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Full Metal Panic: Burning One Man Force Epilogue

Since the epilogue is short, I thought I might as well finish everything. This finally closes Burning One Man Force. I know everyone will be wondering if I would also translate the next novel "Tsudou Make My Day". As of right now, I'm still not sure if I should. Since I'm not very fond of the translations done by Tokyopop (I compared their releases to the originals and majority of them are way off), the possibilities that I continue would be high. Well unless someone else does them first. Anyway, here's the last offering of BOMF, I hope you guys enjoyed reading this as I enjoyed translating it.


In the midst of the street lights, light snow were fluttering slowly about.
It's late at night. The port city is completely asleep, the moored boats and merchant ships are laden with thick snow on top.
In the corner of the harbor, there is an old worn out warehouse. The exteriors were of brickworks, with tatters here and there, without even any hint of repairs being made. There is also a giant 5 meter tall rusted iron door.
a woman who was known to be called "Wraith", stopped in front of that warehouse. With a second hand 2 ton truck with dented panels.
Leaving the engine as is she get off the vehicle, heading towards the gate opening of the warehouse.
In front of the gate, waits a man wearing a coat. Low height, and stout. With one glance from afar, one might mistake him as a barrel.
"Right on time. Really conscientious."
The man said. without replying, carefully surveys the surrounding of the warehouse. There are no observing eyes. before getting to this place via the vehicle, there is no mistake that elaborate inspections were made.
"Where's the shadow?"
"If there is one it won't be here"
"That's right. inside the car."
The man retreated from the warehouses gate, pushing the switch for the front iron gate. The engine roaring, the door opens. Because of the rust in the rails, the rubbing shrieks of the metal resounds to the nearby neighborhood. the woman returns to the drivers seat, getting the vehicle inside the warehouse.
This time she shuts the engine, and gets off the vehicle.
The iron doors closing behind her. the light shinning from the street lamps outside quickly becomes thin, at the same time as the thundering noise of the door shutting the interiors become pitch black.
Taking the red emergency lamp. With only the large trailer inside the warehouse, the other articles could not be found. Aside from the short statured man there seems to be others there. Three men with assault rifles. Must be a minimum requirement.
"Get the cargo"
The man said, and the woman opens the rear of her 2 ton truck. In the cargo of the vehicle is a large wooden crate like a large refrigirator.
"Is this it?"
"That's right"
"Good job recovering it"
Because the police is also in confusion. It's troublesome getting this out of Japan."
the man did not verify the contents. Because the woman had already said "that's right", and have already made certain of it. There is no reason to doubt.

"Mister Hunter. Before I entrust this to you, there is something I need to confirm."
The woman said.
"Please do so"
"Was this the generals?"
"I don't think I know. If I knew, you and I would already be dead."
"What about you. I can't understand your reasoning to go this far"
"that's mutual. I was also abandoned."
The man smiled after saying it.
"If it was a puzzle being assembled in front of you, you would want to see it completed. That's what I think as human nature."
"And that's your only motive"
"Well there is one other, it would be good to retaliate. And about that girl, How do we say it, you're also interested right"
"Well, at any case. Can you let me have a little look? Of course its still incomplete."
The woman nodding to consent, he walks to the rear of the giant trailer. Opening the container door. Inside is a large mass---a kind of machinery crouches, and covered with a black sheet.
Hunter slowly unfastens the tarpaulin sheet.
What she saw is a head of an Arm Slave---the top of its head. Inside the container, an AS is completely stowed inside. It's head lying in a sprawled posture.
With the gloom present, the units whole story, the woman does not know from her point of view.


Able to barely distinguish it, This unit is the so called "Third Generation".
But this is not an M9.
It's something she has never seen before.
Not able to see the whole story. Also not knowing it's functions. But can it be just the imagination? the coldness in the atmosphere of the controlled freezing area, it can't be felt on the surroundings of this unit. From inside the container, there is some form of strange "heat" leaking.
This unit is burning in rage. Boiling in its fighting spirit.
an oath of revenge, hungering for the blood of the enemy.
Why did she feel this way.
"What's this guys name?"
"Doesn't seem to have one. Because this is a project that did not exist. Its just, well, if we were to continue in its series---"
Hunter narrowing his eyes, looking up at the unit.
"it's [ARX-8]"
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