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Full Metal Panic: Burning One Man Force Chapter 5

Well, I'm done with chapter 5. But since I was doing this at home, I left the scanned illustrations in the office. So for the mean time, there are no links to the images yet. I'll upload the corresponding images later. Only the epilogue remains untranslated. I'll see when I'll be able to finish it to finally close BOMF. Again, these translations are rough and needs to be check for spelling and grammar. Without further adieu:

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Chapter 5: Burning Man

That evening in the streets of Namsak is wrapped in a bizarre atmosphere.
The temperature according to the yearly average until the evening lowered to around 10 degrees celcius in a matter of hours. Getting colder which is not common in the tropical area, which was an abnormal weather in it's observed history.

A massive and heavy clouds rolling in the night sky, like coercing the streets below the eyes, an omnious thunder roared. Mostly, the atmospheric arrangement in the Pacific ocean this year is strange, with the effects coming out from it. But the coldness for simple people, they can feel some sort of evil omen.
It is not only the weather that is bizaare.

The Arena falling asleep after the end of the industrial enterprise, 10 units of Arm Slaves have begun to move their generators. The growl of the diesel and Gas Turbine echoes in the atmosphere, shaking the cold night sky of Namsak. This is like the usual industrial enterprise, not like the rough cheerfully wild, but more gloomy, with the killing intent of the animals rippling in the air bouyantly.
A number of units blowing in existence in the dazzling illumination.
The Russian Made RK-91 <Savage>. That Customized RK-92 <Savage>. A copy of the Northern Chinese Rk-92. The France manufactured <Mistral>, and it's successor the <Mistral 2>. The German manufactured <Drache> A type. English manufactured <Cyclone>. the others are the Israel manufactured and the South African manufactured units.
The coating in those units are not of the militarys Olive, Khaki and green camouflage colors, but with rich colors resembling that of the F1 machines. There are also a number of units with the logo of their local/enterprise sponsors.
All of the AS that appears in the match in the Arena, the pilots all facing the direction of the Chief's breath. They have all gathered in the arena from an urgent call, preparing for a special "Job".

Advancing in the equipping and starting, the Chief arrives in his Patrol Car. The pilots who already recieved instructions from the Vice Chief through the wireless radio about the "job", jokes about how good to have authority. The chief getting off from the patrol car which was mostly shattered glass full of bullet hole, the vice chief announced to the rowdy men.
The chief bending his chest backwards, looks over the faces of the men with tightened lips. From the place of fierce gunning, has a tolerable dignity towards men who runs away in deep blue.
"...Now you have heard from the vice chief. There is a man who controls an AS, he will be coming to Namsak from the north. That guy is a dangerous terrorist, who is overdosed with drugs with an abnormal persecution complex. The request from you gentlemen, is to fight with that guy. That guy will be invading this streets, before he puts harm to the virtuous citizens, you veterans will eliminate him. Make certain to kill him. Show your skills which was polished in the Arena.
The men doubtfully looks at the chief's unconcerned chatter.
"Boss, can we ask a question"
One of the pilot voices out. It was Dao who was the first to have a match with Sousuke.
"Ask away"
"Honestly speaking, wether the guy were going to kill is a terrorist or not, we really don't care. What we want to know are the terms. We still haven't heard of any compensation or support. Can you explain that, Boss"
"I understand. First everyone will get 3000 dollars. This is irregardless of results.
After the chief pompously saying that, Everyone blew a whistle.
"And then the one who buries the terrorist will be given 10 times which is 300000 dollars. And then there is also some addition. Last month, do you know of what was recieved from Gaza in the storehouse? It was the item which was shoot from the Chinese Dealer. There was 50 kilo of heroine confiscated, tommorow, the "Official procedures" shall be burned. And the same quantity of "White Powder", will be coincidentally get into the hands of someone, where that would lead to, I have no interest of revealing. Do you understand what this means"
50 kilo of Heroine. Even with it's purity, in it's immediate direction, it's ending cost can easily reach 1000000 dollars. Of course including the handling fee, that value of money is not necessary, even then that is already the special reward. The Chief is indirectly saying that the person who buries the enemy would attain this.
"That' is really glamours but...aren't you too generous Boss"
Dao said.
"There is no need for you gentlemen to worry. What is important is for the terrorist to be killed. For that reason there is enough accessories, oil and fuel prepared. And then....take a look" In the area entered 5 trailers. The trailers slowly entered the curb, and stopped before them, opening their load. In there were a number of AS used mobile weapons, completely accomodating them.
The German made 35mm Rifle. The same German made 57mm Sniper rifle. Italian made 57mm shot gun. American made 30mm Gattling cannon. Inside a number of palaquins, and also a Swiss made 40mm Rifle. Making use of Liquid explosives, is the most recently produced caseless form.

"Amazing. It's an Oerlikon."
"There's also Oto Melara and Mauser"
"Bofors too"
Either way with just one shot, it has the destructive power to pulverize a passenger vehicle. Since the men are overly excited, the chief said.
"There are no encryption to the weapons control system to these guns. Choose what you like, use what you like. There is enough ammunition."
"We have to thank that guy, Chief. Would it be alright to fire these babies? We won't be held responsible to the "Virtuous Citizens" who live in Namsak."
The men guffawing. From the patrol car full of bullet holes, the darkening man---Kurama got off and addressed the one riding the AS.
"Listen up. The chief said use what you like"
In the interval of those who are riding the AS, stares at Kurama and the Chief evaluating, raising their arms in the opening of the streets.
"Looks like there's no need to hesitate"
"I've always wanted to to this"
"The prey is [Crossbow] right. That cheeky amateur"
Dao and the other men, with the targeted weapons in their hands, returned to their own units.
Grasping different weapons and scrambling, the richly colored giants left the arena. The ground shaking fiercely with the sounds of the footsteps. Seeing of the AS chief said to Kurama.
"The information is here. In the farm 15 kilometers north of Namsak, a white AS is heading south. That guy really is gonna do it."
"Didn't I tell you"


Massaging his refined neck with the right hand, Kurama said.
"With those hoodlums, it would be a mystery if they could stop that guy."

"Impossible. There are 10 units of AS completely equipped. The pilots aren't amateurs either. Even though it was a mistake of the M9, this time..."
"I'm hoping for that. But, We have to prepare ourselves"
"We'll do what we want over here. Then prepare via wireless radio. Because we have to let him know of his goal point."
"Goal point?"
The chief turning a glance with a dubious face, Kurama said.
"This place is the mark"

Using everybit of the Hydraulic system, Sousuke's white <Savage> heads south from the overgrown shrubs in the hills.
Traversing a number of paved roads, getting closer to Namsak, every now and then he eyes a residence intended for low income people.
To get to the center of the town from here, he has to cross the Shenton River that crosses from the Northwest curvature of the city to the north.
Originally the <Savage> is equipped with a river crossing capability, but equipping the unit with an air supply mechanism snorkel was not neccessary. The unit recieving many damage, the electrical system's watertightness also confirmed, moreover the condition of understanding the water's depth, entering the river would be suicide.
There are two bridge that would allows the solid 12 tons of the <Savage>. Continuing from the highway the Purinoko Bridge, and 1 kilometer to the south from therethe Wasaru bridge. There is no mistake that either bridge was guarded by the police. While living in Namsak, since he has drived into his head the careful investigation of the terrain, Sousuke chose the Purinoko bridge. the best reason for that was because it was the closest to the city center.
If Kurama were to urgently escape by himself, he would have reached the airport. But from Michel Lemon via the wireless radio, Kurama has not appeared in the airport. Lemon was behind Sousuke in the car heading for Namsak, his comrades the agents of DGSE is observing the airport.
Kurama is still in Namsak.
It was never thought that he would be chased into the streets, it is possible that there were trouble and was late in escaping----
That was not possible. He was waiting.
He was making preparation, putting things in order for the battle, fighting himself, to go for the kill. This time he certainly has the determination to kill.
Sousuke understands that well. It is not super natural reasoning, but more of a gut feeling. Kurama knows Sousuke's anger. Sousuke also, knowing that Kurama knows this continues to move. Both of them pro, both of them have killed an ally.
For a pro being pushed this far, they may be able to avoid danger and wait for the next opportunity. If the opponent was not Kurama, Sousuke also thought of that.
But this time is different.
Before a mountain pile of rational strategy is a lot of irrational and absurd super mathematics. Nobody knows how a pair of one will become two, but otherwise there will be numbers, and people would not know. It is understandable that men wander at the mathematics of life and death lurking at the borderline, even for those men, they are not able to explain it to others.
With the elliptical significance, Sousuke and Kurama are Comrade in Arms.
Of course both have mutual hatred glooming, and by no means can have a compromise. However, something was understood. Just like Gauron, in a room at Hong Kong who accurately saw through the true nature of Sousuke.

His unit is now near Purinoko bridge.
The width of the river is around 600 meters, with the black water surface flickering with the lights from the street lamps. No, not only the street lamps but also the rotating blue lamps are shining.
Before the bridge there are 2 patrol cars and one armored car, creating a check point. Aside from the policemen that are carrying Shotgun and Carbine Gun, a turret machine gun installed on the roof of the armored card cannot be found

Sousuke changing his facial expression, operates the units power level. Understanding the tired engine's expression, subtlely, discretely. But with determination.
Suddenly the oil pressure guage is shaking bit by bit, the unit temperature needle started rising critically.
No worries, it can still make it.
Tonight's warm open air, is unprecedented on this area's coldness.
The <Savage's> engine roaring, accelerates trampling the ground with the foots movement.
The policemen warned him to "stop" Sousuke did not stop. Holding the gun. To the <Savage> the rifle of the infantry are like small rain. The unit accelerating, kicking the armored car.
Armored car turning sideways. Policemen running away.
Sousuke now hurriedly pushing the unit, crossess the bridge at full speed. on top of the shelterless bridge, swiftly passing for a second.
Ferrying the bridge. Reaching a short building in the town areas, he suddenly breaks. The heel of the <Savage> boring at the asphast, with white coulds trailing above the roads.
The engine's output barely diminishing, waist falling, investigating the surrounding.
In that area around 5 to 6 residents came up the road, pointing the fingers in its direction calling. in Namsak it is not rare to have an AS walk on the roadway, but the residents conjecting at the <Savage's> unusual presence, they didn't go near it.
After finishing to listen, they did not know the whole details. It is totally different from the high efficiency sensor of the M9. Judging that it would be better to continue moving, Sousuke started up his unit.
When the "Enemy units" units that would be the time
The 2 units of AS are heading to the street, passing the corners of the four blocks. <Savage> and <Mistral 2>. With Shot cannon and rifle in their hands.
Not military use. The <Savage> is a loud purple, and the <Mistral 2> has a red yellow two tone color.
It's the AS from the Arena.
The Chief must have employed these guys. Veteran pilots with enough weapons. What a troublesome opponents.
Against the weapon of this unit, there is only one HEAT Hammer.
The enemy units notices and retraces their steps.
Sousuke raises his units engine output once again. Making his unit run towards the building for cover to avoid the enemy's aim.
"It starts huh..."
Sousuke murmuring his voice in the coldness, removing the safety pin of his HEAT Hammer. At the same time that kind of movement, is like turning the key inside himself cancelling the safety equipment.

That <Mistral 2>, The ring name of the pilot [Diamond Head], it's not that there is a special cooperation with the <Savage> he is walking with. It's just that they took the position near the place, when the policemen at the Purinoko bridge informed them, immediately headed to the place.
Rather the <Savage> beside him--- Ring name [Super Star], 2 wins 5 loses as a percentage not a favourable battle records, by all means anticipated the enemy in here.
"He's here, just ahead"
"Heh, walking unconcerned. What a stupid fool."
"Make some room! He's my prey"
30000 dollar and 50 kilo of Heroine.
Only by dealing with that white <Savage>---[Crossbow], they would gain that. In this case, [Super Star] was not accustomed thinking of being shot at the back.
But following immediately, [Diamond Head] has a need to shot his rival at the back.
Then once the [Crossbow] that disappeared while running into the building, with a light step appeared for a second time.
No weapons on hand. Distance is about 200 meters.
While moving to aim, the enemy carelessly brandished it's right hand, like throwing at something energetically. An outline like a falling axe, with a sharp revolution. When he comprehends that the solid object was a HEAT Hammer, [Super Star's] chest was already hit and instantly explodes.
The explosive energy of the Plastic Explosives rips through the armor of [Super Star], driving in extreme heat into the unit interiors. That <Savage> is burning, falling down and letting go the shot cannon.
"Damn who!"
[Diamond Head] staggering in the explosive flame, on his knees fires in that field. From his riffle spits out 35 mm shells, filling the road with smoke in it's shockwave, scattering in it's concentric circular surrounding.
"Now you did it!? You dirty drog! Biting back as a kid!? I'll kill you! I'll kill you!"
Avoiding to curse as much as possible, [Diamond Head] continues to shoot. But the distortion of the temperature, explosive smoke reducing the field of vision, he was not able to make a good aim.
The shells cutting the vacant air, a number of old buildings tears up raggedly.
No response. Returning to confirm the position of the enemy unit, already a few steps ahead the [Crossbow] draws near. With the chest armor scrubbing the asphalt in low profile, presses hard at once.
A tackle rellying of power.
The shock of the attack turning the world upside down.
No, the fuselage practically falls down. With the noise of the flickering screen, the indicators of the gyro is violently rotating. Comparing the armor and weight of the <Savage>, the <Mistral> is superior, but it has no hand at stability to recover from such a collision.
"dammit! dammit, dammit, dammit!!"
The shock absorption system not biting on the tongue, he manipulated his limbs to cause the fuselage in position. But the optical sensor has returned to percieve the scenery, the unit has returned horizontally, in front of his eye the white <Savage> stands, with the shot cannon aiming in his way.
The enemy has picked up the shot cannon which was dropped by the crushed [Super Star]. It's muzzle, aimed at the cockpit leaving an omnious brilliance.
The enemy <Savage> shoots the shot cannon. The shell destroying the personal object cannon in the nether region.
The enemy pilots asks a question.
"[Say it. How many more units"
The [Crossbow] let out another shot. Blowing off [Diamond Head's] right arm.

"Stop it! e..eight units!"
"Have you seen a man with a black coat. Large built, short hair, asian."
"I...I've seen him. He was with the chief in the arena---"
The enemy fired again. A fierce cannon roar and shock. His unit is sliding a few meters above the asphalt, smoke coming out and stopped. If he hears the neccessary information, he has no reason to let him live. This time the pilot [Diamond Head] who thinks he can kill him, opened his shut eyes, with frightened tears flowing in his eyes blinking several times.
The enemy already left the area. Heading towards the center of the city.
In an instant, his strong urge to "Chase and kill him" expanded in his heart, but immediately realized that it was hopeless. Both the arms of his unit has been blown off. There is also no certainty that he can stand up.
"Fucking with me! You think you have some compassion!? You can't be saved now! Just look! The next time we meet I'll definitely kill you! No, I'm going to fuck with you! You'll be turning tiles in hell!"
His still functioning external speakers cursing with the man's voice, echoes in the streets of a completely chilled Namsak.

Not being worried with curses, Sousuke hastens his unit to the center of the city.
It was good fortune that he was able to immediately use the mobile weapon taken from the enemy. First of all this is not the regular army. IN a regular situation, the mobile weapons of the AS which is different from the humans, the enemy troops would not be able to use it when picked up, there is an encryption in the firing system. To be able to breakthrough the encryption and possess the weapon, the highest AI equipped in the M9 would require a suitable amount of time.
(What a chance this is)
The shot cannon that his own unit <Savage> is carrying, glancing at the Oto Melara made <Boxer> 57mm cannon, Sousuke mutters to himself. That was when the time when he was in <Mythril> piloting the <Arbalest>, it was his favorite weapon.
There was a call in the open channel of the wireless radio.
"Do you hear me, Sagara"
That is no other than the voice of Kurama.
"Would saying Loud and Clear be enough?"
"I'm in the Arena. If you have the guts come and get me"
"You're not running away. You'll regret that"
"I wonder about that"
And then the wireless radio was cut. Right now for them mutually, there was no need to uneccessary conversation. One is being invited to be killed. And the other embarks to kill. Bargainin and compromise, there is no longer room for that to step into.
That's right, Kurama.
You do what you wnat. I will also.
From here on, it is not neccessary to think. Clear killing intent, clear hatred. "Is this life"? I can also agree to that. Definitely will kill that bastard.
Warning sound.
Sousuke immediately returns from his thoughts.
The fuselage temperature is not going down. The meter of the hydraulic system is uncertain. The drive system is making crisp strange noises. The Gyro with merely 10 minutes of correction left, started to deviate in a strange manner.
Before the [Crossbow] caves in to the rising sound of repeated overuse, it would take a long time.
There is no need to worry.
Then he encounters two new police cars blockade. There are 2 patrol cars. The same as the previous one, not equipped with small fire power. Judging that fighting them would be useless, Sousuke fired a shot and broke through the blockade.
While moving, the buildings in the surrounding areas are not that tall. A number of street lights. A number of passersby. The chief and the others, they knew that this vicinity will be hostile area, and took the residents into refuge.
In the grid like center of the city, 3 unit of AS appears in the shadow of the street lamps and neon.
Were they there from the start, or did they slowly catch p. <Savage>, <Drache> and <Cyclone>. Russion manufactured, German manufactured and English manufactured. There was such a variety of assembly, even for Sousuke who has been to the disputed area in the middle east, has not seen this much.
The enemy shoots.
Sousuke's unit is surrounded by scattering shells, with glass and concrete splashing all around. Not even a decent aim. The weapons control system is mostly dead, and it is mostly rough. The condition is five minutes.
Moving the unit in evasion with skill, aimed in completely manual operation. Pointing the Shot cannon at the <Drache> in the center.
Miss. The Optic sensor and the aiming system's calculation is terrible. Correcting the ballistics, lets out another shot. The fuselage shakes in the violent vibration of the 57 mm cannon. This time it was a hit. The enemy AS sparks and blows off, throwing off into the pornoshop behind it with white smoke scattering.
Wincing, the enemy fires.
Sousuke twisting his units, hiding in the nearby building. Of course to also defend from the enemy bullets, this kind of cover is not enough. Before the 35mm shells the walls of the cheap structure is like a sugar pastry. No matter how many folds it would be pulverized.
The penetrating enemy shells are scattering splinters, within the number of shots Sousuke's <Savage> has also taken a few hits.
Klunk, a strong impact hits.
It is still alright. The next bullet of enemy shells hit the building. His armor did not sustain serious damage. Having corrected his disordered gyro, Sousuke pushes his unit to run.
It would not be strange if the unit easly tumbles down in fatique, but the [Crossbow] is not like that.
This is because of the units SoftWare----Operation System, Sousuka finally realizes.
The shabby units being able to deal with the violent scuffle, on top of the original program, various ideas were put into it. If it were the same <Savage> that Sousuke used during the Afghan times, he would not be able to do it. In the old days it should have fallen and would have missed its aim. And then the enemy will not overlook this opportunity.
Who improved this OS.
Who looks into the trouble of this unit.
Recalling that, Something ignited in the calmness that Sousuke preserves in his heart. No, it is not that the flame was weak. That passion further intensified, to the eyes of the beholder it is like lighting gushing out.
Don't get in my way----
Sousuke mutters, [Crossbow] spurs on. All the indications in the screen, reading all the senses is conveyed in the frame in an instant, controlling the unit appropriately, leading to the blind spot of the enemy unit.
Shooting from that position, how would the enemy move. Where would he move to himself.
No matter how worse the sensor performance is, he already knew what was natural. Running past the ravine of the unseen building, Sousuke's <Savage> takes the postion in his goal. The enemy unit---<Cyclone> was surrounded by a building.
Stop. Aim. Weigh the timing.
The shot going beyong the building.
Penetrating the building materials, the 57mm cannon shells hits the enemy side abdomen. <Cyclone> catches fire and falls sideways.
That's 4 units.
The remaining <Savage> fires. This is also a random attack. From it, he reveals his own position. Sousuke calmly kneels his unit, driving the armor piercing shells of his shot cannon into the remaining <Savage>.
5 units.
The loaded jet fuel catching fire, together with the fierce roar the enemy units explodes, shattering the window glass of the nearby building.
Don't get in my way----
Chanting with dark eyes, the unit runs. Then 3 more units appear. Their presence in disorder the two knocks out.
Don't get in my way----
Being showered from the counterattack of the other unit. The broken chest armor already shot. The fragments of the pierced shell reached the cockpit, the left screen break into peices. The scattered plastic jumping about, cutting Sousuke's temple superficially.
Don't get in my way...!!
Not minding the agony. Ascertaining the units status. There are serious damage in the left half of the hydraulic system. Even then the <Savage> can still move. Until it stops moving, it is already in it's countdown stage.
Aiming the shot cannon, shoots.
Hit. Crushed.
That's 8 units.
Busily operating the [Crossbow's] fuselage system, the hydraulics of the left foot was somehow restored. Not yet. This tattered can still move.
There are only 2 shots remaining in the shot cannon. With a single shot one enemy was taken down, Sousuke heads his unit toward the arena.
9 units.
Approaching what appears to be floating Soccer stadium illuminated by the light of the mercury lamp. He eyes a police patrol car and an armored car in front, they were confused and was not prepared for an ambush attack. They didn't think that Sousuke would have appeard this quick in the place.
He has seen the appearance of the chief in one of the patrol car. Obviously in confusion, orders his surrounding men to "shoot". The infantry rifle would not be able to harm an AS, mostly it is impossible---
Unexpectedly a scream was heard overhead.
A roar in the exterior speakers. the M6 equipped with a riffle with a monomolecular cutter as a bayonet, performs an ambush jumping off from a building, pressing against Sousuke.
A number of shot raining down. the [Crossbow] agilely--- as "agilely" as a standard <Savage> can get--- somersaulting, barely escaping the attack of the M6. The fragments of the shattered asphalt emitting white smoke, swirling in the surroundings of the unit.
The attack of the bayonet, and cathing sight of the enemy units with the shot cannon of Sousuke's unit, mostly at the same time.
Sousuke pulls the trigger, with and explosion like flash near the <Savage>. The remaining shot of the shot cannon, blow off the right shoulder of the M6 flying from above, along with the weapon in its arm spining in mid air. The bayonet rifle that the enemy let go, was sticking vertically on the ground, falling to the patrol car next to with with its fierce vibration, crushing the backseat.
"Shithead! You're gonna have to pay for that!"
For the first time, he noticed the voice of his opponent. It's Dao. Vile curses spweing off from his mouth, with the left arm still alive, he pulls out a monomolecular cutter equipped in his units hips, and points it towards Sousuke's <Savage>. With intense enthusiasm slashes forward, Sousuke with his cut shot cannon deflects the slash.
"Die, Sagara!! Die!!"
Warning sound.
The strenght of the knees collapsing. [Crossbow's] hydraulic system suddenly lost its power. The units damage and fatigue has already reached its limits.
(At a time like this....!)
Sousuke gives up the agility of the hydraulic system, and moves with only the muscle package of the unit, looking upward, stretched his hand on the bayonet attached to the rifle that has fallen a moment ago.
What a sluggish movement. But this is the maximum. And no further than this.
"It's no use! shitty bastard!"
guessing its judgement, Dao's M6 pierces before the hand of the <Savage> reaches the gun, thrusting the monomolecular cutter in the cockpit at the chest area.
the right hand searching for the gun, barely using the left arm as a cover. Dao's monomolecular cutter pierces through the left arm, sparks scattering like heavy rain. The arm's armor, Muscle Package, and the frame are being severed one by one, and then corroding the chest armor.
"Ha, hahaha! Go to hell!!"
Dao cries with a hysterical voice.
The fierce vibration and noise of the casting armor being severed.

His own unit's chest area being cut down. Just a little more until the cockpit. Just a few centimeters, Sousuke's body will become two equal parts. And at that instant, the control system was torn. The monitor was mostly down, and the control of the left won't respond completely. All is over.

If it were an ordinary AS, the unit would have already lost all control capabilities and all that awaits the pilot is death. For the M9, even for the <Arbalest>.
In this case, the [Crossbow's] right arm--- the free manipulator still continues to move. Stubbornly continuing to search the ground for the rifle.
This simple and tough system of the <Savage>, made it this far and has not yet died. The masterpiece that is the remains of the History of the Arm Slave, where ever it goes---- it will not leave behind its pilot until the last moment.
The right hand finding the rifle, with a solid grip.
rising up the muzzle. No need to aim. Pushing the rifle to the body of the leaning M6. Operating the Control firing mechanism. The 40mm shell, vomits towards Dao.
The shot unit shakes violently.
A shroud hanging above the <Savage> looking upwards, the M6 is not moving. The Monomolecular cutter about to cut Sousuke stopped. From the joints and places where bot was shot, leaking oil and blood are dripping, of course white smoke and steam are hovering above.
Dao's jeers also stopped.
That's 10 units.
Sousuke let out a deep sigh, kicking off the rigorous M6. But the unit does not respond.
Sousuke's <Savage> have already completely lost it's functions. The hydraulic system of course, the electronics and the motor system are already dead. The engine will also stop sometime. This unit will no longer move again.
The mission of the [Crossbow] has ended.
Sousuke silently pulled the lever of the emergency escape of the unit. The hatch at the head area blew off. Crawling out of the cockpit, taking the carbine gun attached on the other side of the hatch and the spare magazine.
The policemen have already ran away. There are no idiots who would be near to look at the scuffle of the AS. He can only hear jeers and scream from afar.
Accidentally looking, in the patrol car where he had fought with Dao, there was a familiar face to the corpse.
Its the Chief.
Taking refuge from the arena, he was caught up in his own battle. Bad luck for the guy. It's not even retribution. It was a useless death. But for Sousuke, the Chief was not the concern of his target.
Crossing the rubble scattered road, with carbine gun in stance without carelessness, he heads to the entrance of the arena.


Kurama is inside here.
No matter what kind of ambush awaits, he has to go in.

In the security office in the depths of the Arena, even if Kurama silently prepared for an ambush, Sousuke's [arrival] is unexpectedly early.
Even releasing 10 units of AS, he was not stopped.
"Useless shitheads"
Toxic alone, a 5-56mm shell packed in a magazine, slams it in the german manufacture rifle.
There are 2 spare magazine.
Even without time the explosion of a hand grenade would not be able to put things in order.
Even for a trap. In one place inside the arena, it would be possible to use remote device to detonate a small amount of C4 explosive.
However, that would be enough.
If he would be able to entice the enemy in his skillfull trap, all he has to do is to push the button. Its just, that Sagara Sousuke to be able to pass throught the trap, truly only god knows.
If we wanted to run away, he will still make it.
He's not really weak willed, having a calm tactical sense, Kurama has carefully investigated if it is possible to withdraw or not. The reason to run away did not come into his mind. He did not make light of Sagara Sousuke's Tactical skills, he's also not inferior from him.
When its finally settled, he will leave this streets. Transfering in his flight in the capitals international airport towards North America ----that's right, in first class. Drinking Champagne in his departure time, having concluded in killing him very well.
Kurama grasping the rifle casually, went out of the security office without sound.

The original structure of the Soccer stadium, the central stadium is capable of being surrounded by a large gallery. The structure of the gallery is inserted with several stairs and toilets, shops and small room.
He still doesn't know where Kurama is. He also doesn't have the time to know if the kind of trap and its mechanism.
Inside his right boots, its damp and difficult to walk.
Covered in his own blood.
The fragments the flew inside the AS, his right temple was hit. That is where he was bleeding.
Pushing himself to walk, the waves of agony burning in him. With his field of vision becoming gloomy, his head was getting dazed. Right now his own body, is in a similar situation as the [Crossbow].
The ceiling of the gallery is high, with the lights of the street lights and conflagration coming in to the giant glass windows, diluted in the bizaare oblong shadow.
Sousuke's own shadow is reflecting on the walls of the gallery, dancing in an eerie shape. That shadow is like the devil reaper. Pushing out the boorish carbien gun, flame flieckering from it, like the form of a silent ghost.
Looking at the corner of his field of vision--- and then chasing after the traces of the enemy--- Sousuke finally notices.
Devil. Reaper.
Isn't that about him?
Up to this point, doing it up to this gallery, how many people has he killed?
The reason for his running like this, is there any profit in their deaths?
Killing Kurama, he can't say the real reason for that itself. The result of chasing after him, wasn't it to get him to spit out information about <Amalgam>.
For that reason he has built up a mountain of corpse. Among that mountain, is also the corpse of Nami. The corpse of Nami who has seen the dreams of ordinary people.
Making himself going this far, to be able to temporarily meet that girl, what would he be able to say?
"I came here to rescue you. How many people have already become victims, a cheerful girl like you can't die, you don't need to worry"
That can't be it. That kind of truth, would only tear that girl apart.
She won't be happy if peopel got killed for her sake. In cases of quarrels, being noisy, would be fine and kick him, her true essence is to live against war and death. Like a symbol of calmness and kindness. He himself being driven by hatred to hurt, this kind of killing, would be to harm the existence of the girl herself.
The meaning of this Japanese, Sousuke hardly understands.
He is being burdened with Karma.
No matter how he face it, it is an unrepairable life and tearing of his world. Just like the second rule of Thermodynamics. He by no means--- that's right, by no means---can't get go of the happeness and reunion with her. He can't go back to that school with the two of them.
From the start, wasn't that already it.
A simple truth, that's what he thought. it is not Sorrow and Despair, or the principle of pessimism, it is the grave truth. The rapids of the raging fates, just gazing in coldness of "having if over there", without feeling.
Even them he cannot stop.
He still have the fighting spirit towards Kurama.
Also have the tenacity towards <Amalgam>
No, those impulse have already expired, the drive of his cell could not stop. Those are already the strenght of the will and the fierce anger, those elements are already in another dimension.
In its foundation, something automatic, always moving with him.
Moving irregularly dragging the crooked shadow of the reaper, he reached the semicircle of the arena's gallery.
No trap. Even the indication of any person. No---
Continuing on approaching the front of the large staircase, at the top of that floor is a presence.
The moment that Sousuke moved, the top of the floor flickers the flame of the muzzle.
Sound of gunfire tearing the ears, at the same time sharp noise of the shells piercing the air echoes. Soucuke jumps to the corner of the gallery, heading to the opposite direction of the gunfire with the agile warning of his eyes, stoops his body.
Considering being absent minded by fatigue and injury, he regained the sharpness of his wits.
The one shooting was Kurama. It's not that he hasn't seen anybody, it is the floating shilhouete in the darkness, he was able to judge from it.
Counterattack. pushing out the gun from the corner and shoots.
It can't possibly hit, the enemy was guarding his head. If he want to shoot he has to get out of the corner, and try to move to a more advantageous shooting position, Kurama at the same time fires a diversionary shoot trying to retreat. Chasing immediately is dangerous.
Indeed to remove the stink.
Looking for another floor, 15 meters to the left he found the entrance to a small floor used by the personnel. It's a multipurpose emergency stairs.
It shines brigthly.
Indeed he wants to say "Chase after me here". He might be able to see through the anxiety and move up. Its possible it might not be like that. Trying to gain time, he really thinks too much.
Even is the ratio is 50-50, then the route being close is good.
Sousuke resolutely jumps to the first floor, running up at once. Blood stained on his right boots, stands in a sloppy and shameful sound.
Going up to the second floor, Kurama is waiting in ambush. Inside the gallery of the second floor, there was a shot from the shadow of a pillar with graffiti. As expected. Putting into place the objective and hides his body in cover, nimbly returning fire. Sparks are flying about nearby, shells breaking into the concrete wall and floor with fluttering sounds.
Not even any pretext of conversation. Originally, this is what a battle is.
Insisntent gunfire tides over, waiting for the timing of the enemy's magazine replacement he runs to an advantageous position. Barely making it on time. Kurama's delayed shots chases after him.
Shots from the big pillar and cracked pots.
Kurama hiding, escaping inside moving towards the blind spot. A maintained Shoot on the firing angle. No response.
Kurama retreats. Sousuke chases.
In between shots, the muzzle flashes projects a shadow on the walls of the gallery. The shadow like a grotesque monster, moving brilliantly like projected into a frame.
Kurama runs away again.
The enemy faces the narrow passage--- seeing him running towards the continuous stairs of the stadium's audience seat, Sousuke draws nearer with conviction.
Running after him like this is dangerous. The audience seat unobstructed, that is where he appeared, it became a situation where sniping from somewhere would not be strange. If he continued running after Kurama then they would be in another place, he has to take a position where he can take it out at once from the audience seat.
(Broadcast seat---)
If it where in the room where the announcer or commentator broadcasts the matchs.
Sousuke with prompt decision, heads towards the personel passage---running towards the iron door where [unauthorized persons keep out] is written. grasping the handle of the iron door, try to turn it without a key. The door opening, advances towards the passage inside---
At that instant, Sousuke thought that his judgement was too relaxed.
His opponent is Kurama.
At the time of retreating like that, he meekly chased afterhim as expected. It is different from the stairs some time ago. If it were to be finished, it has to be here. Then, watching out for Kurama's trap this is the place where he aims, where is the last minute door?
This door.
Running on intuition with the back muscles becoming an electric shock, he jumps back from the opened iron door. At the same time, the plastic explosives waiting in the door explodes, Sousuke was sent flying with the iron door.
A bluish white flash and shockwave.
His left shoulder weighed down by the drawing near iron door, with overwhelming force blows him in the opposite direction.
With the top and bottom going around.
His whole body slamming on the floor.
Even them stopping with vigor, he rolls on the floor hitting several garbage cans, sweeping them down, finally stopping when he hits the opposite wall.

Explosive flame and white smoke spinning in the gallery, slowly being seen. His body rolling from the garbage cans, pet bottles and empty cans scattering about, his eye catching them spinning in the air.
He's done for.
Even if he thinks so, Sousuke immediately raises his body. With terrible shock and agony, he gathered his hands and feet. If he were wearing the Mythril made AS pilot suit that is Shock proof and Heat proof, this would not be happening.
But his left arm would not move as he wanted.
Is it dislocated, or is it fractured. With burning pain attacking him. Its like there is no strenght. Both knees shaking, he stands up with the gun in his right hand supporting him.
Raising his face, he heads forwards not knowing if he can still operate the gun. Both eyes misty. The reverberation of the explosion echoing in his head.
Heading towards the flame and smoke he sees the form of Kurama.
Getting into the perfect shooting position, surely aiming for his body. Confronting Sousuke, Stiring very little aims his muzzle with all his might towards his opponent.
Kurama shoots.
The body runs with slow shock. The bullet hits, piercing. Even for a bullet proof pilot suit, it can't stop a rifle bullet. Blood splattering in the walls at the back.
Then several shots. He does not know if his staggering body was hit. He was not able to recognize.
Is this it----
He feels total darkness in his eyes, Sousuke collapses.

Being killed by the plastic explosive was unexpected, standing with gun after that is also unforseen.
But, that is it.
Kurama who had shot Sagara Sousuke, with rifle on hand without getting careless, slowly approaches.
He has to ascertain by making a headshot. Because of the flames from the explosion and smoke interrupting his field of vision, he could not grasp the damage from that position.
In the most case, the first shot was already a fatal wound. Even if he was left alone there is no doubt that he will die. He's not even conscious.

However, he felt a new presence.
It is not one person. two, three, no four persons. Probably more.

The sound of faint rustling of the uniform and equipment. If you are more attentive, you will notice that the walking presence is in stealth.
(It's them)
In the mountains near the vicinity of Munamera, them and the chief were attacked, which special forces are they from. They finally made it this far. As expected he doesn't want to face off with all of them, he needs to secure an escape route.
He didn't even waste a single moment of regret, and did not exempt the sound coming up. Putting off Sousuke, Kurama agilely moves. First the outset, he shoots the man in the shoulder with the rifle who carelessly had half his body exposed in the stairs.
The sharp creams and gunfire echoes in the gallery.
Body cowering, neglecting the associate who helps his injured comrade, he silently moves to the opposite direction---running towards the south of the gallery.
He saw two enemy soldier who tried to pincer attack him.

Aiming faster than the enemy and shoots.
Pushing with simple strenght would be enough.
One of them falls down defenselessly, another one shoots his machine gun. Kurama's bullet proof coat would be able to defend against a submachine guns pistle bullet. Without faltering, and with skill, he shoots the enemy to death.
Faster than the man's back falling to the floor, Kurama rushes over to his place, taking the hand granede in his chest. Removing the safety pin, and into the direction beyond the passageway, throws the grenade in that direction where another enemy is hiding. Clank, making noise in the air, the grenade rolls to the corner.
Curses and screams. Continued explosions.
A whirlpool of smoke as a backdrop in the dim light, Kurama without mercy throws a rifle shoot on the two person who fell in agony at the narrow passage.
His poker face without change, the enemy who is a hindrance to him again, Kurama stands it completely. Massacering these people vigorously, he feels like wasting them no matter where they belong, but time is already up. He does not know how many enemies there are, remaining here would be too dangerous.
Fluttering his black and heavy bullet proof coat, he returns to the previous place with a fast pace--- returning to the passage where the plastic explosives detonated. Sagara Sousuke not moving and on the verge of death, he paced back to finish him off.
But that Sousuke is not there.
Hovering in the haze, he disappeared in the smoke, only blood remains on the floor, but his enemy is not there.
No, there are trails of blood.
The bloodstains in a tottering manner, going left and right, rolling into the walls of the gallery behind the garbage cans---
From behind those garbage cans, a pale faced Sousuke, with carbine gun in hand immediately shoots. Flanking with a heavy impact, Kurama's body staggers.
And then another shot. The rifle shell pierces the bullet proof coat, smashing his chest.
He can no longer stand. Kurama staggers to the opposite direction, kneeling on one knee, dropping the rifle in hand, collapsing into the blood trail made by Sousuke.

Actually hiding behind the enemy, not letting the oppostunity run away, that is speaking in another dimension. He is not yet dead, he can still move, he still have the strenght remaining to pull the trigger.
But that was only it.
Sousuke stands up in agony, meeting halfway about 10 meters to where Kurama had fallen.
His left arm is not responding. Having tremendous agony every time he breaths, blood from his body continuous to flow. With a large hole in his stomach. Being able to stand, his spinal cord is still connected somehow. But how much longer he would still be able to live, Sousuke can easily guess.
But, before that----
Mustering the remaining strenght in his lungs, Sousuke said. with his right hand shaking, aims the muzzle of his carbine gun towards his opponent. Even with that muzzle, it was undependable and shakes down.
"Tell me. Where is Chidori"
"...listen... what do you plan to do"
With his posture falling down without stirring, Kurama murmers. Blood spluttering from his mouth.
"To save her"
"Are you stupid"
Having similarly on the verge of death, Kurama's voice echoes with amazement.
"Tell me"
"Sorry. I'd die gnashing my teeth"
Well, that's right. The natural response. But even then, Sousuke said.
"Tell me"
Kurama didn't answer. In exchange, he said with a weak voice.
"I don't know....both of us....simulteneausly hitting each other.... why?

"It's her"
Not knowing what he was saying, Sousuke really did not know.
"Is it the power of love? Don't make me laugh"
A scorn striking at his whole life. If he affirms that words lightly, he would be falling to hell for thousands of years. Kurama's voice was confined to an echo.
"Why can't it be?"
Sousuke said. No cynicism nor objection, just purely inquiring the question.
Isn't that the current situation.
Standing on his own. Then defeating a bastard like you.
There was coincidence. There was an unmeasurable element.

But the results, he himself is standing here asking the questions, the truth of his authority.
Love or whatever, he doesn't know those words.
But, being in here like this himself, there was a single reason, an unmovable will intervening.
As a result, can he deny it?
"Say it"
"San Carlos"
Kurama said with indifferent voice.
"And then Nikelo, or Granada. It's those places. After that I don't know."
"Is that so"
"Worthless. Whatever."
"I'm not good"
"Didn't I stop smoking"
After that, Kurama never spoke again.
Sousuke fell on both knees.
"San Carlos"
Before he noticed, the carbine gun fell from his hands, his foot with blood unchanging. The big hole in his stomach not closing. Field of vision narrowing, consciousness disappearing somewhere far.
"Nickelo, Otherwise Granada...."
He recites like delirious.
He has to tell someone. But, who would take his place to fight? Who will get her back?
He does not know.
He does not know anything anymore.
What is he asking himself, what is he trying to say, where would he disappear to now.
Falling down looking upwards.
The ceiling is already, mostly can't be seen.
Michel Lemon is rushing over, looking down at him with a ghastly face.
What is he calling for?
Syringe set.
Learning those words many times. He knows those very well in the past.

But those thing doesn't matter anymore.
What remains in the end in his mind, is the form of that girl.
Thinking of Nami, he was not. Why is it, the girl is angry. scowling, with her fist in her hips, glaring at him.
But, the next face comes tearing at him, speaking like this. "Cheer up!"
While living in Namsak, he was not able to think of her face, reviving with vividness. He thought that it might be good living like that, right now he still could not believe it.
He wants to meet. No matter what. He already knows that its impossible. He still wants to meet her.
Being beside her.
striking his back, say something.
Only that, that would be enough.
At least one more time-----

There is a voice.
From far away.
From a place under the sky.
To start with, from a shallow sleep the reliable ebbing of the girls attention is being pulled. Returning, the sound of the waves breaking.
In that direction is a dim echo, a dim voice.
Her surrounding, absentmindedness and light blending together, from there floats a faint fragment of information, floating with different reasons and sounds unchanging.
Spinning around from the fragment, that voice that is faintly disappearing, the girl makes an effort to pick it up.
It's the usual. The girl doing so, hearing a lot of voices, where is it pulling from, and what is being forgotten.
About that voice also, the girl knows.
---wanting to meet with him
That's what the voice is conveying.
At first, the girl does not know the meaning of that voice.
But immediately understands.
To go out of this place with "him", in other words its about "him"
Whose voice is it, the girl indistinctly conjected, Having not being able to meet the owner of the voice once, will not be able to meet it from now on.
At the same time in a different space-time---this is different what world is this, the man she wants to be with. Doing that once. There is a person with that fate.

As long as speaking in this complete territory, about those things, the two people does not know about it.
And then the voice informs.
However, separating with him----
The voice strictly speaking, is not in the concept of a special language of man that is "Tense". But at the same time a "Farewell", there is also a "I will be leaving you"
(Farewell? why?)
The girl asked.
----Because I am dead.
So that's it, "being dead", again about "dying".
----how unfortunate.
----how sad.
----you didn't have someone to replace you
(Is he alright? Where is he?)
----I do not know
----with a deep wound.
Not only that, the girl knows more than that. He is continuing to fight, he is alone, and then he, probably, is searching for himself.
The chest is blocked.
I want to stop.
But, I don't want to stop.
What should I do, the girl did not know.
(Being able to meet you. So that guy is special?)
----I don't think so
----You know right?
----He is only a normal human.
(even then, wanting to see me, also meeting you. That girl, and that guy)
----That is not a strange thing
----At the most, He is mine.
----It is strange to have met you.
(that might not be so)
It's useless to say sorry right?
(Yeah. but, sorry)
----but that's alright
----if it's a different place
----there would also be a different result
----I have to go.
----there's also that whisper
(I understand)
----But for the last time.
----If you meet with him one more time, please forgive him
----be sure to hug him
(I can't promise that...)
----I know
----but I think that would be best
----even thinking about it is good
And then the voice, became farther, and then can no longer be heard

Waking up, the soft light shooting at her eyelids.

Chidori Kaname closes her eyes concealing her eyebrows, turning over with a white sheets.
She can hear the sounds of the wave.
The sea air uproaring the gentle wind, stirring from the fully opened window, with the lace of the canopy hanging in the king size bed, floating gently.
When did she fall asleep.
What did she dream, she couldn't remember the details. As usual. Although it was an important story, everything dissappeared.
What kind of dream did she see. Like the remains of a nostalgic sadness and loneliness, Kaname's mood became melancholic.
It's not noon yet.
Where is this mansion. Where is this seaside, on top of a hill. Outside the window, the glittering green seas are spread all over.
With a little unpleasant chill, reeling closer the sheets. The girl right now, only a thin camisole and shorts and nothing else on her body.
On the plain but refined door, there was a knock.
"Come it...."
"Please excuse me"
A girl in a suit came in. Her age and physique, is not different from Kaname's.
Brown hair. Cut in short bob. Wearing a boorish eyeglasses.
Kaname temporarity getting up from the bed, lowers her head lightly on the girl.
"Are you resting"
"Its alright. What do you need?"
"Three o clock tea. From then on, the evaluation of the data from the <Behemoth i> that was delivered this morning, we wish to question you about it.
"On the desk. In the USB disk"
"Thank you very much"
The girl pour dajeerling on the tea cup, together with placing a small dish of cookie.
"Are you tired?"
"Not really. I only dosed off"
"You had a sad dream right"
"How did you know?"
The girl looks at Kaname, touching the corner of her eye lightly with her index finger.

"Tracks of your tears"
calling that, Kaname looks at the mirror inside the bedroom. As the girl had said.


"That's right"
Wiping the corner of her eyes, she mutters.
"Sad dream. Probably not only about me, everyone must have seen it"
Why would she not accept being beside him. What's the basis for those feeling, tears flowing again from her eyes.
Sipping on the tea cup.
It was a wonderful aroma and flavor, even then her tears did not stop.

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