Full Metal Panic: Approaching Nick of Time Epilogue

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  After the escape from Yansk 11, on the way back.
  To comfort a dispirited Tessa, Sousuke did not have that allowance.
  Kaname turning her back on him.  And then Kruz--
  Whichever concern it was, Tessa strongly blames herself.  It's her own mistake.  it's her own incompetence.  If only she had predicted it earlier.
  Nothing can be done.
  When some tragedy happens, the responsible party cannot be strongly blamed on somebody else.  She is the responsible party.  If only she was wiser, if only she has virtue, she suffers on the thought of condemning herself.  To such a person, exactly what kind of words can you offer?
  The craft's crew prepared a sleeping pill.  Forcing it to Tessa who said she [does not need it], beside is the barrier or mountains.
  Lemon is exhausted, but his life is not in a different situation.  His wounds were suitably treated by the crew, after that he was fast asleep.
  Gripping the hand of Tessa who was groaning from nightmares, Sousuke was thinking about a lot of things.  Omni Sphere.  Accident 18 years ago.  Whispered and Whispering.  Deviated world.  And the key to that is the transfiguration of Chidori Kaname.
  He could not imagine the method of solving it.
  He thinks about Kruz.
  What was floating in his mind, was the form of that enemy sniper dying from the blood gushing out of his chest.  Conjecting the firing range from the digital map later, it was 1650 meters.  For Sousuke who knows a little about sniping, he knows well that it was an act no human was capable of.  Most probably, it was the greatest shot of his lifetime.  Firing with all of ones life, saving Sousuke and the others.
  Death is a part of man.  In the middle of that darkness, Leonard had said it to Sousuke.
  In this shape, he has to get even.

  Turning South they returned to the <Tuaha De Danaan> situated at the Pacific Ocean, it was 54 hours later after they escaped from Yansk 11.
  After the report, there was a gloomy atmosphere floating about the crew of the <De Danaan>.
  Clouseau who had already returned said "Good job. Take a rest now" without any persecution.  Mardukas is the same, only saying "Good that you came back safely.  Don't worry about the Captain".  They also have experienced their comrade in arms dying.  You can leave it to them.
  And then meeting Mao.
  In the briefing room without anybody else, only the two of them talked.
  At first, she had a calm attitude listening to the details.  When Sousuke was finished explaining, she let out a sigh, and muttered [then, it can't be helped].
  Then after a long silence, she spoke.
"Did you hear?  About us?"
"That so..... well, it was a rebound.  Since it was a dry relationship.  You don't have to worry"
"is that so"
"I was just playing.  It's not like it was a rush.  Well, it was something to reduce stress.  It's not like it was serious, its because it was like this, I should have stayed my distance.  That's why...."
  It was a different manner from what he himself and Tessa had heard, rather it was painful.
"Completely, it was not serious.  he's 6 years younger right?  That idiot, lusty man, frivolous....only played with him a little. that's why..."
"Don't say that"
  It's already the limit.  With her looking downward, both arms wrapping on Sousuke's back, desperately pushing back her voice.
"It was not your fault.  He was an idiot.  That's all of it"
"That idiot.  But I love him...."
"I know"
"You can't die.  Please"
"Don't worry"
  Shoulders soaked with her tears.  All of her body was trembling, shivering, unsurpressed emotions pouring out.  The weeping hitting on his earlobes.  Then saying nothing more, he can only carry her shoulders.
  There is no sadness.  He's experienced.
  No, is that really so....?
  The way of smiling, he thought he had grasped it.  But he still could not understand the way of crying.  An incomplete human like him, shaking his shoulders, if only he could sob----when exactly will that be?
  Why are you not here?
  If it was in front of you.  If it was in your chest, I might be able to cry.


  Traveling by air is not bad.
  In the cabin of a business jet, burying the body in the comfortable chair, this is what Kaname thought.
  Surrounded by robust bodyguard and an obedient attendant, enjoying first class food, watching your favorite movie.  Having to relax like this, it has really been a long time.  How long was it ago?  She does not know.
  Sousuke and Tessa are dead.  She also heard that Kruz Weber seems to be dead.

  What a pity.  This has to happen to a useless fight.
  Without doing anything, you should have left everything to me.  If you do that, everything will be better.  There is no need to worry about the troublesome matters, and living out enjoying everyday.
"Miss Chidori.  Is there anything you need?"
  From inside the cabin Sabine Refunio came.  She joined up when transfer was made to this business jet.  She had to do something boorish in South America.
"Hn.  Nothing in particular.  But, that's right.... I want to get into a large bath"
"That is expectedly impossible inside the aircraft.  However, we may have it prepared when we land"
"Is that so.  Then an Onsen would be nice"
"A Hot spring.  Until you have that prepared, I'll be easy going.  An open air bath.  Having everyone going in would be best.  Speaking of which, it's been a long time since I've been to a hot spring-"
  From the image of the fun memories, she gradually got carried away.  Carrying an armful of uncertainty, having fun from the bottom of her heart, those nostalgic image.
  When she went into a hot spring, when was that?  Who did she go with?  Whose idea was it, and who made such an uproar?
  At that time, without relation to her own will, she felt sometime hot in her cheeks.  Hot liquid was pouring from both her eyes.  Without significance to her it flowed, she thought it was completely mysterious.
"Miss Chidori....?"
"How strange.  This isn't supposed to be a situation like that.  Well anyway.  We'll be landing soon right?"
"After 15 minutes"
  Leonard said coming from the pilot room.
"it's about time, why don't you look at the port side.  Today's weather is good"
  Kaname bend herself forward, peeping outside of the aircraft windows.
  Beyond the hazy atmosphere---- in the ocean reflecting the shining sunlight, a lonely half-moon shaped island floats.  She remembers that island.


"It's being constructed there"
"that's right.  for you----and a sacred temple that will save us.  At anyrate that design will be discovered, and many enemies will be coming.  We have to prepare for that coming attack."
  Greatest and highest TAROS.  She possesses that.  In order to correct this world.  Ending everything, and then that will be the place where everything begins.
  A hot violent fight---- if it will be history's last war, that island will be the center.

  That island's name is Melidia.
  the former base of <Mythril's> West Pacific Fleet.


Sousuke's beloved unit ARX-8 <Laevatein>.  Proud of its surprising abilities, has a weak point in its short operating period.  The details of its shoulder unit is provided in this volume!! That ability is....


Latest unit of the <Codarl> series.  Currently the <Erigor> started from the red unit of Wilheim Casper, the black and white unit are also confirmed.  Has many different armament.

Mecha Design: Ebigawa Kanetake

Full Metal Panic: Approaching Nick of Time Chapter 5b

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Chapter 5b

  The demand from Urz 7 passes through right to left.
  Even the report from Gebo 4 and 6, and the message from his own unit's AI [Yukari], all of it is passing through his head.
  In a battle between snipers, the one who first discovers the enemy is the decision.
  Fellows who concentrate in careful camouflage, it is a battle of the nerves that pit wit against wit, concentration against concentration.  There is no allowance to have other problems taking the consciousness.
  In the night vision image and neighboring map in the screen, electrical information, climate condition, all of the data can be seen, conjecting the location of the enemy.
  What about heat source?
  Even if Casper's unit is equipped with ECS, minimum generator exhaust heat is still present.  In a ruins where there is absolutely no human activity, there is no mistake that there are unignorable traces left.  But the image of the infra red sensors are complexly mixed from blue to yellow, unable to clearly show the location of the enemy.
  How about sound?
  In this silent ruins, the cooling refrigerant of the Palladium Reactors engine can be perceived.  But all the High Sensitive Directivity Mike could catch was the gun fires of Sousuke and the others.  If the enemy is equally silent like this, it is impossible to detect the sound source afterall.
  Electrical means?
  This is also impossible.  An obvious story, but the enemy is also not using Radar.  Using an active type of anti ECS Radar, it was like turning on a searchlight in the middle of the darkness.  And then [Fairy Eyes] could not detect the gravitational field of the Lambda Driver.  In order to avoid discovery it is stopped.  In other words if he can finish it with the first shot then it would be a victory.
  Where is he----
  The difference in terrain and altitude, he can't read the enemy.  Even Scientific Technology is fucked up.
  Think about the location of Casper.
  With the occurrence of battle with Sousuke in the Northeast of the ruins, he would obviously know.  It is the same as him, there is a position where he could give the necessary support firing.  That is why he is the position that would give him a blind spot of Sousuke and the others.  Not in the opposite position of the hills.

  If that's the case, he would take position in a high altitude as much as possible.  There is no mistake.  If it is not in a high position, he would not be able to detect this position.
  Inside the building of the ruins?  east side of the plant, in the crevice of the pipes or silos?
  There were 10-odd places that he could think of.  The elements to be considered are not enough.
  The enemy would not observe himself, but also the approach of the transport helicopter.  And the possibility of other M9 hidden.  That is why he is thinking of taking position in the depths of the plant.  This eliminates half of the choices.  But still not enough.
  What about the weight and foothold of the unit?  What about the movement route after the attack?
  Shooting from a large caliber sniping cannon, the surrounding dust would be swirled up, and it will be difficult to align a second shot.  Thinking of being inside the building.  There is the problem of the building construction being brittle and falling apart.
  Listing up the other details of the elements thoroughly in his head, Kruz made an estimate.
"3 spots huh"
  The rooftop of the administration building in the ruins.  The giant Lenin Statue in the center.  And then the steel pylon rising in the north side of the plant.  There is no other than these.
  Next would be his character.
  He doesn't like to be showy.  Concerning this kind of action, Casper has a steady shooting hand even from the old days.  Hiding in the most obvious places, shooting in the most easiest position.  Even if he used the equipped Lambda Driver, he doesn't rely on pressure or luck.
  If that is so, he would be in the rooftop of that administration building right?
  The foothold is firm, not inconvenient in shielding from the surrounding, and a position that can guarantee a wide field of vision.  And can immediately react from the attacks in a different direction, it has the easiest supporting position for allied transport helicopters taking off.
  However, but is he a man that would take position in a predictable place like that?
"Maximum sight"
  Magnifying the projection of the said building.  Infra-red rays, Light amplification, Passive electromagnetic wave, observing with all of the modes, he still doesn't have confidence.  it can be seen if he is there, and it can be seen if he's not there.  He observed with the passive sensor in the other two places, but it's pretty much the same.  If he observe just a little more, he would know----
  Which one among the three.  Assuming such, this was a battle of intuition from the start.
  Casper was a rational sniper---- there is no mistake about it.  And has a complete knowledge about me.  Following the process of thinking thus far, it's naturally predictable.
  Then, is he in another place?  No, would he even read that?
[Urz 6, done yet!?  It will be bad for Sousuke and the others]
  The urgent sound of Gebo 6.  They are standing by hidden in the mountain ridge.  If Kruz ignores those request then it would be a failure.  In some way or another the feeling of impatience, once again becomes big in his heart.
"Just wait.  Just a little more"
  What the enemy has that he does not, was an element that would decide victory or defeat.
  That is time.
  They were slowly searching for us.  There is no need to feel the danger of your allies.  But for Kruz is different.  No matter how skilful Sousuke is, there is limit to ammunition.  It is only a matter of minutes until they can no longer resist.  Until that time---- no, he has to defeat the enemy now.
  He has to hurry.
  Building in the center, or steel pylon of the plant.
  Kruz now presses these two places as choices.  Casper is in these two.
  In the infrared image in the rooftop of the building, there was an area with a mere temperature that is pea-green high.  Even in the summit of the pylon, there seems to be a different pattern.  Both concurs to the size of an AS.
  Which one?  Where is he?
[Urz 6, hurry!]
  Gebo 6's demand.  Inviting impatience.
The one that has the higher temperature is on the building.  In addition, only there does the wind blow unnaturally.  Doesn't the invisibility of the AS avoid the dance of the dust in the wind.  Even the distribution of heat can be seen like a humanoid ready to shoot.  No, that must be it.  There is no mistake----
  Decision.  Alignment in an instant.
  Infrared mode.  24 times.  Manual Control.  Range, 3390 meters.  Wind speed is 5 knots from the Southeast.  Calculation error within 30 percent.
  Aiming 2 meters to the right of the center of the distributed temperature.  This is most probably the cockpit.

(Casper.  I got you.)
  He muttered inside his heart.  Pulling the trigger.
  Miniature, and heavy impact.  The 76mm Cannon spout out fire from Kurz' unit, making a concentric circles in the surrounding shrubbery.  Before his eyes the firearm pipe blows off, dart like armor piercing bullets cutting though the darkness plunging forward.
  He can only see concrete smash to pieces.  Large amount of rubble and cloud of dust dances around in the explosion.  But there is no AS.  The shell only blew off the building.

  Then that means----
  Immediately there was an aim from the pylon, too late.
  What he saw, hanging from the summit of the pylon, was a red unit that already fired.  Awfully slow, heading this way was the enemy shell.

  From the shot of Kruz, Casper who immediately discovered his location fired, accurately hitting his unit.
  His M9 was in a position lying down. That is why the enemy bullet first entered the M9's head---- for humans this would be the forehead, penetrating the radar, tearing up the engine system and drive transmission system in the back of the head, penetrating from the armor on the upper torso to the cockpit block in the chest, the explosive motion energy and shockwave destroying the interior electrical machinery and the shock absorption system, and spreading into the pilot inside, now advancing to the back of the unit---- flying out from the hips, scattering in the air.
  Kruz did not even have the time to move his brow and smack his lips.

  Cancelling the ECS, and deploying the gravitational field of the Lambda Driver, he was cautious of attack from another enemy.  Confirming that there are no other enemy AS, Casper reported to Kalinin.
"Mister K (Kalium).  Weber has been brought down"
[Is that for certain?]
"He was destroyed.  That kind of damage would result in instant death"
[....is that so.  Then suppress the resisting enemy in the North-eastern side.]
"Capture the girl alive, right?"
[As much as possible.  I don't care if the others are killed]
  After the exchange of communication, Casper's <Erigol> kicked the Pylon and jumped to the Northeast.
  Hearing his former subordinate get killed, there was no sentimentality in Kalinin's voice.  Then Casper himself, after saying this felt no guilt.  Rather, he is stimulated with an exaltation without any recklessness.
  Weber.  How regrettable.
  Certainly that central building would be the [No 1 choice].  If I didn't know that the opponent would be you, I would have also positioned there.  But I avoided it.  It's because I thought that you would stick your eyes in it.  The rooftop of that building, I asked a subordinate to light a small gas burner.  In that minimum heat, you're doubt would have been enough.
  As was expected, you fell for it.
  You didn't have time right.  You were impatient right.
  But it was your miss.  Firing a second shot, that must be what you expected in the corner of your heart right?  The most necessary in that instant, did you not have enough concentration?  That's right, you decided too early.  You should have scrutinized it at least one more minute.  Then even I might have turned my head.
  How unfortunate, my student.  But it was fun.
  They say that you have natural talents.
  5 years ago, one of the employers brought you along and said you were an [interesting kid].  Surely, was it a former Japanese Red Army terrorist?  You said you killed in him in revenge for your murdered family.  Thrown into real battle as a trial, you only saw a portion of it.  Observation skill and powers of concentration, and then the power of imagination to project the image of ballistics, you were a rare genius.
  That's why you were allowed to enter.
  I see, you were a genius.  Carefully absorbing the art and wits that was handed down from 200 years of us snipers.  In one year---- in just one year, you became a shooter that is not comparable in your unit.
  However, you were not called [Ghost].
  Operations Draft, Map comprehension, communication, camouflage, surveillance.... learning the various know how, Rifle and bullets, and then learning the mysteries of ballistics.
  But my student.  You were not called the [Ghost].
  An instant where all of it unified.  The whole creation, confirming the grasping of all things material, the context of time flowing, a moment where you can move the air molecules one by one, before you knew it, it ends.  You can say that you have [seen God].  That happens when it happens.
  But ultimately, this has nothing to do with tactics.  You would not know that.  Because you are like that, the [Ghost] did not come.
  I lent you a hand in your revenge.  Instructing you in all of the arts.  But, you can only go so far as to walk behind your teacher.  Kruz Weber.  You are such a blockhead.
  My student.  How unfortunate.
  Casper's <Erigol> jump two, three times, hurrying to the battlefield in the Northeast of the ruins.

  South side, Sousuke can hear the consecutive sounds of explosion from somewhere far away.  There were 2 shots of large caliber Sniping cannon used by an AS.
  And then---- the sound of a unit exploding.
  This cannot be seen in Sousuke's position, if he peeks outside shots are immediately fired.  That is why he can only guess, it seems that the sniping battle ended in an instant, and looks like one AS was destroyed.
"Urz 6.  Situation"
  No response.
"Kruz, Respond----"
"The link of the ADM (Advance Data Modem) has been interrupted."
  Tessa muttered operating the computer terminal.
"All the data transfers has been stopped.  There is no rescue signal.  This indicates the function of the M9 suspended...."
"Was he killed?"
  Lemon shouted returning fire in the back.
"I don't know. But, most probably.... he was destroyed...."
"he can't be killed that easily"
  Sousuke said shooting at the outside of the small room.
"This happens many times.  Don't worry"
  There are almost no ammunition left.  20 shots more.  After that, it is impossible to suppress the enemy attack.
"Eeh. But, this situation----"
"Don't give up Tessa"
"There is still something that can be done.  He will definitely come get us.  Don't whine"
  But to crush the patience of Sousuke, the red enemy AS attacked.  Right in front of their fort, landing in the open passage right in front of them.  A Lambda Driver equipped unit.  An enhanced improved model of an <Codarl>, an AS that was called <Erigol>.
(it can't be....)
  Equipped with a 76mm Large caliber cannon, a sniping type.  The sniper that Kruz warned about, majestically showing its presence like this-----
""Weber-san. It can't be...."
  The red <Erigol> brandishing its arm, sweeps the small room where Sousuke and the others were hiding.  With the worn out concrete wall, the rusted roof shattered to pieces.  The form of Sousuke and the others who barely got away from ducking, was completely visible from the outside.

  Being covered in the fragments of the concrete, Lemon made a weak moaning sound.
[Rescue will not come]
  A man's voice coming from the exterior speakers of the AS.
[Kruz Weber is dead.  Give up]
  There was no reason to doubt the mans words.  Above all, this sniper has shown himself.  This means that their battle is over.
[We save the girl.  Hand her over.  If you do not follow, it would be unavoidable.  You all get killed]
  Tessa's eye came together.  She has already forcibly suppressed her mental shock.  Together with a strong will, made a faint shake of her head with her lips in the shape of [No].
  She would not give up information about her allies---- such meaning, Tessa has already made clear to her followers.  She herself also wished this.  However, if she lived, she would someday be rescued by her allies and has a chance to opposed <Amalgam> right?
  And then, in some ridiculous way somehow end up with Kaname?
  Mostly blind hope moving his heart, Sousuke hesitates.

  At that time, there was a whisper in the FM band in the wireless portable radio in his ear.
[Sousuke.... can you hear me....]
  An intermittent weak voice.
  It's Kruz.  He's alive.
"Aah, I can hear you"
[What a blunder.  The unit is in ruins.  Me too.... probably, won't have long to live.]
  His eyes are darkening.  That's what he was trying to say about his own body.  That must be it.  The M9 was destroyed, and he was fatally injured.
[But.... I can at least make one shot. ....listen, Sousuke.  The pilot of that red AS, somehow....get him outside.]
"Outside?  How do I----"
[Do whatever it takes, just do it]
  The red AS was looking down.  The infantry behind it, did not release their caution but stopped shooting.  His ammunitions, the carbine gun only have 15 shots.  Then only one smoke grenade.  What kind of bluff can he make?  That sniper that he doesn't know the face or name, how can he make him get outside?  That sniper is----
  Sniper.  That's it----
[...I'll try"
  Whispering in the wireless radio, Sousuke threw his carbine gun in the ground.  And then took out the knife from his hips, quickly pulled Tessa by the chest, and pushed her in front as a shield.
  To a surprised Lemon, Sousuke informed him sharply [don't move].  Behind the remaining building materials, putting Tessa in front of the enemy as a shield, he skilfully hid his body.
  Tessa did not make any visible resistance, with an appearance of looking attentively at the development.
[Hmmm.  What are you planning?]
  The pilot of the red AS said.
"I want to negotiate"
"If you want the girl then I'll give her.  But you have to guarantee my safety.  If you can't do that, then I will kill her first."
[I told.  To capture that girl "if possible".  If you resist, killing you together would be unavoidable.  That's your worth.]
"Even then, you can still have her alive.  Let me go.  If you do so I will hand her over unharmed"
[Are you an idiot?]
  The red AS shook its shoulders.  Responding to the sarcastic laugh of the pilot.
[Sagara Sousuke right.  I've heard of you.  Just to save yourself, you will not kill that girl.  Stop with the stupid bluff.]

"Whether it's a bluff or not, it is not the problem"
  Sousuke informed them closely sticking to the body of Tessa.
"I still can't die.  I still have to finish what I have to do.  Open a path now."
[And then let you go like that?]
"If you can't, then just blow us up.  Then that's it"
  How about it....?
  Of course you have no intention of letting us go.  Just as what was said, you think that its alright to just blow us up.  With that AS it would just be an instant.  There's nothing simpler than that.
  That's right.  It's indeed simple.
  That is why, you hated that choice.  Especially this overwhelmingly advantageous situation.
  You don't need to give the challenge [through a human shield, in an attempt to only hit me, you can't possibly to that].  That is an excessive challenge.  Something to stimulate you, this kind of movement would be enough"
  Well, What now?  With your unit and equipment, you can't kill only me.

  Here it comes.
[Oh well.  I have heard stubbornness before...]
  Here it comes.
  A long few seconds passed, the chest block of the red AS made a sharp slide.  The sound of the cockpit hatch opening.  The standing unit was in rigour, the hatch in the back of the head opened.
  It's here.
  The pilot can be seen inside the hatch carrying a rifle.  A sunburned Aryan man.  With just one look it can be discerned that he is a soldier with a face of long military service.  With big eyes, wide forehead and hooked nose.
"Sagara was it.  Doing such mischief, don't you think this is too much?"
  The man said from the shoulder of the AS.
"Say what you want.  I will absolutely live."
  Tessa also had guessed the intention.  With the man showing himself, she could feel another kind of nervousness run past her body.  All that's left is to wait----
  That's right.  This is all that he can do.
  He no longer has a gun.  Only one knife and a smoke grenade.  There is no meaning in throwing the knife towards that man in the shoulder of the AS.  Before that it will become a bee's nest, that man will become prey to precision marksmanship.  Which one would it be.
  There was a dull light in the rifle on the man's hand.  That's the intention of shooting.  Not injuring Tessa as a shield.  There is no mistake he will shoot at my forehead.
  The man makes a stance.  With ruthless eyes.  There is no means of escape.
  I did what you said.
  But the place where you are at, should be very far from here---

  1650 meters.
  The distance from the target calculated by Kruz Weber from the scope gradations, roughly 1650 meters.  Even without the convenience of Laser range finder, or calculations from observation tools, this number should be right.
  His body was worn out.
  His right foot would not do as he says, his left foot from the knee down was twisted in a strange direction.  On the contrary, he does not know how the lower half of his body is still connected.  Metal fragments torn up his back, his ribs are broken with his internal organs are in disorder.  Blood is still flowing from his head, his right ear could not hear anything.
  There's nothing that can be done.  I will die here.
  He already knows this.
  However, he is not yet dead.  Is there something he has to do?  There is only one thing I can do.
  That is already decided.  The Rifle.
  Using his two hands that can still move, he crawled out of the destroyed M9.  Every time he moves his body, intense pain attacks him, how far can he go.
  Crawling with the weapons rack on the ground, he took out the rifle inside with difficulty.  An old Bolt Action Rifle.  This thing is also still alive.

  Removing the buffer materials, he took the rifle.  And then measured the distance from the scope.
  1650 meters.
  He can't, unreachable.  If he advance 400 meters more, he can somehow do it.
  Inside the scope, Casper appeared from the cockpit of the red AS.  Sousuke did well.  But the distance is too far....
  He can't do it.  This is the end.
  Sousuke.  Sorry.  You do something about this later.  I can't do it.

  Tessa.  Give up on the moody man, a good man has been found.

  Mao.  A really lonely Melissa.  I wanted to be more affectionate.  Will a girl like you cry.  What about it.  Will I want you to cry, would I want you not to cry.  Not embracing you is better after all.

  And then Casper.
  Surely I'm a repeat student.  And a half assed person.  Practically, in the end I can't beat you.  I wasn't called a [Ghost], and was not able to become a true sniper.
  But Casper.
  The one shot of that revenge---- in the battlefield in South Lebanon, capturing in the scope for my families revenge---- I was not able to shoot.  In the back of the man standing in the stairs, there was Lana who had no relation whatsoever.  A girl merely 8 years old.  It is clear that if he pierces that man Lana will get hurt.

  You said shoot.  The first and last chance.  But it's impossible for me.

  And then you shoot.
  Aah, that's right.  Because of that my prey was dead.  The revenge is over.  However, it was in exchange for Lana's life.  You're [Accurate Ballistics] not only blew off the man's head, it took along her spinal cord and other internal organs.
  Even now she is still in the hospital.  If it were an ordinary hospital, she would have already died.
  You shoot knowing everything.
  That is why I left.  If that is the [true sniper], then I wouldn't want to become a monster like that.  That's right, you area monster (Freak).
  Kruz thought.
  Will he leave his comrades like that to him?  To that monster?  Will he give up and abandon them?
(Why don't we try....)
  There is only one ammo.  Even the time for consciousness, only little remains.  10 more seconds, or 30 more seconds.  The disappearing fire of his candle.  Right now, even if he peeks at the scope, he was this feeling of being swooped down by the drawing deep darkness.
  He setup the rifle in the most stable firing position.  At most, he can't do it in such posture.  He can't move his feet.
  1650 meters.
  A distance this 308 caliber rifle could not reach.  In the sniping records, he has never heard of it.
  This is even 130 meters beyond the sniping record of Casper.
  He glued the stock to his shoulders.  Handling the grip, Sinking the lower part of the stock to the ground stabilizing it.  Left hand clinging to the right shoulder, painstakingly putting his upper body in position.  Fixing his right cheekbone into the frame, positioning his right eye in a straight line to the scope.
  Reading the wind.  Before it was 15 knots from the Northwest.  From the interior is 10 knots North-Northwest.  There is also turbulence.  Calculating everything necessary to send in the bullet.
  Of course even the temperature and humidity.  Air resistance, Combustion speed of the gunpowder, dilation of the gun and bullet, the many connected elements that would greatly influence the ballistics.
  How many degrees for the bullet's barrel roll/forward roll?  The phenomenon called Tumbling, multiplying it greatly with the distance.  Even with the faint barrel roll, there is no mistake that this distance would have great influence.
  Then there is a large element.  He has to think about the Coriolis that is occurred in the earths rotation.  Especially this place is close to 60 degress north latitude---- the effects of the high latitude coriolis is great.  In this situation then there would be 30 centimeters to the east.
  And there are many others, and the existence of the detailed problems, taking all of it into consideration decides on the final alignment.  This is a complex calculation that current computers are unable to perform.  Only a human could accomplish this risky attempt.

  Kruz entered all the elements into his head, then he clearly forgot it once.  What remains is the image of the ballistic.
  Being guided only by intuition, the image of super calculation, super mathematics.
  The necessary point---- to connect the target to the crosshair who is a number of meters away.
  But, this is not enough.
  Because of the irregular breathing, the crosshair in the scope rubs sideways.  The mere miscalculation would be fatal.  The required concentration, is not to put a thread into the hole of a needle.  But how the eye perceives a needle drawing the image of a dragon.
  There is no reason this aim is possible.


  Ordinarily this is how one thinks, but floating in the mind of Kruz is another story.
(Aah, I can do it....)
  No surprise nor delight, just silently feeling that.
  Even reading what cannot be seen.  Moving the muscles that have lost its strength.  The burning or ones own blood that has already disappeared.  He can see the colors of the wind.  The image of the ballistic is vivid, the surrounding molecules one by one, grasping the working of all its energy, he could now understand.
  He is no longer thinking of the safety of Sousuke and the others.
  He was not thinking of Mao.  Not even Lana who is in the hospital, nor his dead family, nor the teacher who was the first love during his high school days, of course he forgets everything.  On the contrary, he does not even know what kind of person the target is.
  Who was that?
  No, it doesn't really matter.  Only to send to bullet there.
  That moment will soon come.  The supreme instant that would drive the target the whole life of one's self.
  Aah, I don't like this.
  Aiming at a farther distance----
  What is falling on top of him.  The other side of the materials, something unseen.  He distorts the surrounding air, the context of time became ambiguous.
  Before he knows it he pulls the trigger.
  Everything in accordance to the image.  The firing needle falling as followed, the gunpowder burned as assumed, the bullet swelled as expected, revolving in the gun barrel advancing.
  The magic bullet flies.
  It cuts through the air, completely reading the wind drawing a parabola, like it was being sucked in the fixed position and converging it.

  1650 meters.
  He already knows that it hit.
  Kruz Weber with his last though [serves you right], holding tight the rifle, and falls into the nothingness of darkness.

  It strikes----
  The moment that Sousuke thought, blood dripping from the enemy's chest.
  From the back to the chest.  The bullet coming from nowhere, has actually shot the man's heart.
  He opened his two eyes in surprise.  He did not see Sousuke.  Turning his shoulder barely with the remaining strength of his muscles, from a long distance---- looking at the distance where Kruz was crushed.
  It shouldn't have reached.  The man flapping his mouth trying to mutter it.
  But it reached.  Kruz's shot----
  The man lost his strength of both legs, falling from the shoulder of the AS.
  At the same time Sousuke moved.  With the last remaining weapons, he threw the only remaining smoke grenade, holding down the nape of Tessa's neck, he shouted.
"Gebo 6, the sniper has been dealt with!  Send Al!!"
  The Gebo 6's captain, Fisher responded from the wireless radio.  He had already understood the situation.  From the side of the mountain ridge, used ECS and silent mode standing by.  Already getting closer to the detecting distance.

  If the sniper has become powerless, it was not impossible to drop the <Laevatein> in a forceful penetration, immediately taking refuge behind it.  But within the 10 seconds, there was the premise that Leonard's AS would appear----
"Tessa, the Beacon----"
  In the swirling smoke, there is a need for the allies to pinpoint their location.  Tessa crawled and operated the computer terminal, sending a wireless signal or their location.
  Recovering from the shot of the AS's pilot, the enemy infantry fires.  Bullets jumping from above their heads.  With the firing from the original underground path, Lemon shouted.
"They're coming from the rear!  I'm also out of ammo!"
"Do something!"
  Without further responding Sousuke crawled forward in the rubble, taking up the carbine gun which he dropped earlier.  It was no more than 15 shots.  In the smoke the shadows of the enemy charge in.  Shots.  One shot did not hit.  Another shot made a kill.  Then an intimidating shot to the succeeding enemy.
"Gebo 6, is it there yet!?"
  Tessa called.  Then faster than Gebo 6, a synthesized voice of a man responded in the wireless radio.

<Just a little more, Captain.  ETA, Five Seconds>
[What's this?  The cargo hatch on its own----]
  With the sound of rotor and the roar of the engine, the sound of the AS detaching from the hydraulic bolt echoed at the same time.  From Gebo 6 rushing in the air, the <Laevatein> descending in the best timing, fired the head machine gun in Full Auto and immediately landed before Sousuke.
<Sergeant, please hurry>
  Leaving the Carbine gun, Sousuke jumped from the thunderous roar and burst of smoke.  The <Laevatein> opened the cockpit hatch and hold out his right hand.  It may not be more than a second.  The <Laevatein> seated him with the hand, with a manner of throwing him in the rear of his head block with his right arm.
  In someway protecting the position sliding him into the cockpit.  Without orders the hatch closed.  Al proceeded with the start up process on his own.  Super Express.  Omitting all the check data.  The usual setup, the usual master mode, the usual enemy search mode.  Like the unit itself is hurrying.
<Alignment wave detected!  Two, one....!>
  He jumps.
  Barely avoiding the 40mm shell attack from the Southwest.  A 40mm shell backed up with Lambda Driver.  Leonard's attack.  He must be attacking from somewhere the ruins.  If Al didn't forcibly proceeded with the startup process, they might have been destroyed.
<Enemy AS, 2 O'clock, distance 8.  It's that bastard>
"Aah, it's Leonard"
  Twisting his body in the air, he looks at the enemy infantry in the ground with his head machine gun.  Protecting Tessa and Lemon.  Pouring the 50 caliber shells overhead the enemy squad, with smoke rolling up from the impact.
"Pick up the two"
  He leans over to the front of the small room where Tessa was hiding.  From the side of the <Laevatein> the support arms extended, picking up an exhausted Lemon and a confused Tessa.  Too late to call Gebo 6 that escaped towards the mountain ridge, there is little time to have Tessa get onboard.
  Another attack draws near.  Several 40mm bullets.  As expected, he has no intention of giving mercy.  Leonard was serious.
  Carrying the two he evaded the first bullet, taking shelter in the Lambda Driver protective wall from the following bullets.  Just barely able to turn away.
  He couldn't have defended if it was nearer.  Additionally he doesn't have an anti ECS sensor.  Leonard's AS is already translucent, and there is no means to detect him----
"Can we use the [Fairy's Feather]!?"
<Another risky performance>
"Just do it!"
  The two extension unit equipped in the <Laevatein>---- also named [Fairy's Feather] were deployed with a short slide.  The unit's generator roaring, giving maximum output.  large electric charge flows to both shoulders, distorting the exhausted heat in the surrounding.
<Full Power Line maintained.  LDC, Charge rising.  LBS, contact.  First round, startup success.  Second round, startup success.  Interference radius enlarging.  50, 100, 200....>
  On the contrary of its so called name, the [Fairy's Feather] is not a device for flight.
  On the basis of the information left in the Hard Disk Kaname left in the Mansion in Nickelo, this extension unit that Miller and the others produced, was originally called [Lambda Driver Canceller].  All the functioning Lambda Driver in the surrounding area of the <Laevatein>, would be rendered inoperative temporarily.
  With the detailed theory, Sousuke absolutely could not understand.  The [Fairy's Feather] uses a larger amount of electrical energy than the use of Lambda Driver, it was also explained that the <Laevatein> itself would not be able to use the Lambda Driver.
  And then another one.
  In order to finally utilize the effects of the [Fairy's Feather], would have to be related to the consciousness of Sousuke.  An image of a shield defending bullets, is the same as the image of an arrow piercing that gravitational field, and needs to have an image in the head of a [super phenomenon not occurring].
  Such image, could not be imagined at first, but now Sousuke understands.  He only needs to imagine of how he used to think.
  In other words, [Cheating, such things does not exist].
  In that instant, the [Fairy's Feather] reacts to Sousuke's thoughts.  A hundred meters surrounding the area are already invoked by the cancellers interruption area, in just an instant all the space dimly distorted.
  That is the only abnormality.
  Nothing occurred after that.  Rather it speaks as the proof of its success.  Because the power of this unit is to [not make anything happen]----
"Was it effective....?"
  In the front of the <Laevatein>, roughly the ruins 300 meters ahead swirled a giant cloud of dust.  The translucent flying black AS of Leonard, came crashing and fell into the building.
  It was effective.  The enemy lost its power of Lambda Driver----
  Sound of alarm.  Something from the sky falling to the ground, Leonard's unit recovered its position and landed successfully.  Stopping the ECS, immediately fires from the ground.  He has read that he also could not use the Lambda Driver.
  Evasive Maneuvers.  But because Tessa and Lemon were being gripped with the support arms, he can't move recklessly.  He doesn't have enough power.  Because the electrical charge of the unit is being taken by the [Fairy's Feather], he only has minimum mobility.
  Sousuke took out the <Boxer> shot cannon from the Hard Point in his back and returned fire.
  He can't use the Demolition Gun.  It was not an article that can fire the Large Caliber cannon without the assistance of Lambda Driver.
  Additionally even without the Lambda Driver, Leonard's AS was quick-witted.  Moving from shelter to shelter, adding fire bit by bit.  Cautioning from his fire, he would not try to get close, pressing him eventually with shots.
  What now----
<Warning.  Abnormal temperature rising in LDC-1.  Interruption area decreasing>
  The left shoulder [Fairy's Feather] could not stand the burden and is overheating.  In the heat of the large electrical power, the cooling mechanism could not catch up.

  It will break down soon.  It is only a matter of time before the second unit on the right shoulder meets the same fate.
  If the Lambda Driver Canceller stopped, it would be over.  There are currently no means to compete and overcome Leonard's unit.  There is nothing that can be done except to withdraw.  Everyone will be killed.  Everyone.
<Sargeant.  I think you already understand....>
  Sousuke responded with a return fire.
  If they escape, it should be now.
  Give Leonard's unit diversionary fire and escape with full power, holding to Gebo 6 that is currently waiting in the mountain ridge, and escape in full speed----
<There is no means to recover Urz 6.  If we conjecture the situation from the data of the last ADM---->
"Stop it"
<----He is already dead>
"Stop it!!"
  Nobody would understand.  Even now, he may still be alive with a faint breath.  If treated immediately, something may be done.  He may be saved.  Even if I were there sustaining heavy injury I may still live.  Who will say that stubborn idiot, that Kruz died in a place like this?
  Leaving him behind and escaping like this.
  How can such think be possibly done?
  What would he say to Mao when they get back?
<LDC-1, function stopped.  LDC-2's temperature is also rising>
  The fuse of the left shoulder finally burned out, losing it's function.
  There is no time.  With the connected position of the digital map in the screen, it was ruthless no matter what.  All the elements, it was trying to tell him that nothing can be done.
  What Al said was true.
  It was the truth.
<Decide.  Sergeant>
  Al no longer pressed after that.
  Patiently waiting for the reply of Sousuke.
  He made diversionary shots with the Shot cannon in full auto.  Scattering all the grenade that he has, blowing them in mid air with his head machine gun.  Taking the opportunity from the enemy, the <Laevatein> used all its remaining surplus power to leap, crossing the mountain ridge.
  Gebo 6 waiting in low altitude started to accelerate and rise.
  Ignoring the usual recovery sequence, Sousuke made the <Laevatein> grab the bottom emergency hook of the <Paib Mare>.  The captain of Gebo 6 said nothing and accelerated with maximum power.
  Hanging on to the helicopter with one arm, <Laevatein> withdraws to the east from Yamsk 11.

"They escaped huh...."
  After being confident that the interruption of the Lambda Driver has completely disappeared, the withdrawal of Sagara Sousuke with the helicopter far away has ended.
  Deciding that it was useless to pursue, Leonard turned his unit.
  Although it was possible for him to fly and follow the high speed of the helicopter, he didn't want to risk of being affected by that canceller again.  His <Belial> was not a convenient unit that could stand a fall from 1000 meters without a Lambda Driver.
  But, a canceller?
  Surely the theory behind it is possible, but Tessa being able to complete it was an utter surprise.  Even that white and red AS, he has a feeling that he would be at a loss compare to that <Arbalest> that he fought before.  Speaking from a long distance attack, an attack backed up by a Lambda Driver, that unit barely managed to turn away.
  Of course, his predominance has not change.
  He only noticed on route, but that unit might not be equipped with an anti ECS sensor.  Even with a third generation opponent that uses ECS with minimal effectiveness translucency could be cancelled----
  Well, whatever.
  He will be more prudent in the next battle, perfecting the preparations, and certainly crush him.
  Casper.  Making a mistake.
  Leonard muttered inside, ringing his nose looking at the corpse of Wilheim Casper collapsed beside the small cabin.  Even the red <Erigol> that he pilots was destroyed.  In the confusion of the battle with Sagara Sousuke, a pilotless <Erigol> would be torn from the bullets.
  Losing Casper dealt a severe hand to him.  Fowler and Sabine have suitable skill as a pilot, but there was no one who can exceed the shooting of Casper.  Doing what he has done up until now, he must be a capable person who longs for fierce battle.
  There was a communication from Kalinin coming out from the ground.
[Airborne troops of the Soviets coming from the Southwest.  Most probably around 2 squads.  Shall we engage?]
  The Soviets draws near.  He doesn't know how the Soviets sensed the battle in the ruins, but that was unnatural.  At any rate it was their territory.
"No.  There is nothing we need here.  Hurry and withdraw"
"Aah.  Also Casper is dead.  However it seems the sniper from <Mythril's> side was killed.  It was your former subordinates right"
  In quite a small moment, Kalinin fell silent.
[If that is so, it was a serious blow to them.  Weber's talent, it is a bigger threat than Sagara Sousuke's AS]
"Does your heart hurt?"
[If it's a grieving heart, I have already thrown all of it away]
  Leonard and his subordinates, quickly recovered the surviving squads into the helicopter, leaving the abandoned city.

Full Metal Panic: Approaching Nick of Time Chapter 5a

I really took my time here since I was occupied with other things.  But anyway, here is the final chapter of Nick of Time.  Just a warning though, do not read if you don't want to hurt your brain.

Chapter 5: Shooter of Magic Bullets

  The interior of the underground institution being influenced by the expansion of enemy soldiers, Sousuke headed to the deepest part.
  If Kaname safely evaded the enemy, she would be heading to the deepest part and emerge from the opposite exit.  It would be the same for Tessa.  Heading into the same direction as himself, the probability of the two of meeting is not low.
  It is difficult to proceed in this underground maze without a map.  All he can depend on was his compass and intuition.  And his enemies are not stupid, they would eventually discover Kaname and Tessa.  No, they might already be captured.
  He has to hurry.
  Also having the danger of being discovered by the enemy, Sousuke made double time and proceeded on the complex passage and stairs.  The footsteps and light of the Maglight no longer mattered.  He has to push it and look for the girls.
  Proceeding in such manner, having not bumped into the enemy in a place like that was really good luck.
  Then he came into what seems to be a hall in the deepest part of the underground institution.  A wide space.
  While walking a few meters, he discovered a man leaning on the wall.
  Without taking notice of the surrounding he rushed over to Lemon.  Shaking his shoulders, he made a groan on his face.
"Lemon.  Why are you in a place like this?"
"I should also ask that.  Well....a lot of things happened.  Kaname-san and Testarossa-san are together.  Aah...my head hurts.  I want to throw up"
  An indistinct voice.  He looks like he was suffering a hangover.
"Together?  Those two are also safe?"
"Aah.  They're right over there---"
  In the stretch of the center of the hall is a giant dome type installation.
"----They're in there.  I don't know why.  I was also with them, but the inside of my head went crazy.... and wasn't able to go forward.  How shameful."

"Wait.  Look"
  Kaname will soon be beside him.  With only those thoughts he stared.  But when he tried to rush to the dome, Lemon was grabbing his arm restraining him.
"Don't Sousuke."
  Another deja vu came.  How many times was it this time?  Sousuke feeling irritated shook off his arm, but Lemon was grabbing his arm firmly and won't let go.
"Over there is.... strange.  If you go near your head would go become strange."
"What was that?"
"I don't understand the full details, but only those girls can.  Probably, if you're not a whispered"
"If not a whispered....?"
  Sousuke felt a chill, looking at the dome the two went into.  The arrangement of the block unit's form, has the feeling of supernatural drifting.
  It was a godsend that no allies were present, but it is unknown up to when such luck should be depended upon.
  This giant hall might eventually come upon by the enemy.  They can't be slow.
"Chidori! Are you there!?"
  Sousuke called at the dome.
"Did you hear me!?  This place is dangerous!  Come out!"
  Even then there was no reply.  Because this was a silent place, there is no way that it was not heard.  Of course there is worry that the enemy might have heard this voice----
  No, there was movement.
  Sousuke grew impatient and rushed off to the dome, from the entrance are shadows of two persons can be seen.  It's Kaname and Tessa.  Getting closely together, and was heading his way.
  Thank goodness, they are alright---- and let out a sigh of relief.
  Its roughly around 9 months since he saw Kaname, and there seems to be no change.  A tight jeans and a turtle neck sweater.  An impressive long black hair.  Although she was a little skinny, there is no mistake.  It was her.
  They finally meet.  Finally made it this far.
  There are many things he wants to say.  All of those restrained feelings, are exploding without limits.  What would be his first words when they re-unite, he was angry at himself in not thinking of it.  He would say everything that he couldn't say.  No, more than those words, first he would run swiftly and embrace her.  He strongly thinks of this.
  He put his foot forward.
  Being very dangerous to get near the dome, up to where should he jump to.  It would be alright if only a little.  He can't wait any longer----
  Muttered, running off to.  But at that time, Chidori pointed the gun in her hand at him, a fired without a piece of hesitation.
  What is happening right now, Sousuke could not fully understand.
  He was not hit himself.  The bullet fired by Kaname hit right in front of Sousuke's foot, sharp echo and sparks remained and disappeared.
  Even then, it was the truth that she fired on him.
"Chidori.  It's me, look carefully!"
  Standing to a halt, he called on her with bewilderment.  This place is gloomy.  Did she misunderstand something and fired?  That must be it.
"Put down that gun.  It's already alright----"
  Interupting his words, Kaname fired again.  This time the bullet landed much closer to his foot.
"Don't move"
  Kaname said.  With a gentle voice.
  He finally noticed.  Kaname and Tessa were not cuddled together.  She was threatening Tessa with a gun, taking her hand behind.  Handling like a prisoner or a hostage.
"What are you doing, Chidori?  What exactly----"
"I told you not to move.  If you get any closer, I would kill Tessa first.  That's why I want you not to come close."
"Sorry, Sagara-san...."
A hazy Tessa muttered.  The tip of her lips were swelling and bleeding.  Was she hit?  Impossible, Kaname did?

"I too don't understand much....but, Kaname-san is probably...."
"Don't, Tessa.  Don't speak indiscretely"
  Twisting the wrist Tessa made a small shriek.
"What's the meaning of this?  It’s me, Chidori.  Don't you know?"
"Of course I know.  It's been a long time Sousuke"
  It's not another person after all.  There is no mistake it’s Chidori.
"I wanted to meet you.  Even now, I have full of feelings to jump into your breast"
"...then, why are you in such a behaviour?"
"I have something I have to do, I have an important work.  An important work requested by Sophia.  That's why I have to go.  I love you, but if you get in my way I will have to kill you"
  Sophia?  Work?  What are those?
"Chidori, stop joking.  This is not the place for it."
"Yeah, I know.  It would be good if it was a joke---- such emotions, right now you're desperately clinging right?  I don't think it's unreasonable to be bewildered.  But show some courage, I want you to accept this.  Because, I'm going to take the power to make this world good"
  With Kaname's violent way of doing it, pointed the muzzle at the temple of Tessa, with moist eyes begging Sousuke.
"Please, Sousuke.  Believe me.  Let me go.  If you don't, Tessa is going to be killed and you're going to be killed.  I, don't want that....!"
"Don't say something you don't understand.  Put the gun down and let her go!"
"Why don't you understand!?"
  Kaname suddenly hit the side of Tessa's head with the butt of the gun.  Staggering, and seemingly fainting she brought her up grabbing on her braids, then she said.
"No!  I will decide what I will do!  I won't let anyone control me!  Even if it’s Sousuke, only that is unforgivable!"
  It's inconsistent.
  She has been feeling it the other day, something hot inside her chest disappearing.  What captured her in its place, was a chill that she has never felt before---- an ominous feeling that is no imagination.  That voice, that vocabulary, that manner of speaking.
  Even though if it is indeed said to be Kaname, the behaviour is really contradicting.  It feels like it was some sort of machine imitating her.  Hitting a non-resisting Tessa, why disgorge such language?
  Dragging along Tessa, Kaname walked towards the exit.  There is no way to shoot her to stop her in her tracks.
"Wait, where are you going"
"You like me right?  Then don't come after"
"Could you at least explain!  Do you know what you're doing!?"
"Of course!  So don't come nearer!"
"Return to your sanity, Chidori----"
  Sousuke made a long straddle heading towards her.
  This is no joke.  Coming this far, will he see her off just like this.  Will she shoot Tessa?  Will she shoot me?  It's a bluff.  She can't possibly do those things.  Jumping off towards her like that, he should seize her.  It may be a little violent, but it's a situation in a situation like this.  It can't be helped.  If he does that they can escape immediately, then talk about the circumstance slowly later----
  Kaname shot Tessa in the head.
  The 9mm bullet opened a big hole in her temples, scattering her brains on the other side of the head.  Tessa's body in an instant, made a short cramping shot and collapsed.
  Large blood spreading on the floor.  Not even the sound of a death agony.  It was an instant death.
  Tessa.  Impossible.
  Aiming at a frozen Sousuke, again she aimed the muzzle.
"I told you!  You can't come!?  That much---- I told you that much not to come!  You killed her!  Why did it turn like this!!"
  How can this be.  Do you understand.  You have to make her....!
  No more thinking.  Inside the head is completely white.  At any rate in capturing Kaname, Sousuke rushed full force towards her.
"It's your fault!"
  Kaname shoots.  Not even a hesitation.
  A heavy impact on his chest.  Shortness of breath.  Again she shoots.  2 shots, 3 shots, one after another.  The bullet proof function of the AS pilot suits barely managed to defend against the bullets.
  Staggering on a halt, she firmly held the pistol with her two hands, and aimed at his defenseless head.
"Good bye, Sousuke"
  Smile.  Discharge.
  The flame of the muzzle was the last thing he saw.  The bullet hitting immediately above his forehead, part of his brain blown off, Sousuke instantly died in that place.  Not even having the time for despairing abusive language.
  The long silence of the darkness and nothingness.  Aside from that an empty world arrived.

  A voice from somewhere.
  Don't worry.  But, don't be reckless.
  I'll definitely wait for you, so don't worry.

  He can see a small light in the darkness.
  From one point the narrow field of vision suddenly expanded, he let out a scream and raised his body.  A terrible growling sound leaked out from his throat.  Angry, sand and miserable, and his heart being gripped by a fear like an eagles claw, all his muscles experienced a violent mental strain.
  Lemon looking into him.  With an expression mixed with dread and weariness.
  This place is the hall.  When did he collapsed.  Lemon was squatting by his side, 5 meters away Tessa lied down.  No wounds can be seen in her head.
  She was not shot...?  Did she only faint?
  In that place there was no trace of Kaname.
  He touched his forehead.  No injury.
  He patted his chest and stomach that was supposedly shot.  There were no traces of being shot.
"What happened....?  Also....where's Kaname?"
"She....went away.  When you rushed over to her, you suddenly lost consciousness and fainted"
"She thrust away Testarossa-san and ran away.  With this foot I couldn't chase after her, I couldn't do anything....probably"
  Why the pathetic confidence in his voice.  He also seems to be in disorder.  Sousuke took a breath and stood up, and rushed over to the collapsed Tessa.
  Aside from being knocked out there are no other injuries.  Of course it is the same for traces of being shot.  Although it's a blessing that she was safe-----
"Just now you said [Probably].  What do you mean?"
"I saw you being shot to death.  Testarossa-san and you.... by her.  But it was a hallucination.  Possibly....damn, that deja vu.  Thinking of what we have talked about so far, that may have been the [possible future].  Kaname-san happening to be violent, that was what we saw.  Even though the deja vu has been quickly disappearing as of late.  Why is that?"
  He's right.  Sometime ago, that deja vu was gone.  Just before, when he entered the hall, which should be attacking them like raging waves breaking into the shore.
  In the exit of the hall where Kaname supposedly disappeared to, Sousuke unsteadily walked toward it.  He has to chase her right away.
  Something is wrong with her.  If not, she would not have shot me.
"Wait, Sousuke.  It'a already been 3 minutes.  It's useless to chase after her."
"Let go....!"
  Lemon restraining his single leg with his hands, Sousuke shook it off.
"Be calm!  We have to control the scattered pieces here."
"S...she's sick.  She must have lost her sanity----"
"Look out!"
  Lemon jumped at Sousuke.  The two of them tangled and fell, at the same time bullets burst open from their surrounding.
  Violent bullets echoed into the hall.  From the exit at the south side enemy soldiers were firing.  Their distance roughly around 100 meters.  Their numbers are clearly unknown.
"They finally found us"
  Being upset, their vigilance were sluggish to the lowest level.  Sousuke smacked his lips with his own foolishness, returned fire with the carbine gun.  Not difficult.  From this position, it's dark and distance.  A state where the enemy could not define in their position.
"Let's run away"
  Firing with one hand made a covering fire, releasing an incendiary grenade.  Flash and explosion.  Obstructing their space, created a strong wall of flame and smoke.  With this the night vision apparatus and infrared would be useless.
  Going through with an uncomfortable foot, Lemon helped raised Tessa.  Sousuke rushed to the two of them, carrying Tessa on the shoulders, and headed to the nearest exit of the hall.
  There came shots from another direction.  This hall is encircled.
"Lemon, do you know the direction?"
  Getting out from the hall Lemon guided them into a passage.  Reaching a T junction Lemon hurried into the north direction.  Standing to a halt, he called into a hesitating Sousuke.
"What are you doing!? The enemy's coming!"
  Sousuke was looking into the opposite side of Lemons direction.  Illuminating with the maglight, there are new footprints in the newly dust covered floor.  Kaname's footprints.  If he goes immediately alone, he might be able to chase after her with full speed.
  Leaving Tessa and Lemon, and chase after Kaname?  In the direction that she disappeared, there is no mistake that there would be enemy deployed.  Chasing after her from here would be reckless.  From the way that Leonard spoke, at least he would not kill Kaname.  Then only for Tessa and Lemon, it might be impossible for them to escape.  For Tessa who is useful for information, there is no mistake that Lemon would be killed.
  However, Kaname.  Finally meeting her----
  Reason having a narrow victory over emotions.
  Sousuke shook off his strong lingering affection, turned his heel and ran towards Lemon.

  Going on like this, unreasonable chasing would only result in dying in vain.  Right now he has to think about the escape of the three of them as a priority.  There will be another chance to rescue Kaname, it will definitely come---- he keeps telling himself.
"Would it be alright here?"
"Probably.  Above the stars at the north, looks like we will exit on the other side of the plant."
  From the corner of the passage he scattered bullets aiming on the enemy whose face appeared.  As much as possible he tried to restrict them from going forward, Sousuke and the others headed to the [backdoor] of the underground institution.

  Whatever she did, Kaname intends to know what it is.
  Sousuke was killed.  Tessa was also killed.
  Surely she shot them herself---- as what she thought.
  Poor Sousuke and Tessa.  Thinking about them, her chest hurts.
  That itself is a hard sadness, but there is no longer the need for those two.  A very thin friendship, and a fated lover, what would come about in its continuation?  After all, this world, in the not so distant future will be restarted.
  What happened, or who ever died no longer needs to be worried about.  Ultimately, it would be fine as long as she herself lives.
  First she has to know the situation.
  <Amalgam's> Leonard Testarossa.  That man would surely accept.  He would definitely made preparations to proceed.  If it was her previous self---- or merely 10 percent of her former self, she would outright refused with all strength any request for that man's collaboration.
  However, right now it is different.
  She finally understood.  A really simple method of solution.  And errand entrusted to her by Sophia.  Being the only person to save this world, she finally comprehends.  Thinking only of the mission's supremity and magnificence, fills her chest with hotness.
  Walking alone in the wide passage, a man was waiting.
  It's Leonard.  In an old pipe chair left behind in the middle of the passage, he sits with both his legs together.
"Did you wait?"
"No, not really"
  Leonard made a complacent smile.
"You're finally awake."
"Un.  Sorry to have kept you waiting"
  She returned the smile, stepping forward with an elegant behaviour, she stood and grabbed his nape with both her hands.
"Did you make the preparations?"
"Just a little more.  It was proceeding for half a year"
"Then lets go"
"Where to.  My Lady"
"I'm a little cold"
  Leonard took of his red coat, and hanged in on Kaname's shoulders.
"Thank you.  You're kind.  you won't be violent anymore?"
"Since there is no longer the need.  Isn't that right?"
"Yes.  I won't say anything selfish anymore."
  There is no need for quarrel.
  The two of them walked towards the passage where the subordinate soldiers were waiting.

  Due to the rough carrying, Tessa regained consciousness earlier than expected.  At first it she looks uncertain to be on her feet, but she completely rethink and insisted on walking on her own.
"Are you alright?"
  Lemon pushed his concern.
"Yes.  Your injuries are much worse than mine.  Anyway, kaname-san...."

"She went away.  She left us behind."
  Sousuke said being hasty towards the exit.
"I don't know the reason but she's not of the right mind.  Exactly what happened?"

"About that..."
  Tessa hesitated.
"Explain!  What happened to her!?"
  A strong irritation.  Raising his voice on her while holding her thin shoulders, Tessa was suddenly surprised, looking in with an expression mixed with regret and resentment.
"....I'm sorry, Captain.  That.... I'm confused"
"It's alright.  I'm also the same"
"Before coming here I met Leonard.  It seems that he knows something.  Even if he gives his hand, Chidori naturally went to that deepest part---- and then met with the ghost."
"That's right.  ....he has that conviction."
"About what"
"Her doing such things.  I did not expect it.  Besides, even now I still can't explain well.  Inside the center of that institution, was the [Shadow] of the test subject of TAROS that was involved in an accident 18 years ago.  The psychic wave that travels from the future and the past, created a crystal that passes the consciousness of the Omni Sphere.  That crystal is the true form of the [Whispering].  The existing relay antenna that relays information to us.  In order for me to destroy that Antenna, I came to this ruins.  If it were not for the [Whispering], at this rate, there would be stoppage of the influx of Black Technology from the future that should exist."
"Leonard called Chidori as the [Whispering]"
"That is so at the moment.  I don't know what kind of method, or what kind of work---- I really don't know.  Even as to why her..."
  Listening to this harsh reality, Sousuke already understood the meaning in her words.  Although he doesn't know the detailed theory, whatever happened, he imagined what she would be doing.
"Was her mind possessed?  By that [Whispering]?"
  Tessa did not affirm or negate.  She only walked forward, shaking her shoulders, and a voice trying to squeeze out of her throat.
"I'm sorry..."
  Regret and shame, and then a deep feeling of guilt.  Those seems to be tormenting her at the same time.
"I didn't take notice.  If I know this would happen, I would not have get her near at any means.... all of it, is all my fault"
  There was no words of comfort.
  Even then, what can happen?
  If you didn't follow, she wouldn't.
  Right now Sousuke is trying his best to suppress the impulse to blame Tessa.  That was already known.  Tessa no longer said anything.  Coming like this, she already know that excuses or apology would be useless.
  Unable to bear the akward silence, Lemon comforted her.
"You're mistaken, Testarossa-san.  Not noticing and being useless would be me.  Besides, it was inevitable that nobody can expect."
"Thank you.  But, we can't put it together."
  Tessa answered with a hollow voice.
  I'm the worst, Sousuke thought.  Why did he not encourage her.  Why did he say [it's not your fault] like Lemon.  Even though he committed countless mistakes, he could not stop his anger.
  I know.
  It was all about her.
  Understanding that much, he couldn't cut off his attachment.
  Proceeding in the dark passage, Sousuke muttered in a small voice that nobody heard.
  Just a little more.
  The next time we meet, at that time what shall I do?

  Wireless communication entered into the ears of Kalinin.
[This is Alpha Leader.  3 enemy spotted at limits F3.  2 male, one female.  We lost visual upon combat.  No dead.  One injured.  Currently in pursuit.]
  From the subordinates who finally reached the deepest area, it was a report about failing to catch Sousuke and the others.  The [One female], it is most likely Teletha Testarossa.
"Continue pursuing.  Don't suppress them unreasonably.  You can go slowly.  If possible do not kill the girl.  She is information."
[Alpha roger]
  The wireless communication mixed with the sound of gunfire was cut.
  Even with the use of a relay device the communications was bad.  Moving 10 odd men squad under this underground maze, was an operation that could break bones.  Additionally for a while now, mix with it the difficulty of the soldiers when they get nearer the deepest area.
  There is no other, it was because of that unknown deja vu.
  Aside from the soldiers losing their mind there were no injuries, and the hindrance of the communication and cooperation of every units are enough problems.  Once an order is issued they would continue on, and those who were not able to understand their place and situation were always at the back.  Such confusion, the more they proceed to the inside of the institution the more frequency it occurs.  In the end there are teams that almost nearly killed each other, there was one act that they were on the verge if not for Kalinin's warning.
  That deja vu has disappeared a while ago.
  In the deepest part of the institution, was there something that occurred---- this is what was conjectured on the corner of Kalinin's thought.  Most probably, something that he heard from Leonard happenend.  Chidori was safe from that helicopter crash after all, with such fate being led into the deepest area by her own effort, and then was there with the [Whispering] to----
(No, don't think too deeply....)
  Whatever happened, because of that the mutual understanding of each and every team became smooth.  Although it is forgivable for the preceding team to let Sousuke and the others escape, the neighboring exit of the of the underground are already controlled by another team.  No matter what kind of skill he excels in, there is no means for Sousuke to escape alone.
  The subordinates will shoot him to death without hesitation.  And if Teletha Testarossa resist will meet the same fate.
  Will you be alright dying?
  No matter how many times he repeatedly asks himself this it's like raising a gooseneck.
  It doesn't matter.  If he dies here, that's the end of it.  There is no hesitation in his heart, this would be more convenient.
  During the raid on Melidia island, his previous characteristics to prepare the location data of emergency supplies in the event of the [worst situation], he was not able to delete this from the data bank of the <De Daanan>.  Leonard's prediction---- having knowledge of using the Solar Flare to execute the attack, he was still half in doubt.
  The result, that hesitation gave the <De Daanan> the necessary resupply materials, letting them live on this far.
  However, now is different.  There is not one ounce of mercy.
  Approving the objective of Leonard himself, he decided to work for him.  Simultaneously erasing those physical unease.
  This world shouldn't be like this, this is what he felt.
  Andrei Kalinin strongly feels this.
  That is why from here on, what ever happened, he will execute anyone who tries to interfere with their objectives.  Even if they were his former allies.
  And then Sousuke---- you are of no exception.  If you die here then that is your fate.  But if that is not so---- if you want to stop me on top of that, you would need a resolution.  Any humans that make confrontations, with ultimate resolution and sacrifices.
  One of the subordinates beside shouted with gun in hand.
  From the hanging dust and direction of the darkness, a pair of man and woman appeared.  It was Leonard Testarossa and Chidori Kaname.
"Don't shoot"
  There was no strong inhibition.  When the form of the two can clearly be distinguished, the subordinate immediately put down his gun.  Leonard in AS pilot suit, Kaname with a red coat on, slowly walking forward.  It seems the confluence was successful.
  What was it, the unnatural composure of Chidori.  Was it not like a walk of a monarch that controls the world.  For a mere 17 year old girl.
  No, it is the truth.  She is the monarch.
  Fowler and himself, taking charge of the leftovers of their power like a servant.
"It's is good that you are safe"
"Aah. You guys too"
  Leonard cramped his shoulders.
"It seems that Sagara and the others intend to escape to the emergency path in the north side.  They will be immediately encircled."


  Chidori Kaname raised her brow.
"Kalinin-san, You're mistaken.  Sousuke and Tessa was killed by me"
"What was that?"
"It's true.  Right before my eyes, precisely shooting them in the head."
  This is entirely different from the reports of his subordinates, he is perplexed as to how calmly she would say Sousuke and the other's death.
"But, my subordinates just now----"
  Kalinin beginning to say, Leonard brought up his single hand.
"No matter, whatever that is"
"It's alright.  Mister K (Kalium)"
  Keeping silent, he abides.  Kalinin did not object further.
"....the three unknown enemy are currently being pursued.  They will be suppressed soon."
"Is that so.  Then.... do what you wish"
"In this irritating ruins, there is no longer anything we need.  prepare to withdraw immediately"
"See you, Kalinin-san"
  Walking calmly from that place he escorted them from behind, Kalinin can feel an unknown omen.
  No, not only that.  But also a feeling of forfeit.
  Kalinin contacted Casper who was standing by above ground.
"Mister Sn (Tin).  Situation"
[Still in control.  Weber still hasn't been seen]
"They will eventually come to rescue Sagara and the others.  Next time you see them, remove them"
[Of course----]
  Casper laughed from the communications device.
[----this will be fun]

<Gunshots of small arms detected.  11 0 clock.  Recognized in E4 (Echo 4)>
  Receiving the report of the AI, Kruz muttered in the cockpit.
"There's activity"
  Now, his M9 is concealed in a site 3 kilometers north east of <Yamsk 11>.  For more than 2 hours, they have not been detected by the enemy, slowly creeping forward getting closer.  Using the ECS and usual camouflage, and suppressing the Data link to the lowest range, they are deeply careful to the utmost limits.
  Barely getting near the site, Kruz stopped the unit, fixing both arms of the M9 in the exposed rock, measuring the noise from the radius with the Super Sensitive vibration sensors.
  There was a reaction.
  There was intermittent gunshots in the underground plant.  Although footsteps were not detected, there was no mistake that there are hostilities with difference in power.
  A specific firing sound---- drawing from the mark E4, amplifying the playback.
  It was not clear because of the echo, but this is the sound of the Carbine gun that Sousuke has.  And this firing rhythm.  Although this is unknown to most people, Kurz knows it.  This is Sousuke's Rhythm.
"That bastard, he's alive after all."
  Snickering, Kruz turned on the voice input.
"Details and distance of E4, estimate the vector"
<Roger.  ...complete.  Estimating, direction 261.  Distance 1800.  Vector 73-10>
  The data is projected in the digital map in the screen, magnified.
  The depth is unknown, but Sousuke is moving towards here.  Running double time firing at the enemy.  If he was alone then he would be running faster, it was natural to think that he is with an injured or a girl.  It would be good to think that he was with Tessa.
  They are coming out from the opposite side of the Plant.
  But this is bad.  From the underground institution of <Yamsk 11> to the neighboring exits in the mountain ridges, one squad of enemy already surrounds it.  If there is no support from here, it is impossible to escape.  The enemy also predicts this, it was natural---- Casper was moving somewhere on his own waiting.
  He captures the weak electromagnetic wave of his allies.
[Ur...to..z6.  ....rz7 to.....6]
  Because of the bad electromagnetic wave digital noise are coming in, but there is no mistake that voice belongs to Sousuke.
[...this is Urz 7.  Can you hear me]
"This is Urz 6.  Situation"
  Dispensing the frivolous talk he responded concisely.  There were no Passcode and concealment of the transmission source, then again the electromagnetic wave coming from here is in the lowest range.
[Escaping from the under.... of the plant.  Curre.....passageway in 32a-71a.  Engaging....enemy heading to West Northwest.  With Tessa (Ansuz) and Lemon.....  Lemon is injured.  What's the situation above ground.]
  He must be talking while moving.  The next electromagnetic wave was stronger.
"Expect enemy at the perimeter 33c-70a.  Roughly around one squadron"
[Can support be made]
  Sousuke asked immediately.  If he can observed, he judged that he can attack.
"Possible, but the Lambda Driver equipped AS is hiding somewhere.  A sniper.  There is a need to take care of it first."
  To start the support of Sousuke and the other's escape, Kruz would compromise his position and fall prey to Casper.  In other words, if Kruz does not take care of Casper, Sousuke and the others could not escape.

[Not only the sniper.  There is the possibility of Leonard’s unit coming out]
  The <Arbalest> receiving serious damage in Tokyo, that strongest unit is here.  Somehow Tessa's brother is alive.  No matter how you look at it this is a harsh situation.
"I understand.  But the first threat is that sniper.  If we can at least destroy him, we can somehow send the <Laevatein> to you"

  This would put Gebo 6 into danger.  First to stop Casper's AS, then completely remove the enemy that lie in ambush of Sousuke.  At the same time the Gebo 6 in invisible mode of the ECS drops the <Laevatein> in front of Sousuke.  Just before Leonard reacts.
  It is unknown whether Leonard's unit can be defeated or not, but as long as the <Laevatein> moves an escape path might open up.
[Roger.  We will hold in the exits as much as possible.  Good luck]
"Aah.  Just wait"
  After replying, Kruz can feel his heartbeat palpitating.
  Me?  That Casper?
  Can this be done?
  But, if he did not Sousuke and the others might end up in the other world....

  In this one day, it can't be guessed as to how many stairs they went up and down.
  Adding fire to the enemy that were chasing them, lending a shoulder to a suffering Lemon, climbing up the stairs and firing.  And repeating this.
"Kruz and the others seems to be safe.  For the mean time"
  Opening the digital map from the handheld computer terminal, Tessa nodded.

"There are data coming from his unit right now.  It's the situation of the enemy soldiers waiting above.  What can be discovered is one squadron."
  Tessa looks at the optimum magnification in the digital map.  As far as he can confirm there are 11.  At any rate it revealed the enemy soldiers captured by Kruz' passive sensor.
  Sousuke objectively judged.
  If they go up the stairs like this, they would eventually reach the emergency exit constructed at the slope of the hill.  Outside that emergency exit are numerous residence constructed, and those soldiers are scattered to such residences.
  They are in a fan formation enveloping the emergency exit where Sousuke and the others are supposedly coming out.

  With the weight of their own injury, if possible they would capture them alive.  if not, the enemy from the outside would simultaneously come in and make a pincer attack.
  In any case, it is certain that if they went upside there would be concentrated firing from 10 persons.  At the moment that they show their heads.
  Additionally their opponent is Kalinin's subordinates.  Their aim is accurate, and there is no mistake that it is controlled.
"It's impossible to break through"
  Tessa and Lemon are no amateur.  They were not distracted from Sousuke informing them of the situation.
  As long as there is support from the M9 standing by above escape is possible.  Kruz would drive bullets into the surrounding residences, more then half of the enemy would be powerless.  And then smoke and dust would restrict their field of vision.  Riding on that confusion the <Paib Mare> would close in at full speed, dropping the <Laevatein>.  It would not take more than 20 seconds for Sosuke to get on.  With the <Laevatein's> current power, he can at least gain a few moments from Leonard being an opponent----possibly.

  There is only one method for an ordinary AS like the M9 to defeat a Lambda Driver equipped unit, to abruptly attack the enemy.  To stop him in the first shot, then it would be over.  In a manner of speaking, the Lambda Driver equipped unit is rather strong.
"How long will the ammunition last?"
  Tessa asked.  Even her voice was tired.
"In economy mode about 5 minutes."
  Sousuke answered, switching the selector of the Carbine gun from Rapid fire to single shots.  Then taking the out pistol from the holster, turned it and handed it over to Lemon.  Even though he is exhausted, his shot is better than Tessa's.
"It's pistol I've used for a long time.  Be careful using it"
"I know"
"Captain you observe the communications"
  Tessa didn't even give a single sound of discontent.
  Continuing on the narrow and long ascending tunnel.  There is no more stairs ahead.  The three of them stagger, proceeding in the passage supporting in the darkness.  Sousuke sometimes would look behind and fire, at that moment Tessa lends her shoulder to Lemon and hurriedly proceeded forward.
  They reached a dead end.  Confirming that there are no traps, kicked open the rotten iron doors, ahead was a humid small quarter.  It was a room filled with air conditioning devices and cleaning materials locker.  Meeting them was a bulky door, beyond that was above ground.
"Let's hold here.  Lemon behind"
  The door outside can easily be opened.  From the crack fresh open air leaks in.  Time has passed from sunset, the outside is completely dark.
  Suddenly there was an impact.  The enemy in battle formation outside the emergency exit shoots.  Just a little more blinding sparks scatters, attacks fiercely buzzing in their ears.  The shooters are shooting from about 50 meters in the houses.
  They returned fire preserving ammunition.  The enemies are not trying to kill them.
"They're coming from the rear too!"
  Lemon sharply shouted pushing through the passage where they came from.
"Stall some time!  As long as possible----"
  Lemon jumped from the bullets flying from the passage, jumping into a small room.
  Lemon fires.  Sousuke shoots.  Tessa crouching in the corner of the small room.  Fierce gunshots and roaring sounds, the tearing sound of metal enveloping the three of them.
  The succession of enemy is high.  They could see that they are stalling for time.  At this rate, they'll run out of patience and their ammunitions would run out then suppressed.
"Were being pincer attacked!  Kruz, you done yet!?"

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Full Metal Panic: Approaching Nick of Time Chapter 4b

Continuation of Chapter 4 from here

Chapter 4b

  The frequency of the deja vu is evidently high.
  Kaname also felt that she has walked this long and narrow passage a number of times, and felt that the small abusive language of Lemon and the cough of Tessa were heard a number of time.  Having too much deja vu seems to be laborious, clearly gathering your will in front to preserve the true nature.  But even then, the indescribable fatigue were accumulating throughout the nerves of the whole body.
"My head seems to feel funny"
  Lemon muttered.  Those words were heard countless of times.

"I'm sure it's just ahead.  But I feel that the door gets farther and farther away.  I somehow understand what a mountain climber feels...."
"Don't worry.  We'll get there"
  There was fatigue oozing out of Tessa's words.
"Just ahead, is the center of the research facility.  The device that Professor Valof and the research team created, would be sleeping there unharmed."
"The effect would be coming from the device right?"
"Yes.  But strictly speaking, it is not the fault of the current device.  Since there is no electricity it's not functioning."
"Being the effect of a device that stopped, I really don't understand..."
"It's a little hard to explain---- the effects of that device, would be coming from the past. 18 years ago, the psychic wave of it's full operation are being transmitted to this period"
"The past? Psychic wave?"
"It's the [Omni Sphere] that I've explained a while ago.  This center is ground zero.  Everything started from here."
  Gradually---- really gradually, the three of them managed to reach the center.  Getting pass a number of massive doors.  They were lucky these were not locked, and the weight of it was opened by both Tessa and Kaname.
  In there was a extensive hall like space.  Many times wider than a school gymnasium.  In the inner walls were drum type units, countless of them sticking closely to each other.  One by one they are the size of a truck's tire.
  And then in the center of the vast hall, was a large dome type structure.  It looks like a globular gas tank in Japan, and the larger half cut.  In it's outside surface, similar to the inner wall of the hall are hundreds of drum type units clinging.
"What is this place....?"
  Lemon said with uneasiness.
  Looking alert, an ordinary human would not know what kind of facility this was.  Speaking only of its atmosphere, it looks like a photo of a neutrino observation facility.  Constructed deep underground, strange and exaggerated---- it is an experimental device for a simple purpose.  If this was thought with an enormous budget and resource with the required resources, it would become a large-scale device like this---- being said as an arrogant space.  Even being organized as it is, this device has an abnormal eccentric feel to it.
  As a scientific apparatus, it would rather be like a heretic temple ruined in ancient times.
  Due to the deterioration, the inside of the drum was lost from the inner wall and rolled to Kaname and the others.  Probably, this drum is an amplification device.  The insides were enclosed special electrical circuit that substitutes human intellect.
  No, during those period such scale of circuits can't be built.  Unless----
"Kaname-san.  Are you uneasy about the contents of this drum?"
"Un, could it be...."
"I don't think it's the brains of humans as expected."
  Tessa said with a voice without vigor.
"Probably, they used brains of other high class mammals.  Professor Valof's team seems to be researching the brains of Dolphins, the atrocity of the victims were probably them."
"How cruel...."
  Talking about one or two heads would already be sickening, but this facility has thousand of them in the same drum.  Kaname tried to refrain from vomiting.
  They already understood.  This ruins is the product of evil and madness.

  If not so, even if the victims were not humans, such cruelty should not exists.
"This is TAROS?"
"Yes.  This device was created by Professor Valof, the worlds first TAROS.  Although he called it [Mental communication device].  The current TAROS loaded into <Laevatein> and <De Daanan>, using the latest technology in large scale logic element---- using Al and Daana as an amplifying device, making it possible to transmit and respond to the Omni Sphere."
"However, the period that created this device should not be possible.  That is why the amplification of a living brain...."
"That's right.  To keep the large resources of brain organization from dying, in order to control the chemical of such activity various kinds of diverse drugs were refined in this Yamsk 11 Plant.  To keep the secret the production facility were collected within the town.  The former town that this was, many excellent specialist were gathered from the Eastern countries.  Majority of these scientists did not know the whole aspect of the experiment.  Having to investigate this far, took me quite some time.  Risking Lemon-san to danger, the different piece were put into place."
"Tessa you've gone to that much hardship.... no matter how many secret towns there are, aren't there any people that knows remained?"
"None of them remained.  Because the people of the town, those who remained either died or are crippled.  And in merely one night"
"....what exactly happened?"
"During the full operational test an accident occurred.  TAROS went berserk, radiating an extremely strong psychic wave.  The people within the 30 kilometer radius of this center, received a serious mental contamination.... later it would be shown on the ruins outside.  People who lost their sanity killed, and continued to commit suicide.  There are also many people in distant places who were killed by the shock."
  Although Kaname had not seen the streets, but she could imagine what had happened.  There is no mistake that it developed into a scene of Hell.
"A telepathic version of the Chernobyl huh"
  A silent and listening Lemon muttered.
"That's right.  There are a variety of psychic wave that radiates through the Omni sphere.  One that weakens by distance and time is the [Iota wave].  What contaminated the residents of Yamsk 11 was this Iota wave, the effects are comparatively confined in an area.  And then the other is the [Tau wave].  This has no relation to distance and time, and a psychic wave with a property that can be transmitted by a distance with getting weak.  This has no influence for an ordinary person, except for an instant degree of deja vu.  However, the effects of this Tau wave are wide.  I think that it has been transmitted to all over the world."
"But, nobody noticed...."
"Yes.  It cannot be observed physically, and there are no persons who received the effects.  However, there are exceptions.  During the berserk of TAROS---- this is just an assumption---- roughly 18 years ago, December 24, 1981, 11:50 Greenwich Mean time continuing for about 3 minutes.  In this moment the effects were received by the people who are exceptions.  Do you know what kind of people these are?"
"Well..... I guess it's us"
  Lemon's head turned to one side, Kaname made a deep sigh.
  This might be the biggest sigh for humans.  Listening that much, she finally understood.
  My secret.  Our secret.
"The newborn baby.  The moment they woke up"
"That's right, it's us."
  Still remembering it now.  During primary school there were research subject like [let's inspect the incident on the day you were born].  At that time it was shown to the birth mother.  December 24, Tokyo time is 20:50.  Greenwich Mean Time would be 1:50.
  You should have birthed me 1 minute earlier.....
"As to why would the Tau wave effect the newborn baby on the moment of their birth....we still don't fully know that.  In the explanation of a Physiologist Alice Miller, the moment a newborn baby is born there are special activity in the basal ganglia and Occipital lobe.  However, at present there are no medical verification.  There are no consent from mothers"
"Well that's right....  there are no mothers that would agree to having electrodes stick into the brain of a child just before birth."
"With the creation of more advance apparatus, I think there is a way to investigate this....  to be delivered into a special Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Apparatus.  If ever in the future, that Kaname-san chances to give birth to a baby would you let me conduct an experiment"
"Wha..what are you saying.  Why don't you do it yourself!?"
"But, I will probably be alone for the rest of life...."
"What's with that bitter face"
"Nothing.  But, that's right....  If Kaname-san would lend Sagara-san to me sometimes, I'll do the experiment myself"
"You say that easily...."
"You don't want to?"
"Of course!? Well, in the first place, he and I are not really..."
"I'm joking.  Don't be seriously troubled by it"
"....hey you"
  Kaname shook her shoulders, Lemon timidly raised a voice from the side.
"Um. Right now, we were talking about something very serious but...."
"Ah, that's right"
"sorry, we got carried away"
  Kaname and the others were near the giant dome in the center of the hall.  Tessa seeming to look for the passage inside, walked along the outer circumference of the dome.
"Well then.... Children who were imprinted by the Tau wave the moment of their birth.  They were the [Whispered].  Nonetheless, we did not receive the vast knowledge from that short instant.  Connecting to the Omni Sphere, I think we gained the ability to receive another psychic wave from some future."
"Some future?"
"Yes.  The Omni Sphere retrogrades information through time.  We did not receive information on technology not yet known from birth, but [receive] information through psychic wave from the future.  The imprinting during birth, would be to have the minimum required ability for that reception."

"In other words, it's like an access code or a protocol.... With that, when the child grows up the intelligence rises, by some kind of chance, would receive the suspicious electromagnetic waves"
"That's how it is.  ....children born in the said 3 minutes, what was recorded all over the world was 174 person.  With the healthcare system of underdeveloped countries, there are children with no accurate birth records, and is actually much more numerous.  A rough estimate would multiplied by that---- around more than 350 people.  However, the confirmed Whispered at the present are only a handful, less than 10."
"Why is that?"
"The age where the Whispered ability awakens might be dependent on each individual differences.  And aside from the time of birth, there is a possibility of other conditions to become a Whispered.  The [qualities] are different though.  There are many individual differences when humans are born, and it would not be mysterious for those born not affected by the Tau wave.  Currently those [complication ratio] is less than 3%, and would not be considered as unnatural figures.  At any event---- we are currently the communication terminal that receives the output of technology information from the future."
"It is an unbelievable story"
  Lemon muttered.  His face being pale, was not only because of his injuries.
"Technology information sent from the future.  Then that means, technology and weapons came from that information."
"That's right.  The AS was the start of [Technology that shouldn't exists (Black Technology)]
  There was no inflection in the words of Tessa.  In the wide darkness with nobody but the three of them, her voice resounded with a vacant tone.
"I think that the effects of the Black Technology most probably have started around the mid 80's.  The same children as us Whispered, there were records that these abilities have started to display at around age 3.  My father, while still alive was investigating this."
"80's?  Then, the world right now...."
"Yes.  The world has been affected by the Black Technology for 15 years, it would not be difficult to imagine.  The explosive advancement of elliptical computer technology.  The innovative invention in the field of energy.  The dramatic change in radar technology...."
  Originally, the development of these enterprises were not yet developed.  Enterprises that should have collapsed have not collapsed.  Military operation that was supposedly a failure succeeded.  International economy receiving a different effect.  There might be a change in the result of a large country's election, originally it may have a different administration, or it may have a different policy.
  A collapsed country, might not have collapsed.
  A country preserving its unity might have split up.
  And then, it is possible---- The American-Russian cold war might have ended.

"For arguments sake the [Original History]---- if there is a history that have no Black Technology present---- something that is mostly on conjecture---- I think the science technology would still be unchanged from the start of the 80's.  With computer voice recognition in a suspicious level, the existence of Palladium Reactor, the materialization of a bipedal robot technology, and that sort."
"Then were talking about Technology?"
"Yes.  Those brought about the effects in Political economics and military affairs.... complex conjectures are impossible.  The whole surface might gone into nuclear warfare, or the reverse the cold war might have ended.  In any case, it is a different world that we know of.  A group of people that would know this truth, would call this situation a [Time Hazard].  It's just, that in the first place an [Original History], it is unknown if it exists or not.  If the appearance of Whispered and interference of the Omni Sphere are inevitable, this might be a natural occurrence."
"Its something of a large scale that I can't imagine.... just now how many times a deja vu came, my head is really become strange"
"Please steady your head, Lemon-san.  Where we are right now, is the center of where the Time Hazard occurred.  We cannot predict what effects it would have on the mind."
"The center....  But isn't it strange?  The world rotates, revolving.  Moving in the center of the solar system and the Milky way.  If it were in the strict coordinates, the [here] 18 years ago would be somewhere beyond space right?"
"No.  The Omni Sphere exists in the mind of the area it was first activated, and have absolutely no relation to the physical world's coordinates.  It is not something similar to the Ether Space of the past.  That is why the livelihood domain of human---- in other words on the surface world, [existing here] could not be explained.  The Omni Sphere adheres to the Earth and moves together with it, and the coordinates system on the earth makes Yamsk 11 ground zero, there are other faulty expressions but.... it would be better to think that situation like that."
"It's difficult.... Even so, this ruins have been uninhabited for a long time.  If there are no people, the Omni Sphere wouldn't exist right?"
"It's not because there are no people that it doesn't exist.  I think the expression [it has no meaning] is more correct.  Besides, this place is different.  The effects of the incident 18 years ago, still remains to the present day---- no, it reaches here."
  They found the entrance to the dome.  Similar to the height of Tessa, a narrow hatch.
"Aah..... I really don't understand.  Kaname-san, how about you?"
  Kaname who has been silent for a while, felt her head heavy.  it was the because of the said deja vu.  step by step, she felt painful advancing forward.  Like walking in a heavy viscous liquid with resistance and discomfort.  Then there are order of precedence.
"I... understand"
  She understood.
  This was not a simple uninhabited ruins.  What wait waiting ahead.
"Aah..... I really don't understand.  Kaname-san, how about you?"
  Lemon said.
"Lemon-san. You're repeating yourself."
"Aah..... I really don't understand.  Kaname-san, how about you?"
"Kaname-san, how about you?"
"How about you?..... about you? you? you? ou? u, u, uwawaauwaua......uwaaaaaaaa!!"
  It was a scream with a frozen spine.  Lemon's mind being plucked from his body, like receiving an electromagnetic shock averting his spine, his whole body shakes violently.
  Looking down upon Kaname who was only shivering, Tessa thrust him away will full power.  Lemon staggered, and falling to his backside a few meters away from the dome.  Even then his struggle did not stop.
"Let's pull him back!  Help me!"
"Eh? Ah, un"
  Lemon who continued to scream despite falling, both Kaname and Tessa pulled him out into the exterior hall.  Finally his derangement have stopped, he lied down on the place with a sobbing voice.
"What was that?  What exactly is this...."
"I don't know.  But, probably----"
  Tearing off from her shoulder, Tessa muttered.
"The Iota waves that was emitted from the center of the facility, is stronger than expected.  With a strong feed back from the Omni sphere, Lemon-san fell into panic.  It's because he is a normal human."
"Right.  When I first felt electromagnetic wave in North Korea, it was this kind of feeling.  It because we have grown accustomed to it, those unskilful might be shocked to death...."

"This was beyond supposition.  At this rate, we can't bring him inside."
  There was no reason to recklessly bring him in.  Rather if this is favorable to Tessa, she doesn't have the appearance of being glad.
"But the Iota wave, there must be something inside?"
"That's right.  However, but more than my hypothesis, the distant strength is----"
  Tessa lie faced down, and cough in nausea.

"Tessa, are you alright?"
"Yes.  Why don't you wait with Lemon-san.  There is no need for you to recklessly accompany me.  Here with him----"
  When she was saying this, Kaname firmly gripped her hand.
"Alright. Let's go."
  Holding the hand of Kaname, Tessa once again started walking towards TAROS---- the center of the dome.

"Stopping History.  What's that"
  Sousuke asked, Leonard muttered something in the middle of the deep darkness.  [Machenshaft Als Herrschaft Des~].  He did not hear the last part.  It's most likely German, the meaning he doesn't understand.
"I wonder if that's Heidegger.  [A construction that controls the creation and the created].  Or possibly Self Cause (Causa Sui).  It's only by association.  The connection between cause and effect, is to go because of going.  Well, it’s about philosophy.  Anyway setting free the principle of causality, we have lived thus far in this different world.  If Fate and Destiny are indeed become free---- what would man wish for at that time?  I am progressing for that preparation."
  Principle of causality?  Fate?
  Sousuke doesn't entirely understand the meaning of this.
"You heard about the Omni Sphere from my sister right?"
"A little"
"Even TAROS?"
"Once.  A device that accesses the Omni Sphere, and the ability to operate the Lambda Driver."
"The Lambda Driver was just an extra.  It was for convenience"
"It seems so"
"In this ruins is where the worlds first TAROS was created, and a berserk incident occurred.  As a result, children who were to arrive on the same time became the [Whispered].  ....the real importance the Omni Sphere holds, was the transmission of a variety of electromagnetic wave from that area, not being restricted from time and space.  A whispered, are persons capable of transmitting information from the past or future.  With its effect, made this world different from the [original world].  Another history, another time axis, another world.  Originally AS should not exist, even <Mythril> shouldn't.  <Amalgam> also would be a different organization"
"That's absurd.  Such a thing----"
"It's up to you to believe it or not.  But this is the truth---- how do you think you should treat this world?"
"I don't have to treat anything.  I should just leave it alone"
  Wherever the world may be, for Sousuke such things have no interest to him.
  History changed?  Then what about it.  Even if it were the truth, the truth surrounding him will not change.
  There are enemies, there are allies.
  There are battle tactics, there are mission objectives.
  Actions that should be done, looking at information that needs to be known, something that should be heard.
"Would it be alright continuing like this?"
  Leonard laughed.
"Of course not.  Those that should exist are gone, those that doesn't exist are here.  People who should have lived are dead, those who should have died are still alive.  This world has gone mad.  We have to correct it.  A man who has the power to do so"
"The one who's mad is you.  I don't know what kind of methods you have to reform the world but----"
"It's not world reformation"
  His fed up scornful voice echoing in the darkness.
"It's not worthless politics.  Inclining the Earth's axis, think about the occurrences of natural disasters.  If there is a way to return things, it would be ordinary to think about returning it right?  Returning the world to what it was originally.  What is mad about that?"
"I'm not a great genius like you.  Even if you say the world is mad, no feelings would grow.  I really don't understand, but what you say about [returning the world], would be to deny the environment that we have lived in right?  Even for enemies and allies.  That is what I do not like."
"Then listen to this, do you have comrade in arms that have died?  Relatives or friends, surrounding comrades that you have lost?"
"Of course"
  The comrade in arms in Afghanistan.  And the mercenaries he met after.  There are many of them.  Those who were with him in the operation of <Mythirl>.  Matt Shade of the intelligence department.  Urzu 1 Gale Mcallen.  PRT's Rian Shaopin.  Gebo 9's pilot Eva Santos and her crew.  Colleagues who died in the battle at Melidia island that he heard of---- Castello.  Speck.  Several officers of the West Pacific Fleet.
  And then---- Nami.
  No matter how many of them there are, there at least a few people who died because he doesn't have enough strength.  Especially Nami of Namsak, just the fleeting memory of her name sends pain down his heart.  Nami.  Sorry.  If I were only a second faster in saving you----
"You have right.  You have many deaths.  Don't you regret them?"
"....I have no obligation to answer"
"No, you regret them.  But, [originally], majority of them should still be alive.  The [Black Technology] that the Whispered brought about changed warfare, surely the fate of those surrounding people were obviously affected.  The lives that they should have, are you going to deny them this.  Saying coldly [leave them alone] and abandoning them.  Who would be the one who's mad?"
"I'm not abandoning them....!"
  Understanding the expectations of his opponent, even so Sousuke raised his voice.
"Can you say that to them?  [It was unfortunate that you died, give up.  There is a way to save you, but I don't want to try it]?"
"What you're saying is nonsense.  You can't save those who have died.  Time axis of the past of the future, they won't be resurrected by such theories."
"Hmm.  You don't seem to be saying that with a rock head.  Why do you think so?"

"Because I'm a killer"
  Sousuke gazing at Leonard said this.
"Before, it is as you said before Chidori.  I killed more than 100 people.  I don't know the accurate number.  And there is no need to know.  There were a number of people riding in the truck which I blew up in the gorge of Afghanistan, but I did not count.  Generally speaking, I stole the lives of countless of men.  That is why I understand.  I feel I know it."
"Hmm.  In other words?"
"Human's death are absolute.  They won't come back again.  If you can somehow bring them back as a puppet, then they would be another person."
"Why is it?  If the body, mind and environment are the same, then they would be the same person right"
"Your mistaken.  Death itself is a part of humans.  A personality until the last moment.  That is why is seriously fighting with full devotion.  This is the only unchanging absolute rule.  Even for that Gauron, abide by this.  That person is the garbage of humans, but simultaneously know the fleeting moment of life.  The difference between him and me, are what is being enjoyed and what is not being enjoyed."
"Very interesting view"
  Leonard said laboriously taking up the concrete lump.
"Gaurun huh.  This talk---- about made time and destiny, he also mentioned this.  He didn't doubt.  But he didn't concern himself.  He said something similar to yours.  Even though you were fated enemies, having the same opinion.  Isn't it cynicism"
"It's not cynicism or what.  It was a warriors unwritten law."
"Gauron is a warrior?"
"At least.  But you're different."
  He has no intention of disdain.  Sousuke only spoke what he felt.  [You're different].  But his words stimulated something inside of Leonard.
"I see.  Then---- you have to hear this, would Kaname dying be the same thing?"
  Sousuke did not say anything.  He didn't understand it himself.
"You don't know right"
  In Leonard's voice, there was no pride resounding in it.
"If I were in your standpoint, well, I couldn't accept that.  A rule or an unwritten law, because this is a world that has no need of such procedure.  Aren't you people perceiving things in simplicity?  Good or evil, Likes and dislikes, Enemies and friends---- you don't believe in dualism right"
"What are you trying to say"
"I don't know.  Unexpectedly, I think there might be no need for us to fight."
  An unexpected words.
  No need to fight---- Why did he say such words?  You appeared to us as enemies from the start.  Standing as an obstruction to our mission, many friend died, and then taking Kaname away.  There was no thought of reconciliation.
"I understand.  It's not that I'm talking about peace.  No matter how I say it, the answer would be NO right? If these were known long ago conciliation work would not be"
"Of course"
"You're stubbornness, are no different from the fundamentalism of terrorist.  However Mr. Kalinin was wrong.  He was hesitant at first."
"....the Lt. Commander?"
"The first time I made contact with his was last Christmas.  Even after listening to the current mad world, he did not immediately believe.  However, he seemed think long and hard.  During the great assault last January."
"You're nonsense would not make him double cross."
"I'll reveal some proof to you.  Using an ordinarily unforeseeable natural phenomenon, <Amalgam> gave <Mythirl> a great blow, so to say"
"Natural phenomenon?"
"The Solar Wind.  With the influence of a large scale solar activity, it is know that most communications would be down.  I foresaw it using TAROS.  It is impossible to predict the surface climate and society, but it was not difficult to predict solar activity.  The activity of humans living in a small planet, there is nothing that could affect the sun.  knowing the exact second.  I used that.  If not, <Amalgam> would not be able to strike a great blow to <Mythril> in such a short time."
  During the aforementioned great offensive, he heard that Kalinin's state was strange.
  That was because of Leonard's prediction.  Using the absolutely unpredictable solar activity <Amalgam> devised an attack.  There is no more [proof] than this.  TAROS and Omni Sphere, history's accident that made a communication method to cross time.  All of it are true.
"Then he agreed.  With a means to correct the mistake, I have that power.  The allies that he followed, is accurately no <Amalgam>, but me"
  For Andrei Kalinin, isn't he the personification of that [Warrior's unwritten law].  Beside the possibility of [correcting the mad world], it's unthinkable that he would ride along that plan.  For him to accept failure, defeat and every kind of blow, on top of these he would construct the [next mission].
  If not.  If he were not so, us who have been fighting under him, for what purpose were we fighting for exhausting all power.
"Andrei Kalinin is a realistic man.  I also understand if you do not accept this.  That is why no explanation was made."
"The Captain---- Tessa knew this"
"She should know.  On top of that she did not explain anything, and obstructs my objective.  Why is that?  Do you know?"
"There are people in <Mythril> who approves, as you want to say"
"That is correct.  That is why Teletha did not explain everything.  Letting bygones be bygones, and thinking of letting history continue.  Facing forward is splendid, but it was a reason of self intoxication.  There is also the revenge towards <Amalgam>.  Going against controlling the world.  But that girls first motive, was to go against me.  Denying me of what I should be doing, thinking of showing her own power."
"She is not that kind of selfish person"
"I don't care about her true intentions.  But it is as what I've said, having pretext of [wrong] principle.  In short, a child.  Because she's smarter than ordinary people, all the more she will manage it.  There is a theory attached inside of her."
  Extracting the steel pipe buried in the rubbles, there was a sound of the surrounding concrete breaking.  There was a hole no larger than an arm, from there blew a cold wind.
  Just a little more.
  If they remove the surrounding rubble, they could go through the opposite passage.
"<Amalgam> right now, is radically headed to deterioration."
  Removing the rubble, Leonard surprisingly said that.
"Although no one notices it.  What I am going to do---- the plan to fully stop the history of the mad world, needs a considerable calculation and resources.  The democratic system is inconvenient.  That is why, I'm going to break the lever"
"Break the lever?"
"The introduction of dictatorship.  Destroying the equilibrium of the management's power, spreading distrust and fears.  Then a person will appear to execute the brilliant activity, using the carrot and stick in the dark forming alliances using influences.  It is simply a troublesome work, but will take form in half a year.  Due to the activities of Mr. Kalinin."

"In other words, you will be the dictator"
"We still haven't arrived at that stage.  Mostly grasping the background of the important leaders, finish off their communications network like a virus.  The communications network is not the internet.  It's a little more primitive coded system so nobody noticed.  <Amalgam> also have made use of this for tens of years quietly increasing it."
  Although he doesn't have any intention of giving away the coded system, these words of Leonard are already important information.  Also easily speaking about the actual circumstance of his own organization.
"Why do you tell me this?"
"I thought it might be a good idea to tell you.  You guys are desperately fighting, someday <Amalgam> will decline.  No---- that representation is amusing.  Before that, this world will be corrected from the mistaken form."
  Coming this far, Sousuke can't possibly think of what this man is boasting about.  If Leonard were mad, the conversation would be over.  But in the unfortunate matter, that is not the reality.  Kalinin has sided with him, <Amalgam> certain has shown some strange movement, and then the unnatural question about this world---- coincides with what Tessa said.
  It's not a lie, and it is not madness.
  Then, what kind of method would that [plan] be executed?
"Chidori being necessary, was it for that plan's purpose"
"That is exactly it.  Right now, a new TAROS is being constructed in another place.  This TAROS so far, has a structure that has no problems in scale.  It's power is to interfere with the past, an ordinary Whispered can't be used as a catalyst.  A much more larger power for imprinting, most probably there is only one suitable person.  Searching so long for that suitable person, I finally found it.  The psychic wave that was emitted from the incident in this <Yamsk 11>---- the first until the last information of the Tau wave, it would be her who will receive its vastness.  Sending the technological information from the future to the Whispered, it is not from someone unknown.  It is her.  She will be from now on, would be that."
"Her [abnormal luck], is because she was living in a [singular point].  She would be capable of that.  Influencing fate.  That is why she is not a [Whispered].  Rather what she should be called, Chidori Kaname is a [Whispering].  That's right, the one who would send the Black Technology to make the world in disorder, would be her"
"She is an honest person"
  Sousuke was emphasizing in an irritating tone.
"No matter what kind of theory, she would not have a behaviour of gladly sending killing technology. ....I'm not sure about the context, at any rate she is not kind of person."
"That is a mystery"
  Leonard laugh saying that.
"Being strong that far, why would a righteous girl interfere with the past?  The past that she cannot accept, what would that be?  Was is something that happened long ago?  Or would it be happening to her?  And then, why would she be sending the black technology?  No, will she send it?  Even then, in the first place who was the one who invented the information that she has?  Where is it?  Is there another [Whispered] from the future?  Or there isn't?  If you want to know that then you have to leave it to [chance].  What do you think?"
  There was a mixed self derision in his inquiring words, echoing from somewhere desolate.  The devil descending in front of your eyes, laughing at the works of god that has surpassed his own understanding---- drifting about in such eeriness.
"What I know...."
  His head seems to be funny.  Leonard’s words, his tense and context were in disorder.
  But he understands one thing, Chidori Kaname---- that innocent girl---- it has nothing to do with he own will, with someone elses reasoning, would become a sacrifice in a grand and arrogant plan, that is only it.
"Ultimately, what would you do yourself?  What is your objective in fighting us?  Retribution against <Amalgam>, or the opposition of world domination, stop with that empty slogan.  It possible I want to hear a much simple intention."
"Take back Chidori, returning to the usual life.  That's all"
"That's not so"
"No, it's impossible.  Even if I give up, she will be targeted by someone else eventually.  Such humans, and ordinary person should be existing in an organization.  Even <Mythril> is suspicious.  If the generation changes someday longer for her powers would start.  it is because its an organization.  This is absolutely."

"But if we were to correct the mad history, she will take a life as an ordinary human.  No one would target her.  Having a calm life, fall in love, give birth, grow old.  What you would wish for.  This is the only solution."
  Speaking of the theory thus far, that should be.
  In the corner of his confused mind, something is telling him that [what this man is saying is correct].  But leaving out the most important thing.  In regards to that solution, why does he have this feeling of rejection?
  No, he knows.
  If that were to be, he would no longer be in her life.  In Leonard's words---- [fall in love], [give birth], [grow old]---- one by one those words were tightening his heart.
  He is not there.
  No even be able to protect her from afar.
"Then.... it would be meaningless"
"What a troublesome dilemma.  I'm even bothered by it.  It's good that you're bothered"
  Leonard took an armful of concrete and let it fall on to the lower floor.  Sousuke also in the same manner throws the rubble.  In a matter of few minutes, both of them immersed themselves without saying anything.  Finally the two of them uprooted the steel frame, with the momentum they clear the stairs and a large amount of rubble fell in.
  The flatness and the hanging dust and smoke clears, and a large hole passable by one person was finished.
"Oh well, we're saved"
  Leonard muttered, and dived wilfully to the hole.  Although his back was defenceless, he didn't have the mood to attack.  Sousuke later followed, the two of them safely on top of the floor---- coming out into a stairs and a T junction on a narrow passage.
  The truce ended here.
  The two mutual enemies took a few distance from each other, confronting each other in the darkness.
"Well then, shall we return to killing each other?"
  There is no worry catching fire here.  Guns and explosives can be used.

  To take him down it should be now.
  If it were a showdown in AS, even with the <Laevatein> he doesn't know if he would win.  But if it's flesh and blood there are prospects of victory.  If he does not defeat him now, this man would definitely become a great threat.
"Alright.  By all means."
  In the side with a dim light where dusts were fluttering, Leonard Testarossa was laughing.
  It was not a pretentious smile.
  As he is right now, he was glaring at somewhere.  Immediately gazing at him, he was expecting conflict.  There was not even a particle of tenacity to the present world, it was the laugh of a religious fanatic.
  Sousuke suddenly, was caught wondering if he could win against this opponent.
  By no means was it fear.  Only, the killing intent towards the enemy that was inside of him previously, was no longer there.  This was the result of listening to the words of Leonard, it produced a hesitation inside of him.
  If ever---- if ever there is a possibility to implement Leonard's plan, wouldn't it be the best course to let Kaname return to a peaceful world?  To kill or wound this man, would it end that path?
  I don't care what happens to me.  Chidori.  Why are you not here.
  At the end of the short hesitation, Sousuke said.
"Right now.... let's stop"
"Fine.  Then for our mutual frustration, why don't we let those feeling out some other day"
  Turning on his back, Leonard left Sousuke.  A defenceless back.  There is still time for a surprise attack.  This is probably the last opening.
  But Sousuke couldn't move.
  Leonard's form disappeared into the darkness.  He can no longer be aimed at.
"let me tell you this last.  Even if I turn the whole world against me, I will accomplish my objective."
  His voice echoing in the passage.
"You can do nothing and become a spectator.  But the next time you show yourself in front of me, there will be no mercy.  I will kill you with all my might"
  Sousuke could not answer back.
  Standing still and dejected, not knowing where his enemy went, the sound of the footsteps disappeared to far away.
  Change the world?
  Becoming calm alone, he suddenly did not believe.  Currently half believing half doubting, this must be the proof of his own characters preservation.
  However, there is still one important task remaining.
  If she were somewhere in this ruins, he has to find her first before the enemy does.

  Kaname and Tessa went through the hatch of the dome, proceeding in the narrow passage.
  Lemon was lest behind outside of the dome.  He was with them entering it, or so they thought.
  Deja vu.  Deja vu.  Deja vu.  The endless repetition of their thoughts.
  Drawing close to the center, there was a feeling of pressure and fatigue in the form.
  Even though it was almost 5 meters away.  Why was that goal---- the small room inside the dome this far?  No matter how much advances was made the end will not come.  Even thought the summit can be seen, the summit can't seem to be reached, it was that desperate feeling when climbing a mountain.  These are shared by the two.
  Hand in hand, hearts connected.
  I'm scared.  Do your best.  Just a little more.
  It's hard.  Painful.  Don't give up.
  But, what now?
  It was not distinct as to who was reprimanding and who was complaining.  Threading on a few meters for an eternity of travel, the two girls reached the center of the dome.
"This is...."
  The deepest part of oldest TAROS, was a corpse with a large amount of electrodes surrounding it.
  In a container like a large bath tub, a number of cable and pipes were connected.  In the center of the container, a corpse like a mannequin was stationed upright.
  A girl---- a young one at that.
  It was not decayed, a skeleton, or like a mummy.  It is closest to a wax figure.
  It has a material feel like a cloudy ice.  the corpse has preserved its glossy luster.  A rich breast and slim waist line was perfectly remained.  It has a feel to it like it was a varnish on the dead---- like something coming out of a fantasy, a smooth curve.
  The corpse is close to a [sculpture].
  The face still can't be seen.  Surrounding the head of the [sculpture] was countless electrodes, and extremely large helmet like shape.  The head of the deceased, is accurately placed in the center of the dome.  It must be for the accuracy of the experiment.
[Who is that?]
  Kaname and Tessa opening their mouths at the same time, asking  question and answering at the same time.
[The subject 18 years ago.  Although I do not know who it is]
[Then, why is the remains in this state?]
[No.  The remains perished long ago.  What is in here, is the remains of her existence.  With long months and years, her mind manifested itself in the physical world through his form, the Omni Sphere.]

  It was an icicle like cave.  The power that remains in this space, those molecules are one by one being constructed.
  This is the remains of time.
  This crystal---- her remains is the [Whisperer].  There is nothing here but the power it holds, someday---- that's right, in an unknown future she will be revived.  Controlling me right now with greater power.  No eternity.  10 years?  100 years?  Unknown.  An unknown number of time.
[Make preparations----]
  From the bag in her hands, she took out the plastic explosives.  Plugging it into the electronic detonator, placing it in the foot of the sculpture.  Stretching the cord from the reel, connecting it to the firing mechanism.
[Blow it up?]
[Yes.  I'm going to destroy this place]
  That was her objective.  This sculpture that is emitting psychic wave---- This Crystal formed catalyst.  Making the Tau waves reaching from another period convert and transmit a high energy Iota waves.  Its effect was Mitchell Lemon losing his sanity.  If this were to be destroyed then <Yamsk 11> would be released from its curse.  There is no prevention from having the same crystal from being brought up, but it has to be destroyed every time.
  That itself is a large contradiction, is it not a wasted effort?
The appearance of the [Whisperer] can't be stopped.  it's eternity.  Then----

  There was a voice.
  You fully understand don't you, my daughter.  You’ve finally come.
  It was a familiar voice.  From long ago.
  That's right.  I have been waiting for you to come.  Even now, I have been calling you many times.  And every time you resist, your ears rejecting my voice.
  But this has been decided.  You are here.  You can no longer refuse me.
  Receive it.  My power.  Accept it.  My soul.
  If a God exists, then we are that existence.  You are the entirety of the three Moirae.  Clotho, Lachesis, Atropos.
  There is no longer need to fear.
  Reach out your hand.  Open your heart.
  With great joy, hold on to your heart the infinite joy.
  That's right.  We are always like that.  Hesitation is a waste of time.
  Tessa called.  Facing pressure.  In a voice without fear or despair.
  When she noticed Kaname was standing in front of the created [sculpture] in the center of TAROS, brushing the now her exposed face.
[We're going to destroy that.  Please stand back!]
  Gripping the detonator of the explosives, Tessa warned her.
  Kaname mumbled as if in a fever.  The reverberation inside her cranium sometime ago somehow, has distinctly vanished.  Those deja vu no longer came.  The field of vision becoming clear.  Like the refreshing feeling of having your nose unclogged.
[The need to destroy it, is no longer]
  Separating from the sculpture, she walks to the side of Tessa.  What would she do, she does not know.  Pulling on the chest of a perplexed Tessa, she snatched the detonator.  the surprised girl stretched and pushed, throwing the detonator.
"what are you----"
  Quickly snatching the gun hanging in Tessa's belt, she slapped he cheeks.  Grabbing on the her collar while staggering, she pulled with all her strength.
"Let's go, Tessa.  There's nothing we need here"
  The Whisperer behind Kaname, the sculpture building up a sound and broke up in pieces.

Full Metal Panic: Approaching Nick of Time Chapter 4a

Here's another installment of Nick of Time.  No nice pictures in this chapter.

Chapter 4: Time Hazard

  Escaping death once again.
  Waking up, Sousuke thought to sink into checking his flesh as always.

  For some reason all of his body was dripping wet.  Body aching here and there, and due to the AS Pilot Suit, at most there are bruises.  Only his right arm won't move as he wishes, this is probably due to a light sprain.

  There was the sound of water flowing.  And the faint sound of the wind.  But it was totally dark and nothing can be seen.  Where did his night vision goggle went to.  Sousuke searched his tactical vest for a Maglight.
  Alright, there is one.
  He has to switch on the light to the lowest necessary luminance.  What he saw first, was the naked bare rock.  Next was the foaming styrol in pieces and the entangled wire.  A Vinyl Waste basket, a wooden chair, a torn fence.  And a lot of junk.
  His surrounding space was like a round grotto.  Similar to the construction of a sewer.  Water flowing on the bottom---- probably knee deep---- filthy waters flowing at the different wreckage, were gathered here in mountains.
  Probably, carried by the rapids in season or a period of time.  Even large parts are rolling about.  When Sousuke lost consciousness during the fall, it seems like he was washed here.  With the flow of water stopping, the water level first seen seems to have subsided.  For the time being he was a garbage that flowed into the chamberpot.
  How long was he separated?  What time is it now?  Looking at the watch.  When he lost consciousness, it's most likely around 15 minutes.  Although he didn't know the distance he was carried, guessing from the silence, he might have separated from the crash sight.  He didn't even have his carbine gun.  It must have fallen somewhere.
  He was looking for Tessa.  She can't be found.
  He shouted with an unshoutable voice, turning at the junk in his surrounding.
  Among the junk is a dead skeleton.  A worn out work uniform and name plate.  Gender is indistinctable.  What happened here, he did not know how people died here.
  Tessa is not here afterall.
  Was she left in a safe place, or was she washed into another place.  He doesn't know whether she's alive or not----
  Of course the communications device would be useless.  Even if it were not destroyed by the impact and water, in a closed space at a depth like this the electromagnetic-waves would not reach.
  At any rate it's upstream.  He has to find her.
  Sousuke with a quick pace, turned against the flow of water and retraced his steps from the Grotto.  A little forward and there was a brick wall in the naked rock.  It's a sewer afterall.  A ruins that has not been inhabited by humans for a long time, rains and water collected flows to this place.
  He move forward for more than 300 meters.  He can see a large hole in the ceiling.  There was a slope of broken bricks and piles of steel frame.  Without any hardship he managed to climb the large hole, getting out of the layer of the sewer.
  There was a large shaft.  Narrower than the first elevator shaft that they descended, the height is about a 5 storey building.  Turning the light higher he illuminates above his head, going through the side of the shaft, there was a passage full of skeletons and pipes.  Somehow deteriorated and worn out, within a number of them hanging in the exterior of the shaft.  Concentrating his eyes, in the top most space of the cave, there was a squared passage, a large hole opening in the floor.
  Seems like he fell from there.
  It's good that he only suffered minor injuries.  Below the passage he fell through was a scaffold and steel frame, because of the colliding pipes and wires, the 5 story height would not be a headlong fall.
  However Tessa is another thing.  It would be hard if she fell.
  The light of the maglight weakening, Sousuke now at the base of the cave---- looks for an area where rubble and pipes are mortared and piled up.  Tessa was not there, he found the lost Carbine Gun.  Picking it up and verifying if it’s functional.  It seems that it was not broken, because it fell from that height, there is no guarantee that it will fire.
(She is up there....?)
  In that passage where he fell from, he might lose consciousness again.  If he did not find her here, will she answer if he shouts?
  No, it's dangerous.
  It's bad if he was heard.  30 minutes have already passed from the crash.  It would not be strange if the enemy reinforcements managed to come to this area.  Going up, he has to verify that passage.
(really, how unsettling)
  Thinking annoyingly that it was his misfortune for falling in the hole, he immediately rethinked.  Originally they would be crushed by that helicopter, and be flattened.  Besides if he were to fall with Tessa in this hole, how would she fare without the anti-impact of an AS pilot suit.
  Increasing the light, following the pipe and steel frame crawling along the walls of the shaft, he climbed up.  He managed to reach about 3 storeys, but there is no way to go further up.  To get out of this shaft, it seems he has to find another route.
  The nearest tunnel---- was formerly a passage and he jumps to the squared hole, with the shaft in his back and heads deeper into the hole.  If he can find a stairs going upwards, it should let him go the place where he left Tessa.  Maglight in the left hand, Glock 19 hand gun in his right hand.  Since there might be a possibility of the carbine gun failure, he would not use it to make the first shot.  At any rate, it was in a situation where he might meet enemies so he can't make any gunshot sounds.  It would be better to make a test shot when guns are fired.
  With caution he proceeds to the ruined passage, turning to a number of corners and crossroads.  There are a number of resident doors on both sides of the passage.  He looks inside.  Was it a staff room or lodging house.  A room with nothing in it.
  There was a stairs inside the passage.
  And then---- in front of that stairs, Leonard Testarossa stands.
  He put on a red coat on top of his AS pilot suit.  Wavy silver hair.  An ornamented Colt Peacemaker in his right hand.  His face can't be seen with the night vision goggles, but there is no mistake.  It's that man.
  There was no hesitation in his reply.  Sousuke immediately fires.
  In an instant the red coat moves, immediately stopping the bullets.  It's the aforementioned reactive bullet proof vest.  Not caring he continues to fire 5 shots.  All of them to no effect.
"The same greetings as usual----"
  Leonard moves.  The revolver blows a fire.  Sousuke hides in the door just in front of him, the enemy bullet going pass.  He barely managed to evade and the bullets hit the walls, with the concrete fragments scattering.  Protruding the gun he immediately returns fire.  Using up all the remaining bullet in the magazine.  There was a thunderous roar of the fierce gunfight, resounding.
  No response.  Did he evade all of it or was all of it stopped.
"----I'm amazed at your impatience"
  You also of your usual pretension, purposely missing the chance for a surprise attack---- though that's what he thought, he didn't say a word.  In the exchange of bullets he returned the Glock to his holster, and nimbly setup his carbine gun.
  He's so proud of his bullet proof clothes, but how about from a rifle bullet with a full metal jacket.
  Firing in semi-auto.  Out of place.
  As expected he knows that he can't defend from the rifle bullets.  Leonard flutters his body, and his figure disappears from the passage.  Anticipating the damage from the wall, Sousuke shoots.  No response.  Return fire comes.  Just goes over the head.
  The Carbine Gun's aim seems to be off to the right.  It must be because of the fall from 5 storeys, there are no other problems and it functions.  It’s impressively stubborn.  If he's given the opportunity, he would send a mail giving thanks to the maker.
  Sousuke fires, Leonard fires.  Sousuke moves, Leonard moves.
  This kind of reply continued a number of times, the two of them went out in the wide room.  In a room like a gymnasium, a large liquid tank and a Still, Compressor, countless pipes and valves were spread all over, complexly becoming complicated.
  Over there is a night vision equipment, while he is disadvantaged with only a maglight.  Aiming and moving with only the light of the maglight is completely visible.  He would have to infer prior to firing.
  That is not the only reason why he can't bring him down.  Leonard is strong.
  That reaction speed, the accuracy of that shot, it was a calm and decisive movement.  Like a thoughtlessness, but actually it was a logical positional gain. It was not a common technical skill.  Whether it was the gift of his natural talent, or from an extensive training is not known, but he can't be bewildered by his vagary weapons or speech.  From his preconception, he though of him as a [weak boy] relying on his hi-tech equipment for protection, he was mistaken.
"Can't be easily killed right?"
  Leonard laughing in the darkness.
"Good luck, since you're no match in an AS.  Now is your chance."
  Sousuke remembers the uncomfortable feeling from his provocation.  This is not the opponent he has faced a number of times, previously he had a more softer demeanor.  Was that an act?  Or did he changed into something?
"You seemed to be a little vulgar"
  Sousuke flatly said.  Minding himself, his maglight will reveal his current position.
"Is that so?  To get along better with you, I think this method would be better"
  Gunshots.  Leonards bullets immediately grazed beside him.  Using the waist high pipe as a shield, he gives pressure to his opponent by removing him off his position.
"We'll get along better with your corpse."
"Haha, you said it"
  Since the start of the gunfight, almost more than 3 minutes have passed.  It would be bad if he kept on dragging the time.  Leonard's subordinates will be arriving.  Although he is fixated in defeating him, to withdraw from this place, he had to decide about it soon----
  Before that decision, the expected enemy reinforcements arrived.  15 meters to the right of the tank Sousuke was hiding, in the stairs above, 4 men with submachine gun appeared.
"Mister Ag (Silver)!?"
  One of the man called.
"I told you not to come.  Go back"
"But, you're alone----"
"Go back"
"There he is, over there!"
  One of the men sensed Sousuke and fires.  Tearing up the tank he was hiding on, some kind of liquid dispersed.
  He returns fire.  One of them got hit in the chest from Sousuke's bullet.
  The remaining 3 deployed and added firing.  The scattering bullets hits the pipe and cable, scattering fierce sparks in the surrounding.
  A well trained enemy.  Not even agitated with injury, cover fire and shots with the objective to kill and wound were well cooperated.  But the attack and movement were monotonous.  The composition of the team was not long.
  In the expected place one of them came out.  Killed with one shot.  But that man looks like he's throwing a hand grenade this way.  From the hand of the fallen man, the pin of the hand grenade was pulled and fallen----
  Explosion.  It was an incendiary bomb.
  A white flash and conflagration.  It was a type of hand grenade that would burn the area with super high temperature, most effective indoors.
  There was no damage to Sousuke who was separated, but a much more serious matter occurred.
  Immediately beside the exploding incendiary bomb, there was a liquid tank.  With the splash of bullets the hole widened, and the liquid content flowed out of the tank.  Being left behind for more than 17 years, the unknown liquid with its combustibility mostly undeteriorated---- somehow that liquid caught fire from the grenade, and burned with a fierce heat.
  The flame went along the pipe and ran around the room, with explosions occurring when taking in the conflagration.  The floor split with the impact, steel frame of the ceiling falling towards Sousuke.  Barely evading he runs inward.  If he were in this room he would either be baked or suffocate.
  One of the enemy screams, falling to the lower floor from the dancing flame on the cracks of the floor.  Their underfoot was shaking.  This whole floor is waiting to collapse.  The alcove slab distorted, and was transfigured into a slope.  Turning, and falling.
  This is no longer a battlefield.  Sousuke crawled getting away from the conflagration and the cave-in.

"Another explosion...."
  The frequent sound of gunfires continued, with a large sound of explosion.  The ceiling of the rattling passage shook, with large dust falling over the heads of Kaname and the others.
"It's probably Sagara-san.  He encountered the enemy while searching for me...."
  Tessa said.
  Kaname had already heard from Tessa the details.  Being involved in the helicopter crash to straying from Sousuke, while searching for him alone she met Kaname.
  Sousuke will be here immediately.
  Hearing that, Kaname was unable to contain her feelings.  Without thinking, she tried desperately to restrain herself from running off from this place.
She keeps telling herself [If you get impatient here you will become lost], not being able to discern the logic from her emotions.
  She wants to see him immediately.  She can't stand even one more second.
  Also she won't get lost.  If she continues to call his name in a loud voice, it could somehow work.  She might be seen by the enemy?  That won't be, she'll definitely meet him first---- such irrational thinking, it keeps coming up no matter how much she erases it.
  And then the worry, about the sound of that explosion.
"Let's go find him!  I know the general direction"
"Eeh, but...."
  Tessa hesitated.
"But.  What?"
"It is certain that enemies are deployed in the direction of the explosion.  Mr. Lemon's leg is injured.... we can't run away from the encountered enemy before Sagara-san."
"We don't know that right?  Sousuke might be in a bad situation, I just can't leave him"
"That is why I'm hesitating.  For me, the safety of you and Mr. Lemon----"

"Such reason, whatever!  I want to see him!  If you'll get in my way then I'll go alone!"
  There was a number of Deja vu.  Her irritation reaching its critical point, Kaname spontaneously raised her voice.
"Please calm down.  I didn't----"
"There's no time to calm down right?  Finally....just when he's so close.  Why do you say such things?  If I were to meet him, is the circumstance that bad!?  Why----"
"Kaname-san, stop it"
  Lemon suddenly grabbed her arm.  With such strong power surprised her, and immediately returned to her own self, and noticed herself getting distracted.
"I know how you feel, but you have to be calm.  If you make rash behaviour here, everything will be a mess"
  It is as he said.  They have to be more prudent here.
"....sorry, Tessa"
"It's alright.  Becoming like this, was all my responsibility..."
  Looking at the frail Tessa mumbling, Kaname felt guilty.  Even though Tessa also likes Sousuke, she did not say any selfish insensibility.  Yet she was enduring it.  If she were in her standpoint, she would have flared up and talked back.
"Somehow....really sorry.  I, don't know what happened...."
"It can't be helped.  Because, you're finally going to see Sagara-san"
"If you're calm, let's move on"
  Lemon said.  With a serious voice.
"It's dangerous to be here.  He have to get as far away from the enemy as possible.  If it goes well, we might be able to find another exit.  We have to get to the surface somehow, I think it would be best to contact Testarossa-san's allies with the wireless radio."
"But Sousuke...."
"He would be alright.  He's not a burden like me, and it would be easier for him to move alone, and he would aim to get to the surface to contact the allies.  If we carelessly join him, there is a dangerously high probability of both parties falling."
  Even though it was unfamiliar, Lemon carries such experience in his body.  It would be wise to abide by his judgment in this kind of scene.
"I understand.  Let's do that"
  Killing off the lingering affection that remained---- the feelings that want to run off to the direction of Sousuke, Kaname nodded.
"Tessa do you know the way?"
"For the time being, just a rough construction.  We get down from here, going into the deepest research facility to the north there should be a ventilation duct in an ordinary stair case.  Although there is no guarantee that the enemy would not be there, it would be much safer than going to the south side...."
"Here.  Let's go"
  The three of them, intersect into a cross road.  Lemon walks being supported on both sides by Tessa and Kaname.

  In the middle of the darkness, Lemon revealed a faint smile.
"What's the matter?"
"No.... This is quite a benefit.  Having beautiful girls on both side, it would be the best if I didn't have an injury"
"....Tessa.  This person, shall we leave him behind?"
"That's right....  we should at least hear his last will and testament."

"Aah.  Sorry.  Sorry.  Don't abandon me."
  Carrying an earnestly apologizing Lemon, Kaname and the others staggeredly walked in the middle of darkness.

  Sealed in.
  Escaping from the flames, finally ending up inside an underground facility after a short walk, this was what Sousuke concluded.  No matter where he goes, collapsed ceiling and seal steel door blocks his way.  It would be nice to blow them up using C4 explosives, but there was the offensive smell of gas in the area, unskilfully using firearms would result in explosion.
  Going back with caution to the previous room where there was a battle, it would not be possible to get back there being plugged with a crumble steel frame and pipes.  The flames were temporary, now it's ending.  He was thankful that the oxygen was not completely taken, he couldn't remain in a place like this.
  He was also worried about Tessa.  If the enemy managed to get into this vicinity, she might have already been captured.  Since she is the sister of their commander, she might not be killed without argument, that is why he can't leave it to chance.
(Escaping at once, he has to join up with Kurz....)
  If he were to ride in that powerful <Laevatein> with the support fire of Kurz, it was not impossible to recover Tessa.  Although he still don't know if he would be able to win over Leonard's AS, at least, it was a more solid plan than facing many enemies alone with an out of order carbine gun.
  Then, what if Tessa was not yet caught?
  If that were so, then she would have surely joined up with Kurz and the others.  In order to carefully search for the allies in this maze, there is a need for him to eliminate all the enemy.  If he will he be able to do that, he himself could not estimate----
  In the corner of his path Leonard appears.  It seems that he had survived the explosion.  Furthermore sarcastically, not filthy.
  Sousuke and Leonard mutually noticed each others existence, mostly at the same time.  Both parties with gun aimed, with fingers in the trigger staying from firing.
  Leonard laughed.
"If you shoot an explosion  might occur.  It seems that you noticed."
  Piercing the nose some time ago, an irritating odor like rotten onions.  Isn't this a combustible LP gas?  Then guns would be bad.
"Possibly, it might not occur"
  Sousuke said suddenly pointing his gun at the opponents head.  He won't miss at this distance.  One shot would end it.  But that would also be the same for the other.
"Then want to try it?  Won't that be entertaining"

"What a charming idea"
"You say that, but you're considering of drawing that knife from your waist.  With that there is no worry about explosions.  Pressing on a weak me, cutting my throat with it"
  That is correct.  Sousuke had his left hand always in the position to reach the removal of his knife.  In the challenge of melee, there are plenty of chances for victory.
"Funny you should mention that.  I also have something like that"
  Taking out from under the coat of Leonard, and turning it towards Sousuke.  At one glance it is a simple thrusting knife that is not like a sword, there was a lever for the thumb attached to the root of the blade.  Looking at it Sousuke secretly smacked his lips.
"This is what you call a Spetsnaz Knife.  Looks like you know"
  That knife was a weapon developed for the Russian Special Forces.  There was a strong spring inside the grip, it was constructed that if the lever is pushed the blade would be detached.  Its construction looks like a simple toy, but its destructive power is dreadful.  If detached from 10 meters it has a deadly power that could easily penetrate a telephone directory.
  The condition has become disadvantageous.
  This AS pilot suit has anti blade function, but could not guard against that kind of piercing weapon.  He would die if hit, or would lose with a severe wound.  Furthermore a weapon that uses a simple spring power, would not be dangerous for an explosion.
  However, there is only one shot.  If he is protected from that shot, he could get close and bring him down.

"I know what you're thinking"
  He said seeing through what Sousuke was thinking.
"Kill with whatever method.  If there are no guns then kill with the knife.  If there is no knife then kill with a bare hands.  If both hands are cut off---- then bite on the windpipe.  Even if you die you sharpen your bones, you're the type of guy who waits to trample on the enemy.  I wonder if you would think about discussions...."
"Is there a need to discuss?"
"A method to get out of here.  It's a stupid conversation, but were both sealed in here"
"Propane has been leaking for a while now.  Right now it’s still fine, but after 2 more hours both of us would either suffocate of get poisoned"
"You mean there is no need to fight"
"Either way we'll die.  I've been going around, but there is a staircase over there that is plugged by rubbles.  If the both of us remove the rubbles, we could get out before we die."
"A short time truce, you mean to say"
"That's right.  If we fight now, whoever wins the wounded won't get out.  Even if one of us gets injured, I don't think it would get the work done.  For the mean time we should cooperate and get out of here, after that we can just kill each other.  That's my proposal."
  Leonards words were not lies.  The gas and escape route were also true.  If they don't have a truce both of them will surely die.
"Alright.  But in the end, it's for the sake of getting out of here"
  Not even an atom of forgiveness, he has to get along with Leonard's proposal.  Both of them put down their weapons at the same time.
"Fine.  Don't we get a handshake?"
  Sousuke put his carbine gun over his shoulder, and headed to the stairs with a quick pace.

  The Airborne troops of <Amalgam> which is under the command of Kalinin, has finished securing the majority of the ruins surface.  Although it is [secured], they can only confirm no signs of the enemy.
  He himself also got off to the surface, investigating the other helicopter that descended in the ruins.  He noticed that there are 2 people who walked to the research plant, in addition he managed to see through that these two people were Sagara Sousuke and Teletha Testarossa.
  Most probably, they were under that plant.
  Leonard might also have noticed that.  He's also independently moved into the plant, and no communications could be made.  After that a 4 man scout also went in, and after the last contact of [Gunshots have been heard] no further communications were made.  They have fought Sousuke, he could only think that the tables have turned.
  After a few minutes, reports from his subordinates confirmed his conjecture.
  The crashed helicopter exploded and caught fire in another area.  Again, guaranteeing survivors on the crash site, those evidence points to Chidori Kaname and the French man being alive.  And then Leonard's whereabouts are unknown, and the movements of Sousuke and the others are unknown.
  It seems there's a strange thing happening underground.  Having cut off from the majority of their force in the surface, he possibly can't let his forces get near the plant.
[Leave the surface to me]
  Casper said standing by on his AS.
[I'll take care of those who comes near]
"....understood.  I leave it to you"
  Kalinin saying such, brought along a few soldiers and began to head to the plant's underground descending the shaft.

  Because of Tessa's guidance going well, Kaname with the three of them has not encountered the enemy and continues to proceed the plant's underground.  But then, they are running away from the direction of the enemy so it was not unnatural.
  Going through the deepest part to get out of the opposite side---- this plan itself Kaname understood, but getting deeper into this maze was very unpromising.
"Is it really this way?"
  Kaname asked Tessa countless times.  Even she herself, did not know how many times it was asked.  It was because of the frequency of the deja vu.
"Eeh.  It should be but...."
  Tessa hesitated to say.  The route was another matter, and has the appearance of being puzzled.

"....if you head straight of this curve, you would go out of the opposite side.  From there if you look for a ladder in the stairs, you could get to the surface"
"Aside from that, what are you trying to say?"
  Tessa stood to a stop.
"....I guess I can't leave it alone.  I have to visit it.  You should proceed, please go on ahead."
  Kaname and Lemon were surprised at her words.
"What do you mean?  A place to visit...."
"The enemy will be here soon.  It's dangerous for you to be alone."
"Don't worry.  Besides, originally there is something I need here.  Coming this far, I just can't give up"
"What exactly do you need?  We'll also accompany you"
"It's not that far right?  Let's go"
  With the proposal from Kaname and Lemon, Tessa shook her head.
"No, you can't come.  Anyway it's something important....I will do it alone."
  It was a bad enunciation on Tessa's explanation.  Even though she knows something, she won't tell it to Kaname and the others.  No---- not Kaname, but Lemon.  Right now it was a proactive collaboration with Tessa, to begin with he is French Intelligence.  If there is a great secret in this plant, there is no guarantee that the contents would be transmitted to the organization.
  Lemon himself have noticed this.
"Could it be, that you can't tell me this?"
  Tessa fell silent.  In other words saying that is so.
"About this secret city, Wraith and I risked danger to investigate it.  Whatever was in here, without knowing the details, we silently did what you asked and went to Moscow.  And then I became like this, morever I don't know if Wraith is alive or not.  Even then, you can't tell me the circumstance.  It's that right?"
"I am very grateful to you.  But this is----"
"My allegiances?  If it's the DGSE, I'm sure I'm already fired.  I haven't been in contact with my superiors."
"You're mistaken.  Of course I'm also concerned about the information leaking to your organization, but that is not the only problem.  The secret here, is not about the national security of one nation.  If handled unskillfully---- the fate of the people of the world, might get triffled with"
"That exaggerated"
"No.  Even moderately, it is not exaggerated.  If you knew the secret the sleeps in here, most people would be charmed by the power and use it.  It's alright to tell Kaname-san.  Sagara-san would also be alright.  These two and me, were already triffled with this secret, speaking with the person concerned.  But, you Lemon-san---- being tempted by it, I do not have the confidence in it."
  He was embarrassed by her words, Kaname also understood.
"I really don't understand.  If I were to know about that secret, I should leave it to your monopoly?"
"That may not be unreasonable---- that at least is an important problem.  That is why, could you go ahead with Kaname-san?"
"That a hard request.... Then, how about this"
  After saying that, Lemon took out the automatic pistol out of his belt.
  Kaname's expression changed.  But turning on the safety device, he turned the gun and handed it over to Tessa.
"Take it.  If I started thinking strange, shoot me."
"Lemon-san, I----"
"Ahead of this, I'm not sure if I would be able to return alive.  Then I would like to know.  ....please"
  It seems that she is in deep worry.  As far as what can be seen, Lemon was a good person, she can't say whether this was an act or not.  After one minute he could suddenly change, exactly who should warn them?

  But in the end it was concluded as [unavoidable].  Tessa made a deep sigh, and carefully took the pistol that he handed.
"....I understand.  However, if you showed any signs of change then I will really shoot"
  Kaname asked, Tessa nodded.
"I'm serious.  I will shoot with all my power.  Though I don't know if it will hit or not...."
"I..is that so..."
"Kaname-san.  I thought about telling you this.  Even if I didn't, having brought you here, my brother would have told you.  possibly this...."
"Possibly, what?"
"No.  Anyway, since we've decided to go we must hurry.  This way"

  It was an unusual cooperative work, and continues in the darkness.
  Both of them pulling, and took them more than 5 minutes to move the unyielding steel frame.  Receding the concrete and rocks in the surroundings first, it was a hard struggle for 10 minutes.  Finally the aforementioned steel frame, could be move with just a kick.
  Sousuke and Leonard only making exchanges to the most minimal required, did not say anything more.  Only in a degree in something like [get that off] or [pull this].
  Of course they did not get their guard off.  Whenever the opponent would change his mind, he would immediately pull out his knife, and would not turn his back when ever necessary.
  No matter the situation the man is an enemy.  He did not forget this decision.
"Oh well...."
  Leonard rested his hands.  He did not seem tired.  Only bored of the simple work.
"Don't rest on your own"
  With the words of Sousuke, he shrugged his shoulders and returned to work.
  It was not a bad performance.  And not because he was powerless.  For someone who doesn't know much but wears a suit, it has a strange feeling looking at him working like this.
"Tessa must also have come here right?  Aren't you worried about her?"
  Not being able to stand the boring work, Leonard spoke.
  This matter of speaking from the enemy doesn't seem like pinpointing the location of Tessa.  It might be a bluff, but he thought that he might have guessed that Tessa would be in this ruins.  But there is no reason for him to offer such information, and feign innocence.
"I don't know what you're talking about"
"I don't think you'd come here alone.  She is the one who has a need here."
"I don't know, I also don't fell like answering."
"Aah, is that so"
  Leonard said with a searching voice, taking an armful of reinforced concrete, and putting it down below the stairs.
"What if I tell you that Chidori Kaname is here, well?"
  Sousuke gripping the fragments of the conduits with his hands, suddenly stopped.
"Did you bring her?  In this ruins?"
"Don't rest on your own.  Hey"
  It must be revenge for before.  Leonard made a smirk in the darkness.  Even with annoyance, he didn't say a word and continued to work.
"A helicopter came crashing down the large elevator shaft right?  She was riding in that"
"What was that?"
"Then later the helicopter exploded, and burned up.  Although we haven't confirmed the corpse, it was because of your attacks"
  For an instant his muscles grew cold, Sousuke immediately decided that [it must be a lie].  If Kaname were trully dead, he wouldn't be talking comfortably here like this.  Although he didn't know whose death this man would be saddened, at least he wouldn't laugh about it.
"You don't seem to believe me.  There is no mistake that what I've just said is the truth.  I was at the hanger of the helicopter in my AS, it was simple to escape.  She was in the front cabin.  Whatever happened to her, even I don't know."
"It's true.  Chidori Kaname was riding that helicopter."
"Then, why do you talk so optimistic?"
"That's right.  That's a good question.  ...well, it's time we start moving.  Let's try it"
"Let's go"
  Somehow the two of them grabbed on the unmoving steel frame, and pulled with full strength.  The base covered with rubble slowly began to give, and they finally pulled it free.
"Alright.  Well then....where were we.  That's right, her condition."

  Returning to manual labor, Leonard continued the topic.
"It is true that she was on the helicopter that crashed.  I didn't rescue her, the helicopter exploded and burned.  Even then she is alive, I am confident about it.  That's a point."
"What are you talking about?"
  Sousuke really does not know the meaning in Leonard's words.  For example if Kaname being in the helicopter was true, why does he have that confidence?  Additionally, why purposely say so?
"I've also tested it before.  Just before your struggle in Hong Kong.  She was targeted by an Assassin ordered by Gauron, and was attacked in the business district of Tokyo.  Under the rain.  I was in there hiding, did nothing and only watched."
"Think generally.  An assassin that was a protégé of Gauron, and a high school girl with good reflex.  No matter how you think it would be her end.  But she was saved."
"She has good luck"
"That's right, she has good luck----abnormally"
  There was a hidden enigma in Leonard's words.
"During the attack, that assassin used his first gun.  The first shot missed, and emptied the cartridge.  In such opportunity she managed to run away."
It was the first time that he heard of this.  Even from Kaname, he didn't hear the details about it.  Aside from the small AS called <Alastor>, and the meeting with Leonard and 2 to 3 conversations, he knew nothing more.
"It was not rare that the automatic pistol to malfunction"
"That's right.  But if you were going to kill someone with a gun, before that what do you do?"
  Confirming the function of the gun, and inspect that there is nothing wrong with the bullets.  Blundering at the start, no matter what kind of target it is it would be difficult if the target were to be absorbed to the killing rhythm.  That is why you have to make certain from the start, to be very careful in preparing to send the target to the other world.
  That assassin is also the same.
  Aside from the coincidence that the bullet missed, the gun also broke down.
"She has good luck, that girl.  It's a little unbelievable right"
"Is that why she is alive from the helicopter crash?  Something is wrong"
"Is that so?  You also have some knowledge of it.  how many times she had barely escape danger in a nick of time.  I think that the way she lives is strange."
  With his nose indicating a smile, Sousuke couldn't do it.  That’s correct.  When he met her, she was involved with countless dangers.  Among them, even some aspects that would  send chills to Sousuke who had experienced the scene of carnage.
  Was that also luck?  No, that shouldn't be.
"She never gives up and continues to move.  Judging what she can do in her circumstance, according to her will and beliefs.  The meaning in that, is that she is similar to an ordinary veteran soldier"
  Of course Sousuke could not deny what's called "luck".  He himself was also alive because of luck.  Being a soldier himself with enough abilities, he could also be killed with a single stray bullet.  But luck was a persistent element attached to it.  There is a saying [Man prosper, God disposes], luck surely must be [god's will].  Being bothered by luck, only then would action follow.
  If you remove the ability of a Whispered, Kaname Chidori is by no means a non-rare human.  More than an ordinary human, she is a little more stronger.  Actually this is a difficult matter, but this it not a rare disposition.
"I recognize her great will and activity.  But, Will you think about this?  She would happen to have this kind of ability herself, her luck"
"It's just a bending theory"
  Then the people who had filled their life expectancy, all of it would have to be luck.  A required environment to live the full life, would mean having the required ability.  There are already a hundred million people among the world.

"Well, that might be.  This is matter is just going around circles.  Also for not being dead, it was not luck but inevitability"
"She is the convergence point of cause and effect.  You can say that the world is strange because she is here, or you can say that she is here because the world is strange. From now she will be---- probably, even without any arrangement from me, she would be meeting with the dead of this [relic].  There she would unite with the power to put a full stop on history.  Becoming the [KANAME (Key Stone)] that would create a world without a past, future and present."
"I don't understand.  what are you saying?"
"About the [Omni Sphere] and the [Whispered].  The chaos of the world will start from this ground."

Full Metal Panic: Approaching Nick of Time Chapter 3b

Also, obviously LJ really won't allow me to post the whole chapter into one single post so I've stop trying.  This is the second half.  To read the start of this chapter go here:

Chapter 2b

  Kaname was looking at Lemon in the cabin of the transport helicopter, suddenly there was a sound of explosion from far away.  She looks outside from the portside window.  The attack helicopter that was circling the ruins just now was scattered to pieces.
"Explosion....? Ah...!"
  The unit shakes, she was thrown out of the bed.  She somehow clung on the seat with all her might.  Lemon's body was fixed in the stretcher and seems to be alright.

  They were not crashing.  Warning from the [enemy] attack, the helicopter made a nose dive.  The ruins that looks small below gradually draws close.
[Snipe from enemy AS!  We're going to use the North side of the plant and a shield and hide!]

  The helicopters pilot shouted from the in-flight communications.
[Don't.  Don't go near the plant.  Get to a higher altitude]
  Leonard told the pilot from the cargo room.  It was a calm voice.
[but, we will get hit like this!  One unit is already down!  From that distance---- he's an unbelievably skillful guy!]
[Go up a higher altitude.  If you do so you will surely be safe] Leonard asserted.
[Why are you so definite!?  I can't, I'm hiding!]
  The helicopter turns.  Soon the giant pylons of the plant is within reach.  Hiding from the enemy's line of sight.
"Fasten your belt, Kaname-san"
  A bedridden Lemon with a pale face said.
[I telling this for your sake.  If you go down from a high altitude it would in turn be dangerous---]
  Impact and strange noises.  Flash from outside the window.  The unit jerked to a slope, the warped parts echoed a terrible sound in the inside of the unit.
  What is happening, she does not clearly know.  Did the enemy beyond the building shield shoot?  Was this noise the sound of the drive shaft's tail Rotor being heavily damage?
  The pilot scream from the in-flight communications.
[but, we will get hit like this!  One unit is already down!  From that distance----]
  She doesn't know the meaning of this.  The same words before were repeated.  The unit randomly shakes, skidding in the skies of the plant.  At high speed then downward.
  The pilot and sub-pilot shouts.
[What's happening, suddenly at this altitude----]
[I can't, I'm hiding!.... no, what was that?  why is the damage]
[Pull the stick, you idiot!]
[Help.  I don't understand.  I should have sustained a serious injury]
[What are you talking about!?]
[Why are we still flying.  We should have already crashed.]
  The voice of fear.  The unit shakes.  The plant draws close.  Like an elliptically intertwined iron plant.  Floating in the middle of darkness is a ghastly form, steadily becoming bigger.
  What did the rotor came in contact with.
  The metal overhead tears apart, the atmosphere messily torn up.  Like the screams of a ghost.  Terrible impact swoops many times bit by bit.  The illumination in the cabin created by the sparks disappeared.  Total darkness.  Body drifting, pushing on the seat, and drifting again.  The headset plucked off from the head.  The scream of Lemon's pain.
  The helicopter was swallowed up by the structures of the plant, steadily falling downward.  That at least they somehow knew.  How far are they doing to drop?  Inside this ruins, there might be no bottom---- this was what Kaname thought.

[----s is Urzu 6! Engaging enemy AS----]
  Kurz was reporting the situation through the wireless radio, having time to listen to the subject, is something Sousuke certainly doesn't have.  They were still in the middle of climbing the pit, when suddenly a giant helicopter was fallen over their heads.
  The helicopter emitting small sparks, furthermore in the mouth of the pit---- falling slowly from huge stairwell.  The unit is entangled with the warped pipes and steel frame of the plant.
  The pipe is close to the rope, in a state that hangs the helicopter.  Losing to the weight of the helicopter, it was falling apart piece by piece.
  It will fall into this pit---- 10 seconds or 20 seconds.  There is no time to hesitate.
"We getting down, Grab on!"
  Informing Tessa, Sousuke fixed the reserved rope on the nearby metal frame with the carabiner, and kicked the wall.
  It's no longer possible to ascend and get away.  Using the rope he tries to drop down to the bottom of the pit, since there is no other place to find shelter in this pit.
  2 floors in one kick.  Then another kick.  He wanted to descend faster, but with the weight of 2 people it would be overdoing it.
  Roaring sound overhead.  The helicopter hits the opening of the pit.  barely hanging on, it will sink down here next.
  The fragments of the unit and the plant were raining in pieces, grazing Sousuke's side.  A black shadow in the night vision scope.  A pillow size metal fragment was drawing close.  Bracing both legs on the surface wall, he faced up covering Tessa in his back.  The metal fragment hits his left arm covering the head.
  Staggering from catching the fragment, he forcibly pulled back and descended.  Kicking the wall 2 to 3 times.  Tessa was shrieking in every way.
  Not yet on the ground.  Looking down it is still 3 floors.  Coming near to a rounded floor.
  Finally the helicopter fell.  There were countless sparks scattering in the whole of the pit.  This pit is like a large gun barrel.  The wreckage of that helicopter was like an elliptical shell being pushed out of the gun barrel.
  Another kick.  Suddenly they lost the support of the rope in midair.  The metal frame that the rope was attached to broke off.
  With Tessa being carried in the back, Sousuke falls from the height of the floor.  He somehow turned his body.  In a manner to avoid crushing Tessa, half of his right hits the floor.  The air leaked out of his lungs, and his head dizzy.  He ignores the pain.  Removing the rope he raised his body.  The helicopter is drawing nearer.  He no longer has time to look up.  Carrying Tessa in his back, he ran off into a passage that entered his field of vision.  The helicopter draws close.  Just a little more.  Another 4 steps----3 steps----
  Completely jumping forward.  The metal sound and squall beats into his ears.
  Turning his head, just behind him, the wreckage of the helicopter plugged the entrance of the passage.
  Thee somehow survived.
  But it is still early to feel relieved.  Sousuke immediately stood up from lying face down, continuing to walking forward the dark passage.  There is a smell of jet fuel. If the helicopter explodes in a confined space like this, the two of them would be barbecued.  They should get away as far as possible.
  There was no reply.  It seems she has fainted.  In the mean time there is still the sensation of breathing.  Her body which was supposed to be fixated by the rope to his body, was slowly slipping off his back.  Although he wants to support her, he could not do so with his numb left arm that was hit with a metal fragment moments ago.  Without strength she tumbled down, lying down on the ground.
  At that time there was a big jolt in the passage.  The ground slanting, the floor in front of them fell down.  It was a deep hole.
  The underground facility is still further down.  With the shock from the crash, did it make the surrounding structures brittle?  Extending his hand on Tessa who collapsed on the floor, the ground of the passage suddenly fall to pieces.
  Grabbing something at once, his injured left hand failed to do so.  Being swallowed by the rusted iron panel, he fell into the dark hole.

  The crash was finally over.  And she is still alive.
  In the middle of the darkness, Kaname let out a groan.
  The seatbelt eating into the pain of her shoulder and lower back.  The seat that she was strapped into, was dangling off the floor.
  The irritating smell of jet fuel reaches her nose.  Right now the turbo shaft engine is still making a thundering sound.  She has to get out of this place fast.
"Somebody?  Are you alive!?"
  From the side Lemon's voice can be heard.  Kaname removed the seatbelt, carefully avoiding from falling down from the vertical floor, she gropes around looking for the body of Lemon.  Simply grabbing something, he let out a strange shriek.

"Ah, sorry.  ....Hyah!?"
  When she understood what she was gripping, she let out a strange shriek, rubbing the palm of her hands in her clothes.
"That was such an awful reaction..."
"Anyway, we have to get out of here."
  Kaname loosened the belt that was holding Lemon's body on the stretcher.
"I agree, but I don't know if I can walk."
"Walk!  You don't want to die right!?"
  Loosening the restraining belt, she supported Lemon.  The wound hurts, but he bear the pain and groaned.  Relying only on memory they search the side of the seats, there was an emergency pocket light.  Lighting it.  The situation of the surrounding was reflected into their eyes.  It seems that they fell down in a nose dive.  Stopping short in the cabins prototype, the control room ahead was smashed.
"The hatch...."
"Over there.  Can you go?"
"Let's try"
  They saw the hatch beside the barrier wall that separate the cabin and control room.  Distorted from the impact of the crash and was out of place.  Using the 90 degree seat as a scaffold, Kaname alighted to the side of the hatch.  Lemon taking care of his injured leg, somehow managed to continue after.
  Alighting first, Kaname kicked the hatch.  The door only creaked, and did not open.  Another try with all of her might.  Even though her knees were hurt and numb from the kicking, it will not open.
"Kaname-san, it's useless.  Let's find another way out."
  Ignoring the advice of Lemon, she removed the fire extinguisher that she noticed from the barrier wall.  Surprised at its weight, she brandished it and hit the hatch.  Still not open.  But she felt a reaction.  Well, one more time!
"It's useless.  Another place would...."
  Thinking of the faces of the people she hates, she beat on the wall.  Letting it have it, there was a sound of metal bending, the hatch vigorously opened on the other side, a crack that would allow one person to pass.
"Alright, let's get out of here!"
"I'm astonished"
  They can see the outside from the exit.  The irritating odour of the fuel hurts the eyes.  It would not be strange if an explosion occurred.  There was a concrete wall in front of them.  The illumination of the light the ground below is around 2 meters.  They can somehow descend.
"Well lets go"
  When Lemon said this, there was a faint groan from behind.  Looking from the opposite side of the hatch---- there was a man collapsed in the corner of the cabin.  One of the soldiers that was looking out for Kaname.  Although he is injured, he is still alive.
"Let's go, Kaname-san"
"They're the enemy! Come on!"
"I can't after all.  Go down first"
  Pushing Lemon outside the helicopter, Kaname hurriedly rushed over to the man.
"Can you move?  Let's get out of here!"
  The man looks half conscious, and could not reply.  His leg seems to be fractured, it would be impossible to stand up.
"This may hurt but please bear it!"
  Kaname grabbed the nape of the man's neck with both hands, and started to forcibly pull him into the hatch.
  He was outrageously heavy.  Gathering all the strength from her body, she walked back with a waddle.  Immediately raising the breath, and pull irregardless.
  The man grasping for air in pain was moved to the exit.  Pushing him out from the crack in the hatch.
  Lemon already down in the ground beckons.  The upper body of the man casually jumped out of the unit, with his lower body hanging up----
  The man fell and dragged Lemon into the ground.  Then Kaname went out of the unit, using the protrusion of the unit as a scaffold.
"Let's go!"
  Together with Lemon who was dragging his leg supported the man's shoulder, progressing from the unit and the crack in the wall.  They can see a large tunnel opened up from the wall.  It's a size that a truck can go through.
"What's this tunnel?"
"in any case this way!"
  Diving into the tunnel staggering.  Because of the crashes impact, everything was collapsing.
  A panel was hanging from the ceiling, particularly with a creaking sound.  After Kaname and the others proceeded about 10 odd meters in the tunnel, there was flames from behind them.
"My leg is hurt....I can't walk anymore"
"You can't!  Do your best!"
  There was conflagration coming from the wreckage of the helicopter.
  There was an old worn out truck in one corner of the tunnel.  The rusted tires disappeared from the corrosion.  With the last ounce of Kaname's strength, she pulled Lemon and the man, running for cover in that truck.
  If we came this far, will we be alright for the mean time?  Following this thought, there was an explosion.
  The heat wave and shockwave reached this distance, the flooding fragments jumping about inside the tunnel.  The aluminum alloy turning to a sharp knife pierces the wreckage of the truck, the heat of surrounding atmosphere scorching Kaname and the others like a sauna.
  Kaname squats, holding her breath.  There was an alarm in her heart, and she can feel the sweat in her back.
  It was probably around 10 seconds that she stared blankly.
  Timidly opening the eyes.  Respiration like gasping.  There must no be enough oxygen?
  It is hard to breath.  But at first it was only a few moments.  There seems to be fresh air flowing from somewhere.  So as not to inhale the smoke, she crawled up and down.
"Mr. Lemon, are you alright?"
  Lemon answered with a weak voice.
"But, how do you say this.... I think I know why Sousuke fell for you"
"? Why?"
"An impressive strength.  I'm impressed.... haha"
  With regards to consciousness, Kaname now recalls her own behaviour.  She doesn't remember dong something that strange----
"....speaking of which, it's been a long time, something like this"
"This kind of Action.  It was very inconvenient when I was with him"
  Spitting on the ground, she stood up herself.

  Leonard's <Belial> suspends in mid air, simply observing the escaping helicopter descend into the underground of the plant.
  He could prevent the crash.  He could immediately pull up the descending helicopter.  And then, tear up the cabin and only grab Chidori Kaname .
  However, he did not execute all of it.
  He observed the wreckage of the helicopter which fell to the bottom the large elevator shaft with a high resolution infra red sensor, looking at the girl and the French man getting out of the hatch, escaping inside into the underground facility.  Such a touching matter, lending her shoulders to a wounded soldier which she has no sense of duty to save.
  Later the helicopter exploded, firstly she was alright.  Leonard has also confirmed that.  That's right---- she has to be alright.
[The sniping M9 seems to have withdrawn]
  The improved <Codarl> type AS <Erigol> descended, Wilhelm Casper reported after engaging the enemy.
[I searched for traces of his Transport <Paib Mare> but, they also got away.  I'll stand guard]

[Roger.  We are currently landing the infantry.  We will secure the town.]
  Kalinin replied.
"Then I'll leave that to you gentlemen.  I will go down"
[To the underground facility?  Alone?]
"Aah.  I'm going to explore.  Chidori Kaname and the French man escaped and got away underground."
[We will be sending soldiers from here, will that be alright]
"As you wish"
  Replying simply he cut off the communication.
  Leonard's unit ascended, comparing the collected data and the actual landscape, scrutinizing the relations of the underground facility in his head.  And then he descended, entering the large elevator shaft in the central plant.
  In the bottom of the giant pit, the helicopter is still burning.  Burning like a furnace of death.
  The <Belial> approaches the wreckage in flames, the flames and smoke avoiding the unit.  And then draws nearer.  With an unseen force the atmosphere was pushed back, crushing the burning wreckage, the conflagration twinkling like a mirror.  Heat, smoke, flame, and the pieces of metal---- all of it opens up from the path of Leonard.
  The legs of the <Belial> touches the bottom of the shaft.  it was a silent landing.
"Well then...."
  Kneeling the unit, he opened the cockpit hatch.

  Staying in a distance barely in range to Tessa and Sousuke's mobile radio---- standing by roughly around 10 kilometer east of the mountain ranges, Kurz and the crew of the <Paib Mare> were discussing things.  After finishing the camouflage, and scattering disposable vibration sensors, the threat of the red AS is currently not urgent.
"....well, how about contact with Sousuke?"
  Getting off from the dust stained M9, Kurz walked to the <Paib Mare> that is parked in the middle of the woods, listening to the pilot coming out from the rear hatch.  Gebo 4's pilot, is an Italian called Salvio.
"We can't.  We don't know if they're alright or not.  We can't call them on the frequency, even if it's an encrypted communication the enemy would perceive our location"
"How about the <De Danaan?"
"Even if we explain the situation, they are in the other side of the world.  They won't be able to send reinforcements immediately, Mao and Clouseau have their hands full and can't leave."

"Dammit, this is the worst"
"Anyway we can still get away, it's still not the worst"
  Another pilot of the unit Gebo 6, an American Second Lieutenant Fisher bumped in, and handed a bottle of Mineral water to Kurz.  Casually receiving it, took of his headset and poured the water on his head.  Even though they are in an unpleasantly cold climate, it can't be helped as his face is hot.
"The enemy doesn't know that we are leaving the two of them behind.  At any rate, with such messy ruins like that, if Sousuke managed to hide, I don't think they would be easily found.  The captain also said the they would [need a few hours to finish].  If they are also safe, we can wait here for the whole night right?"
"It's impossible"
  Kurz denied, and drank the remaining water in the bottle.  Even though Salvio and Fisher were Second Lieutenant, they did not mind the conscious attitude particularly in rank difference from Kurz who was a Master Sergeant.  On top of their age not being far apart, and having a relationship for nearly 2 years being together in drop operations, and above all for the current <Mythril>, rank are only for conveniences.  In a difficult situation like this, Salvio respects more the judgment of Kurz who was accustomed to actual combat.
"....Puha.  The enemy had already noticed that Tessa and Sousuke were dropped off into the ruins.  Because that was a stormy town, there are still bound to be traces of footstep to take notice.  A single soldier with good training, a slow moving woman, it could be read that they have entered the plant."
"They understood that much"
"The enemy is the Lieutenant Commander?"
  Even now for the people of <De Danaan>, they still call Kalinin [Lieutenant Commander].  it is not that they yearn for any lingering attachment, they just couldn't change the habit.
"Also.... aside from the Lieutenant commander, that guy is among the enemy"
"That guy?  Who would that be?"
"My teacher"
  Kurz said annoyingly.
"Do you know the name Wilhelm Casper?"
"Aah...I think I somehow heard it.  I've read his name countless of times in a special magazine..... He was a German."
"That's right.  His family were Snipers for generations.  His Grandfather killed a lot of alliance soldier in the second world war, he was an incredible Knights Cross guy.  His father was said to be feared in Indochina and Africa.  But that Wilhelm---- he killed over 100 people in the Russian Civil war, Lebanon and Tajikistan.  A former East German soldier, he became a mercenary after the unification."
"Is he a master"
"Not that kind of Level.  He's a [Devil].  ....do you know of the world records in actual combat snipe?  It's 2500 meters.  It was succeeded by a sergeant in the American Marines.  The target was a commissioned officer of the Iraqi Army.  Using a 50 calibre (12.7mm) penetrating rifle and the latest Ballistic Predicting equipment, in a relatively calm conditions"
"The Olympics world is really astonishing"
"I'm not saying that this is a bad skill, or this was due to the equipments, and it hit after a number of shot.  On the other hand the record of Casper is 1520 meters.  It's short by 1000 meters from the [world record].  However, his weapon is a 308 calibre (7.6mm) wooden rifle.  At night, raining, with a condition of the wind speed blowing 15 meters directly horizontal.  And it was only one shot."
"Um.... is that really hard?"
"It was quite far.  Compared to a 50 calibre shell, the 308 calibre is quite light, and the energy is smaller.  In addition it was a bad weather.  The parabola of the ballistics was complex.  It was a risky hole in one in the middle of the storm.  For a person in the same profession they would laugh and not believe it."
  With a dark voice Kurz said.
"But I saw it.  At that time, I was beside him as a supporter"

  In the back of his mind the scene of that night was revived.
  It was a desolate street.  The conflagration neglected at every place, the night sky was stained with colour of blood red.  Damp and humid rain.  Roadside trees swaying by the wind.  From far away echoes the roars of cannon from the Israel Army.
  A room in a partially destroyed western style house.  From the wide hole in the wall, he was aiming at the target.
  1520 meters.
  From a western house erected in a hill with a good view, to  the target is visiting a local hotel---- that was the distance from the entrance.
  The target was a manager of a military organization.  The meeting will soon be over and come out of the hotel.  The delay for him to disappear into the bullet proof limousine waiting in front, was merely 5 seconds.
  1520 meters.
  Being a marksman as an occupation, this condition and this distance would be an extremity in space.  It was a world that has nothing to do with him.  An area where no hands can reach.
  How stupid.  He can't shoot it.  That was what Kurz thought.  Jeering him with odious words, and kept saying to return to camp and have a drink.
  He did not reply.  The words of Kurz, really did not enter his ears.
  Lying down in the floor wet by the rain in a sheltered altitude, it was like his body was welded to his gun, the scope connected to his right eye.  A very quite breathing.  The Mediterranean sea this close, the night is getting colder and humidity higher.  In the witness of his breath, there only remained an awful impression.
  There was movement inside the lobby.  Sensing that the target is coming out, Kurz informed him.
  The stag is coming.
  In his unit, that is what they always call the target.  Although he heard, he did not answer.  If he answered his chin would move.  If his chin moved, his accuracy will be out of order.
  The door of the hotel opened.  The roadside trees were swaying.  The bodyguards were coming out.  Of course they did not take notice of this location.  Straightening the thin collar, the [Stag] showed his appearance.  An unshaven man over 50.
  The target walked towards the waiting car.
  It should not have hit---- At that time, Kurz thought.
  He shoots.
  The instant that he pulled the trigger, it was hard to express words.  It was no exaggeration, the space around him distorted, a discernment like it was being drawn to the limit.  At least that was how Kurz felt.  The utmost limits of concentration, and then the utmost limits of that a while ago, summoning something that cannot be seen.
  That is what they call a [ghost coming].
  By no means was it an entreaty to a deity.  All the devices---- eyes, brains, finger, trigger, firing pin, cartridge, barrel, rifling, muzzle, and then the bullet, conforming to the laws of physics.  There was no room for intervention from God of Ghosts.
  From thousands of bullets that was shot, in each records, learning, mixing one's own gunpowder, manufacturing a cartridge, cutting off warheads, all kinds of weather condition and distance, in every angle, failure, failure, and layers of failure, calculations, starting over, calculating.  That was the  technical skill that was grasped from its end.
  Whether mysterious or not, he really has no faith.  Everything was mechanically moved, the bullet flew on the calculated position.

  However, at that time something certainly came.
  There's nothing to be said but a [ghost coming], something.
  At the moment the ghost came.  An indication of something descending, next the tip of the weapon made dazzling radiance, and then a gunshot reached his ears.
  Its 1520 meters.  He has not heard of it ever succeeding.
  But it hit---- he felt the ghost, Kurz gradually thought.
  The bullet that flew in the middle of the rain and wind, of course could not be seen.  But 2 seconds are the shot, the head of the target can be seen spraying blood.  The blood dances in the middle of the rain.
  The surprised bodyguards shouted at something.  The body of the headless target was pushed to the seat by two person, running away from that place.
(Let's go)
  He strikes at the shoulders of a dumbfounded Kurz.  Not showing any signs of being satisfied of his accomplishment or a boastful behaviours of his skills.  Both of them went of our the western house and withdrawn, while walking in the rain, Kurz excitedly praised his skills.

(Don't think you can imitate this, boy)
  Wilhelm Casper said standing to a halt and turning his head.  With sympathizing eyes.
(You can't do it)
  In fact, from then on, Kurz was not able to imitate it at least even once.
  One week after that, a decisive incident occurred.  Kurz with a young emotions, left Casper's unit.

"It was 4 years ago in Lebanon"
  He did not tell the details to the pilots.  For a number of seconds, Kurz remembered secretly the events at that time.
"I can't do a shot like that.  Whether is was experience of sense---- that's not the dimension.  But something more definite, something he has that I don't."
"Is it will, resolution, or something like that?"
  Salvio asked.
"I wonder.  I really don't understand.  ....well, if it's character then I have it.  At any rate the first time that I touched a rifle, was about five or six years ago."
"That's a first I've heard of"
"It's not like I was hiding it.  In the first year I got mixed as a volunteer soldier in the middle east, from there I was picked up by that guys---- Casper unit.  That's what I remember"
"Hee.  What kind of unit is it?"
"It has no name.  Just [Casper's unit].  Fighting all over the world it was a group of sharpshooter, well..... you might say it was the modern version of [Baily's South African Sharpshooter]"
"What's that.  Baileys....?"
"It's from the past, a mercenary unit.  But never mind that.  The problem is---- I probably can't win against him."
  Of course speaking in terms of tactics, it was not a simple competition of target practice.
  If the aiming distance is shorter than the enemy by 100 meters, it would be simple to move 100 meters forward.  Others like Camouflage, diversionary tactics, deception, pincer movement, and combining other methods, the chance of surely defeating the enemy would come out.  That is tactics.  To include all of it, he was saying that Kurz could not win against Casper.
"But, we will be leaving Tessa and Sousuke behind.  We can't just abandon them."
"That's right...."
  Kurz made a sigh, and remained in thought.  When his comrades are in anxiety, he makes an unpleasant sigh.
"Well, one way or another.  Anyway, we wait for a chance."
"Chance, what kind"
"We pick up the two's communication, we can still escape.  Making diversionary tactics we support them in full force."
  Standing up, he returned backed to his own M9.
  Something clinging on the back of his cockpit hatch, opening a small shock proof firearms container, he takes out a rigorously wrapped rifle inside.  Getting back to the ground, he opened the package, the rifle displays a sullen scenery.
  After the prelude in AS battle, he thought that there might come a time that it would be its turn.
  A bolt action rifle that lets out a gloomy brilliance.
  Ancient and simple, but that is why it is a beautiful work of art.  The wooden part made of brown walnut lumber, the bulky gun barrel in dark blue, then the white granular pattern emerges from the myriad of Teflon treatment.  The installed 36 fold scope on its top part, its length like it was another gun, thick.
  This weapon was manufactured 50 years ago in the plant of Winchester, it prides itself having an unattainable precision compared to the latest sniping weapons.  The possessors of this so far, there is no mistake that they have poured their affection in its elaborate maintenance.  It can be said as an excellent gun that is the [rifle among rifles], it has been 5 years since he grasped this gun as a greenhorn, something that has been passed.  This kind of gun is suitable for that man.
  1520 meters.
  If it's this weapon then that may be realized.

  The man that Kaname saved through her bravery, was still bearing serious injury.
"Fracture in the right arm, lacerations in the right flank.  And there seems to be a hit on the back of the head---- but we still don't know how serious this is."
  Lemon said roughly inspecting the injuries.  That casualty was a dark man in his 30's, not really large built but have a tightened muscles.  If he were to be fine, Kaname and Lemon would surely be captured.
"Can he be saved?"
"I wonder about that.  If we can properly treat him immediately,  he can somehow manage....  Unfortunately we have not first-aid set.  It is certain that we cannot move him."
"Is that so..."
  The man in a faint appearance groaned.  He seems to be conscious for the time being.
"Hang on.  What's your name?"
"Mr. Brown.  The helicopter went down and there was an explosion, but we managed to save you.  Unfortunately, I think the others have died.  We want to treat you, but we don't have the tools or medicine here.  Do you understand this much?"

  The man groaned weakly, moving his lips with an [I understand].
"I think your friend will be coming here soon.  They know where we are right?  That's why, we're sorry, but we have to leave you behind and run away."
  He was helpless from being injured.  The man sluggishly put up his left hand, and grabbed her arm.  When she was unable to grant the wish of the man, Kaname somehow felt guilty.  Even though this was a subordinate of the enemy.
  Gently grabbing the hand of the man, she wiped a handkerchief in the man's face.

"I'm sorry.  Here, put this on.  it will keep you warm.  Do your best."
  Taking off the red Down Jacket, Kaname put it on top of the man.
"Lemon-san, can you walk?  I'll lend you my shoulder"
"Aah, I'll somehow do my best.....ouch"
"Let's go"
  Leaving the injured man behind, the two of them walked out of the place staggering.
  Proceeding to the passage, it was a dead end.  The collapsed ceiling that was deteriorated over the years, was blocking the passage.  After retracing their steps, they headed towards another passage through a branch.
"Are you cold?"
"I'm alright.  How about you, lending you jacket to a guy like him"
"Are you saying that I'm a hypocrite?"
  Being offended, Lemon denied in haste.
"That's not it.  It's just.... you really don't understand.  Since you are clever, you should have already noticed it.  You did something dangerous"
"What do you mean?"
"That Brown guy, leaving him alive in an open place, it's telling his friends that we're alive and running away.  If that is so even if we ran away we can't get away.  We could have let them think that we were burned together with the other crew"
  Kaname unexpectedly stopped.
"I..it's nothing.  anyway, let's hurry"
"....could it be, that you didn't notice?  Doing that without thinking?"

  It hit the spot.  Kaname really didn't think that far.  Before thinking that sort of thing already came up.
"Is that so.  You didn't think about it"
"Y..you're mistaken!  I thought of it carefully, but it guess I really can't abandon him!"
"Hm.... Well, that's how it is"
"What's that?  In the first place if you were aware of it, why didn't you say something!?"
"See, I thought so"
  Lemon laughed.  While being embarrassed, Kaname sensed another emotion.  Being a <Whispered> intelligence will abruptly surface, increasing the different knowledge, becoming a remarkably intelligent person----
  Uo, amazing.  I was greatly stupefied.
  But what is this, this feeling of relief.
  I am me.  Also does blunder.  Saving people.  Still haven't changed----

  But those feelings, where did Lemon's next words go.
"It's not that.  It's just....You really don't understand.  Since you are clever, you should have already noticed it.  You did something dangerous....huh?  No, being a hypocrite...eh?"
"What are you talking about?"
  In a stand still, Lemon pushed his brows with his fingers made a short groan.  The awful mood seemed to had gotten worse.
  Even Kaname was seized with a strange sensation.  Lemon being confused like this, how many times did he see.  No, isn't this the first time?  Aah, this is----
"Deja vu"
  She muttered.  It was not another first.  Experiencing this a number of times.  Also a deja vu is a phenomenon is also present for an ordinary person.  Although she was used to it, since coming to this ruins the frequency of deja vu seems to be very high.  More accurately the frequency is uncountable, this ruins is strange after all.
  Exactly what is in this ruins?
  It might be something related to the [Omni sphere].  No, there seems to be no mistake.  This deja vu phenomenon is the strengthened effect of the Omni sphere.  In ordinary living the [reverberation] is harmless, even an ordinary person like Lemon can feel it.  Even the pilot of that helicopter, just before crash landing he said something weird.  That too.
  Is there another [Whispered] nearby?  Aside from Leonard and herself.  Leonard was inside the cargo----riding the AS <Belial> when the helicopter crashed.  He shouldn't be dead on the crash, and is somewhere inside this ruins.
  The [Whispered] from somewhere, was using a an amplification device similar to the TAROS, this [Reverberation] or some sort of [electromagnetic disturbance] effect must be created by this.  No----
(That's not it)
  Something more dangerous.  Here.
  The Deja vu have a different sensation.  Every time a crisis happens, there was a feeling of someone else in her head whispering.
  Lemon's voice brought her back.
"....ah, sorry.  Anyway are you alright?"
  Noticing, the man they saved from the helicopter was lying in front of them.  Kaname and the others were on the back of the truck's wreckage that they took shelter on.  Looking at his injuries Lemon said.
"Fracture in the right arm, lacerations in the right flank.  And there seems to be a hit on the back of the head---- but we still don't know how serious this is."
"Can he be save?"
  Aah, enough---- expelling such memories from the corner of the consciousness, she asked Lemon.
"I wonder about that.  If we can properly treat him immediately----"
  Listening to his explanation, she explained this to Brown, wiping his face, covering him with the down jacket, lending her hands to Lemon and leaving that place.  Her indiscretion being pointed out by Lemon, she seriously denied it, he smiled.
"What is it?"
"The deja vu will come a number of times, so please hold on to your thoughts.  Probably, the cause is somewhere in this facility"
"...Aah. I understand"
  Lemon said showing his head.
"You seem to have good understanding.  Don't you want to hear [why?]?"
"Following the purpose as to why this ruins were created, so I know a little.  Anyhow me and Wraith investigated it"
  Moving together with Wraith and being capture by Leonard, it was mentioned when they were inside the plane.  Wraith escaped, after that he didn't know what came next.  But he did not tell her what they were investigating in Moscow.  It was because there was an observer.
"About this facility?"
"It was a request from the young woman Testarossa.  she has already conjectured the existence of such secret city, but she does not know the location.  This was constructed during the 70's, an absolutely secret research facility.  Making suspicious experiments from Telepathy or Future prediction.  when we got the results from our investigation in Moscow, the exaggeratedly excellent scientist named Professor Valov created this, in addition this research facility was seriously a national project."
"Professor Valov...."
"I was half convinced, but I gradually believed.  At any rate <Amalgam> seriously captured and interrogated me, and came to this secret city.  And then---- practically, as you've said being attacked with a strange deja vu.  Of course we didn't know for how much.  But this seems to be a bad place."
"Even the crash just now, I don't think the cause was from the attack from someone.  The pilot must have been confused."
"Aah.  Even then, someone attacked.... they even tried to kill us"
  Kaname remembered the subject of communication.  [Sniped].  [Unbelievable skill].  And then enemy that goes against <Amalgam>.
  Could it be, the one who attacked was Kurz Weber.

  It seems that he didn't know that Kaname was riding that helicopter.  If Kurz and the others are close by, there are prospects of escape from here.

  Not only that.  It may be possible, that Sousuke is somewhere----
"Anyway let's find the exit"
"This research facility is interesting but.... we don't have the luxury for it"
"That's how it is"
  The two of them proceeded the dark passage.  To the right.  To the left.  When they reach a fork they proceeded with suitable intuition.  It was a dead end ahead, it seems a shut iron door stopped them.  It was like a maze.  There was no sketch of the inside of the facility, the corroded plate which was abandoned for many years fell to the floor.  The indication in the area whether [507] or [395] have indiscernible numerical figure.  They are in a state not knowing how many floors they are  underground.
"I give up.  We're completely lost"
  Lemon said with a collapsed ceiling leaning on the wall plugging the passage.  Not being able to go out the exit, the injury in his leg is starting to hurt.  The face the surfaced in the light of the pocket light were paler than before.
"That's not so.  For the time being, why don't we go back to where we came from"
"You remember?"
"Somehow.  The map was sketched into my head.  Why don't we go that way."
  Before, this kind of feat would be impossible, Kaname thought.
  It was 5 minutes, wandering about the maze, Lemon noticed an accident.  Grabbing the arm of Kaname leaning on her shoulder, they immediately stopped.
"What's the matter?"
"Quiet.  Someone's coming.  Turn of the light"
  Informing with a concealed voice, he took out a pistol from the back of his waist. He wanted to say [When did this thing get here?], but nothing came out of his mouth.  Probably, they must have taken it from Mr. Brown when they saw him.
  She turned off the switch of the pocket light as he said.  Lemon stretched his hand, taking the pocket lamp from her.  With a fallen locker nearby, the two of them hid behind it, and surely they can hear footsteps from faraway.
  The opponent was alone.
  Just before the passage before Kaname, from the T crossroad on the corner of the warped passage, someone is slowly getting near.  There seems to be no light.  Is he wearing night vision apparatus?
  Concealing their breath, that someone is coming out from the corner standing.  In the total darkness the form cannot be seen, but they would know by sound.
  Lemon turned on the pocket light and illuminated it towards the opponent, with pistol aimed saying.
"Don't move!"
  The opponent looked startled, with the night vision goggle on the hands were covering the head.

  It was a short built girl. Short pants and flight jacket.  White slender legs and imbalanced, with a large trekking boots.  And a carefully braided ash blond hair.


  Taking of the night vision goggle, she narrowed her eyes on the radiant pocket lamp, which was inquiring towards her.
"Tessa...? Is that you Tessa!?"
"That voice.... Kaname-san?"
"Un.  But why are you in a place----"
  Before finishing her words, Tessa jumped to hug her.  Ignoring the existence of a surprised Lemon.
"Thank goodness.... I was so worried....it's really Kaname-san"
"Th...that's right!  Aah...Tessa, don't cry.  Hush hush"
"I'm sorry.  But I'm glad that you're alright.  Really thank goodness...."
"Un.  Tessa also looks fine.  It's really been a long time"
  Burying her face in her chest, Tessa cried for a while.  Kaname was also happy, but she was taken aback with her suddenly showing herself in a place like this, being completely confused with deep emotions.

Full Metal Panic: Approaching Nick of Time Chapter 3a

I'm back bringing you another serving of Full Metal Panic: Approaching Nick of Time.  Obviously I'm not the type of person who talks a lot.  So I'm gonna cut this short and let you enjoy this installment. 

Chapter 3: Yansk 11

  The transport Helicopter that Sousuke and Tessa rode flew away, visiting the neighbourhood with an ominous silence.  The two units of <Paib Mare> and Kurz' unit, were standing by on the third site 5 kilometers from the ruins, and only picking up Tessa on her contact.  The pilot Gebo 6 demanded that they wait in this area, but Tessa quickly refused.  If by some chance the enemy attacks, being hidden in a far away point would allow them to react easier.
  The cold wind of the twilight flutters, weeds shaking with a weak whispering sound.  The remaining echo of the helicopters downward air current echoes a delayed eerie shriek in the nearby pillar of the building.
"This way"
  Tessa operating the digital map of the portable computer, started walking towards the northwest direction.  Wearing training shoes and short pants below, on top was a thick sweat shirt and a loose flight jacket.  A bag filled with plastic explosives was hung in her shoulders, but she carries no gun.  The place seems like a place to make a picnic, but with the scenery of ruins like this would not be enjoyable.
  Sousuke wears a black pilot suits with a tactical vest on top.  His weapons are a 5.56 mm calibre carbine gun with 6 reserve magazine, hand grenade and smoke bomb, and two incendiary grenades.  He is also carrying as much C4 explosives he can carry.
  And also the usual Glock 19.  After his dying encounter in Namsak, Lemon's colleagues picked it up.  Although not an excellent pistol, he has grown attached to it because of using it for nearly two years.
"Where do we go from here?"
"To the Plant at the north side"
  She answered, looking at the distance of the road, quickly walking on with a pondering face.  Sousuke fell silent and followed behind.  Certainly there are no signs of the enemy, but he thinks that it is unnatural to let him be the guard alone.  In order to have a sure escort, it would have been better to have the armed crew of the helicopter accompany her.
  Seeing through the doubt of Sousuke, Tessa said.

"Is it a mystery that I brought you along alone?"
"The truth is I intended to come here alone.  But if I were to choose some one, I think you would be the most competent."
"The secret of [Whispered] sleeps in here"
  Not minding Sousuke's surprise, Tessa continued.
"You are the only person who uses the <Laevatein>.  The one who created it was Miller-san, using the basic system of Al and the <Arbalest>.  The one who created that <Arbalest> was a person called Bunny Morauta.  The one who directly rescued Miller-san was also you.  I was also saved by you by a number of times.  And the one whom you have to get back no matter what is Kaname-san.  The one who have the most encounter on [Whispered], even if you search the world it would be you Sagara-san"
  If you say it that way, that may be so.
  Although there was no positive proof, If Nami who he lived with him in Namsak was one, that will be an additional plus in names.  Leonard is also the same.  He still doesn't fully understand, but he is also a [Whispered].  With that, the rare persons with special ability, he had deep connection to 6 [whispered].
  As usual, Sousuke doesn’t fully understand this thing about Whispered.  But coming all this way, it can't be concluded as coincidence, he can feel some sort of destiny.
"I do not know whether this is coincidence, or a special kind of fate.  Even if I look at this I believe in God.  No matter in what shape, if God does exists---- Sagara-san, in order to save us, you might be the saviour that God had sent us."

  A saviour is no joking matter, Sousuke thought.  It is certain that there is a strange coincidence, but he is only a soldier.  He can't do anything except to shoot the bullet in a required place, he is only a man.  He was unable to save Nami, and he doesn't know if he will be able to save Kaname.
  However, for Sousuke at the ships deck, the girl named Miller also said something similar.
  Such words were no jest.  She thanked him with regards to Siberia, while he said his thanks for her regarding Al and the <Laevatein>.  Miller herself was generally recovered, and now is working in cooperation with Hunter's information department, Sousuke also have explained in summary his own condition.

  And then when she was about to leave she said with a smile.
(Although there is no basis for this, you may be the one who will save us---)
"It's not that I'm putting pressure on you"
  Tessa gently said.
"It's just, that is the mysterious feeling that your strength makes.  In an old Chinese proverb, there is a saying [Before God presents you with a great mission, that person shall be given great suffering to test his strength].  You have continued to suffer all your life.  But, passing those suffering would cultivate that strength.  It is the same as rebuking a useless girl like me.  Even though you were living in the madness of the battlefield since you were small, why have you not lost that gentle heart?  There might be meaning in that.  Possibly to ascertain our ruin----"
  He was surprised at her words saying [useless girl like me], but he still welcomes her perseverance of such joke.  He did not deny such impossible words, but only expressed it through impression.
"I don't really understand"
"Me too.  But I am only telling Sagara-san all that I know.  That was what I was thinking."
  Tessa stood to a halt, and turned around.
"That is the reason why I brought you here."
  Sousuke was hard pressed for a reply, she only smiled and headed forward.  For a time there were only the sound of their footsteps and the sound of the wind.
  When they came about the residential district, Sousuke immediately noticed the wreckage of an automobile in the road.
  There are bullet holes.
  Not only on that wreckage.  If you look carefully, the smashed houses and building, even the road surfaces have traces of bullet holes and explosions.  There were also apparent traces of great conflagration.
(There was battle in this city....?)
  The two of them are getting close to the North side of the abandoned secret city.
  In that area was remains of large chemical plant.  Rusted and complex structure intertwined close together, the residential district hangs about a different eeriness.  A number of extended pipes, and chimneys that had fallen to a black shadow, a hollowed rows of Silo and tank.  It has a scene of a corpse of an unknown giant creature that is lost past dead.
"Captain.  This city..."
"In the current Russia, there is no one who knows about this city.  With Coup d'etat and civil war, the records are mostly lost.  Even in my work, I managed to investigate the existence of this city but---- there were no results.  But recently, we managed to get a hint.  It's Miller-san.  From her observations in the sealed up institution in Siberia, the name of a certain person came out.  With the difficulty of that person’s circumstance, the results of Lemon's investigation in the public documents in Moscow, we managed to ascertain the existence of this secret city <Yansk 11>"
  The chemical plant seems to have been involved in battle.
  The unnatural collapse of the silo was noticeable.  Several tanks were lost from the base, fragments of pipes and steel frame were rolling on the ground considerably.
"Please be careful, Sagara-san"
  Tessa said.
"This plant seems to be the [center of explosion].  It's not really harmful to the body, since it's already been 17 years I think the effect would be little, but it will confuse the mind of those who approach."
"The mind?"
"Yes.  The experiments that were conducted here, were extraordinarily special.  Probably, there are facilities underground."

  Tessa operates the digital map, and surveyed the panoramic view of the plant.
"Please be careful, Sagara-san"
  Tessa said.
"This plant seems to be the [center of explosion].  It's not really harmful to the body, since it's already been 17 years I think the effect would be little, but it will confuse the mind of those who approach."
"P...please wait"
  Being attacked with an unexplainable ominous feeling, Sousuke interrupted her words.
"What's the matter?"
"just now, didn't you just repeated what you said?"
  An appearance not specially surprised, Tessa nodded.
"Deja vu right.  This is also one of the effects.  Even before when we landed, Weber-san and the others said it.  You felt it too didn't you?"
"I felt it"
"Having everyone fall back away, was because of this.  This might feel bad, but please endure it.  If you preserve your will, usually it won't happen.  There are many occurrences of deja vu being stupefied."
  Sousuke can feel the drop of sweat in his back.  How can she be so much composed?
"Then.... are you alright? this..."
"yes.  For us, this usually occurs.  We usually don't tell this to others, you won't even notice it if you grew accustomed to it.  Nevertheless for an ordinary person, they usually experience a light deja vu right?"
  Sensing the manner of Tessa's speaking, occurrence of such phenomenon is not frequent.  Still he possibly can't get used to this.
"Let's go.  It is probably just ahead."
  Tessa minding her feet, entered the plant.

"It might be better to talk about something possible.  Did you notice the bullet holes?"
"Yes.  Rifle shells, Cannons, RPG Explosions....it seems to have been a considerably flashy gunfight. Exactly what happened..."
"Probably.  It's the cause of the experiment."
  Tessa said straddling the rolling pipe in the ground.
"I think it was such a pitiful and disastrous occurrence.  The residents of this secret city, their minds must have been contaminated by the experiment.  Much worse than this deja vu, they were in a much serious condition.  When the confused guards started attacking, it must have escalated from then.  There are no detailed records, and no person to give testimony, and we don't know what happened...."
  After Tessa recited with heartbreaking a heartbreaking voice, the confusion that occurred here must be something unspeakable.  Did those who lost their sanity committed limitless violence?  There is no difference from true hell.  Looking at the traces of battle, Sousuke could imagine that much.
"Exactly, what kind of experiment were conducted here?"
"The [Visheojaya Sphero] experiment"
"[Visheojaya Sphero]?"
"In English it would be [Omni Sphere].  ...although its a long story, please listen."
  Tessa made the introduction, and started the explanation as she walked.
"The [Omni Sphere] is a territory which was made by the mind of men.  A world which cannot be touched or seen by the eyes.  The Omni Sphere could not be observed by standard physical sensors.  It is a totally different dimension from the usual recognized world we have.  At the same time, the Omni Sphere mutually interferes with the material world.  The chemical circuits that are passing though the brains of the humans, was to be able to access this Omni Sphere.  The opposite is also affirmative."
"I really don't understand----"
  Looking at the Sousuke's appearance of not satisfied with the explanation, Tessa made a smile.
"I'm sorry.  It must be too forward.  Actually the general idea of the Omni Sphere originated from the past.  It is the imaginative and philosophical implications.  It may even be called the [spirit world].  In Greek manner it would be the world of Idea.  In the words of Jung it is close to the general idea of a collective unconsciousness."
  Suddenly speaking of the occult, Sousuke was bewildered.  For Tessa who leads a modern war using the latest weapon, it was such an inappropriate topic.  However, he did remember hearing of the [Omni Sphere] before.  The <De Danaan> or the <Arbalest>---- And now loaded into the <Laevatein>.  Words that are related to the Man Machine Interface called [TAROS].  Surely TAROS is an abbreviation of [Transference And Reaction Omni Sphere].
"In the distant past, there were many forms transcending the mental world.  The Brain Quantum Theory and Complex System Science, and the development of a super large scale operation device, these were scientifically described, utilized and thought of by a genius.  A person called Demitri Valov.  He conveniently called that world [Domain that comprehends all (Omni Sphere)].  There was no article remaining concerning the Omni Sphere, but before the first half of the 1970's, the Soviet Science Academy were researching Telepathy and Future prediction."
"Telepathy, you say"
"The [Philadelphia Experiment] or the [UFO of Area 51]. There were a lot of dubious talk about those right? Surely those talks were questionable, but the American-Soviet institution researching supernatural abilities itself were true.  Mostly, success of neither were not captured.  Created from wanting the budget of the army and intelligence institution, there were many random researches made."
  Also what the pilot of Gebo 6 said earlier, [soldiers going mad from the military research and so on and so forth] was another story.  While living in Tokyo, Sousuke remembers that such subject were present in the TV programs that Kaname and the others watch.
"But, Professor Valov was different.  While he contributed to the field of Nuclear Energy, Information Engineering, and Electrical Engineering, he was also a true researcher.  Like the first [Passive] Stealth technology, the basic theory applied was thought out by him."
  Proceeding inside the plant, the footing worsened.  The stairs of the sunk half floor were rotting away, Sousuke went down first and held out his hand for Tessa.  Because she was slow, she jumped into the arms of Sousuke and safely landed.
"Thank you, Sagara-san"
"No.  Please be careful where you step.  Because of the conflagration, everything is damaged.
  Tessa took out her torchlight, and then proceeded further inside the plant.
"I don't know what circumstances made Professor Valov notice the existence of the Omni Sphere.  Anyway, for some reason he was convinced of the existence.  And the with the success of a small scale experiment, he managed to get a suitable results in the closing years of 1970's.  In this time of season, the appearance of Professor Valov's name were extremely limited in official documents and scientific records.  From an outsiders view it may be seen as if he was an old researching with his fortune declining, but it was natural to be interpret that his research would be treated as an important secret for his country.  He also seems to have political strength inside the academy.  And so to be able to press forward his research at once, this secret city was constructed...."
  He was being attacked again by deja vu.  He noticed that he was listening to the talk about Professor Valov a number of times.  Sousuke shaking his head, he asked her a question.
"Why is his research an important secret?"
"The value of using the Omni Sphere.  There is a world that would not be restrained by time or space, and be able to move your own mind freely, being able to access our physical world at will, do you know what kind of possibilities there can be?"
"I can't imagine so"
  While imagining, Sousuke could not understand half of what Tessa said.  The explanation of difficult theory and numerical formulas, about time space or mind, it is a difficult question for a realist like him.
"For example, an extremely high precision prediction can be made.  When an enemy attacks with a nuclear missile.  When would an important political leader of the enemy die.  What would be the weather of the day of the planned attack?  Earthquake or---- that's right, when would a large scale solar activity occur?  If you knew of the accident that the enemy does not know, using that how will you be able to win a war"
"I see...."
"You can also use telepathy.  In an area of distance which ordinary communication is impossible, you could exchange a large amount of information.  Contrary to that, peeping into the head of another person, and make suggestions to control him.  Or if you could [hack] into the head of the president of the United States or Secretary of National Defence, there would no longer be a need for wars.  This could be controlled by the superpowers.
"If these were possible----"
"It may be possible.  Speaking in theory it is possible, there are countless technical hurdles to be crossed.  But if you make use of the Omni Sphere, by no means are these pipedreams.  Even the most important secret of a country, will no longer be a mystery right?"
"There are still more.  To be comparatively simple, making use of Omni Sphere is an interference technology that affects the physical world.  It is a system that converts the image of the user into physical strength.  This is already in practical use."
"Do you mean the Lambda Driver?"
"That is correct.  However, the name of that equipment is used as a masquerade. An [equipment that drives the Repulsion ? (Lambda Driver)], or it can also be called [Hollow Cord Repulsion Field Generation Device], what the device produce is not only the repulsion.  A device that amplifies the quasi physical phenomenon that was produced by the interference of the Omni Sphere.  It's original name is [Omni Sphere High Velocity Connection Interference Reactor]"
"Yes.  The general idea of it is of a reactor.  Originally, the interference of the Omni Sphere in our physical world is weak.  The behavioural effect to a degree of a feeble molecule.  From our habits, even without knowing ourselves the Omni Sphere passes, affecting the surrounding substance and energy."
"That is.... in other words, this is how I see it but, it moves the surrounding substance?"
"Yes.  That itself is being done unconsciously by anyone.  The significance of it, is that everyone is an esper.  However, those effects are not observable and minute, and anything happening could not be seen by the very eyes.  What is unfortunate is that with strict experiment such phenomenon could not be observed or verified.  If it is possible to isolate in the room the effects of the outside environment, it might be possible to observe the Omni sphere's interference reaction to the physical world.  But making those observations are humans themselves using scientific and electrical machines, the surroundings will definitely have noise, if those noise were ordinarily measured----"
"I'm sorry Captain.  I absolutely cannot understand...."

"Ah...I'm sorry.  Anyway, it means that any humans has a small amount of [Psychokinetic Power]."
"I see."
  Sousuke thought, even with a bad companion that makes the blood in the head circulate, being able to be modest and kind enough to explain, is one of her personal virtue.
"And then the ordinary occurrence of micro interference reaction, the Lambda Driver connectively amplifies this.  The brains and the nervous system of the Human is like an engine that is produced by the Omni Sphere's interference reaction.  An AS loaded with a Lambda Driver, increases the humans enormous electrical energy that the human nervous system could not bear, which is not possible in the natural world---- that is the reason for the drawing out of unusually strong interference reaction.  Previously, it was said that the [<Arbalest> was another you].  That is the reason for that.  It's not like it will copy your personality, but the <Arbalest> or <Laevatein> traces the many section of your nerve activity."
"Sagara-san, you were thinking of [why aren't aircrafts, tanks or battleships equipped with Lambda Driver] right?"
"I do.  That way would be more efficient right.  No.... if that's the case, then could it be...."
"That's right. In order to operate the Lambda Driver, a unit that imitates the function of a human is required.  Moreover the interference reaction of the physical world created from the Omni Sphere, such catalyst will be subject to the extreme condition of humans, further more will become evident upon rational behaviour.  The peerless concentration of an experienced soldier, the circumstance produced from such mental state---- in others words something that is essential in battle.  Therefore, the condition for a machine loaded with a Lambda Driver, is having a source of power with a high output, the characteristics of being able to survive when participating a dangerous battle, and a vehicle that imitates a human body."
"In other words an AS"
"That's right.  Because its an AS, it is the ideal machine to load a Lambda Driver.  Well then---- with that, don't you think that the existence of a weapon called AS itself is strange?  Even though it is a humanoid from that would be inefficient in battle, why would the AS take a leading part in land combat.  In such a circumstance, unexpectedly becoming the ideal weapon."
  Tessa was speaking in a manner implying that the AS was developed in order to load the Lambda Driver.  After Sousuke escaped from North Korea, he remembered Kalinin saying that [these things should not exists].
"Then....AS are practically useful in the battlefield."
  Surely for an AS, there are weakness that are not present in other weapons.  It is easily discovered by the enemy in level ground, and can even be easily shot when vertically walking.  The maintenance and production of such complex system are not easy.  Even then size of firearms and its armor, fall short of a tank.
  However, compensating for such weak points are advantages.  If not, nobody would use an AS.
"That's right.  This is something similar to terms [which came first, the chicken or the egg], not a single person that exists in the world would be able to ascertain this."
"I've seen it"
  While proceeding with their talk, the two of them move further inside the plant.
  From the cracks of the countless steel frame and plumbing, the  little illuminating shine of the orange skies would not reach this place.  Without change there is a wide hall in the room, in  floor fronting them, is the opening of a giant pit.
  The diameter is close to 15 meters.  The gaping wide pit continues deeply underground.  Cable, pipes, and maintenance scaffold were surrounding the pit, in their opposite side was a solid rail installed.
  This pit looks like a shaft of a giant elevator.  The pallet that moves up and down has fallen down the shaft.  If by chance looking down at the hole it is engulfed in darkness, with its depth indistinct.
"Will we be descending here?"
"yes.  The object facility is below this shaft---- since it is deep underground."
  Of course the elevator has broken down, in the first place there is no electricity in this ruins.  In the middle of the shaft an undependable scaffold and stairs are combined with the steel pipe, and then a rusted ladder is present.  In order to get down you need to use that stairs and ladder.
  Nonetheless, it was a facility abandoned close 18 years ago.  There was a intense deterioration, and has a danger of unexpectedly collapsing.
"Please wait.  Can you wait outside?"
"? what do you mean?"
"It is dangerous to go down from here.  I will go explore myself, Captain please instruct me from up there."
  Having the tools for descent like rope and carabiner ready, it would not be easy to go down in this pit.  He would be able to go down by himself somehow, but Tessa is here.  Without having any experience in climbing down, to begin with her athletic ability is---- pardon the term---- seriously undependable.
  Such reason Tessa could also understand.  But she would not accept the proposal of Sousuke.
"I'm sorry.  But for only this, I have to go.  It may be difficult, but could you also take me down there?"
"I won't be much trouble as much as possible.  If ever, you think that there is danger I will give up and turn back.  So Please."

"...I understand.  However I will be the one to decide if its dangerous or not.  Please quietly abide by this"
"Yes.  thank you"
  The two of them put on their night vision goggles respectively, tying both of their bodies together, and descended into the shaft.  They went down the stairs for the first few floors, but proceeding from there on, they can't seem to use anything except for the ladder at the inner walls of the shaft.
"In my back...."
  Tessa being carried in the back, the rope firmly fixated her body.  He tender breast being glued to his back, he felt unsteady.
"Please take care of me, Sagara-san"
"You sound like you are enjoying this...."
"It must be your imagination.  But if you meet Kaname-san, I will keep this a secret.  fufu...."
  Listening to her joke, Sousuke felt something reminiscent.  It was during the short time Tessa was studying in Jindai High School, it was that innocent thought.  At that time, she was being ridiculed by Kaname and Mao, always smiling this way.
  Being burdened by Tessa climbing the ladder.
  The shaft was suitably deep.  After discerning that they have descended 4 floors, the bottom of the shaft was still further down.
  At that time, there was a ringing sound in their mobile wireless radio.  It was a communication from Kurz who was standing by outside the secret city.  With the influence of the terrain and structures, there was a terrible noise.
[This is Urzu 6.  There's a terrible weather]
"What's the matter?"
[There are a number of helicopters approaching from the west.  I can confirm 3 units.  It's probably the enemy.]

"Dammit.  It's too many...."
  The 3 units of helicopter increased to 6, Kurz curses them inside the cockpit.
  The said helicopters were flying behind the sun, and the passive sensor of the M9 detected them late.  When Kurz sighted them, the helicopters were already 12 kilometers away and approaching.  And to reach the skies of the secret city, would take about 3 minutes.
  The second units of <Paib Mare>, in order to economize the fuel landed on top of a small mountain forest cutting his engine.  When they received the information from Kurz's unit in Gebo 4, the pilot of Gebo 6 started up the APU (Assisted Power Unit) and prepares to start the engine.
  No, this is bad.  Kurz's intuition informed him.
"Gebo 4 as well as 6, don't start your engine"
[Why, Urzu 6?]
"Those guys, they probably have ECS.  That is why we were late in detecting them.  They probably also have ECCS, if we took off poorly we will be discovered.  Just hide in the forest like that"
  If they took off now, there is a high chance that the enemy lookout helicopter would be able to detect them.  The <Paib Mare> that is not equipped with Anti aircraft weapons, they would be shoot down by the enemy attack.
[But, what do we do.  We can't be bounded here like this]

  The pilot of Gebo 4 said.  Though objecting, at the present he suspended the operation of the engine.
[In the mean time we hide ourselves.  One they land with peace of mind there would be an opening.  Then when I commenced on them, that is the time you pick up Tessa and Sousuke"
[hn...that's right, I understand.  but how are you sure if they are the enemy of not?]
"If the locality is Russian, then we would have detected them earlier.  With such extravagant equipment coming to a remote place like this----"
[It's <Amalgam>, dammit]
[Nowadays they're making me boil.  Those lice.]
  The two pilots cursed.  Kurz's own unit's ECS changed from Radar Infra-red concealment mode to Invisibility mode.  When the M9 is transparent, the scenery across its monitors turns to violet.
  The six helicopters are still approaching.  He called Sousuke again.

"As you heard, Urzu 7!  hurry and come back.  Hide in the deserted houses at the Northwest in Point Echo."
[Urzu 7 roger.  But it will take time]
"Anyway just hurry"

  In the middle of the dark pit, Sousuke confirmed the state of the rope, and started to climb up.
"Captain.  Let's go back."
  Tessa said in the back, opening her mouth.
"We have to join Kurz and the others.  It's dangerous here."
"That's right, it can't be helped...."
  She said regrettably.  It seems that there is something important the is sleeping below this shaft.
  But if they were slow, they would lose everything.  The enemy infantry would be coming here soon.  Sousuke could not protect Tessa alone.  She knows this well, and then she didn't say anything unreasonable.
  The ladder is terribly rusted, and considerably not easy to climb with quickly.
"Please hold on"
  After saying that, the ladder that Sousuke was holding on to made a strange noise and fell.  Right away both of his hands grabbed the hand rail, regaining his balance, but this time the base of the rail broke apart.
  Their bodies were thrown down.  With the rope fixed at the mouth of the pit, they didn't fall any further, the two of them were hanging in the darkness.
"Are you hurt?"
"I'm alright.  I'm sorry"
"Please don't let go."
  Bracing both his legs on the surface wall, he reeled in the rope with the full strength of his body, discretely going up the shaft.
(This is bad....)
  Until they get out of the shaft, it would take about three minutes.  They might be surrounded by the enemy like this---

[----Landing Zone (LZ) confirmed.  shall we descend?]
  The pilot of the transport helicopter informing Kalinin over the com.
"Don't land yet.  Wait until the search for the enemy in the surrounding area is finished"
  The transport helicopter that Kalinin is riding atop the skies of <Yansk 11>, and the other 4 units were loosely circling.  It was organized as 4 Mi-26 transport helicopter and 2 Mi-24 attack helicopter.
  although irregular, to land the 6 units, Kalinin adopts the method he used during the time in Afghanistan.
  The transport helicopter loaded with AS and personnel will standby in a safe airspace at high altitude, the remaining one unit will be concealed in a distant mountains.  And then the 2 units of <Hind> with offensive and high mobility, will be patrolling skies of the location at 500 meters and 1500 meters.
  Even if the guerrillas attack with anti aircraft weapons, only the lowest altitude helicopter will get hit and immediately they can increase the violent attacks.  Additionally the hidden transport helicopter can be dispatched at any time, and give pressure by deploying ground forces.
[The rumours of your firm methods seems to be true, Mister K (Kalium)]
  Wilhelm Casper said over the wireless circuit.  That German is a sniper.  Right now he is inside another transport helicopter, standing by in the Lambda Driver equipped AS <Erigol>.
[If you want to go sightseeing then do it another day.  I want to say goodbye quickly to this boring place.]
"This is no sightseeing.  You will sortie any moment so stand by."
  Kalinin answered bluntly.
  Such type of AS and airborne troops, the cooperation of attack helicopters, to regiment attached to Kalinin this is called [Mouse Trap].  Wanting the cheese no matter what, the mouse would be caught between the metal fitting of the snapping spring.  There is no way to escape.
  Even for the Afghanistan guerrillas known for their valor, fears this technique which Kalinin thought of.
  The Russian made heavy helicopter Mi-26 <Halo> and Mi-24 <Hind>, <Amalgam> customized them wit ECS and ECCS, and loaded with every kinds of sensor.  If the opponents were the normal regular army, they could freely move about and deceive their eyes, no matter what kind of deceiving methods their opponents make they would be immediately discovered.
  However, their enemy is not the expected regular army.  It's them.
  At the moment there are no signs of the enemy, the elaborate search for the enemy before landing, was no overkill no matter how many times it were done.
  Then the voice of Leonard Testarossa sounded in the wireless circuit.  He is riding with Chidori Kaname and the French spy in another <Halo>.
[I respect your prudence, Mister K (Kalium). I'm also in agreement with Mr. Caspers opinion.  It would be better to land quickly.]
"Can you tell me the reason"
[That's right.... but the reaction is about to appear.]
  Leonards voice with mischief.  Kalinin felt that he has heard this voice before.  When was that?  No, it's not from the past.  On the contrary----
[----Mr. Casper's opinion.  It would be better to land quickly.]
"Can you tell me----"
  Just now.  There was a bizarre deja vu, repeating the same words, he was replying to me.
[See.  This town is special.  The effects of the experiments still remains, if you were careless the feeling of time will be ambiguous.  The passengers would be alright, but it would be trouble for the pilots.]
  At that time, the <Hind> that was flying in low-altitude sloped, almost crashing into the chemical plant.  The helicopter barely picked up its altitude, and made a sudden rise with maximum output.
  The belly of the unit grazed the summit of the big silo rising from the plant, in the twilight large sparks were scattered.
[That condition]
  Leonard made a tedious voice.  The pilots of the <Hind> were surprised.
[Idiot, you're gonna get hit!?]
[No, I'm sure I turned to the left.  But then the unit was in the former position....]
[? What are you talking about?  You were in the same position as before---]
  It seems that they were not aware of the nature of the deja vu.  Kalinin ordered the <Hind> fly away above the plant, and investigate the location where the transport helicopter would be landing.  It would be better in a place outside the town.  It seems that it would be dangerous near the plant----
  With that Casper communicated.
[The mountainous district 3 kilometers Northeast, can you see the terrace halfway up the mountain?  Rocket missile or whatever.  Attack the area of that mountain.]

"It's possible, but why"
[Just shoot and you'll know]
  Casper answered with an obstinate hard laughter.  Kalinin no longer asked, and ordered the pilot of the helicopter to do it.

  Right now Sousuke who is not yet away from the plant, he was telling them of the helicopters state in the air, then the sharp alarm inside the cockpit of the M9 sounded.
<Warning.  2 o'clock.  Unguided Rockets (UGR).  Multiple.  Impact in 3, 2....>
  In an instant, Kurz thought about barely evading them.  At this distance they would not hi---- this he judged.

  One shot was 30 meters from the M9 hitting the bare rock, and then spreading with a thunderous sound, the remaining shots exploding is a more distant location.
  The flying earth and sand rained down on the M9, hitting the armor with a dry sound.  Kurz's unit didn't stir from the shooting position, seeing the situation of the enemy from the smoke.
[Were you discovered?]
  Sousuke said from the wireless radio.  The two units of allied helicopter was hiding in the mountain forest.
  There were no follow up attacks.  He was not yet seen by the enemy.  That was just a test shot.  Seeing the place he is hiding as stinky, and randomly fired the rocket.  He is stayed here, they might let it go----
  No, he can't.
"I'll be spotted somehow, before that I'm going commence on them.  Gebo 4, 6.  Prepare for takeoff!"
  If it were an ordinary enemy, it would be unimaginable that an AS would be hiding in this mountain.  With them attacking like this, there are no ordinary opponents.  Then it would be useless to hide.  Also the debris that landed on the shape of the M9, with the operational invisibility mode of the ECS it would be an unnatural sight for the naked eye.  Anyhow, it would only be a matter of time before they were found out.
  Master Mode On.
  The precision alignment sensor of the 76mm Sniper cannon made a small roar.  Distant Antiaircraft mode.  Atmospheric Temperature, humidity, wind speed data streaming, the ballistic calculation unit were trembling with the numerical values.
[Urzu 6, it's about the formation of the enemy's helicopter----]
  Sousuke said.  Still climbing from inside the shaft.  The noise is getting worst.
[Listen.  It was a harsh method of the Russian Military of the Afghan.  The leader of the enemy is Lt. Commander Kalinin.]
"Damn.  That old man..."
  Selecting the target.  Priority on the target with the highest threat.
  First would be the <Hind>
  The enemy units circling in the air, pointing on the target box of M (Mike) 3. 
  The distance and velocity of the helicopter.  [VALID AIM] indicated in the screen.
  You're kidding.  Those calculations are different.
  The angle is difficult.  The effects of the down current produced by the helicopter, were corrected by intuition.
  up 2 mili. left one mili.
  That's right, here it comes----
  The flame of the shot turned the screen white.  The 76mm shell with the super speed of sound, will take some time before it hits the target.  Roughly around 3 seconds.
  Taking in the high calibre shell, the enemy <Hind> where in pieces in an instant.  The rotor rushing away, the unit squashed---explosion.
  The fragments of the enemy unit falls, there is no time to observe.  Immediately the next shell was loaded, and aimed at the other <Hind>.
  This time a high altitude and is short distance close.  Correcting the ballistics.
  Aim, fire---- hit.
  The tail of the attack helicopter was blown away.  Without the torque control the unit goes out of order rotating pulling down from the altitude, falling in one part of the chemical plant.  Two attack helicopters down.  Now the allied helicopters can get away.
  The enemy had already accurately got hold of his position.  He could bury one more unit, but the remaining 3 units would be hard to aim.
  One unit is already in between the secret city and is hiding in the hills beyond.  The other units is currently diving from a high altitude.  Far and fast.  That can't be aimed.  Another unit was flying in low altitude trying to hide in the part of the plant.  If he were to aim then that would be it.
  The nose diving helicopter already disappeared in the ground, throwing an AS out from its opened hatch.  Red armor.  A developed <Codarl> type.  It can be seen carrying a long sniper cannon.  That red AS----
  He could feel his heart palpitate.

  Will he shoot immediately after landing?  No, it's useless.  For an opponent equipped with a Lambda Driver that expects an attack in this direction, ordinary attacks would not be effective.  But there is no more seconds left, there is certainty that he will shoot.
  Kurz made a prompt decision, and aimed at the transport helicopter hiding in the plant cluster.
  The large helicopter <Halo> flies into the side of the silo and water tank, pylon intertwined with various pipes.  Estimating the location, he aligns.  He aimed carefully, but there is no time.
  He fires.  The shell in flight can be seen piercing the silo, but whether it hit the target or not is unknown.
  Flaming discharge from the ruins.  Incoming.
  The unit turns and makes a jack knife maneuver.  Carrying a rifle with a posture of looking up, with the strength of the back makes a short jump.  In the area where the M9 was, the enemy's shell pierces with a violent cloud of dust scattering.
  Controlling the posture he lands on two feet.  There was an unforgiving successive shots from the enemy.  He stooped his body, and barely evaded.  It was an absurdly accurate shot.  Even with a custom firing control computer at this distance, the impact point should have been a blur.
  The possibility of shooting this far is not the ability of the unit.  It was a technique of a human who has mastered the utmost limits of firing, experience and intuition.
  There is no mistake.  It's Him.
"Damn Casper"

Full Metal Panic: Approaching Nick of Time Chapter 2b

For the first part of Chapter 2, please use the link on the left of click here.

Chapter 2b

  The transport helicopter that carries Sousuke and the others took off from the cargo ship <Bernie Woller>, and headed east in the Bering Sea.  Although it is daytime, but in order to activate the ECS, the scenery from the windows were dyed purplish to sepia color.
  Because of the stupidity that happened onboard, it was more difficult to talk with Tessa.
  To bring up that matter now would be stupid, to say it---- no, to be bothered by it in the first place was not the problem.
"Can I have a moment?"
  He was startled by Tessa's voice.  The girl who was suddenly beside him without being noticed, was peeking here from her seat.
"Yes, Captain"
  Even now he still resists in calling her [Tessa].  More than the problem of affinity, it was an uncomfortable feeling.  Having practiced in calling her by rank, it would be crazy to change that mood.
"When are you going to get on the AS?"
"30 minutes before descent."
"Then its way before that right.  Can I sit here"
  Taking away the books and documents from the next seat, throws it in a suitable bag.  After Tessa gave her gratitude, Tessa sat down beside Sousuke.  He knew that she was a short girl, but somehow she looks smaller than before.
  Sousuke waited for her to speak.
  For one minute, she was quiet and stared at the back of the seat in front of her.  Now seeing a awful turning in the middle of his clear-headedness, what exactly is she thinking.  He could try to guess, but he can't think of anything.
"Are the injuries alright now?"
"About you.  In the city called Namsak, you got badly injured"
"Ah...yes.  No problem."
"Is that so.  That's good."
  With that Tessa sank into silence again.  Perhaps, she does not know what should be said.  Unable to bear the awkward silence, he asked a question.
"Captain.  I apologize for what happened"
"About what?"
"In the container ship with Kurz..."
  Then her head made a small shake.
"Aah.  About that.  Please don't worry.  When I first got on the <De Danaan>, knowing that there is somebody beside me, I spoke with a loud voice with people around.  It was a modest harassment.  But, it was something from the long past."

"But Sagara-san also talks about those things"
"Your mistaken.  That Kurz on his own----"
"I know.  It's about Melissa right?"
  Looking at a surprised Sousuke, Tessa raised a reserved smile.  Even though she wants to give a bigger expression, she thought that she does not have the qualifications to do so.
"I heard it from her.  She told only me.  How I am to Melissa, must be the same as how you are to Weber-san"
"I see."
"But even then it was unexpected.  Those two."
"Yes.  I was also surprised."
"Well, I don't really know how they got together.  But Melissa seems to worry about it.  The age difference, and not being unfaithful"
"Is that so."
  Sousuke mobilizing his power of imagination, was guessing the image of those two [getting together].  But he can't think of anything positive.
"But, it might be unreasonable to have them in the same team:
  Sousuke said, Tessa nodding also having that expectation.
"Can I hear your reason?"
"I don't mind valuing your comrades.  But you cannot go too far.  If necessary in a point number of seconds, it is Mao's job to make the decision to abandon Kurz or Me.  I do not know how it will cloud that judgment."
"That's right.  If Melissa heard it she will be outraged."
"It's not that I doubt her capabilities or impartiality.  It's just, if it were me----"
  Saying that much Sousuke noticed.
  If it were an ordinary person it would have already been known long beforehand, for him it is at that time, that he finally understood.
  Tessa herself, once carried a complication with him.
  Getting close to Tessa because of her good will, in the end he could not cross that line, it was not because of his own cowardice that he did not return the words.  Having noticed this obvious thing himself, he was utterly amazed.

  And then, knowing the difficulty in Tessa's position, Sousuke suddenly thought.
(It would be good if there won't be that much difficult thinking)
  Forgetting that it was his own problem, that's how he felt.  She was not strict.
  At the same time, this thinking also applies to himself.  Even for Kurz and Mao, isn't it a difficult thinking?  It was certain what he said himself---- there was no difference in the capabilities of the team.  If he were to be slow in making the decision by a point few seconds, there might be a disastrous consequences.  But, how do you say that.  In the helicopter that is flying right now, there is a point something percent ratio that a breakdown will occur and crash.
  If you were to enumerate an insignificant sound argument, that itself is insignificant----
"What's the matter?"
  Not noticing his meager progress, Tessa made a mysterious face.
"No.  It will be what will be"
  Sousuke made a little exaggerated cower of his shoulders.
"We can't take charge on how we will get sick.  We should continue to cooperate like always, if something bad happens then we should think about it"
"Sagara-san, it was different from what you said before"
"Yes.  I changed my mind"
"How strange..."
"Is that so?"
"A random words like [It will be what will be], was something that you never used before."
"I see."
  Saying that, it may be so.
"What's the appropriate issue?"
"There might be a possibility of being dead.  Please think more seriously"
  He looks at Tessa's eyes without any reserve.  Aside from the little bewilderment, he can see nothing besides the deep weariness and irritation.  He thought about pity for that.
"I'm always serious.  Even then even now."
"Is that so."
"The issue is about you.  You think to change the world.  Exerting effort in elaborate thinking, making the impossible possible.  Continuing to think [seriously]"
  Tessa's brow crumpled.
"What do you want to say?"
"I'm not making fun of you.  Practically, you are a superior person of prodigy.  What an average person like me cannot do no matter how hard I try can be easily done by you.  With a strong will than anyone.  The situation is still harsh, but you will probably win."
"Of course that is my intention.  That is why even now I'm----"
"Exerting effort, planning, adding adjustments, fighting.  That I already know."
  Interrupting her words, Souske patiently continues.
"It's good to challenge fate.  But no one can control fate.  Can you control the weather or make an earthquake?"
"If necessary I can think of it.  If you can use freely the data and statistics, you can acquire its closest effectivity."
"That's the problem"
"What about it that's not good?"
"You are not a god.  And imperfect and weak human.  It is natural to feel the responsibility of the lives of your subordinates, but to even control the fate of your subordinates, that is a misunderstanding.  I've returned alive from a number of place I thought I'd die, I might die tomorrow tripping on a paved road.  I'm telling you stop worrying about things like that"
"I don't understand"
  Grabbing her sleeves with full force with the fingers.
"No, you already knew.  Whoever dies, you take the responsibility.  Taking the punishment yourself.  And then vowing to take revenge on the enemy, you're so obsessed with destroying the enemy that you are burning yourself out."
"That's right.  But, what do you do at the grave?"
  It was a difficult question that cannot be answered.
  It was the same for him.  He blames himself with many things.
  But Sousuke thought of an extreme lie.  Hesitating if he should be saying this or not, he tried to answer back with an extreme reply.

"Let's stop this already"
"Disband <Mythril>.  Sell off <De Danaan> somewhere, and send everyone to a comfortable daily life using that money.  It's not like <Amalgam> would destroy the world.  Ignore the conspiracies and have fun."
  Tessa made a stunned face.
"What about Kaname-san?"
"It's enough.  I'm sorry for Chidori, but forget her.  Then I'm going to request to date you.  And then we head to Guam, it would be alright for the loudness of Lt. Colonel Courtney and the others."
  At the reprimand of Tessa with a red face of anger, Sousuke calmly reacted"
"It's a joke"
"Wasn't it interesting?"
"Ee. Completely"
"Is that so.  It's a hard thing, saying that joke"
  Being the first recipient of the first joke of his life, it ended in a misfire.
"Strange person”
"So to speak.  But---- the last should do it"
"If we finished what we have to do, that submarine and the AS should be sold.  And then everyone should enjoy life.  I'm going back to school with Chidori to study.  And then become an ordinary man.  A man that does not need weapons"
  Tessa was surprised, but Sousuke was even more surprised having those words coming out of his own mouth.
"An ordinary...."
"You too may someday become like that.  A woman that does not need weapons"
"Even for the dead comrades, that is what they would wish for."
  Tessa no longer refuted.  Staring at her fingers situated just above her knees, and muttered without strength.
"....that may be"
  Making a deep sigh, she sunk into her seat.
"Sagara-san.  You've changed"
"Everyone does.  Even you unchanging"
  Tessa did not answer, lowering the tip of the cap moving it to cover her eyes.
"I'm somewhat tired.  It's Sagara-san's fault"
  From under the flight jacket placed on her knees, she took out her hand and held Sousuke's hand.  Although it was unseen from the surrounding, he was startled.
  The slender fingers.  A smooth and pleasant sensation.
"I undertand.  But I forgive you"
  Tessa whispered.
"With only this.  Only this is alright...."
  With that she fell silent.
  Waiting for 3 minutes there was no reaction.  Calling on her, she was already soundly asleep.
([a man that does not need weapons] huh...)
  Remembering his own words, Sousuke felt depressed.
  It would be good if that were to be true---- probably, impossible.  He has already killed so many people.  In the end what he told Tessa, might be a blind hope that he tells himself.



  Oh well, it seems that you're still alive.
  Lemon made a sigh of relief, looking absentmindedly at the fluorescent bulb in the short ceiling.  Unpleasantly cold.  He was sleeping in a stretcher.  Swinging drops of water.  A feeling of tight bandages in his leg.  A somber white wall, and a rack full medical devices.
  It was a narrow room---- no, this is inside an ambulance.

  Along with the clatter and tremor, it was not bad.  They were probably running along a paved road.
  In the corner of his vision he saw a person moved.  An unknown man.  Noticing that Lemon had woken up, brought near his face with a mask.
"Does it hurt?"
  the man said.  with only an apathetic voice like looking at a patient.  Lemon remembered the dentist attending him during the time when he was a student.  Shaving of the tartar, Jan.  It's painful but please bear it.  Gari, gari, buchi!  Doctor, I'm not Jan but Paul.
"I hate dentists....Aah!"
  Lemon shrieked when his injury was pressed.  The gunshot wound that Leonard Testarossa shot, he started to remember his own work as the pain passed through.  The man checked his blood pressure and pulse, and pushed down the bottom eyelids of his right eye with a thumb, flashing a light.

"Can you say your name?"
"Where is this place"
"Say your name"
"Say it or not.  Where is this place"
  The man lightly beat Lemon's cheek, and then his field of vision disappearing.  The sound of the slide door opening and closing.  It seems that there is no one else inside the car.  it's strange.  Wasn't this ambulance running?  When the man left, nothing happened.
  Several ten minutes, no hours passed.  His muddy consciousness getting clearer, Lemon finally understood.
  This is inside a transport.
  He can hear the sound of the Turboprop engine.  This ambulance must be inside the storage room.  After a few ten minutes, there was a big jolt and impact coming that supported his interpretation.  The inside of the car cluttering left and right, and the tremor went silent.  This kind of state doesn't seems to have a good runway.
  The transport stopped, the sound of the hydraulic device opening and closing at the rear of the unit.  The engine of the ambulance started.  The car is moving outside.  Moving a little it stopped, the door opened.  a strong white light gushes in, the piercing cold of the wind blowing.
  Two men stepped in.  Someone from the outside was shouting [wait a minute].  It a voice of a girl.  Young.
"Are you going to abandon him!?"
  The girl said.  Wasn't that a Japanese accent? An accent that is similar to that of Wraith or Sousuke.
"In this cold mountain.  You're not going to kill him!  I'm not kidding!"
"But, we were ordered to let you ride this car....."
  The man who was taking care of Lemon earlier, answered in an insolent attitude.
"I don't need a nurse.  Didn't I say with only sleeping my temperature went down?"
"Telling us this suddenly would be trouble.  if we were not to do as we're told----"
"Is there trouble?"
  A new voice.  The sound of footsteps trampling on the snow.  He knows that.  It's Leonard Testarossa.
  The voice of the girl with authority was suddenly concealed.
"It's been a long time.  Unexpectedly you seem to be doing well"
"Ah...you too, aren't you doing fine being fatally injured"

"It's because of you.  It's more clearer now.  In so sorry to have pulled you out like that after you just recovered....!"
  The sound of a slap.  A small scream.  The sound of the girl on her knees in the snow.
  The girl had an appearance of not hiding her shock.  Not because she was treated that way, but was surprised at Leonards violent handling.
"It's a greeting of change of plans.  My strong patience is already lost, I'm already bored with my gentle face.  So---- this is important, and time is already running out."
"I...is that your true nature?  You're strange"
"Fine whatever.  From now on we will....hey, close that"
  After Leonard said that, one of the man banged the door shut.  He was grateful the piercing cold wind was cut off, but he could no longer hear their conversation.  With the obstruction of the engine sound and the bulky doors, he could only barely managed to hear the muffled voice.
  Leonard said something.  She strongly protested.
  Leonard raised his voice.  The girl mustered her courage, and somehow asserted position.
  And then between them, a long gloomy exchange continued.  Whether this is related to his fate, Lemon could vaguely discern.   Not even seeing her face yet, who could that girl be?  In the end, where is this place?
  Where would they be going from here?
  Repeating the questions without any answers, the door of the ambulance suddenly opened.  The men stepped in, rudely grabbing his stretcher.  Will they be taking him out like this.  He's not even wearing much clothes.

  But that was the only resistance.  The men were moving the stretcher back inside the ambulance, fixed on the metal bed, and went out of the car.  After the said nurse and a large built bodyguard like man, and another girl went inside.
  The girl was the one disputing Leonard and his subordinates.
  A beautiful oriental girl.
  A dark jeans and read jacket.  A glossy black hair with a length reaching the waist.  An elegant eyebrow like it was drawn by an impressionist painter.  Looking at the smooth curves, he thinks that the numerical value of the contour could be attributed to the Fields Medal.
  Unfortunately the color of her face was not good.  It must be because she just recently recovered as mentioned in the previous conversation.  On top of that, Her right cheeks were red from the slap she received.  Essentially her big charming eyes were bloodshot, there were traces of tears in the corner of her eyes.
  The girl was sat down beside where Lemon was sleeping, repeatedly scrubbing the sleeves of her jacket in her mouth.  Rubbing with strong force, she was not worried about her lips getting cut.
"First let's get the temperature----"
"I don't need your help"
  Sweeping away the nurses hand, she settled in the top of the seat.  The ambulance starts running again, inside the car was a heavy silence.
  Lemon raise a nervous voice.  The girl did not respond.
"Hello, young lady"
"Are you talking to me?"
  Finally realizing the existence of Lemon, the girl replied.
"That's my intention"
"What do you want?"
"Well....I really don't know the circumstances, but I think you are the benefactor of my life?"
"Not really.  Before getting on to the other airplane, they will be throwing you out into the snow, I only asked them to stop.  i don't know what kind of person you are, but it seems that they are finished with your interrogation."
  So that's how it is, Lemon comprehends.
  His consciousness was not clear since he woke up, it was because they used truth serum.  Without knowing, they must have heard the necessary things.  If they used the latest truth serum, no matter how strong your will is resistance is futile.
  His own secret code or hidden house, even escape route, Lemon was praying the Hunter and the others would hastily abandon them.  No, they would be alright, the problem was the ruins that was investigated in Moscow.  Although he doesn't remember anything, there is no mistake that he said this things himself.  They might be heading to those ruins.
  Then, the ones in danger are Tessa and the others---- without expressing his sense of impending crisis, Lemon told the girl.
"In other words, you are the benefactor of my life.  Thank you very much."
"That was just self satisfaction.  I don't even know you."
  Bluntly saying, the girl turned away.
"Then let's get to know each other now.  Mitchel Lemon.  Nice to meet you"
  He took out his left hands from under the blanket, seeking a hand shake.  After Lemon introduced himself, the male nurse who was looking snorted.  The girl sigh, and gripped his blood dried hand.

"Yes yes, nice to meet you.  Satisfied?"
"I somehow understand.  you are Chidori Kaname right?"
  The girl's eye turn round, and took a long hard look at Lemon again.
"You don't need to hide it.  I'm a friend of Sousuke."
  Lemon heard about the girl----Chidori Kaname from Sousuke.  Although he haven't seen a photo, he knows her age and characteristics.  Even being kidnapped by Leonard.  Naturally he could guess.
  After hearing the name of Sousuke, she was again surprised.
"You know Sousuke? He's----"
  After saying that, Chidori Kaname remembered the existence of the observing men sitting nearby and shut her mouth.
"Don't mind us.  We're still in the palm of your hands.
  Laughing sarcastically, the men made no reaction.

"...is he alright?"
"Aah, he's lively.  He's going wild together with Al.  He will definitely get you back."
  Then she could no longer bear it, both her hands covered her face.  With a little incomprehensible voice, she muttered some Japanese.  [...YOKATTA (thank goodness)] can be heard.  Lemon didn't understand the meaning, but he could guess what that word is.
  That's right, this girl----
  Raising her covered face, the shoulder of the girl trembles.  Looking at the figure, Lemon can feel an unspoken pain.
  She must be a good girl.  Also beautiful.
  Naturally energetic, cheerful, courageous, and empowering those who are around her.  And also who loves Sousuke.
  Nami was like that.
  Isn't this too harsh, Sousuke.
(No, don't don't....)
  Inside his heart he felt the impulse of [this girl is also wounded], Lemon blushed himself.
  This girl was not bad.  This girl has no responsibility.  Many things have happened after meeting Sousuke, it would be better to stop these words----
  After rethinking this, he said with an overdoing cheerful voice.
"I'm kinda jealous.  Being loved like that."
  Wiping the tears with her fingers, she lightly smiled.

  With the open circuit of the wireless radio of one of his subordinates, the conversation of Kaname was passed directly to him.  They should have already known about this, they did not regret being overheard.
  His head hurts.
  With the carefree drama unfolding inside this car, he was not bored.  He took off his ear phone, and hummed outside his mood.
  [The Real Me] by The Who.
  Can you see the real me preacher?  Can you see the real me, doctor?  Can you see the real me, mother?
  His head hurts.
  This is the Tyva Republic which is south of Siberia.  The distance from Moscow is 4000 kilometers.  Transferring to a transport, he came from Sri Lanka and joined up with Chidori kaname, from then on they headed towards the east.  A troublesome Christmas Present from 18 years ago.  A thrown away wrapping paper.  That person will also come.
  It can't he help that his head hurts.
  That man called Mitchel Lemon, essential information was already taken from him. Essential?
  Not necessarily essential.  Reconfirming what was already known, this is just information to make sure that the progress goes smoothly.  What were they investigating in Moscow---- in other words pointing out what his sister has noticed.
  There is no longer any worth to the information of the man called Lemon.  Which is why he ordered to have him thrown out.  But being obedient to Chidori Kaname, he makes use of that man's life.
  In the life of a complete stranger, how long does that girl plan to accompany him?  This is no sightseeing---- Leonard remembered the taste of the sensation of her lips from long time ago, and chuckled.  What was she thinking with serious eyes, expecting to understand his sincerity, he could not believe it even now.  How far would be gentlemanly.  It is unexpectedly impossible.  Then someday---- No, that's absurd.  It's enough.  It was like this from the start.
  Aah, that's right.
  This is the first time in his life that he hit a woman.  He was pushed to kill a resisting woman, but hitting her like that was a first time?

  Long ago, having lived one time in a poor section of Austin, prostitutes who were standing in the road are definitely followed a pimp.  The previous him looked like those pimps.  To do hanky panky with the clients, the prostitutes who are resisting with dirty words, were beaten by the men.  Disciplining the prostitutes with rough treatment, and then gently saying [sorry for beating you, I love you, Baby].

  He truly thinks that it was an absurd process, but it has turned smoothly, that world.  A world with only rubbish, base, emotions and impulse.  A world that does not neet intelligence.  isn't Chidori no different---- expecting that itself is absurd.
  She is the same.  An animal afterall.
  It's not because of disappointment.  Recovering from the wound, being enlightened on that night, he began to understand many things.  Then even for himself, it would be alright to be associated with their style.  In anycase this world could not continue that long.  To act without restraint, what inconvenience had it caused him?
  His headache would not go away no matter what.
  It's strange.  He feels like he has forgotten something, and he could not remember it no matter what.  He once had it, now he no longer has it.

  No need to worry.
  Someone in his head said.  No matter what you can remember, it is already useless, it is only an excess baggage.  For a plane that does not plan to land, it wouldn't need legs right?
  You are already flying away.


  Wraith getting away with her life from the carnage at the airport, it was impossible for her to return her dislocated shoulder on her own.  Having no method of contacting Hunter, she was on the verge of losing consciousness with the pain and fever.
  In the end, she managed to get to an apartment 5 kilometers away from the airport and hid in a nearby garage, then fainted.  For how many hours, she herself did not know.  Probably, when she fainted the resident saw her and reported her to the authorities.  When she woke up a number of policemen came into the garage, pointing their gun at her.
  She did not have the spare energy to resist and run away.
  Then taken into the custody of the local authorities, understanding the extent of her injuries and transferred to a nearby hospital for observation.
  With rough medical treatment her shoulders were realigned, and prescribed with unknown pain killers and sedatives, completely exhausted in the hospital room a uniformed officer finally came.
  It was not the KGB that were chasing them at the airport, but the military intelligence department---- an officer of the GRU.
  Will she be handed over to Leonard, or will she be executed.  in any case already resigning herself for the end, the GRU officer spoke something unexpected.
"I thought you were an excellent student.  But it seems my expectations were different."
  Someone that she knows.  Age around his 40's.  A deep gray eyes, bald head, and having an impressive hook nose.  From long ago, he was one of the instructors while she [studied abroad] in Moscow, a time when she was still a girl who believed in the justice of her fatherland.
"Captain Kirilenko...."
  Wraith muttered, he pointed his finger on the insignia of his uniform.
"I'm a Lt. Colonel now, Yunhi.  If I arrived 3 minutes later, you would have been inside the car of the KGB (Chekist) now"


  2 kilometer before the [objective point], in the mountain range 800 meters in altitude, Kurz's M9 made the first descent.
  Operating the ECS and making the sniping position, confirming that there are no threats in the surrounding.  Following Kurz unit nibly is Gebo 4---- <Paib Mare> transport helicopter flying about the objective point, scanning for existence of danger with the sensor.  In that moment, Kurz continue to make a lookout if by some chance that there are enemy ambush
  After 5 minutes, Gebo 4 and Kurz informed that there are [no enemy sighting].
[That's fine.  then let us head out as well]
  Tessa informed the pilot with the onboard phone, also reaching the ears of Sousuke.  Another unit of <Paib Mare>---Gebo 6 is where Sousuke's <Laevatein> and Tessa were riding, leaping over the short mountain district.  The image of the optic sensor of the helicopter was also transmitted into the cockpit of the <Laevatein>.
  It was a desolate scene.  Like the end of the world.
  An orange colored ground.  The trees and shrubs has grown, being covered with the height of the grass.  Right now it is barely autumn, this area will be trapped in deep snow soon.  Practically, this neighborhood is visited by a fierce cold for the whole year.
  At the moment the local time is 16:32 hours.  In the Mountain range of the west the red sun was sinking.  No man made things can be seen in the destination.  Only the traces of road and power lines.
  In the ravine a town can be seen.
  A town area which was constructed in the basin with a radius of 3 kilometer.
  A line of residential areas were built around the flat roof residence, in that direction a short building was sparsely built.  There was a plaza in the center of the town, and a large bronze statue can be seen.  when the helicopter got near, they knew it was the statue of Lenin.
  The name of this city is [Yamsak 11].
  One of the [secret cities] constructed in the Russian Territory.  Mainly for the sake of researching nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles, and other highly classified information, the research members and their families migrated into this city, The name of this city does not exist in any map.  Even the name [Yamsak 11] was for convenience, it was a postal code for the administration of the neighboring major cities.  The security was rigorous, it was forbidden to come in and out without permission.
  But the city being seen right now, there seems to be no need of security.  It was abandoned a long time ago, a town in ruin.
  No man can be seen.  A dark red rust, and ruins of rusted automobiles were left here and there in the road.  Grass growing on the cracks of the asphalt, collapsed road signs had moss growing on them.  The dwelling places are also in a terrible condition.  If looking closer a majority of them are broken.
  The walls fallen in decay, roof opened with big holes.  The house had been tossed like a press.  Cracking from the weight of the winter snow, it was left there as is.
  Built in secrecy, abandoned in secrecy, this town was forgotten.
  In the database of <Mythril>, the name of this town does not exists.  Just the other day, Tessa managed to get her hands on this on the efforts of Lemon to get information about this town.
  Far from the enemy, this place doesn't seem to be approached by normal humans for 10 years.  And it may be meaningless to Search for threat.

[Damn, this is an eerie place]
  The pilot of Gebo 6 said.
[In the neighborhood near the countryside of Nevada where I lived as a kid, there was a ruins that felt like this.  The 5000  residents, it was said that they all disappeared in one night.  It was rumored that in one night all of the residents were murdered.  With some sort of experiment by the military, the residents were attacked.  All the adults laughed at it like a yota story, but even those who transfered from that place to our town doesn't know anything.]
[Ooh, scary scary]
  In the wireless radio Kurz laughed.
[...well the truth is, the only car factory in that town was shut down, and nobody lived there anymore.
[What, how boring]
  With the exchanges of Kurz and the others, Sousuke fell to a strange sensation.
  A deja vu.  Such landscape, it was like he has seen it before.  No---- on the contrary, even the conversation of Kurz and the others, he felt like he had heard it before.  what is this sensation?  Later, Tessa will surely say something----
<It is a strange sensation>
  It seems like he is mistaken.  The one who spoke was not Tessa but Al.
<In front of me, I feel like I had came here>
"What's that"
  Sousuke said, being surprised of Al having the same sensation as he did.
<The coordinates, and the geography does not correspond the the previous operational data, but I have a feeling of [I have seen this before]>
[but it is surely strange.  I also felt like I've been here before]
  Kurz said.
[Me too.  I wonder if it shown on the new]
  The pilot of Gebo 4 said.  not only that, the other crews also in succession complained that [I also have that feeling].
[This might be the absentmindedness of the head due to the long travel, please brace yourself.  We will not get close to the plant of the town.]
  Just as the voices started to drift into anxiety, Tessa said this.
[Could you tell us already about this, Tessa?  what's in these ruins?  In the first place----]
[I'm sorry, but I still can't say]
  Interrupting Kurz's complaint, she instructed them again.

[I am now going to land on that ruins.  Sagara-san you be the escort. Leave the <Laevatein> behind.]

Full Metal Panic: Approaching Nick of Time Chapter 2a

Here is another installment of Approaching Nick of Time.  Again please be reminded that these are quick translations and I have not gone over them, so there are bound to be mistakes on grammar and spelling.

Chapter 2: On the way to a Journey

  An Electrical Engineer named [Mitchel Danpierre].  A married person having a 3 year service in Renault, was attending an International Automobile Trade fair in the expo center along Moscow River.  Being accompanied is his wife on their honeymoon, they were completely disillusioned by the manner of reception of the Russians.  Having trouble soothing the displeasure of his new wife, he was a man who thinks of quickly getting back to his home country and enjoy the gourmet and wine of Paris.
  Right now this is the social appearance of Lemon.
  Sitting in one corner of the terminal in Sheremetyevo Airport, Lemon was having an unlucky day and was pulling his hair.
"It's such an unlucky day"
  Sitting beside the bench was a woman who [appears to be his wife]----Wraith said.  Although it was an unsociable words, the expression and gesture are sweet, gentle.  Brushing gently the nape of Lemon, bringing her lips to the ears of Lemon.  If it was to be seen by the surrounding travelers, it would look like she was whispering words of love.
  She was a brunet in a one piece with a calm Paisley design, wearing elegantly a simple beige cardigan.  Nose high, sharp chin, and a deep grey eyes, no matter how you look she does not look like an oriental person.  It is because she spends about 10 or more minutes every morning for such disguise, if she were to be serious, she could become any person that no one would recognize.

  With the pleasant tone of Lemon's dear wife, this partner whispered.
"Well, this is an unlucky day.  I haven't slept in these 5 days.  I pretend to be a tourist by day, and at night I infiltrate the libraries of Moscow."

"The ones investigating the archives was me"
"I helped a little.  But the Russian language is outside of my specialty."

  They were [investigating] through the request of <Mythril's> Teletha Testarossa, investigating the Russian Archives and Science articles.  Roughly 18 years ago, traces of experiments inside the Russian territory.  In order to investigate documents not in electronic form, they had to travel to Moscow by foot.
"In the first place this is my first time in Moscow.  For you this is probably like your courtyard right?"
"I lived her for a period"
"Studying abroad?  Or Lumumba College"
"I have no obligation to answer"
"Ah, is that so"
  Wraith being a former agent of North Korea, Lemon had already vaguely observed.  It is already known that Lumumba College accepts students from thrid world communist countries.  Under the pretext of studying abroad, there are people who throw them to a [spy school] from another agency, this is well known to Lemon and the people of the intelligence network.
  This woman's real name, Lemon still does not know.  Even his [Lemon] is an alias, so he has no reason to complain----out of interest he asked her during the midst of the travel.  She says, [you have a Japanese friend, that is why I will not tell you].  He did not know the meaning of this so he asked a question, but somehow her face turned red face and was displeased.

  She was beautiful without makeup.  Has culture.  And compared to the intellectual spy Lemon, her has abilities are superior.  She might be a woman that he likes, but unfortunately in these 5 days of being a married couple, there was not even a single chance that they had a personal acquaintance.
  There was a happy result.  At the end of the troublesome 2 nights in the Science Academy, Wraith discovered a name of a place in an entry of the targeted document, and made known to the <Tuatha de Danaan> via satellite circuit.  What's left is for them to get away.
  There is still time for their boarding time.  Lemon stood up.

"Where are you going"
"I'm a little hungry.  I'm going to buy something.  You?"
"I don't need.  Do what you...no"
  Wraith thought a little.
"How about some Chocolate please.  It would be good if it's Hersheys"
"What's that.  you're going to make bombs from chocolate?"
"No.  I want to eat some."
"Hohou.  A spy of <Mythril> that hushes when crying does have a cute taste."
"Shut up.  Just hurry"
  Gently whispering the curses, she gave him a kiss on his cheek.  They don't know how far they are going to play----no, all of it is just an act.  Lemon shrug his shoulders, and heads to a shop in the corner of the terminal.
  2 pirozhki and a volvic, and bought some suitable chocolate.  Unfortunately it's no Hersheys.  Paying with the left over rouble, the clerk with an accent of a middle age girl asked in english if [he has dollars].  In truth he has dollars but he said [no] and put out the rouble, with a conspicuous face.
  After the transaction and leaving the shop, a disaster occurred near the entrance of the terminal.  There are a number of people in suits, asking questions from the airport's official.  That manner, that arrogant attitude, a glint of the eye ready to shoot---- those are public safety officials.  Showing a picture to the officials and asking something.
  The official who saw the picture pointed to a corner of the lobby.  The direction of the bench where Lemon was sitting a while ago.
  This is bad.
  That is what was felt immediately.  As far as Lemon can recall, they don't remember committing any mistakes that would trace their lineage and merit the Russian authorities to pursue them.  Even now there is still no indication of that.  But observing that state, the one they were searching for is----
"It seems that they need something from us"
  Wraith muttered who was immediately standing behind him unnoticed.  Making a surprised sound she grabbed Lemon by the back of the neck, hiding behind the decorative plant just on the blind spot of the men at the entrance.  She noticed the existence of the public safety officials earlier than Lemon, and secretly moved to his location.
"That's how it is.  I don't know how they managed to sense us."
  In the first place the only ones who knew Lemon and her coming here would be Teletha Testarossa and Gavin Hunter.
"Well, what now?"
"That's right.... No matter how we go about, it seems it won't change the fact that we will receive severe treatment.  That----"
"We run as far as we can run"
  Gripping the hands of Lemon, she walked to a staff door in the corner of the terminal.
  The door was locked.  Hiding behind Lemon's body, Wraith picked the lock.  It was just a cylinder lock, and would only take her 5 seconds.  The guests and personnel did not notice.
"It's open"
"Good job"
  Wraith first slid in the door, after confirming that nobody in the terminal had notice them Lemon followed.
  They proceeded with a short walk on the Personnel passage.  Warp corners, going down stairs, hiding in the shadows of the maintenance tools, and avoiding the personnel. Not remembering the broad sketch, they would resign themselves to where they can escape from this terminal building.
"Do you have any knowledge?"
  Hiding in the small storage, Wraith whispered.
"About what"
"This situation.  There was someone who leaked about us.  It possibly can't be Hunter."
"I wonder about that.  I don't think that Testarossa girl would make a blunder like this."
  Before managing to speak Wraith grabbed his chest, and pointed a sharp object to his throat.  A hidden reinforced plastic knife.
"If that's the case, I can't think of a cause other than you"
"Hey hey....."
"Did you report to someone from DGSE?  No, for you to be attached to DGSE in the first place is doubtful.  In any case, I should kill you here and run away to safety."
"I see."
  Lemon failed in expressing his composed smile.  With the pain of a pointed object eating into his skin, it distorted his face.
"Then, I guess it's my end.  There is no way for me to prove my innocence.  There's no lawyer or jury.  And a decision of death penalty in one hearing, it's the same enforcement.  In the civilization of your native country, for someone like you who is recently married it must be a usual thing."
  Wraith's eyes expressed a silent anger.  However, right now Lemon is much angrier.
  You stupid woman.  Doubting your ally in a situation like this.  Before you threaten a person, you should cooperate and think of a way to escape.  Saying subsequently, having spent the few days together awake, it is completely, really, did not concern me at all.  She has no interest in this Handsome, Gentlemanly, intelligent and sexy me!
  This woman, could she be a lesbian?
"It seems that you're angry"
"Aah, I'm really angry.  You make it easy to perform a death penalty, let me tell you one thing.  I know your secret."
"What did you say?"
"Yesterday, just to kill time I searched the net for Korean female names.  Being blessed as a linguistic genius that I am, I noticed it within an hour.  Your real name.  Your family name is probably [Kim].  In kanji it can be inscribed as [Gold].  You're name [Yun] probably has the meaning of beauty right?  See I thought so.  It shows on your face.  It seems that it is inscribed as [ball] in Kanji.  [Yunhi] which is [ball] and [girl], that's your name right.  In other words, if you write your full name in Kanji, to a Japanese it would bring an inevitable laughter----"
{TL note: Lemon was implying that Wraith's name, when spoken in Japanese is "Kin Tama Hime", which means "Testicle Princess"}
"Stop it...."
"Well, kill me already.  Why don't you send me to hell like you said."
  Wraith applied force in her arms.  With her face flushed, the reason for it was not only anger.  She would want to stab the knife into his throat with vigor, but she remembered immediately, and made an unpleasant sigh.
"How stupid.  I quit."
"Then you should be like this from the start."
  With his disordered breast mended Lemon murmured a rough breath.  Wraith took out her small note book with drawing of a sketch of the airport and scrutinizing an escape plan.
"If you go underground, there would be a pipeline that gives provision to fuel and sewage.  If we go along that we can get out of the terminal building."
"What's splendid.  But is there no other way of saying it?"
"[Sorry] or [Pardon]"
"Shut up"
  Telling him bluntly, Wraith hurried first.  Running on the crude stairs used by personnel, they headed for the materials passage underground.  It was a damp and humid place.  Indications in the passage way and guide map were in Russian, which were difficult to read due to the long passage of years.
  Inside the slim passage, Wraith raced to the hatch.  The hatch was locked with a chain and padlock.  From the top floor, considerably far away are several footsteps.  With the voice of an officer shouting [hurry (Dawai), Hurry (dawai)].  These traces are the characteristics of men who received training.  with some wild breath---- those are probably police dogs.
  It's a matter of time before they found out this place.
"This is bad.  they brought dogs."
"I know.  ....It's open."
  The lock opened and chains untied, the two of them opened the heavy hatch.  for a woman to open this hatch alone would be impossible.
"See, you can't run away alone.  it's good that I'm alive right?"
"But it's finished.  I'm going to kill a sticky and persistent man."
"It's a joke.  Let's go."
  Wraith hastily went down the hatch.  Lemon follow after.  Cutting the silver paper from the chocolate that was bought in the shop before, she put it in between the closed hatch.
"What are you going?"
"Buying us some time"
  When the pursuer finds this hatch, they would notice that silver paper, and would be careful thinking that this is some kind of trap.
"We'll be caught up to if you're slow.  Hurry"
"I'm hurrying"
  It was gloomy in the underground passage, the different sizes of pipe and cable occupies majority of the space.  They must not have any good maintenance.  There are water leaking from the pipes forming a haze, the irritating odor of the jet fuel gets in their nose.
  3 minutes walk.  Without satisfactory field of vision, the back of Wraith was steadily going far off.  Guessing with the number of steps they have taken, they should have already moved 500 meters.  In their position, they have calculated that it's already outside the terminal building----
"Let's get outside"
  With one directional information of Wraith, they quickly went up the stairs nearby.  She did not break a sweat.  On the other hand for Lemon, he was already exhausted.  Just like jogging, he thought it would be easy to cross this distance, but because of extreme mental tension he was quickly out of breath.
  They went up a number of floors in a dancing path, unlocking the locked door at the end.  Coming out of the door, there was a small conk-
  It was a small room.  There was machines used for guidance and disaster prevention supplies everywhere, and a number of color cone.
  Getting out of the small room, in front of their eyes is the guidance path of the international flight.  Blue guidance lights blinking in the twilight, just 100 meters ahead, a giant passenger plane passed by with a tremendous roar.
  In the rear direction, there was a fence to outside the airport.
  Lemon who was overpowered by the intensity of the Jumbo plane, Wraith pulled his arm.
"What are you doing.  Hurry!"
  Walking out in haste, they can see the jumbo plane in the far away guidance path suddenly braking.  A quick stop ordered by the control tower.  And then from beyond, from the direction of the terminal building, a number of vehicles with turning lights can be seen.  They plan to chase over here.

  There were sniffed out afterall.  The stalling was considerably ineffective.
  They might be overdoing it already---- there is an exit, but there might be no significance anymore so they should stop.  Even with her running forward, she already knew about it.
  The fence they are heading towers 2 meters, it would be difficult to climb over.  Even if she were to step over his shoulder, she might not be able to get away.  Having this kind of appearance, he can't do what he wants to---- suddenly Wraith turned to a halt.
  Before he spoke he noticed.  Something was rising in the small bank in the fence in front of them.  Since it was dark the bank was hidden and cannot be seen, the shape of a single man appeared.
  Still young.  A juvenile.
  The silver hair lingering in the night wind, a red coat.  Heavy, Dark, blood like red.
  The light of the guidance bulb illuminates the profile of the youth.  With slim and well featured contours, slit eyes shines like they were wet.  In an instant, Lemon had mistaken him for a woman.
  It seems that Wraith recognize this opponent.  With a voice close to a shivering, she muttered intermittently.
  Why is it you.  Why in a place like this.  What is happening.
  Although this is what her heart is muttering, Lemon also understood just by picking up her hand.  The youth was Leonard Testarossa.  A leader of <Amalgam> whose alive or death is unknown, and the brother of Teletha Testarossa.
"it's been a long time.  Ms. Agent of <Mythril>."
  Leonard said.  On step, and another step appeared in front of them.  With graceful features, he expresses a smile that looks like eating a man.  No, this is a much more poisonous smile.  He can see through just about anything---- thrusting away everything in the world and looking on----
"I also came to Moscow for some minor business.  Being careful about that document.  it's because you were investigating something very interesting, and incidentally heard the details.  And then had the local public safety authorities look you up."

<Image = 128.jpg>

  It was not a leak.  They don't know how he knew, but the one who sniffed them out was this man.
  In his forehead was a large scar.
  Although it was elegantly under the curl of his forelock, the length of the wound stood out.  It was like a sealed third eye.
"Did you bring enough company"
"Un....I secretly brought them along, it was because you guys got away.  I estimated it, so I anticipated you here."
"Move away from there"
  Wraith said, Leonard only shook his shoulders and let out a single breath of [ha].
"What would you do if I don't move?  Will you come at me with that hidden knife of yours"
  Wraith suddenly couldn't move.  Probably because from experience, she knew she was no match for him.  She whispered to Lemon.

"What was that?"
"I'll make good your escape and let your comrades know."
  The car that already came out of the terminal building, immediately drew close.  They don't know whether they are KGB or not, but they were brimming with spirit coming over here to make arrests.

  They don't have a seconds delay.
"Wait, I can't possibly do that----"
"Do it"
  Saying it, Wraith charged forward.
  Not knowing whether this desperate strategy is popular.  In defiance of the barbed wire, it is unknown if a single person can climb over this high fence.  And then, running away with a woman as a shield, as expected it is unknown if this is allowable.
  But there was no time to hesitate.
  Lemon smacked his lips and thrusts forward, running towards the fence at full speed. On one hand, she took out the said knife, and drew it toward the enemy with a lethal thrust.
  By no means was her attack weak.  And of course it is neither magic nor sleight of hand.  Leonard's movement was quite small.  The knife's point was purposely strayed, in the next instant her body was vigorously rotated in the air.  With only one hand raising the wrist, held lying face down, Wraith raised a muffled voice.
"Don't mind me, go!"
  She called with Lemon continuing to run.  The fence was right in front of him.  Running upwards.  Suddenly the strength of his right leg fell out.  There was a scorching pain running up his thigh, with the sound of a gunshot resounding in the neighborhood at the same time.
  Leonard holding her down, with the empty left hand took out a pistol and shots.  Accurately aiming in the running leg of Lemon.
  Lemon fell down just like that, with his head colliding with the fence.   Recklessly grabbing the wire mesh, somehow standing, like his right foot was not moving.  He dropped like a log.
  Wraith let out an anguished voice with the joints of her arm twisted.
"You guys, even now seems to misunderstand something."
  Leonard said whispering in the ears of Wraith.
"You know about my sister right?  Surely her head is so-so, but her athletics are completely weak that she doesn't even know how to use a gun. Her image is"
"...let go...."
"You must think I'm also like that.  Then that would be unexpected.  ....really unexpected"
  Leonard putting weight on the upper part of the body, with a shivering sound reach Lemon's ears.  The joints of her shoulders were dislocated.
  The first time her girly like voice came out was caused by agony.  Wanting to put their fist into this man, their bodies would not listen.
"What an unexpected voice.  It's sexy"
  Saying that Leonard gently chewed on her ears, slowly licking her cheeks with his tongue.
  Then a dazzling brightness of the headlight.  Security cars arrived in the place, with the footsteps of public safety people with submachine gun in hand.
"What are you doing here"
  The officer shouted with an accented English.  Not at Lemon, but towards the direction of Leonard.  He replied to the officer in fluent Russian.
"As you can see.  I'm capturing them alive."
"I told you to leave everything here to me didn't I?  Stop doing as you wish, hand those two over.  You also throw away your weapons."
"Hmm.  Why is that?"
"You are a suspect of injury and unlawful trespass.  Come with us."
  Not knowing what the details are, it seems that their relationship with Leonard, was not in friendship.
"I see, a change of mind huh.  I could imagine who would suggest that."
“Restrain them!  kill them if they resists!"
  The officer order his subordinates in Russian.  The 10 close persons came out with weapons in hand.  No matter how many shots they take, in front of those number of muzzles resistance was not possible.  From the runway, 2 armored cars drew close.  But Leonard did not lose his presence of mind, shrug his shoulders and sigh.
  The distance of Leonard from the officer was about 10 meters. in the middle of it there was a distorted, large quantity of blue and white phosphorence scattering about.  The AS rendered invisible by the ECS, forced its way through them.
  It was a unit never before seen.
  Black armor.  Acute angle form.  A reassuring smart direction, a silhouette of a reverse triangle.  It resembled those type called <Codarl>, this AS has a slight variation.  It was not a simple weapon or industrial goods, but something more demonic.
"Y...you bastard....!  Where did you...."
  Wraith is beginning to let go, Leonard drew out his right hand quickly.  Similar to his movements, the black AS moved it right arm forward.
"Enough.  Disappear"
  Like a conductor of an orchestra, he elegantly swing the protruded right hand downward.  The black AS turned its right arm towards the men below it.  Sliding the lower arm, exposing the internal cannon----
  More than firing, it was close to an explosion.
  The car was also pulverized in a single blow of the high caliber cannon, just a few meters was the impact on the ground.  In one second close to 10 shots were fired.  The officers did not have time to scream, they were literally erased.

  The vehicles they were riding on was blown away, exploding, blazing.  The flying small fragments of the concrete landed on Lemon.  The echoing shots and explosion become strange in his ears.
  Like a voice laughing at someone from somewhere.
  The one laughing was Leonard.
  His silhouette which is illuminated by the flaming explosions, his big shoulders shaking, covering his face with a single hand.  Although it was being endured, it was a laughing voice of a person who is getting nauseated.  There was no particle of madness in the tone of voice.  Like a laughter on an unseen play during baseball or Soccer.  Just now, he murdered 10 men.
  The black AS turned its face, extending its hands to the ground.  Glancing at the shuddering Lemon, Leonard jumped to the chest of the unit with dexterity, and sinked into the cockpit at the hatch located in the back of the head.
  The two vehicles attacks.  The projecting cannons in the turrets were like unreliable peashooters.
  The AS fires.  The armored vehicles splits in half, sliding in the pavement engulfed in flames.  Continuing shot on the other vehicle.  Burns up in flames.

"What a mess...."
  He finally said.  Such a battle has unfolded in Moscow and even the airport, this is not the state of sanity.
  Wraith called.  Protecting her unmovable right arm, she somehow managed to get up.  The fence situated some distance away from them, has one side fallen.  The fragments of the vehicle that was blown off struck the fence and fell down.
  With her free left arm, she was beckoning.  Like saying [Now, let's get away using that hole].
  He looks down at his own right leg.  His pants soaked in blood and attached to his thigh.  His foot numb, his angle is in pain.  He was thankful that the nerves are still connected, but to run away would be impossible.  Maybe it is the fault of bleeding, but he could not keep his consciousness clear.
  Lemon shook his short neck, with just a gaze it told her [I can't. You get away].  For 1 to 2 seconds, there was a hesitation in her facial expression, but immediately re-thinked, making a slight nod she runs to the hole in the fence.
  Even thought there was pain each time she breaths, Wraith's movement was nimble.  Crossing the bank, passing the hole in the fence, her for disappeared in the middle of the darkness.
  Leonard's black AS ran into the AS of the security---- fighting with 2 units of a blue coated RK-92 <Savage>.  Bringing up the transparent gravitational field, repelled the attacks of the <Savage>.  It's that [Lambda Driver].  Previously, he knew that Sousuke's <Laevatein> made use of it in Mexico, this is the first time that he had seen it this close.
  Counter fire.  At once the 2 units were destroyed.
  The airport was a sea of fire.  The building and passenger plane that received the flowing bullets, the destroyed vehicles laying about were burning, the faltering sound of alarm resounds.
  The black AS turning its head, steps to the fainted Lemon, grabbing him violently.
[One person is not enough.  Where is she?]
  The voice of Leonard from the exterior speakers.  The head sensors scanning the circumference of the airport.  Even with hiding in the thicket, Wraith would be discovered with the infra-red sensor.
  However, it seems that there is no reaction.
[Oh well.  let's go]
  Grabbing Lemon with one arm, the AS started to ascend.
  Flying to the skies.  Like a Helicopter or something.  No jet engine nor lift fan.  Not even using the gravitational field that Lemon knew, the unit silently raised to an altitude of 100 meters, accelerating in high speed towards the west direction.
  The wind is cold, the wound is hot.
  He doesn't know how Wraith managed to elude Leonard's eyes.
  With a dislocated shoulder, she couldn't possible get away.  She might still be in the bank----
(Seems to be dead)
  In the corner of Lemon's dizzying consciousness, he thinks of the profile of the girl whom he would never meet again.


  The particular [investigation] that Tessa was talking about, Sousuke also accompanied.  The target place is the ruins Far East in the Russian Territory.
  No matter how many supply or inspection were inserted, the 2 units of <Paib Mare> transport Helicopter mostly flies continuously for 40 hours.
  It's 40 hours.
  A long travel was unavoidable.  Taking off from the <De Danaan> in the Atlantic Ocean, they would cross North America and cut across the Pacific Ocean via Alaska, flying to get to the Magadan at the far east, traveling semi-circle across the world.  If it were a winged transport would cut the travel distance by one third, but they have to travel by helicopter, in order to transfer the 2 units of AS for bodyguards---- the <Laevatein> and M9.
  The current <Mythril> has no convenience relay base or transport network.  In the past, in the transport of AS in this kind of long distance they would disassemble and load them in a transport, and then reassemble them in a nearby secret location, that's how they do it.
  Right now it is different.  They are in a state of maintaining the detailed supply route.
  Even then, from Sousuke's perspective, he thought that this long journey would be a good converter for Tessa.
  However even inside she would not stop working.  Staring at the screen of the notebook PC, reading something, driving into something, instructing the AI of <De Danaan> beyond, having a serious discussion over the satellite circuit.
  She doesn't seem to sleep.
  The worried crew of the helicopter suggested that she take a rest, Tessa meekly obeyed and was covered with a blanket in her seat.  But both her eyes were open reflecting in the windows, in the deep darkness outside, she was staring absentmindedly.
  What should be done, Sousuke really does not know.
  Talking a number of times.  If he were to be worried about her health, she would smile and reply with [I'm fine], if asked something about work, she would politely answer the details.  However, that's all.  She would shake of any other topic.  Gently looking this way, she would just say [is there anything else?] with an indirect expression.  And for Sousuke would say a gratitude of [....thanks].
  Furthermore, Sousuke have nothing to talk to her about.
  In the last supply point of the flight route, a cargo ship <Bernie Worell> was cruising along the Bering Sea in the Kamchatka Peninsula.

  In the outside it looks like a container ship registered with Liberia, but scattered here and there are the previous essential base members of Melidia island, obtaining with difficulty a disguised supply ship.  If the containers were withdrawn 5 large helicopters can land at the same time.
  The 2 units of <Paib Mare>  who flew all the way from the Atlantic ocean landed, the pilot saying [make inspections before refueling].  Since after this, there would be around 2000 kilometers of round trip of flight, invading Russian territory they have to always keep the ECS on.  It is also reasonable for the prudence of the pilots.
  It would take at least an hour for the checking of the helicopter, Sousuke decided to go outside and do light exercises.  If he were to cover the 3 sides of the 300 meter length container ship, it would be a little jogging.  Mostly, among the ships members that he passed by, mixed there was the faces he recognized as those from the time of Melidia Island, everytime he meets them he would stop and chat.
  Endlessly he stopped on the 2 sides, leaning on the rail near the pontoon bridge he stares at the sea.
  It was early morning now.  This area of ocean being rough, today’s waves are strangely calm.  The light of the rising sun in the east horizon lets out a dazzling shine on the reflecting waves.  The cold of the refreshing sea breeze was comforting.
"The checking would take some time"
  Kurz finally came and said.  He was riding on the other <Paib Mare>.  The M9 loaded over there was his unit.  This time only 2 units on a mission, Mao and Clouseau are in another place carrying out another mission.
"I don't know [some time].  How many minutes"
"Dunno?  Some time is some time.  Hey- nice view"
  Kurz let out an admiration of the scenery at the deck.  Looking at that profile, Sousuke remembered a physical discomfort.  Something, face being slick....strangely existing...

"What. Staring like that"
  Speaking of which, it was also unnatural during before the departure.  There are many things being discussed about the AS for Mao and Clouseau, but Mao and Kurz hasn't been speaking to each other.  Like an atmosphere of suddenly being distantly cold.
"Did you have a quarrel?"
"With who"
"With Mao"
  This is another strange reply.  Why would Kurz make his words short, looking afar, looking down, looking at the bridge behind him.
"Why do you think that?"
"You seem to have a different mood than usual"
  Clouseau particularly did not notice.  Even the others.  But Sousuke was sensitive in the slightest change of atmosphere between the two.
"Well, it's not strange that you've noticed...."
"So what happened?"
"N,No.  It's not like we quarreled.  What's with the worried face.  Stop it, it's really nothing"
"then its good"
  It's not that he assented, its the person himself who doesn't want to say it, Sousuke did not further went on with it.  However, Kurz changed his mind, since he was grumbling to himself, he somehow decided to himself.
"Un.  I guess, its not.  I'll only tell you"
  With an attending face, Kurz brought down a meek face.
"Hey Sousuke.  You're a genius at not being able to read the atmosphere."
"Is that so"
"That's right.  That is why, if ever, for whatever reason, there is a risk if this secret is leaked out.  I'm going to face that risk and speak my mind.  Why you say, because we are the strongest trio.  No, strongest would be too much, anyway a good trio.  That's why I can't hide anything from you.  First you have to understand this"
"I don't quite comprehend, but I understand."
"[I don't quite comprehend] is not necessary"
"I understand"
"Alright.  Don't tell this to anymore.  Absolutely"
"I understand"
  Moment by moment Sousuke nods.  It seems to be an important matter, and was becoming tense by hearing it.  Does Mao have some kind of sickness?
  Was her relative a mass murdered?  Did she witness an extremely rare UMA (Unidentified Mysterious Animal) during a mission?
"....well, actually..."
  he clears his throat with an ahem.  Kurz was moving his fingers restlessly.  It was such a great secret.  Sousuke was also tensed to his shoulders.
"that-, well.  Actually...."
Actually...the day before...that, I slept with Mao"
"Is that so. then?"
  Sousuke bends forward, with Kurz knitting his brow.
"Then..... that's it"
"Aren't you surprised?"
"About what?"
"No, I mean I slept with her.  That's what I'm talking about"
  This time Sousuke knit his brows.
"I really don't get it.  What about sleeping with her"
"Slept.  This is bad isn't it..."
"While on a mission, you mean both of you dozed off?"
"No, I'm not talking about that kind of sleep.  Ah-, that's right.... you don't understand.  You're....you're...."
  Kurz hanged his head down with both hands scratching his blond hair, grumbling about something.  Mixed with German, Japanese and English, what he was saying was not understandable.
"Whatever it is, explain it so I could understand easily."
  In Sousuke's manner of speaking, Kurz finally shouted in despair.
"it's SEX, SEX!"
  That voice echoes to the vicinity, then immediately the form of Tessa appeared coming out from the pontoon bridge nearby, mostly at the same time.
  Tessa stood still, frozen with her eyes round.  Kurz and Sousuke were also stiff.  Looks like she borrowed the shower onboard.  The loose field uniform as a bath towel hanging in her head.
  Kurz's eyes were swimming in the air, finding words.  As expected Sousuke who finally understood the meaning, was in confusion at the appearance of Tessa, not saying anything with cold sweat pouring out.

"A, um... I seem to be interrupting."
  Tessa was embarrassed and turned around.
"No, your mistaken, Tessa"
"That's right, Captain.  We were talking about how many pounds of explosives it would require to sink this ship----"
"You shut up"
"in other words we're talking about Semtex.  Plastic Explosives."
"That's right, Semtex, Semtex....that's what you heard right!"
  With the exchanges of Sousuke and Kurz behind her, Tessa hurriedly heads back and returns to the pontoon bridge.  Did it damage the mood or amazed, or was it both.  Anyhow it was an awkward instant.
  Kurz hanged heartbroken.
"Don't worry, Kurz.  She won't tell that to Mao."
"That's not the problem.  I'm just thinking of the severe punishment."
"It can't be help if you regret that past.  Let's go back to what we were talking about."
  Then with a tired appearance Kurz waved his hand.
"You understand now?  That kind of relationship"
"Is that so"
"...you're not really surprised"
"No, I'm surprised"
  He observed the sullen face of Sousuke narrowly and rude.
"Doesn't look like so"
"when talking about these things, I don't know what kind of expression I should show."
"You're the same as usual...."
"A lot has happened with Kaname, I thought I have progressed a little."
  Remembering the face of Kaname, he suddenly felt a tightening in his chest.
  He was not able to gather any news relating to her.  He thought about leaving his friends, and try to search for her alone, but he doesn't know where to begin.  Right now he shouldn't think of unnecessary things, to fight <Amalgam> with his colleagues would be the best.  Kalinin is in the enemy right in front of them, also in that direction, there is no mistake that she is also there.
"This is really sudden"
"No problem.  Then, when will be the ceremony"
"The wedding ceremony.  Committing such adultery you should be able to take responsibility right.  Since Mao has a high salary, 100 heads of cheep might not be enough"
"You're thinking too much...."
"You're not going to get married?"
"Nope....I really don't know.  Well, I also don't seem to feel like playing around.  Also the day before we departed-, I was summoned after the briefing....."
  Sousuke also remembered that.  When the briefing was over and dismissed, Mao called Kurz with a cold voice.  Like [Your report still have imperfections] or [Are you still not yet finished with the ammunition expenditure], with a serious appearance starts a drawn out and complaining issue.  Sousuke and the others thought [he's going to get scolded again], not minding it and gets out of the room.
"....if there's no one around, she would say [be careful], wrapping her arms around my neck and kissing.  It was such a rush, then secretly at the storage next door we do it.  She says that we can't do it in a place like that, but there was great excitement in a situation like that"
  Sousuke mysteriously thought.  From before, why does he feel a killing intent for his partner....?  It was a feeling different from jealousy.  Whatever it is called, it is close to a feeling like when he is hungry, somebody was eating to their relish an extravagant cuisine.
  Aah.  This is what they call [irritated].
"But-, the words [I love you] were never said.  It was not said no matter what.  Do you know what this means?"
"It means that there is no love right"
"In the first place, I'm the wrong person to talk to."
"....Well, that's right.  But I don't have any other person to talk to.  And Mao said absolutely not to tell this to anyone."
"You told me"
"You're different.  Mao also acknowledges you"
"Why only me?"
"I told you before right?  We are partners.  Among the team----"
"there is nothing to hide"
"that's right"
  Kurz popped his back, grabbing the back of his head shaking left to right.  Without a strange or bad mood.
  Then, from beyond there was a sound of a Rotor.  Looking on, one unit of Helicopter was coming from the southeast skies.  It's an old UH-46.  The Tandem Rotor of the Transport Helicopter slowly descends, dropping the electric cables on the deck, landing beside the <Paib Mare>.
  Alighting together with the cargo from the container is someone recognizable.  A small wide man with glasses.  It's Gavin Hunter of the intelligence department.
  Hunter recognizing the appearance of Sousuke, shouted with a big voice that would not lose to the exploding sound of the Turbo Shaft Engine.
"Looks like we made it in time.  There are present for your from a pretty girl."
"The [Fairy's feather].  Its completed."

  The crew of the Helicopter all together, the unit that Hunter transported----the [Fairy's feather] was installed on the shoulder of the <Laevatein>, hurriedly connecting it.  Hunter, the one responsible for the manufacturing, were making technical exchanges with the sailors and crew, always coming and going between the deck and pontoon bridge.
  In that interval Hunter stand around and talked to Sousuke.  The topic of conversation not on the aforementioned unit, but about Kalinin.
"It is certain that he shot me."
  Revisiting his encounter, Hunter told the truth.
"I was near death.  But, I still don't know if he had intended to kill me"
"If he were serious he would have shot you in the head?"
"That's right.  But, it may be alright for him either way.  Either for me to live, or to die."
  He knows of the relationship between Sousuke and Kalinin.  Hunter changed the topic.
"Anyway, how is the <Laevatein>?"
"Not bad."
  Saying it, he added the memory of his reason for surviving.
"I thank you."
  Hunter laughed.
"It seems you remembered your courtesy, boy.  If you want gratitude, you should thank her."
  He pointed at the girl.  In the direction of the heliport, beside the electrical unit, she was talking with Tessa.  Somebody he had never seen before.  Wearing an orange work suit with an olive flight jacket on top, with a slightly reddish black hair flapping on the sea breeze.
"She's the noted doctor of Al.  Do you remember Matt Shade?"
  That man on April last year, before the acquaintance of Chidori Kaname, was the injured Intelligence department agent who was injured in Siberia.  Although he managed to take the girl out of the Research Facility of the KGB, he died right before Sousuke rushed to the scene on the M9.
"It's the girl at that time.  She has recovered."
  Sousuke lightly hit his chest, Hunter returned to his work.
(That time....?)
  He didn't recognize her immediately.  The girl in his memory was more worn out, and not able to talk to people like that.  With the influence of drugs, it was dubious situation that she was able to walk on her own strength.
  The girl was talking with Tessa.  Although it is like a casual conversation, there was something strange about those two.  There was no hesitation on both of them that a first meeting would have, also feels like that have known each other from the past, that kind of atmosphere, Sousuke has seen it before.
  He immediately known.  Like the atmosphere that of Kaname and Tessa.
  First Tessa noticed his direction, continuing on the girl turned her head.  Tessa made a small gesture of her hand beckoning, Sousuke made a small run towards the both of them.
"You called"
  He informed with a posture standing in attention, Tessa said [relax] with a bitter smile.  Sousuke taking a relaxed posture, introduced her.
"This is Ms. Kudan Miller.  Ms. Miller, this is I"
"I know"
  The girl who was introduced as Miller smiled.
"Mr. Sagara Sousuke.  I was told about you before.  Way before."
  Although the memory remains, the conversation that time feels like it was from a previous life.  It was only one and a half year ago, he has this strong feelings that there was a complete changed into another person.
  Not Miller.

  Leaving the awkward start of conversation between Sousuke and Miller, Tessa heads to the pontoon bridge, confirming a number of items with Hunter who was waiting.
"I heard from Miller.  The performance of the [Fairy's feather].  Thought there is no guarantee that all of it will work.

"It's the usual.  Also, there is no opportunity to use it this time."
"I don't know.  There is some bad news."
  With only those words and tone, she could guess what Hunter was trying to say.
"The explosion incident in the airport of Moscow?"
"Yes.  The presence of Mr. Lemon and Wraith was confirmed.  Although 30 hours have already passed, there were still no communication from them."
"Is that so..."
"The place that you will be going, there is a high sense of danger."
  It is understood that Hunter was implying to [suspend it].  But she has no intention of backing out.

Full Metal Panic: Approaching Nick of Time Chapter 1b

As usual, LJ prohibits me from posting this as a single post.  Anyway, this is the second part of chapter 1, to read the first installment of chapter one, please read the post just below this one, or just click on the left portion of the page summary.

Chapter 1b

  A scream finally came out, kaname jumped out of the bed.
  This is the camp in Sri Lanka.  A corner of a crude room.  Sunlight shining from the window.
  Breathing was wild.  Head heavy.  Damp with sweat, even her underwear was wet.
  The only door in the room opened, Sabine Refiona entered.  Black tank top and olive pants.  Not even sweating in this heat.
"It seems that you're awake.  You seem to be having nightmares."
"Water...can I have some"
"Later for that.  Let me check you're temperature."
"My throat is thirsty."
  Sabine took out the digital thermometer, inserting it in Kaname's ear.  The electronic sound that she remembered."
"Hey.  Water..."
"It's down huh"
  The thermometers liquid crustal panel.  Value of [37.30].  Exactly like the dream.  A chill ran down her spine.
"Do you know the place Lodz?"
  Sabine poured water in the dirty cup.  Her hands stopped for a second.
"A long time ago, a place where I lived"
"Is that so"
"Where did you...."
"I don't know"
  Forcibly taking the cup, She drank the water.

  Together with the roar of the C-130 transport planes Turbo Prop, landing in Rekun island.
  In the continuous 1 kilometer of flat sandy beaches, there was an iron plate paved as a runway.  The distance of the runway is not enough, and would need to borrow the power of a disposable rocket booster during takeoff.
  Sousuke who has been working since the arrival at early dawn, has taken a long due break at the early afternoon.
  This Rekun island, is a lonely island in the corner of the caribbean sea.
  This is the accumulation point of the goods necessary for the Atlantic Ocean activity of the Assault Landing Submarine <Tuatha de Danaan>, assigned as a temporary base so to speak.  Of course there is no dock that can stow the giant submarine, the <De Danaan> is on standby 2 kilometers away from the beach, fully opening the flight deck to receive large quantities of supplies from the transport helicopter.
  It has been a year since Sousuke fished at a coast.
  The previous fishing, was a short time at Melidia island with Chidori Kaname.  Merely 30 minutes---- even then it was a wonderful 30 minutes.  Not having her here, Sousuke tries not to think of this as much as possible.  He will only exhaust himself in moping.
  A reel attached to a big rod was thrust into the ground, since there is no fish around, he slowly reads Jun yearbook under the blue sky.
  The fishing rod was borrowed from the supply unit's Private Falkowski.  Anyway in less than an hour they have to start the support of escaping this island, even then to be able to enjoy this luxury, with the roaring sound of the transport in the rear passing the temporary runway, it is insignificant.
"Well, it's not like the beach in Guam"
  Melissa said on the far side of Sousuke.
"In the end we could only sunbath, isn't it such a progress?"
  She was on top of the paved beach cost, just lying around in a bathing suit.  Beside her was Technical Officer Nora Leming, and then on the opposite is Tessa's secretary Jacqueline Viran, Communications officer Sachi Shinohara all in the same appearance bleaching their young and vivacious body in the sunlight.  Every one of them were in a blue and grey camouflage bikini.  The 4 of them did not stir, with their bare skin shining from the ample sunblock applied, the beads of sweat flowing from the smooth curves.
  They escaped Melidia island with mostly of what they were wearing, there was no opportunity for them to obtain swimwear, using the free time inside the ship, it seems like it was made from the remaining urban camouflage.

  Thinking that the [time to wear] them might come, they managed to put it together during their day to day life previously unseen.
<Tuatha de Danaan> fleet's female officers----especially young female officer's numbers are limited.  It seemed that these girls that lived to have a mysterious solidarity without regards to rank, were strenghtened especially during the escape from Melidia.  Most probably from the death in action of a female pilot----Eva Santos.
"That's right.  It's been a long time."
  Said Leming with the bikini clinging to her abundant bust.
"Hey, isn't it good that we made this?"
  Viran said, Putting the straw of the sports string in her red lips.
"A...a more docile design would be nicer right.  Ahaha...."

  Shinohara said with an unsteady insincere smile.
  Shinohara is a Japanese similar to Sousuke.  Usually she is a girl who wears plain make-up with black rimmed glasses, now she is in a fashion style like that of Mao's.  It was heard that she spent a number of years in the air force after getting out of college before entering <Mythirl>, although already in her late twenties, from what can be seen it would not be mysterious if she would appear to be in a similar age as Sousuke.  On top of retaining her childish appearance, she has the lowest rank of Sergeant among them, morever having a conservative character, Shinohara was put in a position as a younger sister of Mao and the others.  Particularly when Tessa is not around.  In reality, she probably is the most senior among them.
  Looking at the appearance of Shinahara, Mao and the others laughed.
"What are you talking about.  This is a rare chance"
"Won't you regret dying without taking a tan?"
"Do fun things at a fun time....fufufu.  Look, those guys are looking"
"Those looks are difficult!"
  The soldiers who are beginning to send off supply goods to the transport, were blowing a whistle from far away.
(Though you willfully turned into that appearance.  Why do you need to sunbath beside me?)
  Sousuke thought secretly, and let out a small sigh.
  No, he could roughly guess the reason.  There are 3 spacious sandy beaches to relax in this coast, all of them were occupied by male colleagues.  Those who sunbath and enjoy eating, those who preserve their skill by firing practice, all these and that.
  Sousuke took off from the soldiers, to enjoy fishing alone in the sandy soil (that's right, he recently understood the luxury of beng alone), and then Mao and the others intruded.  Glancing anyhow, it is certainly troublesome to have a crowd of men calling out.
  What they said was, [have a good look, you should be thankful]
and [you already have a girl so don't mind].
  In South Mexico, it is because of the conversation with Chidori Kaname after the battle in Nickelo, for the female members in Sousuke's fleet, he has a more familiar existence than before.  Far from that, without minding Sousuke they talk about concerns of love (apparently).
  For example, for a long time----
"Well, how are you doing with Bruzer recently?"
"It's getting good.  He's nice"
"Hee. He has an appearance of being violent"
"He's not like that!  No, not really like that.  But well, he's, a maintenance soldier... fufufu"
"In other words he's handy with his fingers!?  Nora-san!"
"Well I must admit?  Though we don't have considerable time.  Hey, about that, having excuses concerning THAT"
"Aah...is that so"
"Then what about Weber-kun?  They say his sniping fingers are soft.  Like a musical instrument"
"Aah, although he's a bad guitarist-"
"That's urban legend"
"Stop with the dirty joke.  Since Sousuke is around.  Well, what's that, are you asking me about Kurz?"
"Yeah.  You don't"
"Of course not!?  Stop that, that idiot"
"Ah, is that so..."
"Oh my, how unexpected"
"Wait!  Wait, are there rumors spreading!?"
"no, I just thought it's like that"
"Me too.  don't you look suitable with a good-looking guy"
"kidding kidding, sorry sorry.  it's nothing as expected."
"Really stop it-"
"Sorry. Ahahaha"
"The truth, which one is like a brother.  Or it's that afterall..."

"Eh, then it's Lt. Commander?"
"I don't understand, which Lt. Commander?"
"Stupid.  Ben of course. Its Ben."
"No, about Ben-. Direct supervisor for the time being.  Right now it's a little...."
"Well, he's not the handy type"
"Then you mean, that's not the entirety of it"
"Is that so"
"Ah-. But the Lt. Commander is nice.  With an incredible stoic.  Like a Samurai"
"Hohou.  Sachi is into something like that"
"Want me to arrange it for you?"
"Eeh~! I..it's alright-!  But what now...I'm bothered"
"Be clear about it, that's why Japanese are..."
"But, but"
----something like that.
  Whoever they were talking about, this circumstance does not matter to Sousuke.  It's not like he would talk to anybody about the subject of these conversation, in the first place he doesn't comprehend even 10 percent of it.  However, this is what Sousuke understood.
  Somehow, they seem to think of him like an image of a racoon ornament looking over.
  Before he would not think of anything, but having this vacantness, Sousuke could vaguely understand.
  That suitable time----
  Correcting the position of her sunglass, Mao said.
"By the way where's Emilia and Yeta?"
"Looks like they're still working and can't get off.  It's probably useless.  What a pity"
  Leming said.  In Sousuke's memory, Emilia was the communications officer announced as an essential member, Yeta was an engineer of the engineering.  Although they wanted to participate in the sunbathing, they were busy with the bringing in of supplies and could not slip away.
"Then it's impossible for her afterall"
"The Captain"
"Aah, Tessa"
  Mao muttered, keeping a little silent.
"....She has so many consultations.  As expected she can't get away.
"Well, that's right...."
"We did managed to make her share of swimsuit"
"If its chance, then there would be another one"
  With the talk about Tessa coming out, their cheerful mood was hidden.  they must be worried about her hard work.
"Will she be alright?"
  Shinhoara said.
"Hn-.  She said it herself"
"Isn't she getting skinny?"
  Leming said.
"That's right.  Also....how do you say it..."
  Mao hesitated to say, and shrug her shoulders.
"Nothing.  It's alright.  That girl is only tired"
  Leming and the others did not notice, but Sousuke could guess the change of tone in Mao's voice.  The way Mao is talking right now, is the voice of a commander during battle.  During a time she says in front of her subordinates [don't worry, allied support will be coming shortly], that voice.  Mao who is intimately close to Tessa, she must have felt some problems wrapping her up.  Putting airs to the surrounding people.
  After the battle in Mexico, there was not even opportunity even once to have a slow talk with her.  In front of Mardukas and a number of commissioned officers, Mao and Kurz, Clouseau and the others, on the battle at Tokyo and everyday at Namsak----And then the talks about their reunion.
  In personal relationship, looking from Sousuke at her weakness face to face, he could easily guess the great responsibility Tessa is carrying.  Driving the devastated state of <Mythril>, and on top of the remaining survivors of the fleet, she plans to re-organize these.
  In the past, when Sousuke was assigned in the <Tuatha de Danaan> fleet, it was unspeakable when Tessa has not yet gained the trust of her subordinates.  From then on 2 years after.  Right now for for the organization, she is an existance that cannot be lost.  Not only in military terms, but also for the mental fulcrum. 
  She is a genius, also have charisma.  And doing splendid as a leader.  The many officers does not look at her as a [special person], and did not imagine so.
  However, Teletha Tesstarossa is not a super human.
  At most a 17 years old girl that depends on her wits, for the organization is it not natural for it to be dead?  The people that knows her well----a few subordinates that have seen her smile and cry, those were not openly spoken.  Why, because that it what she herself wish.
  That was the time when the base's siren sounded.
  On a constructed tent in the center of the accumulated goods a few hundred meters away----from the speakers of the temporary headquarters, the piercing sound of alarm echoes in one side of the beach.
  Short 2 times, long once.
  This is the signal for [Urgent, prepare for evacuation].  The ships and aircrafts----although not knowing the details, a hostile unit is approaching this Rekun island.  It must be some signs sensed by the Paib Mare transport Helicopter and Super Barrier patrolling the surrounding air space.  Essential members are to stop operation and board the <Tuatha de Danaan>.  The ship would make emergency submersion.  Aircrafts should take off.  And then dispose by blowing up and incinerate any remaining unloaded cargo.  It's regrettable to dispose of supplies, but any remaining investigatable supplies will allow the enemy to guess what supplies are available and what supplies are not available to <De Danaan>.
  The soldiers that can be seen far away----those relaxing on the beach and those those practice firing all the time, started withdrawal preparations in haste.
"A-ah.  That was a short break"
"Merely a 30 minute vacation.  i wonder when the next one will be"
  Mao and the others revealing their complaints, on top of their swimsuit they put on parker and T-shirts, food and drinks were quickly cleaned up.
  Sousuke also put away his fishing tools.  urgently turning the reel, with unknown seaweeds caught in his needle.

"Depth 650.  Speed 25 knots.  No ships in pursuit in 20 miles circumference."
  Vice Captain Richard Mardukas informed Tessa.
  She turned to the infromation on the main screen, and reconfirmed what the Vice Captain had reported.  No matter how many reports were received from the Deck Officer, they knew that there is no problem with the ships condition and let out a sigh.
"Alert level to yellow 3.  Cancel Noise regulation."
"Aye Ma'am.  Alert level to yellow 3.  Noise Regulation cancelled."
  Mardukas repeated, informing the instructions to the deck officers.
  Sensing the approach of the enemy, they left Rekun island to disappear into the deep sea, and has already been 5 hours.  In the storage deck right now, the essential surface members who are cathing their breath, were starting about in the sorting of the supplies.
"It was a general assumption of the area was it not"
  Mardukas said.
"That's right.  But it was early."
  Having the base at Rekun island being discovered at anytime, they already knew from the start that it would be attacked.  Goods that remained in the base, the important ones were already loaded into <De Daanan>.  At the present time----if they were to ignore the crew's weariness----it is possible for them to cruise without resupplying for 4 months at most.  As long as they can navigate underwater, right now the <De Daanan> is still the worlds strongest ship.  Where ever they are, where ever they are going, and where they will be appearing----nobody knows except those who are on this bridge.
  Having said that, it was unnatural for the enemy to sense Rekun island and dispatch military force so quickly.  The figures cannot be expressed, the subtle enemy's quickness.  That is what Tessa felt.
"Is the reason for it due to the enemy's desperation?"
"Yes.  Even the time during at Sahara Desert, we just made it barely right?"
"That is right.  Then that means----"
  Mardukas did not say anything further, Tessa knew what he was thinking.
  The organizational composition of <Amalgam> must have some disaster occuring.
  Thinking from different sides, there is no plausible reason except for that.  The movements of <Amalgam> is much more efficient and active than before.
  Looking at the standpoint from Tessa and the others it is relentless circumstance, but this is not entirely a bad thing.  This is proof that the decision making organization of <Amalgam>  has changed.  An organization that is slow in making policies, are moving with quick attacks.  Would this not mean that <Amalgam> has degraded into a pyramid shaped organizational structure?
  Although they do not know where that summit is, or up to what degree.
  You might say, that giant with an extremely tough defense, lives with the first chance.
  With that chance, they still don't know where it's weak point is.  Is that their Achilles Heel, their forehead, or their heart.  Is there a silver bullet that can damage them.  They also still don't know that.
  It is a difficult battle as usual.  But Tessa can feel the stubborness in the enemy's movement.  That is the fishing line extended to the surface water, to a degree of which moves slightly----
"It's a good sign"
  Tessa on top of the captain's seat, straightened her white knees.
  The enemy has the same link rising up.  Although they do not hope for the equivalent military power, at least they would want to be able to punch them at the bridge of the nose.
  If they can do that, they would be able to move to the next stage.
"Godart-san, please take over the navigation.  Mardukas-san come with me"
"Yes, Captain"
  Leaving the ship in the command of the deck officers, Tessa stood up from the captain's seat.  They are thinking over of what should be done from now on, and what should be prepared from now on, going out of the bridge, the communications officer stopped her.
"Captain, please wait"
"What is it?"
"A Telegram.  From Mr. Lemon of the DGSE (French Foreign Information Department)"
  It was a communications report barely intercepted from the unmanned miniature submarine [Turtle] that caught the coded message, indicated in the console monitor.  The communications officer shifted her body, taking it to Tessa.
  The contents of the telegram is short.
  <Yamsak 11 confirmed>
  <60°8'10.66"N 153°54'20.60E / File ed1258-09-02>
  There are results.  Generally the expected subjects.  The contact came in faster than expected.
  Mitchel Lemon is already in Moscow.  To be able to investigate it no matter what, he risked danger and made an infiltration.  Right now they must be preparing for immediate withdrawal.  Tomorrow they will escape to West Europe via Hungary.
"Good.  Erase it"
  After confirming the erasure, Tessa left the bridge.

  It has been eight months since the attack on Melidia.  Even for Tessa and the others, they are arranging preparations.
  The former essential members of the Melidia island are reconstructing the supply route of the materials, source of funds and the information network.  Hunter, Wraith and the people of the information department are moving everywhere to gather information.  Like Estis and the others they are proceeding in the regimentation of their colleagues, continuing to expand their military force in steep pitch.
  The Top Class management----They still don't know the whereabout of Admiral Border head of the Operations Department, General Amit head of the Intelligence Department, Professor Painross head of Research Department, or Lord Mallory.  They may be dead somewhere or they may be hiding somewhere.
  With the words of Hunter, just before the attack, General Amit  transfered majority of the functione of the Intelligence Department to somewhere, and it seems to still be continuing to gather information from underwater.  Contact cannot be established, and it is not clear wether they are still allies of <Mythril>.  Hunter who was forbidden by the General to move, opposed this policy and lent their hand to Tessa on their own.  It is the same for Wraith.
  She and Hunter were scattered to different places and got contact with the people of the research department, even constructed that <Laevatein>.  Proceeding in constructing it in secrecy at the same time, Tessa also heard that it was abandoned because of various problems.  Ordinarilly giving up in the completion of said unit, they secretly misappropriated the recovery of <Arbalest's> core unit.  With the collaboration of one of the recovered [Whispered] Miller, configuring the core unit, the AI Al himself completed the unit.

  A unit equipped with a strong Lambda Driver, was contructed using makeshift misappropriated goods, experimental goods, the <Laevatein's> aimed design at first was not all-purpose.  A long time ago, when the prototype of the first stealth combat unit [Have Blue] was produced, it was anecdoted that the engineers at Lockheed mostly used existing parts.  In connection to this [Historical fact], Sachs and the maintenance team nicknamed the thing about <Laevatein> [Have Red].
  The other equipments were completed, but these were not estimated by Tessa and the others.  Even the Supplies and Living allowances of the military personnel, the on hand equipment and dummy enterprises, they are preparing to cut throught the decentralized assets.
  Working for the reorganization of <Mythril> having more than 2000 people, but limited throught the damage brought about by <Amalgam>.
  The <Tuatha de Danaan> being the mobile headquarters integrating all of it.  Substantially the supreme commander would be the Captain Tessa.
  Among the subordinates, she does not show her worried face.  No matter how much what her age can't do, there is an anxiety of pushing such a responsibility on her.
  However, there is no other than Tessa who had accurately lead them this far.  Mardukas is a capable commissioned officer, he even has enough knowledge to do some of the average work of Tessa, but he doesn't have what is called [Charisma].  The surrounding people fully knows that he has a strict role in sermoning.  And aside from Mardukas, someone who can lead <Mythril>, is considerably not present.
  Tessa frequently feels if Kalinin were here.
  Although he is an adjutant, the responsibility of the subordinates and himself are reduced.
  Andrei Kalinin.
  Him siding with <Amalgam>, Tessa received a great shock.  A mercenary afterall, would follow the strong side and a better compensation----comprehending this interpretation, the existence of Kalinin inside the fleet is too great.  Being taciturn, although having a front of rarely thinking of others, there is faith in that fundamental behaviour, as everyone feels he has the pride of a warrior.
  Then, why with the enemy?
  <De Danaan> who was in a standstill from having insufficnet supplies after the escape from Melidia Island, being able to obtain supplies for the meantime, was thought of no other than Kalinin.  Then, his decision to side with the enemy was after the attack on Melidia Island.  Becoming a prisoner of war made him change his mind?  Thinking of it now, during the battle that time he has an unusually hesitant attitude.  Like he knows what will be happening----Possibly, already heard of it----and then, was vaguely disturbed.
  Could it be brainwashing?  He may have some important emcumbrances being held hostage.  What about the possibility of being affiliated with <Amalgam> prior to joining <Mythril>?  Is there a much more complex reason?
  But there is one thing that is clear, a terrifying opponent has joined <Amalgam>, that's what it means.
  No, that may not be so.
  If Kalinin is an ally, then the one in <Amalgam> is his brother. if that is the case, then he has some knowledge.  Could it be, Kalinin is cooperating with his brother----
  With Sachs' voice, Tessa returned to herself.
"That is all, but is this alright"
  The 10 subordinates assembled in the situation room was looking at Tessa with dubious face.  They are currently in the middle of a regular meeting, the maintenance head Ed [Bruzer] Sachs was giving an outline of the progress situation of the supplies.
  Tessa tilted her head without incident.
"Eeh. What about the others?"
"The M9's are about to go bad.  The Falke and E series, all three units.  Spare parts are easy to trace so we can't obtain them.  In addition for not less than half a year, they would be need to be overhauled.  Actually all three of them needs to be inspected at a special plant, making use of every trick, it has a considerable clutter here and there."
  Right now, in the possesion of Tessa and the others is one unit of black <Falke> type and two units of E series, and then the <Laevatein>.  The <Laevatein> is comparatively new to the line of battle, the deterioration of the parts are still light, the remaining three units are subject to rigorous operation and are worn out.
"How long can they operate?"
"They are limited to 3 more times in battle.  After that any things can happen.  During battle the Palladium Reactor might stop, or the frame would suddenly [fracture], or the joints would lock and tumble down....take your pick.  If we salvage one unit for parts, at the present condition they might...."
"Wait.  With that, then our numbers will diminish"
  Mao said.
"Even now ordinarily we make use of 6 units in battle, with 3 units plus 1 we're already somehow breaking apart.  If we lose one more unit, we can't carry out the operations."
"But if this goes on the 3 units will fail"
"That would be alright"
  Tessa said.
"Before they break to pieces after 3 more battles, I think we can manage to provide parts.  Please hold out for the time being."
  Actually the goal of the provisional parts for the M9 were not present, but Tessa said it with confidence.  If the countermeasures fail, it would be a waste of time for everyone. Estis or Hunter might have good news, if not the fighting power of the <De Danaan> would drastically decline.
  But, at any rate----
(This should already be concluded after 3 battles...)
  There would probably no chance of having the 3 units of M9 sortie for the 4th or 5th time.  If this battle were to be prolonged, it would be their loss.
"Then what about the next operation?"
  Kurz said.
"Our allies have started to gather.  And we managed to get supplies for the mean time, and even the information network has been reconstructed.  However the whereabouts of Leonard is still unknown.  Either he's still alive or not.  To smash <Amalgam>, we need his information right?"
"There is no information concerning the life or death of Leonard.  But, I think that he is still alive."
  Being the twin sister, she was talking about being a [Whispered].  Although it's not a logical talk, there was no one who would reject the opinion.  Being a fleet with abandunt experience, they regard this kind of intuition.
"Well, originally Kaname said [he might be dead].  It would be better to think of him alive."
"Even then, we still don't know his whereabouts"
  Kurz said.
"Our information is still insubstantial.  It would be difficult to come up with an efficient attack right now."
"that's right.  Speaking about the previous virus problem, Daana and Al is still discussing it, and still could not come up with a conclusion."
"That's the first I've heard of.  Can they do debates?"
  Sachs said.
"Although this is only during free hours.  But its useless.  Al's questions are too difficult that Daana could not keep up."
"In terms of Daana, isn't it a strong AI?"
"That is so"
"In addition Al is absurdly weak in chess.  Playing it with Mao's AI----Friday, he lost 9 out of 10 times."
  That was the first time Tessa had heard of it.  But having heard that, Tessa shook her shoulders strangely.  There are different comprehension.
"Is that so.  Al is an amazing AI"
"Why.  Isn't he weak?"
"It's because he is not using equal consideration methods in the match.  He wins at the same method we do.  But still throwing away one win."
"Same method...?"
  Sachs knit his brows, and then the silent Mardukas opened his mouth.
"It's instinct.  A Chess Player or a Mathematician, or a reliable tactitian, face the difficult problems first, making the final image come to mind first.  Using only logical explanation.  Like [seeing the future], preceding a vision of [wanting to win this way].  In terms of simple games the Neumman type computer's method has more advantage, but it is different when dealing with the complex reality"
"Concerning the definition of intelligence, let us discuss this in the future at a free time.  However, that would be all."
  Tessa said purposely closing the file case loudly on top of her knees.
"There is a subtle change in <Amalgam>.  Their decision-making is fast, and showing a resolute movement.  At the same time of being in confusion, I think our guerilla warfare would be efficient."
"Were they scorched?  that's good news"
"Eeh.  however, we may not be the cause of this"
"What do you mean?"
"It's Leonard.  Otherwise, Kalinin-san would.... What if he would to grasp the leadership standpoint inside the organization?  For us, no matter how many times we crush the position of <Amalgam>, we were not able to find any traces of internal conflict.  Then, the cause of the internal conflict, would the reason be power struggle?  There is a need for us to think about this."

"There seems to be some kind of secret"
  Clouseau rarely complaining said.
"Concerning this, catching this with the help of Lemon-san and the others, I am going to investigate this the day after tomorrow"
  At Tessa's words, Mardukas' brow knitted.
"Investigate?  You?"
"Yes.  Without me the investigation would be in a difficult location.  Danger is also expected, please have a number of men accompany me.  it a far location."
"Where is it?"
"Far East.  In the ruin inside the territory of Russia."
  Right now <De Danaan> is in the Atlantic Ocean.  If they take along the AS as guards, with will be a suitably long trip.  It's impossible for the whole fleet.  Having to do their best with 2 units.
"That's right....guards would be Weber-san and Sagara-san.  At that time, Clouseau-san will take care of information gathering concerning the matter in Ukraine and make arrangements.  Melissa will go to South America with Mr. Courtney and exterminate the enemy position.  They are a troublesome seniors, but please give your cooperation."
"Yeah yeah"
  Mao threw a reply.
"Answer properly"
"Yes, Commander"
"Fine.  That would be all, regards.  Please be careful and don't make any mistakes.  Well then, dismiss."

  The next day after Tessa and the others had the meeting----Melissa Mao woke up, and noticed that she perpatrated a most serious mistake.
  Compared to this mistake, accidental firing on allies, stepping on infantry, or talking of high classified information on open channel are not that serious.
  This place is a private room for commissioned officers.  With the increase of paperwork, and substantially becoming the commander, Mao alone has exclussive possesion of this small private room.  For people who lives on a submarine, this is a great luxury.
  In that small private room, in that small bed----
  Slept a naked Kurz beside her.
  With a carefree face, he slept with a good sensation.
  With a sigh and moaning voice, letting out a long and weak voice, she ached on top of the bed.
  Reconfriming.  It is, of course, she isn't wearing a single underwear.
  It was also not from the vigour of being drunk, she fully remembered what happened last night. 


Just, the moment she woke up she thought of [it would be good if it were a dream].
  That's right, she remembered.
  Late at night, after putting in order the documents for the supplies in this room, Kurz came to get a signature for another document.  Kurz wanted to have a look over with his trouble in the inexperienced member of the PRT.  With the flow of the conversation, it turned into a long chitchat.
  Then, taking out something to drink, Perrier were brought out from the refrigirator, her hands slipped was thrown to the bed.
  Thinking that this is bad.
  The Perrier wet the bed, that shouldn't have happened.
  After taking care of the drinks, they then drank gingerale, talking about getting tired of the current livelihood, somehow, wanting to have fun in a romantic resort.  In reaction to the word romance, Kurz massaged her shoulders like sexual harrassment.
Saying [Then sis.  Would you like to enjoy an abundant romance with me?  Here here].
  As usual he was knocked off his feet, in the narrow quarters, the bed wet----that's right, this is where the previous perrier would come in----she slipped.  Kurz took out his hand to support, but both of them ultimately fell to the bed.
  When they fell down, it seemed like she hit her head on the wall, getting a little dizzy.  For about 2 to 3 seconds.  Then, after opening her eyes there was a face full of worry in her field of vision.  With a serious voice said [Sorry.  Are you alright?].
  with that, she very much wanted to weep.
  No, actually, not really weep, but she felt like weeping.

  what have I been doing inside this submarine, what is this guy worried about me, those were what she felt.
  After Melidia island was done for, it must have always been coming and is now overflowing.  Having this feeling of loneliness, having this feeling of a man with a worried face in front of her eyes.  He stared blankly, looking on for a number of seconds----
  That's right.  This is where they kissed.
  Already, what is this.  There is no other way.  Too pathetic.  It would be okay to lose a qualification of an officer.  An awkward situation and embarassing, she possibly can't say this to Nora and the others.
  But if they were to know about this, their eyes would shine with great interest, and would definitely ask questions.  [Well, how was it?] and the likes.
  No, well----
  That's, Good Gracious----
  What now.  It's great.  Didn't think that it was this compatible.
  She forgot herself too much.  Because of that the joints throught her body ached.  In this quarters, the soundproofing may be high, but will it be alright.
  ....ruminating the memory of last night, Mao turned red and blue, and Kurz beside her maoned and woke up.  Now she knows that this is absurd, unintentionally hiding her chest with the sheets.
"Uu-n....fwa. ....hn?"
  Kurz look at her.  Was absentminded for a while, and then he was also the same, cowering in the place holding his head.
".....ah!. this is bad...."
  It was a shock with a deep sigh.  In additon, feeling the shock he was shocked himself.
"Wh...what's with that attitude"
  Thereupon Kurz covered his face with a gap on his fingers, or rather inquiring, and quickly placed a complacent smile.
"Kidding.  I just wanted to have a look"
  After saying that he turned his hands towards Mao's shoulders, placing his mouth on her cheeks.  with the empty hand, turning gently the nape of her neck and collarbone.
"Haa?  Wai...stop...idiot...!"
"No no, this kind of foreplay is important."
"Hey you!  Stop...ee..."
"You were cute, Melissa"
"Hn...I said don't....already...enough!"
  Learning from the failure last night, she fixed her body firmly on the furnitures, on top of that Kurz was kicked out of the bed.
"Uo.  ...What are you doing!?"
"you're getting too cocky.  Don't look at me like that"
  Rolling the sheets, she hit Kurz with the pillow.
"Haa?  What's that?  Last night you were----"
"Last night was last night, now is now.  Just because we did it once doesn't mean we're lovers"
"It's not once, it was three times!"
"Don't enumarate it. Well, that's not what I mean.  And don't cal me Melissa."

"But you said to call you that"
"I didn't!"
"You did.  And you said it with an incredibly cute voice."
  Mao threw the mug cup at his face, and he fell down face up.
"...Ah-. this is troublesome.  what's gotten into me.  My heart went weak when I didn't know."
"Hn-.  Surely that was a whack of faint-hearted"
  After saying that Kurz laughed.
"You... have noticed it?"
"That's cruel.  I'm not that skillful."
"But somehow, last night you were kinder than necessary from the start"
"usually I'm just worried.  I too didn't think something like this would happen....no"
  Kurz with a serious face comtemplated a little.
"Hmm.  I guess there might be some secret intention"
  Mao snatched the pillow from him, and hit him on the side with full force.  With one whole force without apology, hits with the pillow a number of times.
"Stop it, hey. Ahaha.  I'm ticklish."
"What's with that composure?  I'm kinda super pissed!?"
"Alright alright.  Fine fine."
  Trampling and kicking, strangling his neck, Kurz cheerfully laughed.  As expected stopping with the tiresome violence, grasped for breath on top of the bed, he looked at her profile with a meekly face.
"But it seems to be fine"
"You're refreshed right?  You have that face."
  It is as Kurz said.  Until yesterday, the heavy feeling has disappeared.  A feeling that even sunbathing at the beach could not shake off----another gloomy person, with drowned eyes, the compeling feeling of looking over the shoulders have vanished like the mist.  With only one night the feelings were refreshed.  She was shocked at her own simplicity.
  No.  It's already like that to begin with.  Eating delicious food, spending a hot passionate night.  The problems with most of the people, has been resolved.
  This would also be good for Tessa.
  she casually thought....if that girl had someone like that.  The best one would be Sousuke, but he already has his sight on Kaname.  His wholeheartedness was essentially, a nice variety, looking at him from a distance there was a unpleasant feeling.  That would be difficult, it would be best not to think of it too heavily.
  When she noticed Kurz with a face of expecting something, she bluntly said.
"Well, I may be refreshed.  The exit is over there."
"Uwah, how cruel!  No matter how much, that's too cold."
"That's why I told you not to get cocky right?  Because I have a position.  Just forget it.  If you tell anybody I'm going to kill you"
  This time Kurz for real, made a deep sigh and dropped his shoulders.
"What's with this-.  I really lost confidence.... Oh well...."
"What's with that"
"No.  Un....your attitude just now.  Doesn't that mean anyone will do as long as you demand it?  I was genuinely happy but...well, I understand"
  He stood up without strenght, sluggishly putting on his pants.
"Wai...it's, it's not like anyone can do..."
"Is that so.... but, actually you didn't enjoy it then?"
"I never said that right?"
  Kurz stealing a glance.
"Then it was good?"
"Well....that's.... that's not it! I was worried, b...b..becoming like this, what will happen if everyone finds out-"
  grabbing the edge of the sheet with the fingertips hesitantly, Kurz bended, giving a surprise kiss.  it was a long kiss.  A simple connection of lips.  Why does it have a richly sweet flavor.
"You really are cute, really"
"Geez.... Do you understand what I'm saying?"
"It's alright.  I have no intention of telling anybody.  don't worry about it"
"Absolutely?  It's really troublesome"
  Kurz accidentally glanced at the clock in the desk.
"Duty shift is at 8 right.  We still have an hour"
"...what are you talking about?"
"one more"
"You don't want?"
  She thought for a little, and silently whispered in his ears.
"Only once okay?"
  Eventually they did it two times.
  Barely made it on duty hour.