height is about 190 centimeters. His age can also be seen as roughly around his 50's.
  The man came walking a few steps forward.
It was a face he knows.  And also, a man who should not be here.
"impossible.  you're..."
"In this industry that is possible"
  Taking for granted the speechless gaze of Hunter, that man----Andrei Kalinin said.
  Hunter was usually a man who would not be surprised, but this is different.  This is something that he did not see mistakenly, how many times he thinks it.
  But this is certain.
  Standing over there, the one who is leading the troops of <Amalgam>, was the Russian who was responsible as the Operations Commander of the Western Pacific Fleet of <Mythril>, Andrei Kalinin.
  He passed beside Hunter, confirming the contents of the trailer.
"This is the aforementioned unit"
"Building something like this, it changes nothing.  it was a useless labor."
  Hunter's fist suddenly gained strength.
"....Mister Kalinin.  I didn't think that such words would come out of your mouth.  Although we were not close, we were in numerous operations together.  But, I didn't think you were the kind of person who would say that.  Those young fellows trusted you.  Is that not reason enough?"

"That's an overvalue."
"A lot of your allies were killed! On top of that, what sort of infamy---don't you at least feel a little pain in your heart!?"
  Even with the sharp words of Hunter, Kalinin did not even move his eyebrows.
  And then only said one word.
  He ordered his subordinates.
"Wait, Mister Kalinin.  Are you really---"
  Hunter approaching defiantly, Kalinin fired his automatic gun casually.  He felt a dull pain in his abdomen, and then a burning pain felt through his whole body.
  Pushing with both his hands, blood dyeing.  During his poor childhood times in the streets of Glasgow, a memory of a quarrel came to his mind.  Hunter fell on both his knees, and looked forward.  On the corner of his narrowing field of vision, he only saw the wet road with the boots of Kalinin.
"If a human loses roughly around 30 percent of blood he will die"
  Kalinin said.
"With that bleeding, you need to get emergency treatment within 30 minutes.  The nearest medical facility is 63 kilometers from here.  We will be withdrawing from here.  With luck you have could get picked up in the car, even if you do your best to fly, it would be difficult to make it in time.  And then my Helicopter has the necessary medical kit."
"Then here is the question, Mister Hunter.  This unit ---- the ARX-8, who were the people who constructed this?  And where are they?"
  Hunter spitted at the boots of Kalinin with blood mixed in.  It did not fly very well, and fell to the ground.
"Eat shit"
"Is that so"
  Kalinin did not show even any signs of disappointment.
"Then enjoy the last 30 minutes"
  The fallen Hunter stayed still, Kalinin left the place.  His subordinates also started to withdraw, leaving the drivers kneeling.
  The Helicopter in the skies left a fierce roar of the turbo shaft engine.  The two trailers hanging on the helicopters started to ascend, climbing the skies accelerating towards the eastern sky.  The helicopter Kalinin rode started to takeoff, and disappeared immediately.
  After the 3 units of <Codarl> remained watching, lowered their weapons and activated the ECS and leaped from that location towards a distance.  With the bluish white light remaining, the 3 units disappeared from the morning atmosphere.
"....how can this be."
  In the returning silence, Hunter muttered.  The drivers racing, they showered him with their worried jeers, those words no longer reached his ears.
  Gentlemen of the Western Pacific Fleet.
  With those kinds of toys----AS equipped with Lambda Drivers, you will be clashing with a tough enemy with problems.

(Having to train with the basics)
  In the two days of his exercises, Sousuke was being evaluated against his competitors.  There was nobody else but the subordinates of Lemon.
  In selecting the search route, determine the encampment position, and the process of crossing the river, that is the ironclad rule concerning tracking.  There is actually combat experience.  But most probably, it is not the least on swampy areas?
  Certainly there are different variations of large mosquitoes and ants, smearing your body with insecticide, no matter how many times a squall falls, there are water floating about everywhere.  There are traces of rare man-made things.
  No matter how much footprints remain, carefully avoiding the spider's web in the forest, it is proclaiming "We are going this way".  The team was split into two groups of pursuit, but looking at the terrain, the search radius of the two teams are too far apart.  If one side were to enter combat it would take too much time for the support to turn around.  If the 4 men of the team were taken care off, the remaining hidden trap would be difficult.

(Well, how about time for emergency...)
  Shall he gamble on this.
  Sousuke was waiting for them to drop their concentration, and then attack.  On the place where traces of meal was purposely left---- they reached the roots of a big tree, the point man noticed these traces, the tail of the team creeping up from the left wing.  The traces might be purposely left there---with that  contemplation he gets close to the man on the tail, grappling him without noise, putting his knife on the nape of the neck.
"You're dead"
  He whispered in his ear, and in that place bowed down.
  The remaining enemy is only 8 meter's far away, but the thick bush interrupts their field of vision.
  Well, one more person.  From here on is difficult.
  Sousuke has to move forward, turning from the left wing he gets close to the enemy.  The first person feeling the presence of "Murder", called out in warning to his surrounding comrades.
  The opponents he is practicing with, it is impossible to kill them without any sound.
  With that judgment, he shut off his knife and took on the sub-machine gun, he pushed at the enemy at once.  Moving forward the leaves like a tabloid paper, the enemy is present only a few steps ahead.  They were aiming their guns towards Sousuke.  Sousuke fired first.  The sound of gunfire resounds in the jungle.  The paint bullet coming out of the weak cartridge hits the chest and head.  With that there are suitable amount of pain, the opponent who got attacked cried out.
"Uoh, that hurts!"
"A corpse should sleep"
  Sousuke immediately moved.  The two remaining men who heard the gunfire and screams reacted and headed for the bush.  Firing without delay.  The successive gunfire echoes in the neighborhood.
  If these were real bullets, they would have pierced the leaves and headed his way.  Sousuke would have died.  But unfortunately, the reduced gunpowder of the paint bullets does not have the destructive power to penetrate the thick bush.  In addition the opponents were not able to get a foothold of the zone, moving is a curse.  On the other hand Sousuke had grasped the terrain last night walking about, even if he closed his eyes running he would remember it, the match later would be a two on one.
  Although he felt it was sly, Sousuke skillfully takes care of the remaining two.  As expected the 4 men complained "Why don't you just quietly die", he showed the excitement of making a trap.
  20 minutes after the first gunshot, the other 4 man team finally came.
  5 minutes after that, everyone was "Killed in action", they were discontent with Sousuke afterall.

  After the exercise, Sousuke and the other members returned to camp, Lemon and Courtney in front of the electric fan were caught in the middle of a game of chess.
"That's why!  I did not cheat!"
"No!  It's definitely a FUCKING Cheat!  My Pawn was not there a while ago!  You must have moved it while I was shitting!  You cheating bastard!"
"Let me tell you, I have an IQ of 150 and graduated at Sorbonne.  I'm a little intelligent and also young.  There's no reason why I should lose to an eccentric old man like you!  Please stop saying strange things!"
"How dare you say such things! My Uncle died in Omaha Beach.  We save you weak French Bastards from FUCKING Hitler!"
"Haa! Then my ancestors gave weapons as presents to the poor people in the new continent 200 years ago!"
"That's a lie!  Definitely a lie!"
"You were also lying aren't you?"
"What was that?  If you want proof then I have one!  The picture of the house in Arizona at that time---damn, wait from there tomorrow!  I'm going to go back and get it!"
  Is he seriously going 2500 kilometers to Arizona, raising the seat of the Courtney Name.  Then from there, the two of them noticed Sousuke and the others.
"Hn.  What's the matter with you?"
"The exercise had ended.  All 8 mean defeated"
  The Team Leader's Warrant Office spoke, Courtney circled his eyes.

"That's astounding.  So we were training for that.  You're really been wiped out by Sagara"
"No.  If it were a real combat I would have been killed when I took down 3 men.  I'm not yet in the normal condition"
  Sousuke denies, Taking out the belt kit and the magazine and communicators and started their maintenance.
"What an extreme confidence"
Gazing at the back of Sousuke who is efficiently lining up the equipments, Lemon muttered.
"If you were in normal condition, you are saying that you would have annihilated all 8 of them in real battle"
"Affirmative.  If I can't do that at least, I can't fight with <Amalgam>"
  Sousuke answered without any fighting mood.
"That may be true.  But, it seems that you are recovering leisurely.
"It's Nickelo.  One of the places that you mentioned.  Because of that we've narrowed it down.  Isn't this."
  On top of the crude desk there was a Notebook PC opened, Lemon displayed a number of diagrams.
  It's a satellite image.  There is a small town in Pochutla, South of Mexico, projected a coast near Nickelo.  There was no institution standing out at first sight, it was a lonely place.  Facing the sea was a large mansion.
"It's a satellite photo 20 hours ago.  Surveillance satellite of NATO---although it is a low resolution type, we managed to get a photo penetrated."
"Hm. How handy."
  Courtney peeping on the display at the side, groaning.
"That's why I said I was intelligent.  I don't cheat, I can win against you."
"Shut up.  This and that are different!"
  Interrupting Lemon's head poking at Courtney, Sousuke inquired.

"And then what about this mansion?"
"This is actually a property of a billionaire.  A Mexican called Mendoza who profited from IT, his face shows up once in a while at the <Wall Street Journal>, he doesn't really use this place much.  Yet there are capital funds being carried here.  Take notice at the figures in the last year.  His contract with the construction company and the agent, and look at the transfer of money in and out of the bank---"
  After a little while, Lemon revealed a number of official documents and explained technically.  The monetary circulation and laws were terms that Sousuke and the others could not understand.
"In other words?"
  Everyone aside from Lemon who has no idea of how money works said in unison.  Having explained with pride, he slowly answered in a dejected tone.
"In other words---this mansion in essence is being used by someone who has not revealed their true self."
"Is it related to <Amalgam?"
"This [Special Seat] is somewhat similar to the program in the outskirts of Namsak, it's similar to 9 proportions."
"It might be gangs of Drug Cartels."
"Not so.  There is too much security for a gang.  Magnify the satellite photo."
  The mansion being magnified, from the blur the form of people can be seen in the resolution.
  This time everyone nodded.
"I see.  It's secured."
  At the very least there must probably be 16 sentries carrying mobile automatic weapons.  The others are empty handed giants.  There are 4 units of Light armored vehicles equipped with Heavy Machine Gun Turrets.
"What's the time frame?"
"Past 17:00 hours.  It will be multiplied by dark.  Roughly around one platoon.  I think we can penetrate it in stealth."
  Sousuke said.
"These giants walking about as sentries are wearing trench coats.  These are not humans.  They are Super compact Autonomous  mobile AS"
"....these are the robot called <Alastors> right?"
  While living in this camp, Sousuke has told them of the equipments of <Amalgam> and the details of his combat with them.
  ----leaving out that of Kaname.
"Unless it is a powerfully special warhead or at least a 50 caliber class bullet you cannot take down these opponents, If needed a self destruct of the scattered ball bearings.  My unit also had difficulty with them."
"Hmm---.  But, then this is clearly an establishment of <Amalgam> then."
"Affirmative.  There are still some problems."
  Sousuke pointed at the satellite image.
"There are 6 containers in the premises.  They look like storehouses, but they are camouflaged hangars for AS."
"What did you say?"
"It's what Sagara said."
  Courtney nodded.
"I saw this before in the weapons show in Nevada.  The roof opens.  It's construction is very similar."
"That's it, Lt. commander.  If we were to include the equipment and ammunitions, two containers have one unit.  Most probably 3 units."
  Lemon scratched his temples.
"What about the type of unit? Is it a <Savage>?"
"If this is an important institution of <Amalgam>, it won't be those kind of easy enemies.  It's probably a <Codarl> type."
"Those Lambda Driver equipped AS..."
"This is too extreme, there is no means of countermeasure.  Even if we have several good pilot on an M9, it's one unit that you can't easily take down.  And we have to be prepared to accept exterior damages."
  A gloomy silence hangs over the place.
"I give up.  There are three of those monsters, we can't even lift a finger."
"If that guy were here, it would not be difficult to take them down...."
"That guy?"
"Al.  The only Lambda Driver equipped AS in <Mythril's> possession."
"The first generation Al right.  The ARX-7."
  The white Savage that blew in Namsak--- He must have thought about "Al II".  Lemon narrowed his eyes in sadness.
  Thinking about his physical and mental condition, the reason why Sousuke was attacked in Havi Oa island, he did not think it related to the explosion of the <Arbalest> in Tokyo.  There was no way that repairs could be made to the destroyed unit, but the form of the Lambda Driver system---there is a possibility that the AI included in the core unit would survive.  And the one who is capable of operating that system in the world is only Sousuke.  <Amalgam> at that time, would be the only logical reason as to why he is being targeted like a stray dog.
  Of course there is a possibility that is it for revenge.  He has managed to kill Gauron, Kurama and a number <Amalgam> members.  But he could not think of it like that.  Purposely setting things up with the DGSE, with that kind of hasty attack being tested, it was an unnatural appearance.
  There might still be some other reason.
  Do they hate the information offering of Lemon?  Their command system in a state of chaos?  The individual motive of Leonard Testarossa?  Revenge from the remnants of Gauron and Kurama?
All of it are intertwined, is it a complex and complicated situation?
  If he thinks about it there is no end.  The initial suggestions---the relationship with Al, is the most fitting.
"....no, it can't be helped even if we think about a lost unit.  Let's think up of a realistic operation."
  Sousuke said throwing out various doubts.
  Lemon let out a sigh.
"You say that.  With this combat power attack is impossible.  Capturing the managers or the VIP is impossible.  These subordinates of mine are important, I don't want to send them out into an enemy not returning alive."
"I did not ask you to go that far.  I plan to do it alone."
"Again, you're still like that----.  Enough with your lone wolf airs!"
  Lemon raising his voice, Lt. Commander Courtney knitted his brows.

"Ah- shut up.  You shriek like a girl"
"I'm not screaming!"
"shut up, you cheating bastard!"
"The point.  We just need to pile them up and deal with those FUCKING AS one way or another right?"
"Like I said, that's not possible so it's difficult!"
"Hmph.  No matter what kind of unit it is, if it doesn't have a pilot then it's a FUCKING JUNK.  We just have to trick the AS and attack them, before they move, we FUCK them with a 40mm shell."
  Courtney said with a strange confidence.
"An AS.  But, I'm currently in a situation where my organization can't support me.  We can't even get a single AS."
"Then it would be alright as long as we have an AS?"
"Yeah.  We can't have a junk like that in the countryside of South America or Namsak."
"Hmm. Sergeant, what do you think."
  Courtney asked Sousuke.
"If it were to be an attack with an AS, we would need a second generation which is a little silent and has maneuverability.  Weapons control system and communications systems have to be at least the level of what is currently used.  The ability of a comparatively simple to obtain <Savage> is insufficient."
  After the answer to his question, there is no way to obtain that kind of AS.  Infiltrating from the sea, they could settle it with C4 explosives.  Being accompanied with an unreasonable difficulty, there is little hope for success---
  However, Courtney nodded in agreement alone, and said.
"I see. Then we can do it."
  Then, from far away there was a strange sound echoing.  A faint sound of an engine, an intermittent sound chattering the air. This is the sound of an aircraft---a Helicopter.  And it is getting near the camp.
"It's here"
  Looking at the dubious faces, Courtney said "follow me" and went out of the lodging house.  In there, the sound of the helicopter gradually increases, and finally transfigured into an exploding sound floating in the camp.
"Mr. Courtney, what is this---"
"Just take a look."
  Swirling around the thicket of the camp, shaking violently with a strong wind, the leaves flies in the air, in that direction the shape of a giant helicopter can be seen.
  A box type unit coated in gray.  A customized CH-53.  A previous generation from the transport aircraft MH-67 <Pave mare> which was used by Sousuke while in <Mythril>.  Under the giant helicopter, there was a shadow of an Arm Slave hanging in the wire below it.
  With a dark grey armor, there was also a solid limbs.  Donning a downjacket it looks like a man with short legs.
  It's an M6 <Bushnell>.
  In addition this was an update for the special forces with the latest A3 model, a type which is called <Dark Bushnell>.  Although not the next generation M9, it prides itself with its maneuverability, and for a short amount of time it can be silent with an electric driven engine.
  Better than the first model, obtaining this unit is no simple matter---
"Well, it's easy."
Courtney said in front of Lemon and the others with their gaping mouth.
"...then you mean, the important matter that you wanted to get to Arizona was this"
"Hm, did I say something like that?"
  Disembarking from the Helicopters hatch in the skies, there was a shadow of a man inside.
  This is another old man.  An old war buddy of Courtney, Colonel Roy Seals who was previously with him in a drinking bout.  A former high official in the American Navy, Sousuke could only remember him as a guest in the banquet who had sexually harassed Tessa.  Originally he has a considerable position.

  After taking down the AS the helicopter landed, Seals walked immediately forward.  He completely ignored Sousuke and Lemon, glancing here and there in the camp, and then shouted at Courtney.
"The documents were all taken care off!  Well, where is Tessa?"
"Well about that, She's not here"
  At Courtneys response, Seals fiercely turn his head looking around and stopped.
"What was that?  Didn't you tell me that she was waiting here.  I bought the M6A3 here, with her nightingale wind and a traditional nurse outfit, nursing me---"
"Sorry. I lied"

  The main agenda of the online conference, is the [correction] of the military balance and supply balance in the Middle East, Central Asia and the Far East.
  The Middle East accounted for a lot of interest in maintaining the status quo, in relation to the underground resources of Central Asia there was a need for a terrorist incident, while the Far East maintains the tension giving each nation to enlarge their war funds.
  The estimated number of deaths and damages are expected, in the long run it will turn out that reports are positive.  Considering their reports, from that expectations it revealed a proactive and passive endorsement.
  The "World Conquest" is already over----
  The people of the world no longer notices this fact.  Of course, there is no need to notice it.  This organization efficiently utilizes funds, technology and violence, to have a power to greatly get consent from the majority of the people.
  The "World Conquest" is already over----
  There is no need for all the fortune to fall under one hand.  The carnivores in the Savanna don't have to eat the grass, while the herbivores increase in numbers they cannot decrease.  What is most important is balance.
  The "World Conquest" is already over----
  This flow can no longer be changed.  They themselves can no longer change.  For the whole picture, not one of them understands this.  The most important is that you do not infuriate your superiors.  And then continue with the flow.
  No, how stupid.
  The world---
"Mister Ag (Silver), are you listening"
  At the end stage of the conference, one of the managers called out to Leonard in an irritated voice.  Of course he was listening, but he was out of it for a moment, showing a face like he noticed it first.
"Yes, what about?"
"About the project.  The scale of this problem, we would need the cooperation of each of you."
  The man who gave him a harsh voice was Mister Au (Gold).  Although it is an ironclad rule to address each other like this, Leonard already knows his nationality and real name.
"As you say.  As long as I can provide the information, I will share it with everyone."
"Then, how long will you be neglecting that girl.  Do you also intend to finish the [Investigation]"
"My apologies.  But, this approach could not detect the element."
"Still the [Organic Vegetable] theory"
  A number of people laughed at Au's (gold) cynicism.  Leonard calmly carried a smile.
"There is a demand for new [Black Technology].  Like the abstract case of the [Omni Sphere]. We want results."
"Is that so.  Then I will give you enough results."
"I see.  Then that might be the case."
  On the man who is only on voice, snorted through the circuit line.  In the tone of changing the topic, Au (Gold) said.
"Then there is the information.  There are no specifics, but the organization has to make sure about the whereabouts of your girlfriend.  It's about time that the place would no longer be safe."
"It's something I've heard for the first time.  We have increased the security."
  Of course he was not saying the truth.  The observation satellite of NATO, from its inside----from someone who knows the system very well---intrudes, there was already someone who took a photograph of the greatest magnification of the mansion near Nickelo.  Even the whitewashing relating to the funds.  Although he doesn't know who, it seems like a capable hacker.  Although they knew that it was someone related to the French DGSE, but the location was not yet captured.
  Not only that.  There was a continuous monitor from the net with these kind of intrusions, there is an existence of a person who secretly snatched the same information from the shelf.  This is not a human.  It is the work of a large scale Artificial intelligence.
  To be able to accomplish this feat, there is no mistake that it is from that submarine's computer---the act of <Daana>.  Even for <Daana> the first hacker's identity and location has not been found, in any case what is needed is to hold still.
  Just like that.  This mansion can no longer be said as safe.
  Mister Au (gold) said.
"If it is the increase in security, we have already given you support.  3 units of [1502] and 3 units of [1059] are already headed there"
"That would help.  They also had a great activity in Melidia."
  There was a number of people who laughed at Leonard's Cynicism.  But inside he though [it's finally here, what trouble], and clicked his tongue without anyone hearing.
  Then after discussing the agenda of several security, the online conference ended.
  Leaving the meeting room built on the basement of the Mansion---the Polish Sabina Refunio waited.
"The unit has arrived"
"The ARX-8"
"Yes.  Mister K (Kalium) is also waiting."
"He's Kalinin right. Let's go."
  Leonard went out of the mansion through a corridor, heading for the helicopter landing field.  Close to the landing field, components of an AS is stored in a pallet, in front stands Andrei Kalinin.
  The shirt he took off was gray, a coat of gray over his right arm.  From Alaska, he would have traveled straight here like that.
"What's your impression of your first mission?"
  Leonard asked Kalinin.
"Particular.  What about the unit?"
"that's right.  Just a moment."
  On top of the large pallet is the AS, covered on top of it is a tarpaulin sheet.  That sheet took several people to uncover, inside the AS came into view.  No matter how different the part or armor, it looks extremely similar to <Mythril's> 3rd generation AS, the M9 <Gurnsbeck>.
  It was a boring unit.
"This is their trump card?"
  Kalinin answered with an expressionless face.
"the outward appearance is different from the <Arbalest>, and used the test type parts of the XM9.  This unit is an ordinary M9----I heard that they used the parts of the E series. ....Can I see the core of the Lambda Driver?"
"then, please have a look."
  Kalinin bowed, and signaled one of his men.  Opening the armor at the back, it took a number of men to remove the hip armor, exposing the interior of the AS.  Perpendicular to the cockpit---this originally should be the power source of the electrical equipments, this looks like an M9 type of a large refrigerator.
  Leonard by chance looked up at the frame of the AS, raising the unit's hatch again.  there was a cylinder of strong glass fixed in the buffer device, in the construction of the cylinder---let loose a metallic brilliance filled with fluids.
  This cylinder is the circuit of the Lambda Driver nucleus.  if a power source is given, it will operate with this [fluid logic element] emitting rainbow like lights like that of a DVD.  This equipment is also installed on the <Codarl> and <Behemoth>, the fluid processor in front is several times the capacity of the one made by <Amalgam>.
"Is there no mistake"
  Kalinin said.
  Leonard touched the surface of the cylinder, and contemplated.
  The real form of the circuit, the buffer system and the cooling system, the fiber optic cable on both ends of the cylinder, there is nothing strange.
  No, nobody knows.  Thinking carefully in itself, this unit and that man's strong will.  At a glance at that young man--- the thought of Bunny Morauta's face, he laughed with a sort of snorting.
"Aah. dispose of it."
  Kalinin answered, and gave orders to his men.

  After a few minutes, the power source of the captured unit was removed, burning off the joints of the limbs, and left in the site like that.  with the car the chassis was detached, and the engine taken off.
  The said cylinder was dismantled, being destroyed in the public.  The fluid inside was scattered in the surrounding, the [heart] of the unit's wreckage washed away with buckets and mop.
  During the work, Kalinin looked up in the window at the third floor of the mansion.
  And he thought that she's here.
  That girl, Chidori Kaname, with a pale face in the window, in the presence of the arm slave being dismantled, and looking at Kalinin being the supervisor, before being seen, she hid back to the inside of the mansion.
  Clouds fill the southwestern skies.
  Thundering, the short sound of thunder echoes.  (A storm is coming---)
  He can feel the gloominess, and thinks that a battle is being pushed about.

  A terrible atmospheric pressure shakes the transport ship unforgivingly.
  Upwards.  Downwards.  To the right.  To the left.
  This continued for a number of hours already.  Having experienced bad weather like this, but did not upset his stomach.
  Most of the people on board, were leaking out the voice of a dead man everytime they speak.  The members of the Cargo Bay, who may vomit any time now, shouted at the headset.
"One Minute!!"
  The landing point is drawing near.
  Sousuke lightly grabs the joystick in the cockpit, making the last confirmation.  There is no problem with the mechanism of the Parachute.  Weapons Control?  OK.  Communications system?  OK.  Navigation?  OK.  Maneuver control? Ok.  Everything is Ok.
  Then shall we go---
  A giant Cargo Hatch slowly opened in the rear of the transport ship.  A violent storm rips inside the hangar.  The M6A3 <Dark Bushnell> connected to the rail starts its engines, and started to prepare for the violent work.
  Sousuke drew a large breath, and informed the crew of the transport ship.
"This is Urz 7.  Descending to target destination.  Thank you for the escort.  This is my call sign, Urz 7.  Starting Descent."
  The Captain of the transport ship shouted at the wireless radio.
"We pray for your luck, Urz 7!"
  Fierce spark scattering.
  The lock in the rail was unsealed, Sousuke's M6 was released into the sky.